The Good Neighbour - Part 7 or The Massage

Info Sorseress
08 Dec. '16

I get up once more refreshed and satisfied, although I could imagine similar treatment tonight, too. I can`t get enough of his sweet torture, and now that his wife got involved as well, what can I say? This is new territory for me, but one that`s much more pleasurable than I ever thought. I wonder why I haven`t thought about this option yet, but maybe because it`s so far from who I was. Or maybe I just needed someone to bring out my true self to play. Oh, and she does know how to play, there is no doubt about that. I close my eyes for a second, grabbing my already sensitive nipples, craving their touch yet again. I guess I like it rough, although before I didn`t really know what that meant. And now that he is fucking me, I can feel the difference. And God, I want more of what he has to offer.

As I debate whether to lay back and ease the tension in my now very much aroused body, or opt in for a cold shower instead, someone pushes a note through the door. I smile to myself, suspecting that it`s another one of his surprises. You can imagine my shock when I realize that it`s from his wife. Strangely enough, her words make me hot and bothered all over again, and I can`t deny the fact that pictures of last night come to my mind when I read her lines:

“Visit us later, you earned yourself a massage. Hayley xo”

Now, although yesterday ended up quite a unique threesome (and not the same kind as my first night with Mike), I have never been on a date with the two of them by my own choice. Probably they wanted to see how I would react, and now that they know that I`m up for this kind of stuff, more of that will follow. Which makes me a bit nervous, but excited at the same time. Whether to go or not isn`t the question, but what should I wear? If I can trust my previous experience with them, I need to make sure that whatever it is, it can come off easily. I`m starting to enjoy even this aspect of it. While before I never liked to dress up for anyone, now I would do just about anything they ask. Because they make me feel damn sexy and hot. I can tell that I turn them on, and there is this strange chemistry going on, which is even more palpable when his wife is there. Maybe because it`s even naughtier than fucking only him, I don`t know, but I sure as hell want to find out.

I would have thought that having sex with another woman would make me feel self-conscious (even more than I already am), especially if she was more beautiful than I am (which wouldn’t be too difficult, if I’m honest). But the contrary happened. Somehow I just forgot to compare myself to her, I just allowed myself to get lost in the sensations, which was another first for me. I was always shy, not really knowing what turned me on in bed. Of course I had my fantasies and all that, but I would have never thought that I will be this brave. And yet here I am, ready for another hot night with my neighbours.

I opt in for a red mini-dress that barely covers my upper thighs, with a matching pair of red pumps. I have no idea what got into me when I bought this outfit two days ago. I never even owned anything this tight or this revealing, let alone the fuck-me shoes that I chose to go with it. I shake my head gently, tilting it to the side, staring at my sparkling eyes and rosy cheeks. I guess good sex has this effect on you. Well, it was about time I experienced something good, to be honest. My ex was a nightmare when it came to foreplay, usually skipping to the last two seconds of the act straight away. He thought that five minutes was enough to lick-suck-fuck, and that usually included getting dressed and undressed, too. No kidding! At that time, I didn`t think that I could do any better, I thought that maybe he just wasn’t attracted to me, or that I didn’t do something right. But now I know that I deserve much more than that, and that the problem wasn’t with me. Not at all. But it isn’t easy to deal with sexual dissatisfaction, especially when you are a ‘big girl’. You just accept it after some time, as if this is how things were supposed to be. But no, it shouldn’t be like that. I deserve to be cherished and worshipped, just like any other woman. Everyone should feel sexy and confident, no matter how they look. And true, I must have an extra pound here and there, but Mike always manages to make me forget that. And even Hayley, who is slim and slightly taller than me, she appreciates my curves, too. So, I’m starting to do the same.

A few minutes later I find myself nervously knocking on their door, and Hayley opens it nearly straight away. She just got out of the shower, wearing only a towel around her toned body. I feel a pang of jealousy looking at her figure, but only for a second, as her appreciative look makes me forget our differences straight away. And just like before, we become two separate beings who are attracted to each other, regardless of how we look. I can’t help but wonder if we would feel the same way, if Mike wasn’t in the picture. I’m not too sure I would start a lesbian affair if it wasn’t to please him. But then again, that’s how it all started, but right now it seems like that part was only circumstantial. I guess you just never know…

“You look breath-taking”

She says, motioning for me to get inside. I blush a little, returning the compliment, while I step through the door. She reaches behind me, locking us in. I find this a bit strange, as I can’t see Mike anywhere, but then again I know that he works late normally. As if reading my mind, she says in a husky whisper:

“Mike will be home shortly. Please, make yourself comfortable while I prepare the room.”

