Just One Night

Info Toya
29 Jun. '22


It was a breezy summer night and being out on a Friday night was the last thing I wanted to do. Ahmed and I had broken up a month ago after one year of dating. The day he took me out to lunch, I was hoping he would pop the question but he had other plans. He had fallen in love with someone else and was moving out from the apartment we shared because he intended to move with her out of state since she had gotten a new job. After getting over the initial shock, I threw my drink at him and left the restaurant. He had the good sense not to return to our apartment that night. I gave him till the weekend to get all his stuff out of the apartment and then I threw myself into work and the gym to get over him, a feat which was quite hard.

Weekends involved laundry, cooking, and binge-watching shows on Netflix. So, you can imagine that the last place I wanted to be was at my girl Amy’s birthday party but I had made a promise. My reluctance made me take hours to get ready. I changed my dress four times and wiped off my makeup to redo it severally. I settled for a black slip dress paired with a pair of black 6-inch heel sandals and my trusted Fenty beauty red lip-gloss. I took an uber there because I wasn’t in the mood to drive into the city on a Friday.

The rooftop was a perfect location for the birthday party. There was a band in the corner with people already on the dance floor, a free drinks bar to the side, servers handing out finger foods, and a birthday cake on a side table with more yummy goodies displayed. ‘Kadeejah! You made it!’ I turned around to see Amy running to me in excitement as she enveloped me a hug. 'I promised you I would. Happy birthday, girl,’ I said as I handed her the Tiffany and Co shopping bag containing her gift.

She walked me to a group of people to make introductions while I smiled pretending to be engaged and memorizing everyone’s name. The evening went by without any incident; we all sang the birthday song while Amy cuts her cake to much fanfare and the party continued. I had told myself that I would leave after the cake was cut but Amy insisted I stayd so I obliged her for a bit longer. As I grabbed one more glass of champagne and made for an empty quiet side of the rooftop, my thought was occupied with hailing an Uber to take me home. Suddenly, I heard a voice behind me.

‘Well, aren't you a sight for sore eyes.’ I immediately turn around and who do I see? Brandon Sumpter from college in all his 6.6 feet glory. He looked nice in his dark fitted suit on a black shift with no tie. ‘Brandon Sumpter!’ I blurted after I finally compose myself. It's been a while since our days at Howard. He introduced me to my ex - they were frat brothers. We hugged briefly and he looked at me with a glint in his eyes.

'What are you doing in our neck of the woods?' I asked. 'Well, my firm is working on a deal with Nick, Amy's fiancé and he invited my team to come out tonight'.

'Oh nice, Amy and I work at the same ad firm'. I said taking a sip of my drink. He leaned on the railings having me face him directly. 'Kadeejah Morrison; wow.' he said, breaking into a deeper simile again. He gave me one of those looks again and I felt awkward all of a sudden.

'What?' I said. 'Nothing, it's just nice seeing you again. ' he responded. 'How are things going on between you and ol' boy? I don't see a ring on your finger and I was thinking you'd be married by now with a few kids.'

I shook my head and gave an uncomfortable smile. 'Sorry to disappoint you but life had other plans for

Ahmed and I. We didn't make it, so no ring and no babies.' His expression changed to that of sympathy and I got even more uncomfortable. '

'Oh men, I'm sorry' Brandon exclaimed as he put his hand on my shoulder. I shrug and say; 'c'est la vie!'

He looked at me sternly as I try to look unbothered. 'Do you want to get out of here? Go somewhere and talk? '

Heading to an empty apartment on a Friday night to marinate in my sadness wasn't looking appealing right about now. ' 'Sure, why not ' I find myself saying before I changed my mind and he flashed me a bright smile.

We said our goodbyes to Amy and her crew and head out. After waiting for a few minutes for the valet to bring his grey Lexus around, we headed further into the city.

'Where are we going?' I asked after sitting in silence for about twenty minutes. He chuckled and said; 'I'm not going to kidnap you if that's what you are worried about Kadeejah.' That eased the tension and I found myself chuckling along. 'You better not D'.

The drive went by smoothly as we both enjoyed the afro-beat music coming from the Sirius XFM station. Within minutes we arrived at the Sfarzo hotel, I assumed this is the place he is staying while he is in town. Brandon handed the valet his car keys and we walked in with his hand on my lower back as a warm feeling comes over me.

