The Strong Masturbator: Part One

It would be a highly faulty understatement, to say the least, to describe my husband, the esteemed and highly respected Prof. Harry Wong, as merely a dedicated masturbator.  Indeed, for the forty two years that I have been married to him, I can say with utmost certainty that he has masturbated every single day, at least once, and not infrequently, even to this day, twice or three times daily.  Even when he is down with a cold, or in bad spirits after a long and exceptionally unpleasant day at the university, or traveling, or on vacation, he always successfully finds a way to take the time he needs to engage in masturbation.  Indeed, even when he had his one operation -- to remove his tonsils -- and was under heavy medication, groggy and irritated by the pain, he still managed to masturbate and ejaculate. In other words, we are dealing not with an ordinary masturbator, with Harry, but with someone who viewed his daily masturbatory sessions as a religious person would view their prayers: they must be done, no questions were to be asked, and the business of living had to make place.  In his case, the business of living had to make place for regular masturbation

When Harry masturbates, he likes to use a large bottle of shampoo and uses generous gobs of the thick white liquid.  This he does because masturbating with viscous shampoo creates a noise that reminds him of his favorite childehood food: noodles dipped in butter.  When he masturbates, Harry also likes to express himself verbally by speaking outloud.  He usually simply repeats the word "Sex!" but he also, when he has a specific thought or feeling that he wishes to articulate, he would give room to longer expressions, such as, "I love the smell of inflamed vaginas," "I am in a homosexual mood today," or, "I would like for a large black female to lick my anus," and so forth. 

When Harry masturbates, he is always looking at something, in the manner of all males, and what he beholds is always either one picture or a series of pictures under the one theme that he would have chosen for that day.  Before the advent of computers, Harry maintained a thick stack of ponograhic magazines and his masturbatory sessions were always focused on a few pictures from a specific magazine at any given time.  Always methodical and orderly, and this from the earliest days, Harry scheduled his onanistic sessions weeks, and sometimes months in advance, and planned not only what to watch and masturbate over, but also where and when.  Of course, the vicisitudes of life and its contingent nature sometimes compelled him to alter his plans.  But what he never failed to do was to document every single masturbator session, where and when it took place, and what the focus of the masturbation was.  And so, as a result, he can tell us how many times he has ejaculated since he started keeping records (20,127 times), the distribution of the race of his focus (Caucasian women), the gender distribution (a suprising 37% are male, even though Harry is an avowed heterosexual), and sexual orientation (also suprising is that 28% of his focus has been on shemales, especially black shemales).

Harry's embrace of masturbation as a full fledged hobby rather than simply an activity that one engeges in on impulse to satisfy an urgent need (often a sudden one) started in the first year of University.  There, for the first time on his own and away from home, he found a great deal of solace in regular masturbation.  But even as he became comfortable with his new surroundings (Harry has always been able to make friends quickly and to enjoy new settings), he continued with his masturbatory activities with the same frequency and the same focus and dedication as he did when he started his routines.  Living with 3 other roomates, he was initially very shay and private and performed his sessions in private and quietly.  But as time went by, he became less and less inhibited so that a few months into the first semester, he was comfortable openly masturbating in his bed.  This came about gradually, so that his roomates became accustomed and did not find shocking the fact that he masturbated loudly and in his bed at exactly seven thirty in the morning, every morning.  As time went by, his other roommates began joining his session, so that before long, the four of them would wake up at 7 O'Clock every morning, eat breakfast, and then sit down at exactly 7:30 AM and engage in a quiet, meditative group masturbation, where they all stared intently at each other's eyes.  The sessions lasted usually no more than five minutes and ended only when all four roommates ejaculated.

Harry's reputation as a dedicated masturbator very quickly extended beyond his University roommates, and word began to spread to the effect that Harry Wong masturbated a great deal (some were making claims that he regularly ejaculated exactly ten times a day, every day, although that number was not accepted as realistic by most students), that his penis was enormous, that his ejaculations were staggering, that his testes were gigantic, and other distortions that quickly caught hold of the student body's imagination.  Females especially seemed to have been the most captivated and thrilled by the rumors, especially given that most of them did not fully understand what it meant for a male to masturbate, and the overwhelming majority of them had never seen a penis in real life.

Harry was fully aware of the rumors and cultivated with a great deal of pride his reputation of a prodigious masturbator.  However, he never spoke explicitly about his habit with anyone, not even with his roommates.  Whenever someone hinted at his habit (for instance, saying something along the lines, "Do you have a special diet that you follow?"), Harry would pretend that he did not understand the hint and would speak back plainly and earnestly.  The fact that people saw him as a male who masturbated a great deal excited him, but what excited him more is the realization that many males undoubtedly were masturbating more frequently as a result of his activities than they would otherwise.  The thought he was the direct cause of seminal ejaculation thrilled him and many time, the reality of this fact was the exact thing that he masturbated about.

One specific event during his university days that firmly consolidated his stand as an extremely lustful male was the time when he sneaked into a large auditorium at night and wrote in English on the large blackbroard facing the seats the words: "I Like Master Bayten".  The next day, at the start of the statistics class with Prof. Phang, a gregarious man who loved learning foreign languagues and took the opportunity to practice his pronunciations whenever he could, stared at the board and then, speaking loudly, said, "I Like Master Bayten!"  A murmur of nervous laughter rippled across the students, and the nervousness only intensifgied as the professor kept repeating, "I Like Master Bayten!" and looking at the students, smiling and thinking that they were laughing because he was not pronouncing the word correctly, kept repeating the words slowly and epmphatically and asking the students if he was pronouncing the words correctly. 

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