While she does what?! Oh, okay, I remember that she mentioned a massage. The idea itself sends shivers through me, tingling my sensitive skin all over again, reminding me of last night. I let out a soft moan, realizing it too late that she hasn’t left the hall yet. She laughs, winking at me, suggesting that this was the reaction she wanted. I watch as she disappears behind another door, realizing that I have never been at their place before. I decide to sit on the sofa until she comes back. I know she told me to make myself comfortable, but there is nothing comfortable in our unspoken arrangement. Somehow I wish I paid attention to Mike’s whereabouts. Or did I know subconsciously that he wasn’t home, and that’s why I came earlier?

I nervously take a seat, desperately trying to find something that could grab my attention. Something that stood out. Something I could comment on. Shall I tell her how comfortable her sofa feels, or how I like the way the soft blue curtains hung from the midnight blue ceiling? Please, give me a break. I am truly pathetic, trying to pretend that my nervousness has something to do with their flat, and nothing to do with the fact that I am attracted to a woman for the first time in my life. I blush some more when images of last night flood my mind. Images, smells, feelings, desires… They all come rushing through me, filling me with a renewed fervour. I want to experience it all over again, and her words of the massage find their way to my mind, sending a jolt of excitement to my pussy once more.

Although it seems like she has been gone for ever, it can’t have been more than five minutes. She comes back asking me if I’m ready. I’m about to ask her what for, but I lose my train of thought as I realize that she is still wearing the towel. Where is she going with this? I must admit, I’m a bit scared, as this time we are all alone. And yet, it feels right (and naughty, non-the-less). Maybe Mike knows about us, he knows that I’m already here. That idea makes me a bit more relaxed, but maybe I’m just tricking myself into believing that, so that I wouldn’t feel guilty for what I’m about to do. Why, what am I going to do, exactly?

She looks at me questioningly, then, as I still don’t answer, she drops her towel onto the floor, making me gasp and raise an eyebrow. Before I could blink twice, she disappears into the room that she ‘prepared’. For a moment I debate whether to follow her or not, but curiosity wins, like many times before, so I decide to follow her. But it’s not really a decision as such, because I’m sure that my mind stopped working the minute she dropped her towel.

She is standing next to a bed that’s covered in a white sheet, patting it suggestively. I smile to myself, as judging by the room, Hayley might as well be a professional in this. I’m not sure I ever asked Mike what she does for a living. I’m not sure we ever talked about her to be honest, which makes me feel a tad bit guilty now. However, she makes me forget this quickly, as she walks up to me wearing only her Adam’s costume. Her breasts jungle while she takes her agonizingly slow steps. Am I seriously craving for her touch? I thought that it was only the spur of the moment yesterday, but this is clearly something more. Something even more intimate.

And although I’m anticipating a kiss, she barely touches me. She just stand there, mere inches from my body. I inhale her sweet scent, trying to figure out what shower gel could she have used. Was it rose, with a hint of lavender? I’m not sure, and I don’t even think it’s relevant. All I know is that I would do anything but admit what my body can’t deny anymore. She must sense my hesitation, as she gently spins me around, so that she can undo the laces of my dress. My breath hitches as she places a soft kiss at the small of my back, and she lets the material drop to the floor, just like her towel did before. I feel exposed and vulnerable, even a bit shy again, but once more I don’t have too much time to be self-conscious, as she turns me around once more, then takes my hand and leads me to the side of the bed.

When we are there, she asks me to sit down, and I do as I’m told. At this stage it doesn’t even occur to me to object. She clearly knows what she is doing. At least that makes one of us. She places a hand on each of my shoulders, applying slight pressure. She starts rubbing my tender flesh, and I must admit that it feels exquisite. I forgot how nice it was when someone gives you a massage, and her hands do work wonders on my body. Okay, only on my shoulders, but you get the point. I involuntarily close my eyes, as the tension slowly disappears from my muscles, and is replaced by pure pleasure. I am completely relaxed now, and next thing I know is that she has me laid down on the bed. My courage disappears for a second, because I become fully aware of my nakedness, but her hands start moving lower, gently cupping my breasts and I forget that I ever had any doubts. She wants me as much as I want her. There, I said it. Something has changed in me, and now that I finally admit what (or who) I want, I can truly focus on enjoying myself.

Hayley massages my tits, her movements becoming quicker, while my nipples harden and my breast swell under her expert fingers. I make a mental note to ask her later if this is what she does, and whether she treats her other clients with the same amount of care, but I quickly dismiss this idea, too, as she moves on to ease the tension in my stomach. I wonder if she can get rid of my butterflies, too, but I doubt it very much. In fact, the closer she gets to my pussy, the wetter I become. The sheer anticipation is enough to arouse me, which is scary, yet exciting at the same time.

