I’ve decided what I want to do I am just waiting for the right time. Missy is completely unaware but I am positive she will be happy to oblige. Not that the choice will be hers anyway!

I am all prepared and I wait for her to get up. Over the breakfast table I briefly explain to her that she is going to be my slave for the day, to do with and what as I please. She looks at me as if to say I have only just got up but being the person she is she agrees. I give her till 10 am to get her self mentally prepared and then I will be taking over her body and mind for the rest of the day. The time arrives and we sit down on the sofa in the front room. I look at her and smile, give her a kiss on the cheek and then pass her a small locked case. The only key is around my neck on my necklace so I take it off and unlock the case for her. I put the necklace back on around my neck and tell her that she can have it back at the end of the day. She doesn’t seem too worried but that is because she doesn’t know all the details. I smirk to myself as I watch her.

She lifts the case lid and peers inside, closes it again and looks at me with a shocked expression on her face. She then stands up with the case in her hands and starts to walk out of the room but I stop her mid stride. I ask what she is doing and she states she is going in to the other room to get changed.

“You are mine now”

“You get changed here and now in front of me!”

Looking at me with her puppy eyes she concedes and placing the chest on the floor she starts to get undressed in front of me. I watch her intently as she takes all her clothes off. Standing completely naked I can feel she is a bit nervous and self conscious. I assure her that I love every bit of her body and there is no need. She believes me and carries on. Pushing all her old clothes to one side she opens the lid of the case.

The first item she pulls out is a set of bright crimson red underwear. I watch as she puts the bra on making sure her tits are in the right place. Her nipples point directly at me but I am not sure if she is a little bit cold or if she is aroused. I know I am I struggle to hide the hard on in my trousers. She pulls the knickers on over her delicious feet, up her sexy legs and around her luscious pussy and arse. Finishing off the whole set is a suspender belt and red stockings. Who doesn’t like a sexy pair of stockings!

Rolling each stocking in turn she slides them sexily over her toes. I watch as if everything is happening in slow motion. My cock feels like it is going to bust at the sight of the soft shiny red stockings going over her toes and up her legs towards her moist pussy. Thoroughly captivated but needing to concentrate I watch as she clips the stocking tops in place and stands up straight. I look her up and down and give her a little nod of approval so she carries on. Masters prerogative!

All set she bends down again and reaches in to the case. This time she pulls out a pair of red patent platform stiletto shoes. Placing them on the floor in front of her she lifts each foot in turn and places it in the shoe, standing a little taller as she does so. Mesmerised at the sight I watch while remembering to listen for my favourite sound in the world! Looking closely I can see some of her veins faintly along the top of her feet. I love the details. A bit of toe cleavage, the ankle bone, the muscles, shadows etc.

Anyway once the shoes are on she bends down and pulls out a collar. Placing it around her neck she looks at me as if she doesn’t know how to fasten it. I stand up and walk over to her, pick up the padlock from the sofa which previously locked the case and place it in the loop. Holding her neck I close the padlock and state that she is officially mine and it will only be released if she does everything I say. Thinking this is it she relaxes a little until she sees me reach in to the case for myself and pull out some chain, hand cuffs, ankle cuffs and some more padlocks!

Getting down on my knees I wrap a piece of chain around her foot, ankle and shoe then fasten with one of the padlocks. Repeating with the other foot I then place the ankle cuffs around each ankle in turn and lock them tight. Standing again in front of her I tell her that if she thinks her feet have hurt before then this is nothing to how they will feel by the end of this day. I can feel my cock twitch at the thought of her sexy little feet begging to be set free or even better wishing for an alternative sort of pain. Placing the hand cuffs, which have a longer chain than normal to enable her to use her hands properly, around her wrists we are done and ready to play!

I tell her to walk in to the kitchen. I follow behind her while I watch her trying to walk. I find it so sexy to watch her struggle in heels with short, tentative strides and the occasional loss of balance. The muscles and feet seem to contort in very different ways to usual. Sick I know but unfortunately for her that’s me!

I sit at the table and tell her to make me some coffee and breakfast. She hesitates for a moment then starts to do it. I sit watching every move and twitch of her body. I am not sure if I am going to last that long before I need to fuck her brains out but I am going to try very hard. She brings the coffee over to me and places it on the table in front of me. I thank her and grab her arse before she has a chance to get away. I give it a big squeeze, pick up my coffee and start to drink. Gesturing to her she walks away and carries on with the breakfast.

