Six Tips on how to inflame a Heterosexual Male's Lust

Here is a crucial fact about males that, for some strange reason, many females do not seem to fully grasp: Males are simple, and sexually very easily aroused, creatures, and the variation from one male to another male is astonishingly minimal.

I present here six fundamental and basic tips on how to arouse a heterosexual male and how increase his sexual lust.  I have personally verified the efficacy of every singel one of these tips and methods over the span of more than forty years, and so I would like to assure you that you will be successful if you assiduously use these tips.  Every single one of these tips almost always results in the heterosexual male aggressively moving to engage in prolonged and satisfying coitus.

Lick your Male's Anus

Males love having their anus licked. This is an undisputed fact.  But before you proceed, please make sure you clean your male's anus very thoroughly before you start licking him. While you lick the anus, you should make sure that you refrain from swallowing your saliva and instead spit loudly, almost angrily, on your male's anal area. This will make your male feel very nice and will excite him a great deal. When his anus is very wet, feel free to insert a middle finger as you glare at him, and then to bury your face between his buttocks and to insert your nose in his anus.  Then, once in a while, look up and start at him directly and open you eyes wide open, as if in astonishment, but do not smile.  This expression he will find highly stimulating.  After a few minutes of this, the male will become extremely inflamed (usually his nipples will stiffen) and will swiftly move to engage in passionate vaginal coitus.

Shave your Male's Testes

The male testicles are very sensitive creatures. As you must have noticed, they are cold when you touch them, and that is because cold is required to preserve the sperm. Males love it when a female undertakes to shave their balls, especially when the idea originated from the female. The best way to proceed is to simply inform him, out of nowhere, that you plan to shave his balls that night, as a matter of fact, and then move on. You will notice that he will become excited and his eyes will turn red with lust. When later you shave his balls, assume a serious demeanor and focus on your work. When you are done, clean off any shaving cream and run warm water over his balls. He will like it and will probably smile, or even laugh outright. Don't laugh or smile, but instead look at him sternly, as if to say that this was no laughing matter. Then proceed to put both of his balls in your mouth and begin to suck gently, maintaining eye contact with the male all along. This is important. You will notice after a few seconds that the male will move to engage you in coitus, and that his coitus is aggressive and long lasting.

Shave your Vaginal Area in front of your Male

Males also like to watch females shave themselves. Ideally, you want your male to catch you shaving your pussy by surprise. When he catches you, pretend to be embarrassed a bit, but then continue shaving. The best place would be on your bed, sitting on a towel, with a bowl of water by your side and a small mirror between your legs. Proceed with caution and concentration and don't let the male disturb you. As you shave, tell the male to sit some ways off and give him permission to engage in aggressive onanism, but order him to be quiet. Tell him that what you are doing is serious and that he can't disturb you. Males in such situations are very obedient and he will listen to whatever orders you issue to him. Make sure you tell him that he must refrain from ejaculating, and if you see him engaged in onanism too aggressively, order him to stop. He will stop. When you are done shaving your vagina, dry it with a small towel, put away the bowl and the mirror, slap the lips of your vagina a few time, and then order your male to come over and penetrate you. He will be lustful and will hurry your way. He will be ready and eager even for coitus.

Watch your Male Engage in Aggressive Onanism

Males love to expose themselves to females. Ask him out of the blue to strip naked and to sit down and start engaging in onanism for you. Do it with a forceful but gentle voice, not pleading amorously, but rather, requesting politely but matter-of-factly, as if you were asking him to go to the store to buy you some bread. You can achieve best effect if you catch him by surprise (the element of surprise should never be underestimated) and ask him explicitly: as in, "I need you to engageg in onanism in front of me. Please go upstairs and strip naked. I will be up in a second." As you will see, he will not ask you why, and may even suppress the expression of his surprise. When you go upstairs, remain fully clothed and maintain a distance. If you have glasses, put them on. Your task is to watch him fully, your eyes focused on his penis. Minimize your smiling, but nod approvingly as he engages in onanism. He will be watching you closely, so once in a while make eye contact, but then shift your stare back to his penis and testicles. He will like the fact that you are watching his genitalia. They should be the focus of your stare. Ignore his pleas to come to bed: answer such please by saying, "focus on the onanism," or "you are doing well." When you feel that he his climbing towards ejaculation and orgasm, ask him to slow down. This is the point when you need to undress your lower part and quickly get on bed to engage him in coitus. Keep as much of your clothes on as possible. He will be very excited by having coitus with you with most of your clothes on.

Engage in Loud Onanism in fron of your Male 

Males love watching females engage in onanism, almost more than engaging in coitus with them. I have noticed this not only with my husband, but also with the other males that I have had coitus with (with the full permission of my husband). They like to watch a female pleasure herself and it arouses them very much. My husband moans loudly with lust when he catches me engaged in onanism and has an immediate erection. (He has a large collection of pornographic DVDs dedicated to female onanism and ejaculation.) The key thing is to have your male catch you engaged in onanism by surprise. Again, the element of surprise is key. It is also ideal that he catch you masturbating while watching a pornographic movie or magazine.

Of course, females have a completely different philosophy about onanism than males and engage in onanism not by watching raw sex in front of them, but by fantasizing, but males don't understand that. When they catch a female watching pornography, they relate to that and it makes them excited. If you are able to verbalize yourself while watching by using coarse words, that would arouse the male even more. For best results, the male should be able to sneak up on you and watch you without your knowledge -- or at least, with him thinking that you don't know you are watching. At some point, he will not be able to contain himself and will move to engage in coitus with you. Readily spread your vaginal lips and order him to "put it in". Reach out for his penis and then loudly spit on it for lubrication and eagerly advance your vagina towards the penis for penetration. You will see that his eyes are red. This is the natural reaction of a male who is about to penetrate a fully aroused female.

Verbalize while you are Engaged in Coitus

Something very few females do -- and this is truly shameful -- is verbalize their feelings and needs. Males like it when females talk while engage in sex. All females of course groan and even yell while they are having coitus (whether vagina or anal), but few speak in sentences. And that is the key: speaking in fully constructed and grammatically correct, sentences. The sentences do not need to be highly inventive: you can say something patently obvious, such as, "I am having sex," or "my husband is fucking me," or "this is wholesome," or "I feel full," etc. You can be very creative and can surprise your male with exclamations that he had never heard before (at least not from you). Let yourself go free in what you say, and just say what you think or feel with utter honesty. Here are some suggestions: "I like males," "the cock is good," "I have a nasty pussy," "the smell of ass," "I live the cock and balls," "sex is important," "I want males on my bed," "this is very interesting to me," "this is fulfilling," "I am a female," etc.

So there, I shared with you some of the things that I do to arouse my males, but you can obviously think of your own (and share them with me if you like -- I would love to read them!). As you must have noticed, the most important thing is the element of surprise. Males love to be surprised. The other element is the female being proactive with sex. This will differentiate you in the eyes of your male and he will see you as a curiously sexual creature. What is also important to note is that you can do any of these actions at any age, and they will work every time. It also does not require you to be a stunning beauty. In fact, these tips work best when performed by housewives and females who are usually very sexually staid. The contrast between what is expected from them and what they do is the spark that moves males to high sexual arousal. So enjoy yourself. There is so much you can do with just a little of imagination and effort.