She pulls away, and I feel disappointed. But then again, they both like to tease, so this time as well I know that she will come back, so I don’t voice my opinion.

“This might be a bit cold, sorry.”

Too late. The liquid she pours onto my stomach is as cold as ice, or at least that’s how it feels like. My nipples become rock-hard in an instant, and I let out a soft moan as a few drops find their way to my clit, tickling it slightly.

“Oh, you like that, don’t you?”

She purrs, and I nod, hoping that she will understand. Why is it that when I’m with them I’m so scared to say anything, afraid to ruin everything? I wouldn’t open my eyes, either, not this time. I’m afraid that then I would realize that I’m only dreaming, and I don’t want this dream to end. Not yet. But apparently she is fine with that, as I can feel her soft hands on my body once again. This time her fingers are wet, so I assume she poured some of the liquid over them, too. She is teasing me, caressing my inner thighs, inching closer to my pussy each and every time. I feel a strong desire to pull her hand over my throbbing flesh, but I resist the urge. I’m not some kind of animal, am I?

But she doesn’t make me wait for long. Without any warning she places her thumb on my clit, pressing down slightly, while her other hand starts massaging my left breast. She starts rubbing, kneading and squeezing, until I gasp for air. And just when the tension is about to reach its peak in my lower abdomen, she pulls away her finger, letting me cool down. And that’s when I open my eyes in frustration.

“Turn around. And this time rise up to all fours.”

I blush again as she says that, as I now realize what she wants to do. Or at least I think I do. Anyway, I turn around, dripping the liquid all over the towel. I lower myself on my elbows and knees, parting my legs slightly.


I hear the next instruction, and I open my legs as wide as the bed lets me. I can feel the coolness of the liquid on my ass, but this time it doesn’t seem that cold. It still makes me shiver though. Some of it seeps into my holes, making me even wetter (if that’s possible at all). I nearly lose it when I feel her fingers push deep inside my pussy, and start massaging my insides, pushing against my G-spot. Her other hand comes down on my ass, fast and hard, and I cry out in pain and pleasure. More liquid pours down onto my hole, and she proves it with another finger, probably from her other hand. I wouldn’t be able to tell, all I know is that this feels so good. But she doesn’t let me enjoy it for too long, which makes me confused once more. How else could she make me come?

She leaves me kneeling there and walks out of the room, and I’m stupefied. But only for about five minutes. When she comes back my eyes widen and I suddenly take back what I said before. I think I’m beginning to sweat, too, as this is just too much and too weird. I swallow loudly, looking at the huge strap-on she is wearing. She doesn’t let me stare on it for too long though, as she comes closer, positioning the massive plastic cock (or whatever they are made of, I have no idea) near my mouth, and I instinctively open my mouth wide, taking in the massive shaft. I lick, I suck, I do everything I would if it was real, and she grabs my hair, moaning loudly, as if she was enjoying this. Gosh, can this get any weirder?

Yes, it can. She pulls out of my mouth and walks up behind me. I close my eyes, afraid of what’s coming next, but I also want it to happen. I am going to be fucked by Hayley, I mean for real. When she enters me, it feels a bit like when I use a vibrator, except this time I don’t have to do the moving, and it is a flesh and blood human being who is behind me. She leans close, pulling at my hair, and her boobs press to my back. She starts to move inside me slowly, and I soon forget that this isn’t the real thing. But how does she know how to use it so well? She increases the pace, and I hear myself asking for more. She laughs again, kissing my neck from behind, while cupping my breasts.

“Harder, please”

I beg, gasping for air. I don’t have to ask twice. She pushes me down onto the bed, while my ass is sticking up into the air. Her right hand comes down on my right cheek once more, while she is pounding me with her strap-on. I can already feel my knees buckle, when she places both of her hands on my ass-cheeks, pulling them apart. She stops her motion for a second, but only to pour some more liquid onto my opening. And before I know it, two of her fingers are inside, while she picks up the pace again, fucking both my holes at the same time. One with her plastic dick, and the other with her fingers. She is such an expert in this, it only takes a few seconds before I can’t take it anymore. I shout at her, begging for her to stop, but she increases the pace instead, making me cry out again, before I collapse under her, completely spent.

I am panting, trying to regain my energy, while she pulls out of both of my holes, swiping her hand along my spine. This makes me shiver, and I realize that I’m feeling a bit cold, too. But her words make me hot and bothered all over again:

“Now it’s your turn.”


To be continued…