The Girl Next Door Chapter 7

I am a Mistress to a sweet young girl named Susan. I had told Susan that I wanted an additional sub and assigned her the task of recruiting one from among her college friends. Susan had already acquired a female admirer. I instructed Susan to bring this admirer to my house and introduce her so I could determine if she’d make a suitable sub. Elizabeth was a shy, pretty girl and had potential. I informed Susan that she would help me train Elizabeth. Her training was now well underway. I’ll begin this chapter with the final paragraphs of the previous chapter:


“Open wide,” I ordered Susan. “I’m going to come in your mouth.”

Susan obeyed. I held Elizabeth’s head to my breasts, her eyes toward my vagina, as I rubbed myself to a fine finish. Having her see me masturbate in Susan’s mouth would make her more obliging when I masturbated in hers.

I rolled off Susan and she sat up, wiping her lips. “You have to let Diana do that with you, Elizabeth. It’s so sexy.” Thank you, Susan.

We collapsed in a heap, me between my two girls, kissing one, then the other. My girls spent the night with me.

The next night I spent with my boyfriend, changing my persona to that of an innocent ingenue’.

During the week I had apprised Susan of my intentions for this coming Friday.

“I’ve already demonstrated to Elizabeth how to enjoy a woman. And you’ve done a superb job teaching her how to please me.”

“Thank you, Mistress. What are your plans for her?”

“I’m going to explain to her the roles in our relationship. I’ll demonstrate by putting you on your collar and leash. You and I will make love. Then I’ll start training her how to submit to me.”

“I will help any way I can, Mistress.”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                   My girls came to my house on Friday evening. We went through our routine; I shaved their vaginas and we proceeded to my bedroom. I had my girls undress me and the three of us sat naked on my bed. I began disclosing some details of Susan’s status.

“Elizabeth, Susan and I have a special relationship. We love each other and we have certain roles.”

Elizabeth stared at me, wondering what I was getting at.

I continued. “Susan likes when I take charge of her.”

Elizabeth’s face remained impassive. I continued.

“We’ve invited you into our relationship because you’re a sweet girl. Susan is anxious to show you more and so am I. We must insist you keep whatever transpires here in the strictest confidence. No one should ever know what we do. We have boyfriends and this must be kept secret from them.”

She swore secrecy.

I took out Susan’s collar and showed Elizabeth how I fasten it. I then put Susan on her leash. Susan was perfectly relaxed during this demonstration and Elizabeth took it in stride.

I had Susan lay back and I enjoyed her smooth pussy for a while.

“Elizabeth, hold Susan’s pussy open.”

Elizabeth’s delicate hands pulled Susan open and I lightly spanked her with the end of the leash.

“Nice pussy. Does she like being spanked?”

“Yes, Mistress Diana,” Susan replied.

“How about that cute clitoris? I’m going to spank her, too.”

“Oh please do, Mistress.”

“Has she been a bad girl?”

“No, Mistress. She’s been good.”

Elizabeth was on her knees off to Susan’s side as she held her vagina open.

“Elizabeth, straddle Susan,” I directed.

Elizabeth lifted her knee over Susan and straddled her. I got up and situated Elizabeth’s vagina over Susan’s face. I slid two pillows under Susan’s head, placing her mouth against Elizabeth’s vagina. I resumed my position.

I took Elizabeth’s face in my hands and kissed her deeply as she rubbed Susan’s vagina.

“You sexy girl,” I said, giving each of her hanging boobs a squeeze.

Elizabeth exposed Susan’s clit again and I lightly spanked it. Susan soon had a ferocious orgasm, breathing heavily into Elizabeth’s beautiful vagina. I kept Elizabeth in place and we shared kisses with each other and with Susan’s post-orgasm pussy. We finally let her up and shared a three way kiss.

After we had collected ourselves I turned my attention to Elizabeth. It was now her turn. Although the thought of teaching her to submit to me was driving me wild, I refrained from the primal urges with which I had approached intimacy with her the first time.