He led me into a dimly lit piano room in the hotel. It's sparsely filled with guests enjoying the lounge acts on the stage. After settling in a booth in the corner of the room, a waiter comes by to takes our drink order. While waiting for our drinks, Brandon tells me about the mergers he has been working on as well as updates on his family. I shared with him what I've been up to since college and how I found myself miles away from my family. He and Ahmed constantly teased me about how my parents would always call to make sure that I was in class, or had something to eat or inquire about my safety. Being an only child sucked.

Before I knew it, we were two meals down, giggling over a tea dessert. 'So, are you going to tell me how my douche frat brother let someone like you slip through his fingers?' His expression gets stern with his eyes burning into mine intensely. 'Well, your boy decided that our relationship had run its course.' I replied.

He threw his napkin on the table and said through gritted teeth; 'I'm sorry, what the fuck does that mean?'

'Ahmed said he was no longer in love with me. ' I responded with a so-what expression on my face. I braced myself for the look of pity from him but instead, he looked at me in a way that I couldn't describe. 'Well, that's unfortunate, I'm so sorry Kay.' he said. I waved my hand to brush him off but he moved closer to me in the booth and placed his hand on mine. 'No, I am serious, I am sorry he hurt you.' I took a gulp of my drink to ease my nerves.

'I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Ahmed always knew how to fuck up a good thing. Dumbass!' he said. The look in his eyes stirs something in me that I can't explain, it's not of pity or sadness I just can't put my finger on it.

He stretched his hand to me, 'Dance with me Kadeejah' he says. I'm taken aback; 'What?'

Brandon gets up from the booth, walks to my side of the booth, and stretched out his hand to me again. 'Please dance with me.' I don't know what it is but I couldn't say no nor did I want to. For once in my life, I would like to do something without being afraid.

We walk to the dimly lit dance floor and as he sweeps me into his arms, the entire room just fades away. Nothing else mattered at this point- not my heartbreak, Ahmed, Amy, nothing. The only thing that mattered was the warm feeling that came over me as I sink into his arms feeling safe as our bodies swayed together.

His hands slowly caress my lower back and push me closer to him. Close enough to feel his erection on the base of my stomach and I feel myself getting warm. Brandon slowly nibbled my neck trailing to my ear and then whispered; 'I've always wanted you Kadeejah and I still do.' He turned me to face him. The look of hunger in his eyes turns me on. He lowers his face to catch my lips in a kiss. I bring my hands around his shoulders and deepened the kiss.

He breaks the kiss and it takes me a minute to compose myself. I feel his palm rubbing my left cheek and pulling me even closer to him.

'B..but Ahmed? ' I ask. He silenced me with another long deep kiss. He broke the kiss and I feel his hand slowly clasp my right breast and a moan escapes my lips before he pulls me in another hungry kiss.

He stopped abruptly and my eyes flutter open. 'I've made it clear that I want you Kadeejah. I always have and I always will' he blurted out.

'But what about Ahmed? ' I found myself saying.

'Screw Ahmed! He's my boy but that doesn't stop me from feeling the way I do about you. Ahmed always had things easy and he pissed it away. He had you and he let you slip through his fingers. What man in his right mind wouldn't want a woman like you? '

He grabbed my face and looked at me with such passion and intensity, I could hardly breathe.

' Listen, I'm in town just for a few days and I do not want to look back on tonight in regret that I did not give us a chance. Kadeejah, spend tonight with me. please.'

I was speechless, I didn't know what to say.

'I know this is a lot but all I ask from you is to give me tonight. Just one-night Kadeejah. I'll be going to settle to bill and head to the elevator, I'll hope you'll join me. But if you change your mind and decide to go home, I won't blame you but at least I'll know I gave it a shot'

He pulled me in for another deep kiss and whispered in my ear "I hope you don't change your mind" and he walked to the hostess table to pay for our meal.

This is crazy I thought while washing my hands in the ladies' room. 'Are you really going to do this Kadeejah?' I asked myself staring into the mirror. My mind is saying this is crazy but I couldn't ignore how my body reacted to him, or how it is still reacting from his touch.