A short time later the breakfast is ready and she brings it over to the table. I get her to place it in front of me and then I bend down and undo one of her ankle chains. She looks at me as if to say already! I just smile and tell her to get on to the table and place a leg either side of my plate. Getting on backwards she slides her bum on to the table. Lifting one leg over my head and swinging herself round she settles on the table. Placing her hands near her groin she has a shoe just off the edge of the table either side of me. As I look forward I can see her sexy feet, long legs all the way down to her pussy. I tell her to lay back which she does and I tuck in to my breakfast looking up and down her body as I do so.

When I am finished I reach forward and grab each of her legs. Sliding her body towards me I can tell she is quite wet. Pushing her knickers aside I start to kiss around her inner thighs. I can smell she is happy so I start to lick and nibble on her pussy. She places her hands, still cuffed, on the back of my head. Eating her pussy for all my worth I continue until she wants to cum in my face. Refusing her this pleasure I quickly pull away and she instantly moans a sigh of frustration. I tell her that she can have a gag if she doesn’t behave and she quickly quietens down. Putting her soaked knickers back in place I help her to the edge of the table before replacing the ankle cuff and helping her get to the floor. I hand her the plate and my empty cup which she takes and walks over to the sink. After washing them up she turns around and looks at me for the next set of instructions.

I leave the kitchen and return to the lounge and the case. Opening it up I grab the lead which goes with the collar. I don’t think she noticed the ring on the front of it but she soon will. I walk back in to the kitchen, walk up to her and connect the lead to the collar. Holding it tightly in one hand I pull it down towards the ground. She has no choice but to follow and ends up on her hands and stockinged knees on the floor in front of me. Patiently waiting like a dog for further instructions she kneels silently. I walk off in to the lounge almost dragging her along behind me as I have forgotten that she has cuffs on and can only take short steps.

Making her stop in the centre of the room but still on all fours I drop the lead and make her walk around in a circle. As I watch I can see her struggling but also to my excitement her shoes keeps slipping of her feet. I am tempted to shove my cock in the opening but I have to resist, at least for now!

The chains jangle with every step she takes and after a few circuits I make her stop in front of my feet. Her arse looks so pert and sexy from up here, it’s calling out for a whack or two! I oblige by reaching for my riding crop and giving each cheek in turn ten strokes making sure that she counts each and every one of them. Looking a nice shade of red I bend down and run my fingers roughly over each cheek. She winces as this seems to accentuate the pain from the crop.

I move over to the sofa and sit down placing the crop to one side. I call to her to come over and she does so. Making her kneel still in front of me I turn the telly on and place my feet on her back. While I am deciding what I am going to watch she relaxes and it becomes uncomfortable for me so I give her a smack with the crop just to make sure she stays in line.

Some time later I decide I want to do something else. Standing up I gesture for her to get up which she does if a little slowly to start with. Once she is standing in front of me I ask her to stand with her legs as far apart as she can get them with the cuffs on and to hold her hands around her stomach. This she does and I hold the riding up in front of her face. I am going to give you the choice of where you want me to whip you. I will decide for how long but you can say where! She thinks about this for a little while and then says she wants me to hit her legs. Ok I think to my self so I do so. I go straight for her inner thighs and I don’t think she realised just how much it might have hurt. It’s not long, a few strokes later on either side, that she asks me to stop as it is too tender.

Thinking again she says that I can whip her feet. Know although I could instantly cum at this thought of this I decided not to do so. Instead I go over to the case and get out a piece of rope. Folding it in half and tying a knot halfway along it I shove it in to her mouth and securely tighten it around the back of her neck. Completely shocked and caught off guard she is really quite taken back by this sneaky move. Me, I love it! Silenced and motionless she watches me as I walk around the front of her, riding crop in hand, ready to do my thing!

Her eyes are wide open as I let the first swing of the riding crop go straight in to her groin colliding with her tender wet pussy. Hit after hit she twitches and struggles to stay as still as possible because she knows that will only encourage me more. Hurting the one you love can be so erotic! Strange but true!

A few strokes later I suddenly stop long enough for her to catch her breath. Putting the crop down on the sofa beside us I can see the relief in her eyes. Face to face I ask her if she would like to cum as she deserves a reward for being so good. She nods her head. I can see the tears in her eyes as I stand close running my finger down her neck. I continue through her cleavage down towards her stomach and over her belly button. I pull her knickers down a bit or at least as much as I can as her feet are about two feet apart. Sliding my finger in to her wet pussy I start to tease her clit with the tip. Flicking it side to side she moans as it is quite tender. Not just because of the beating but because it is so sensitive. Plunging my finger inside of her as if I was fucking her with my cock I manoeuvre myself around to the side. Placing one leg either side of her leg I rest my painfully hard cock against her thigh. Even through my trousers I can feel it pulsing against her skin.