“Elizabeth, lay back and I’ll massage you.” I spent a good half hour, maybe more, kissing Elizabeth and fondling her tits, then working south to her smooth pussy, kissing her tummy and her mound. I purposely avoided her folds and worked down her legs to her feet. I wanted her to have no apprehension. I worked back north, arriving at her glistening vagina. I planted gentle kisses on each side of her lips, then slowly licked up each side, carefully avoiding her slit and savoring her mild taste. Placing my hands behind her knees, I pushed back, raising her feet into the air.

“So pretty.”

I slid her hands down around her ass. “Pull your pussy open for me, Elizabeth.” She obeyed.

I rose to my knees, taking in the sight of this beauty on her back, her knees over her tits, and holding her pussy open for me.

“Good girl, good pussy,” I praised as I patted between her lips. She liked that.

Elizabeth released her hold on her vagina.

“No, keep her open for me.”

I gave her gorgeous vagina a few licks and then slid two fingers into her and smeared her wetness on her nipples. I scooped up some of my own considerable wetness and pushed my fingers into her mouth. She suckled contentedly. I repeated and slathered my scent under her nose. She breathed me in.

“Keep your beautiful pussy open for me. I’m going to spank you, Elizabeth.”

Elizabeth obeyed and I rewarded her with a few pats.

“Good girl, good pussy,” I complimented as I softly patted between her stretched lips.

“Show me your clitoris, Elizabeth,” I commanded. She pulled up on her hood and her pretty clit peeked out.

“You’re such a good girl, Elizabeth,” I said, rubbing her clit with my thumb and then giving it a few pats.

“Good girl! A little harder now,” I said as I increased the pats slightly.

Elizabeth started breathing heavily and loosened her grip on her lips.

“Keep your pussy open for me, Elizabeth,” I gently ordered, looking into her beautiful eyes.

She did and I continued spanking her open pussy, the sound of my index and middle fingers patting her wetness like that of striking a shallow puddle.

Elizabeth soon experienced an explosive orgasm. Her eyes rolled and she panted heavily. She kept her pussy open for me and I rubbed her clitoris, keeping her in her throes. She squirted, drenching my hand in the process.

I finally let her down. I went down and kissed her clit as she remained holding herself open for me.

“Such a sexy girl,” I complimented.

Not giving her too much rest, I moved up and sat on her face. I reached back and picked her legs up. Holding her feet in the air, I rubbed myself all over her face.

“Make me come, Elizabeth,” I ordered. She wasn’t as proficient as Susan, but she was learning. I was getting near.

“Open wide.” She opened her mouth.

“Now stick out your tongue. I want your tongue inside me when I finish, Elizabeth.”

I settled on her tongue and still holding her feet, I deposited a beautiful orgasm into her mouth.

“Good girl,” I complimented, releasing her feet and smiling down on the pretty face under my vagina. I wiped my cum off her lips with my index finger.

“Stick your tongue back out, Elizabeth.” She did and I wiped my finger up and down her tongue.

“Keep it stuck out,” I ordered. I fingered myself and repeated. “Good girl,” I repeated as I painted her tongue.

Susan approached. She lowered her head and kissed Elizabeth on the lips. She then gave my vagina a quick kiss. “You’re so sexy, Elizabeth.”

“Thank you,” Elizabeth replied, my finger still in her mouth.

I gave a few light pats to her pussy then backed up and, holding her head with my sticky fingers in her blonde hair, I kissed her deeply. We sat up.

“Judging from your finish you liked our activities,” I observed to Elizabeth.

“They were sexy.”

“What did you like best?”

Elizabeth hesitated and her face reddened slightly.

“Tell me.”

“I liked when you pushed my legs back and made me pull myself open for you. I felt so vulnerable. I had no idea how sexy it is to have another woman take control of me like that. The way you ordered me to reveal my pussy to you for your approval. And then when you kept ordering me to keep my pussy open for you to spank, telling me I was a good girl, I lost control.”