The elevator door slides shut before I place my hand to stop it and walk in to join Brandon. His eyes light up immediately as he walked to me flashing his bright smile. What is he going to do? I thought to myself.

He reached across me to push a button on the control panel which stops the elevator.

'Why did the elevator stop?' I asked startled and he just looked at me with a naughty chuckle.

'Brandon, I'm serious what are you doing?'

'This.' he said and got on his knees before me, reached under my dress to my already moist pussy. He pulled down my black lace thong and slid it into his pocket. Before I could say a word, he placed my leg over his shoulder as his face goes in between my legs. His tongue flicks up down and inside me and I dug my teeth in my hand to keep from screaming out in pleasure.

Before my body started to convulse in climax, he got back on his feet and kissed me with so much passion, it took my breath away. I didn't even notice when the elevator doors opened. Brandon took my hand and led me out of the elevator to the end of the hallway where his hotel room was.

He unlocked the door and led me into the huge room. I slowly walked into the room and gradually drank in the entire space. This has to be the presidential suite. As I walked to the window wall to take in the view of the city lights, Brandon stops me. He pulls me towards himself and slowly peels off my dress followed by a series of mind blowing kisses. Within seconds, he gets me out of my dress and picks me up in his arms carrying me to the bedroom.

He lowered me to the king-size bed and starts taking his clothes off.

'Just stay right there sweetheart, don't you dare move.' he said.

As a former college track star, it's great to see that Old boy still looked good. My eyes trail from his huge shoulders, biceps to his toned stomach, and further down.

I sat up to stop him from unbuckling his belt; 'Allow me' I said. I pulled down his pants and his boxers to behold his huge dick. I looked up at him and soaked in the look of dark hungry desire in his eyes before taking his dick in my mouth. He let's out a groan and a gasp. He is so big that I already feel him in the back of my throat. My tongue twirls around the tip his dick and his shaft. He grabs my head to push my throat further down on his dick and I start to gag which only gets him more excited noted from his labored breathing. I can already taste his precum before he stopped me and pushed me back on the bed.

He got on top of me with his mouth latching on to my left nipple. He sucks and pinches which only makes me hungrier for more. I reached down for his dick again and he stops me. He pins my hands over my head with one hand while his other hand reached between my legs. 'Damn girl, you're so wet' he said. 'But not wet enough.' His fingers start working their magic inside me that only makes me hungrier for him. I moaned his name as I squirm in sheer bliss and anticipation.

'Look at me.' I heard him say to me, my eyes flutter open to look at him, and in seconds he pushed his hard dick inside my dripping pussy. 'Fuck, you're so tight' he said as he thrust inside of me. He picked up the pace and starts pounding with abandon as he pulls me to the edge of the bed to go deeper inside of me. It hurt a little but felt so good at the same time - I don't want this feeling to end, I've never felt this way before. 'Don't stop, please don't stop' I moaned.

My hands are free and my nails are digging into his back with just how good the feeling is and soon I feel his breath coming in faster gasps as he empties himself inside me, just in time for my body to convulse in ecstasy around his dick.

He collapsed on top of me from exhaustion before turning to his side and taking me in his arms. He looked into my eyes; 'No regrets Kadeejah.' he said. 'No regrets' I respond before planting a deep kiss on him. We both smile and within minutes we slept off.

I woke up three hours later and it's still dark outside. It took me a few moments to figure out my surroundings. I looked over my shoulder to make sure Brandon is still asleep. He looked so peaceful lying there on his stomach and I take a few minutes to get a mental picture of his long lashes, pink lips and back muscles rising from his breathing. I gently get out of the bed, grabbed my dress and head to the bathroom on tiptoes. Within minutes, I got dressed and made my way out of the room with my purse and sandals in hand. I ordered an uber while walking towards the elevator.

The early morning sunlight creeps into the room through the curtains which wakes Brandon up. He reached over to the side of the bed to find it empty. 'Kadeejah!' he calls out but no one answered. He got of the bed to walk around the suite calling out for Kadeejah. He walked to the living room space to find a note on the coffee table; it read;

'Thank you for an unforgettable night'


A sense of sadness washed over Brandon at that moment.