While thrusting my finger in and out of her pussy I add another one and then another one and before long I have all four of my fingers inside her. Swaying slightly within my grip I can tell she is really turned on now as my hand could only be wetter if I dunked it in water. Close to her cuming I clench my legs either side of her to help her balance. She lets out a loud but muffled groan and cums all over my hand. Slowing down and eventually pulling out I let her relax within my embrace. She shakes and twitches all over as she rests her head on my shoulder.

Standing back I look her up and down. Bound and gagged with her knickers down and dripping wet, I think to myself just how much I love her and how sexy she is.

Pulling her knickers back up I stand in front of her and give her a kiss on her rope filled lips. Not wanting to let her relax for two long I gesture by pulling the lead for her to follow me in to the kitchen once more. Struggling to walk she follows me over towards the kitchen table. Undoing my trousers and pulling them down before sitting on the table I grab the lead and pull her towards me. I untie the gag from around the back of her head and release it from in her mouth. Flexing her jaw as soon as it is out she stops just long enough to smile at me.

Holding her head I push it down on to my hard cock and instantly like a good slave she starts to slide her lips up and down my shaft. Sucking as hard as she can and because I was am already so turned on I know it wont take long at all. Sooner rather than later I am ready to cum in her mouth. Holding her head in my hands I tense up and release all I can in to her mouth. She laps it up and keeps sucking for more but I only have so much to give. Pulling her head away when it is too tender to carry on I pause to catch my breath. I can see her swallowing her reward for good behaviour. That’s two I wonder how many more she can earn by the end of the day.

Placing the gag back in her mouth and tying it tightly around the back of her head I grab the lead with my hand and pull her over to the kitchen top to make a drink for us both. When they are ready I make her carry them in to the lounge and sit down on the sofa for a short rest before I make her get my tea. Or at least I do she sits down on the floor at my feet on her knees. What a good pet!

When I am rested and finished my drink I stand up in front of her and grabbing the lead I walk in to the kitchen. Taking my place at the dining table I tell her what I want and let her get on with it. I watch her the whole time and admire her body from behind. The muscles on the back of her legs are really quite tense. I am guessing her feet are lovely and tender by now that is if she can feel anything at all. She hasn’t said anything to me yet but she probably thinks I will take advantage of the fact which is probably true anyway.

When all is done she brings it over to the table along with everything else I need including a nice cold bottle of my favourite lager. I gesture for her to sit down beside me at the table but I tell her I am not going to remove anything other than the gag so that she can eat. This I do and we sit down to eat the meal she has prepared. Not much conversation is exchanged and she doesn’t mention how she is feeling, especially her feet which is what I am interested in hearing about. Much to my own disappointment we finish our meals and she clears the table. I tell her she can wash up first and then we can have desert afterwards. She seems happy with this so I sit there sipping my drink while she washes up.

Watching her, looking her up and down I can feel myself getting hard again. Watching her in heels is my biggest fetish and would stop me doing anything else. I am constantly distracted in life by the sight, sound and smell of heels.

A short time later she is finished and comes over to me. I start to replace her gag but then have second thoughts. What I have planned will be better if she can scream as I want to hear she is enjoying herself. I take the ankle cuffs off and tell her to sit on the table in front of me. Swinging her leg over me and placing her shoe down on the table I have one foot either side of my body. With her hands around her front and close to her groin I tell her to lie back on the table but keep her legs spread. I place a hand on each of her ankles and hold tight to keep them apart. Next I tell her to start to play with herself, make herself cum and to make some noise. For a short time she hesitates and I just sit there and watch her fingers near her pussy. She looks very nervous but my cock couldn’t get any harder if I tried so I just wait.

I give her ankles a big squeeze as if this is the sign to get on with it and it seems to work as she starts to play. I watch intently as she plays with her clit and lips. It’s quite an education for me and one that I am really enjoying. As she gets more and more relaxed she gets more in to it and seems to have forgotten I am there at all. She starts to slip her finger just inside. Pulling and pushing it in and out. I can’t help but look at her feet in those sexy shoes occasionally. I can feel the soft stocking material and the bones of her ankle under my fingers. Close to cuming in my trousers myself I stop and concentrate on her. She has gone from one to two and then three fingers now, getting faster and faster as she thrusts them in and out. Breathing heavy I can tell she is doing a good job on herself, a job I would be proud of. I imagine her toes flexing and tensing in her shoes as she is close to cuming. She lets out a huge groan of satisfaction and suddenly goes limp and lifeless on the table. All is quiet as she catches her breath and I just watch and stare at her.