“You had a beautiful orgasm.”

“I did. That was the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had. I’m looking forward to being your sub, Mistress Diana.”

“That’s so sweet, Elizabeth. I have plans for you.”

“I can’t wait.”

“Next time I’m going to spank your pretty pussy a little harder, you sexy girl.”


The three of us now satisfied, I sat with my back against the headboard and had Elizabeth sit between my legs, her back against my tummy and boobs. I reached around her and fondled her tits with my left hand while the fingers of my right hand fondled her labia and toyed with her young pussy. We chatted a while and then I had my two girls sit on the bed facing me. I took each of their smooth vaginas in my hands and pinched their labia together. I laid out some rules.

“Here are the terms by which we will abide in our relationship:

First, I am your Mistress. You will obey me at all times.”

“Yes, Mistress Diana.”

I continued. “Second, there will be no physical pain in our activities.”

My girls nodded.

“There will be no jealousy among you girls.” I addressed Susan. “If my attention is on Elizabeth you will not be jealous.” I tugged her labia as I said this.

I turned to Elizabeth. “When I’m busy with Susan you will not be jealous,” I said, also tugging her labia for emphasis.

“If I detect jealousy from either of you I will lock that girl in the spare bedroom while I’m with the other. Or better yet, I will get a cage and lock the jealous girl in the cage and have her watch the other girl and me. Understood?”

“Yes, Mistress Diana,” they replied in unison.

“There will be no humiliation in our relationship. Our relationship is built on love and respect.”

“You girls will not play with each other without my permission. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Still holding their vaginas, I continued. “You’re allowed boyfriends. I will never prevent my girls from meeting the right guy and falling in love.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“Speaking of boyfriends, if I decide I want to make love with either of your boyfriends you’ll arrange it for me. I would do this for your own good, to ascertain they know how to treat you in intimacy. I might even have a three way with them. No jealousy. Understood?” I asked, tugging harder on their labia.

Only Susan responded.


“I don’t have a boyfriend.”

“But if you get a boyfriend you’ll arrange for me to have sex with him if I want?”

“I will Mistress Diana”.

“That’s better,” I said, tugging her vagina. I continued.

“If I decide to take on another pet, you will accept her.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“That’s all for now, girls. To seal our relationship you spin around, Susan.” I laid her down with her long legs hanging off the foot of the bed.

“Elizabeth, you stay where you are and lie back.” She did.

“Put your cheeks together.” Elizabeth complied by maneuvering her face next to Susan’s, her feet up on the headboard. My girls lay opposite to each other, cheek to cheek.

“You’ve been such good girls. I’m going to reward you now.”

I climbed on top of them and clutched their tits for balance. I proceeded to smear my wetness all over their faces. When I was satisfied I dismounted and we put our faces together. We shared a three way kiss, my girls’ faces sticky with my scent.


Now that I had Elizabeth as another sub, I would need more equipment. I bought an additional collar and leash, and also a three foot chain that would enable me to chain my girls together. The chain contained a loop in the middle where I could attach a leash and have both my girls on a leash at the same time. Included in my purchase were some push up bras that clipped in the front with matching panties. I also bought another dildo and face harness; I was anxious to have both my girls wear them simultaneously so I could alternate between them. Pets are expensive!

At our next session I stripped and shaved my girls. I had them wear their new bras and panties and then I put them on their collars. I chained them together and attached their leash, then brought them to my bedroom. I had them sit before me on the bed. I spent some time kissing one then the other. I tugged on Elizabeth’s bra.

“Let’s take these tits out,” I said as I unclipped her. Her tits were free.

I squeezed Elizabeth’s tits a while and then unclipped Susan’s bra and took her tits out, too. With one set of tits in one hand and another set in the other, I squeezed and manipulated all four tits. I had my girls strip me. I sat and had them crawl to me.

"Kiss your Mistress's feet," I instructed.

Each girl took a foot and kissed my toes and licked my arches.

