Pink Heels

Pink Heels

Pink Heels

A Couple of weeks ago I was walking through the town centre and out of the corner of my eye I spotted a young women in a pair of bright pink stiletto heels. This wasn’t the first time that I had seen her but this time I was stopped in my tracks as I watched her walk past and into a shop.

I waited for a little while and watched her as she came out of the shop. She had on a very smart trouser suit, which came down just past the ankles to the heel of the shoes. I reckon they were about four inches in height and the way they made her walk was captivating.

I thought about it for a while and I decided to ask her if she would model her shoes for me in some photos. She looked at me a bit weird to start with but I explained what I meant and what I do and she smiled back at me. She explained that she had noticed me looking before which was really embarrassing but she reassured me that it wasn’t a problem and she was actually very flattered. We exchanged mobile numbers and she promised to think about it and let me know.

Over the next few weeks I saw her a couple of times and we exchanged smiles but didn’t speak. I had come to the conclusion that she had declined my invitation but all of a sudden out of the blue I got a call. She had decided that she would like to come round and controlling my excitement we arranged a date for the shoot.

That week was one of the longest of my life and when it finally came around I was so nervous it was ridiculous. I had tidied up the house and arranged the furniture ready for some artistic photographic angles. I had never done this before and I was so excited. Running scenarios in my head I was getting more and more worked up.

There was a knock at the front door and calming myself down, taking a few deep breaths I opened the door and there she was. She had a different suit on and different shoes on but still looked very attractive. I held the door open and let her in. She strutted past and gave me a shy smile as she did so. Showing her in to the lounge I asked her if she wanted a drink. She said yes and sat down on the edge of the settee, holding her knees together and sliding her legs to the side. She looked as nervous as I was if not more.

I went in to the kitchen and made the drinks. Bringing them in to the lounge I could see her legs and her shoes poking out. As she had turned her legs her trousers had lifted up slightly revealing her ankles. Little did she know but another one of my weaknesses.

Behaving myself and concentrating on the purpose of her visit I hand her the drink and sit down on the other settee opposite. I ask her if she is all right and she replies that she is but she feels a bit nervous. I try to settle her nerves by explaining that I feel the same, as I have never asked a woman out of the blue before. We sit for a little while longer talking about what we both do and I explain a little more about my interest in photographing women wearing sexy high-heeled stiletto shoes.

We finish our drinks and I get my camera. I start by taking some shots as she is on the settee. Her ankles are together, with her legs pointing to one side. I focus in on just above her ankles and down. Her black stiletto pumps catch the light in comparison to the pale white skin of her feet.

After taking about ten pictures she suddenly says for me to stop. She stands up and goes to her bag. I watch as she reaches in and pulls out her pink stiletto heels, which attracted me to her in the first place. She sits back down and slides off her black shoes one at a time. I watch intently like a child in a toyshop. I can hear her pushing the shoes off and then pushing them on again. She places the black pumps to one side and looks up at me. She smiles as she can obviously tell by the look on my face at my excitement.

Placing her ankles together again I start to shoot some more pictures. Inwardly I can’t believe how beautiful the shoes look in comparison to her skin. She continues to do various poses as I snap away and we exchange chitchat. Eventually I run out of space on my camera so while I upload all the pictures on to the computer we decide to have another drink.

As I am bringing in the drinks she asks me what do I find sexy about feet and shoes. I sit down in front of her on the floor and start to explain what I like, what I don’t like and some of the reasons behind the both. She moves her shoes and points them towards me. I look down and I can see the top of her feet, pale against the brightness of the patent pink leather. Following her feet towards me I can see a little bit of toe cleavage on either foot which I point out and explain to her how erotic and sexy it looks. I run my finger along one of her shoes and across the tops of her toes. She twitches and pulls her feet away. Letting a wry smile she giggles and I get the message.

I stand up and ask her to lie on her front on the settee and put her legs up behind her towards her bottom. I stand to one side and start to take pictures of her feet and shoes against the plain background of the wall. I do some colour and also some black and white shots.

Moving round to the end of the settee I take some shots looking down on the soles of the shoes, ankles crossed and toes pointing towards me. I can tell that she is actually enjoying this as she moves her feet around slowly and artistically for me to photograph.

While I am looking through my camera lens I can see her sliding one shoe down her leg, past her ankle to the start of her other shoe. As she does this she proceeds to slide her shoe slowly and sensually off her foot until it is dangling in the air. What seems like minutes but was actually seconds I just stare at her revealed foot. I reach over with one hand and remove the shoe entirely and place it on the settee. I then run one of my fingers along the sole of her foot. She giggles and scrunches up her foot at the sexy yet ticklish feeling. In doing so I see that her toenails are carefully painted with black nail varnish.

Without saying a word she moves and points her other foot at me so I oblige and remove the second shoe. I run a finger along the sole towards her ankle and place my hand around it. I give it a strong squeeze and I hear a gentle exhale of breath. I start to massage the soles of her feet and I can tell that she is enjoying the experience.

I ask her if she has ever had her toes sucked before and she replies that she hasn’t. I then asked her if she would like me to do it for her. As women usually tend to do she replied with a question asking whether I wanted to. I said that I did so I picked up foot in my hand and brought it towards my mouth. Sticking my tongue out and teasing the ends of her toes with it I start to make love to them. One by one I place them in my mouth and suck them, weave my tongue in between them and massage them. I can tell she is enjoying the experience as every now and then I can feel her reluctantly trying to pull her foot away from me as the sensation tickles.

I reluctantly stop and give her foot back. She spins on the settee, sits upright, picks up her shoes and puts them back on. Smiling she looks at me, doesn’t say a word but then she doesn’t really need to. I thank her for coming round and for being the perfect sexy model that she is. She smiled again and said she enjoyed the experience. I watch her stand, as she does so her trousers slowly slip down her leg covering up her ankles again. I walk her to the door and say:

“The next time you buy some sexy stiletto shoes you give me a ring!”

SAH 03.01.10