Standing up and adjusting myself I just can’t help myself any longer. I grab her feet and push them together. Grabbing the key from around my neck I unlock the chains around her shoes and whip them off one after the other. Undoing my trousers and releasing my pulsating cock I hold her stockinged feet tightly together making a pussy shaped hole using the in soles. Shoving my cock inside the gap I start to hungrily fuck her feet. She knows that this is something I like to do so she is probably not that surprised but then they are probably so numb she can’t feel much anyway. Fucking away until I am ready to cum and holding her feet as if my life depended on it I ejaculate all over the soles, ankles and tops of her feet. Standing exhausted I contemplate what I am going to do next while looking at her cum stained stockings. Deciding not to do an actual lot I put her shoes back on followed by the chains and lock them tightly. I think she is quite surprised at this but then she doesn’t know all my fantasies! Yet!

Placing the ankle cuffs back on and putting the gag back in to her mouth I help her off the table and in to the living room once more. Sitting next to me I get her to put her legs up on my lap. Touching and caressing her feet, shoes and legs I settle down to watch a movie. It is the evening after all!

Half way through the film I pause it and make her go and make a drink. Bringing it back in we settle down again to carry on watching. She looks at me, obviously she can’t say much but I know what she means. I untie the gag and place it on the arm of the chair. She flexes her jaw once more and plants a big kiss on my lips. I ask if she is ok and she says that she is fine if a little wet down below and of course her feet in her shoes. I just smile, twitch, hold her hands and go back to the film.

The film wasn’t bad although I kept getting distracted by her sexy feet on my lap but that is normal for me so nothing different there. Feeling quite tired I ask her if she wants to go to bed. She agrees so we stand up and start to move towards the stairs. Grabbing my arm she pulls it back and asks if I am going to take the chains off. I just laugh and say I haven’t finished yet. Quite shocked she walks in front of me and up the stairs. I just watch as her and her shoes go up in the air in front of me.

Making our way in to the bedroom I tell her the final reward of the day is me. What more could she want I think to myself! She gets up on the bed and lies on her back. I remove the ankle cuffs so I have access to her soaked pussy. Leaning forward I grab either side of her knickers and pull them down, lifting her arse up she helps to make it easier and quicker for me. I strip off completely and get on to the bed. Lying on top of her I kiss her lips then down to her neck. Continuing on down her front I kiss her tits before nibbling and biting her already hard nipples. I can feel her soft sweaty skin against mine as well as her suspender belt straps and stockings against my legs. Rubbing my hard cock against the outside of her pussy our lubricating juices start to combine. I move my body down and in one swift move I move up again and push my cock inside her. Her insides hold me as if in the palm of her hand. In pure satisfactory ecstasy I start to pound away.

Moving with my rhythm she holds out her cuffed hands and I oblige by kissing them before she places them on my face. I reach down and lift up her legs but still keeping them spread apart. Pumping away I hold her ankles tight within my sweaty palms as I know this works for her. I can feel my cum on her stockings from earlier against my fingers but it doesn’t bother me. I am so full of sexy thoughts nothing can take them away.

After a short while I let her legs go and she wraps them around me digging her heels in my arse as she knows I like it. I can’t last much longer as everything has really come to a finale of breathtaking proportions.

I can see she is enjoying it but I am not sure if I can wait long enough for her to cum. My mind is flashing back to everything that we have done today and I am starting to lose control. She looks at me and I know she loves me and wont mind but I know I will. Trying to hold on for the right moment I am taken buy surprise when she starts to moan louder and louder. I guess she is reminiscing as well. Pounding away my back arches as I am ready to cum inside her. At that precise moment to my relief she lets out a massive groan and we cum together.

I fall on top of her in total exhaustion. We embrace each other in a sweat and cum soaked stupor. Struggling for breath it is some time before either of us is able to really say anything at all.

Looking into each others eyes we have no need for words after all so we don’t even bother. I unlock the hand cuffs and then the chains around her shoes. I am just about to take off her shoes when she stops me. She says she wants to leave them on as she knows it is another fantasy of mine. I happily agree and my mind jumps forward to the morning waking up next to her in her sexy stiletto shoes!! Who knows what might happen!!


SAH 13+15.12.10