"Good girls. Now switch." They licked between my toes.

Satisfied with their docility, I tugged on their leash and pulled their heads to my breasts.

“Girls, please your Mistress,” I said. My girls each took a nipple and suckled.

“Very good. Now I want you girls kneeling in front of me.” They obeyed and fell to their knees.

Tugging on their leash, I pulled them between my legs and had them tend to my pussy together. I lifted Susan’s red hair and Elizabeth’s blonde hair and braided them together while they busied themselves between my legs. The combination of the red and blonde made a gorgeous hue. Holding them by their hair and their leash, I sat back and watched my two pretty girls giggling and kissing and sharing in pleasing me. When one had their tongue in my vagina the other would be kissing my thighs.

“I want both your tongues in me,” I ordered. I spread my legs wider and pulled my girls’ heads together and pulled them in.

“Come on girls. Both tongues.” I wrapped my feet across their backs.

They situated themselves so they could both have their tongues in my slit.

“Do it right. Make me come, girls.”

Susan led the effort and brought me to. I held my girls in tightly as I deposited a furious orgasm into their mouths.

I finally calmed and Susan rose and kissed me. “Thank you for that, Mistress Diana,” she said. She gave Elizabeth a slight nudge and tossed her a glance. Elizabeth caught on and rose and kissed me, too.

“Thank you, Mistress Diana.”

“You’re welcome, girls.” We shared a three way kiss.

“You’ve been such good girls. Now both of you lay back on the bed.” They laid down next to each other.

“Now spread those pretty legs.”

The girls opened wide and I took both pussies in my hands.

“Such pretty pussies,” I complimented as I rubbed them both. “And so smooth. Do you like when I shave you, girls?”

“Yes, Mistress,” they replied in unison. Elizabeth added, “Susan was right; I do enjoy you shaving me, Mistress. And my pussy looks so much better with no hair.”

“Do you like when I penetrate you?” I asked as I slid two fingers into her slippery vagina.

“Yes, Mistress.”

I lifted Elizabeth’s ass into the air to give her a few licks. She pulled her feet all the way back to where they were next to her head. She was actually propped up on her shoulder blades, her ass and pussy in the air.

“Look how flexible!” I exclaimed.

“I used to do gymnastics.”

“We’re going to do some right now.” I moved up and straddled Elizabeth, sitting on her face, her legs inside and underneath mine. I rubbed myself all over her pretty face and then settled on her mouth, reaching around to pet her pussy.

“Be a good girl and wait for us, Susan. Elizabeth is going to make me orgasm on her tongue.”

“Isn’t that right, Elizabeth? You’ll make me finish on your tongue?”

“Yes, Mistress Diana.”

“Good girl,” I said, patting her vagina.

Having Elizabeth underneath me bent in two with her ass and pussy in the air gave me such a powerful orgasm that I actually squirted. Most went in her mouth but some overshot and decorated her face. It took me a while to calm and when I finally did I invited Susan to kiss Elizabeth. Susan gave me a few licks as she did. I dismounted and kissed Elizabeth deeply.

“So sexy, my flexible girl. We’re going to do that all the time,” I explained as I rubbed my cum into her cheeks.

“Thank you, Mistress. I’m looking forward to more.”

“Now girls, I have a special treat for you.” I took out the dildos I had bought and showed them. I then ordered them to lay back, feet in the air again. I inserted them into their mouths to moisten them, then simultaneously pushed them into their vaginas.

The girls cooed a bit and I began working them in and out.

“You girls enjoy cocks, too. I’m going to scratch your itches.”

I took out my harness and fastened it around my waist. I pulled the dildoes out of the girls and attached one to my harness.

“Elizabeth first.” I mounted her and slid in. I started out gently and increased force until I was pounding her good. After some minutes I withdrew.

“Get up on your hands and knees,” I ordered. Elizabeth quickly complied.

“No, not here. On top of Susan.” Elizabeth mounted Susan.

“No. Spin around to the sixty nine position.” Elizabeth spun like a top.

“Now put your cheek on Susan’s mound. I want your ass way up in the air.” Elizabeth lifted her ass.

“Like this?”

“Exactly like this,” I replied as I took her ass in my hands. I lifted the dildo and penetrated her. I worked her pussy pretty hard before ordering her to spread her knees apart.

“Lower your pussy onto Susan’s face. Susan is going to lick your clit.” Susan did and brought Elizabeth to a wild orgasm. I held her ass, my dildo buried deep as she exhaled deeply. After she calmed I ordered the girls into a different position.

“Elizabeth, you roll over onto your back. Susan, you lay on top of her.” My girls situated themselves, tits to the ceiling, pussies atop one another. I mounted them and penetrated Susan. I soon withdrew and began taking turns, penetrating one, then the other.

“Up on your knees, girls. Elizabeth, you’re on the bottom. Susan, you’re on top.” The girls took their positions and I screwed them from behind, again alternating between pussies. Our last position was of the sixty nine variety, with Susan on top, her vagina on Elizabeth’s face with the dildo sliding between.

“Elizabeth, lick Susan’s clit.” This she happily did. Susan took the opportunity to lick Elizabeth’s stretched vagina and soon finished.

My girls sat up and we shared some kisses. We were all spent and after cleaning up we went to bed and fell asleep.


During the following week Susan dropped by and had a request.

“Mistress, with your permission I would like to borrow Elizabeth.”

“Borrow her?”

“I would like to take Elizabeth with me to Anthony’s this weekend.”

“For a three way?”

“Not necessarily. You see, Elizabeth doesn’t like guys. She’s strictly lesbian. I’ve told her I have a boyfriend, but she still can’t imagine me with a guy. I want her to watch me with Anthony. I want to put on a show for her.”

I thought for a moment.

“I don’t like that idea, Sweetheart. Elizabeth sees you as her girl. Don’t make her watch you and Anthony. It would break her heart.”

“But I wouldn’t allow Anthony to touch her.”

“The answer is ‘no’, Susan. I don’t want her being humiliated. Elizabeth is happy being a part of us. She’s happy being my sub. I don’t want her getting hurt.”

“Yes, Mistress. I’ll forget the idea.”

“That’s better. You can do whatever you like with Elizabeth when we’re together as long as it’s respectful and no one gets hurt. If it’s a three way you want I’ll call Anthony and arrange for one this weekend.”

“Thank you, Mistress Diana. It’s been too long since we’ve been with Anthony.”

“It has. I miss Anthony and I love when you push your pretty face in our lovemaking.”

“I love having my face in your lovemaking, Mistress. The scent of it, the sight of it, the taste. Kissing your clit while he’s inside you. It drives me wild.”

“Then it’s settled. Don’t tell Elizabeth.”


My weekend was set. Friday night I would be with my two pretty sub girls. I would formulate my plans for them. Plans that included shaved pussies, quarter cup bras, dildoes, two young girls on leashes at my feet, and any other debauchery I could think of for them. Saturday into Sunday I would be with my fiance’. That would be wholesome lovemaking. Sunday evening Susan and I would have our three way with her boyfriend. I like being busy.

What about my boyfriend? I had led him to believe I had almost no experience in carnal matters and I acted accordingly when I was with him. Sure, I screwed him like a kitten, but the excuse I gave for my apparent experience was that he inspired my sexiness. What if he knew the truth?

There was no way he would condone the three ways with Susan and her boyfriend, so that would remain a secret. But what about my girls? He might admire me more for being the Mistress of two pretty girls, thinking I’m all the more sexy for it. Or would he reject my bisexuality and my need for subservient young girls, thinking I’m a slut and leave me?

So I ask my readers: What should I do?

1) Nothing, letting him remain happy thinking he has an inexperienced fiance’.

2) Inform him of my bisexuality, but keep my girls a secret from him.

3) Inform him of my status of Mistress to two pretty girls.

Please advise.


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