And Krista Makes Three

Info Tristan LeMay
05 Dec. '15

   – Come on, man! You gotta live a little!

   That’s how it all started. Two short sentences that I couldn’t wiggle out of because I didn’t want to look like a wuss. My friend Kevin had been all over me for weeks saying we had to spice up our lives a little bit and I had to get over Annabelle, my gorgeous French girlfriend who had moved back to Aix-en-Provence six months before and had never looked back. In the first days after she left, I kept racking my brains trying to figure out what I had done wrong and spending all my time feeling heart-broken because I really loved her. Then, it wasn’t so much her presence and the fun we had together that I started missing. I just became really frustrated sexually, and I started missing Annabelle physically.

   At first, it was just like flashes of memory. I would walk into the bathroom and see the frosted glass door of the shower stall and be reminded of that time when I had walked in and had just looked at her blurred silhouette lathering up, her soft moaning when she had started caressing her pussy with her left hand and pinching her right nipple, thinking she was alone. Remembering that delicious sound of ecstasy that broke through the echoing cascade of water from the shower head, starting to rub my hardening cock and thinking how hot it was when she squatted down and started fingering herself to a volcanic eruption of an orgasm before collapsing on the floor of the shower. Thinking how lucky those fingers were to be inside her and making my cock want to explode.

   I would remember that I had left her alone with her privacy and had gone to lie down on the bed, naked, hoping she would come and ride my hard cock with her wet hair dripping all over me. And remembering that she had done exactly that, straddling me so effortlessly and slipping my bulging dick inside her wet slit without even asking for anything else. She had gotten herself off one way, and now she wanted to do it again another way. Oh how I missed her awesome body, her beautiful bouncing tits that I would cup in my hands from under while pinching her nipples with the knuckles of my indexes and middle fingers, her perfectly round ass cheeks, gorgeous legs and quivering pussy muscles around my shaft...

   Yeah, those flashes of memory. Memories that would make me so hard my cock would ache and it felt like no amount of jacking off would ever allow me to forget Annabelle. The time she managed to take my cock between her mammary glands and had me tit fuck her while she fed me her juicy pussy, never once touching my hard pole with her mouth but making me shoot an unbelievable load of cum all over her tits, chin and neck just as she erupted herself with the help of my willing tongue and lips.

   Man, did I ever miss that girl. Except, as I said, I was starting to miss the sex more than anything else. Missing the time we were fucking doggy-style on the couch in the living room of my apartment when she reached back to grab my hand, licked my finger and rubbed it on her pink star anus, inciting me to open her up there, pounding back against my cock and making me explode inside her.

   Yeah, her absence was driving me crazy.

   – Tonight’s the night, Sam! We gotta knock that threesome off our bucket list.

   Kevin had gotten it in his head that we would go to this mixer the firm had set up to welcome five new employees to the Montreal office. Three ladies and two guys, apparently. Joannie, Daniel and Jasmin were all from the Quebec City office that the Toronto headquarters had decided to shut down, and Krista and Steve were new hires, two young architects, the former from Kelowna, British Columbia, the latter from near-by Beaconsfield.  Apparently, Kevin had spotted Krista when she had come out of the conference room after her final interview and he had set his sights on her.

   – What? You’re still not dressed, you lazy bastard? Get the fuck in the shower and get ready. I am telling you, that girl Krista is not gonna be sitting alone at that party for long. She is gorgeous! If we don’t pick her up, somebody else will.

   I’d always loved Kevin’s confidence, ever since we met in College, but it also made me uneasy because I wasn’t as much of a go-getter as he was. But I knew he was right. It was time to move on. Nevertheless, as I moved into the bathroom to shower and trim my beard, I kept thinking: “How does he know she’s available? If she’s that hot, she’s probably got a dozen guys knocking down her door!”

   In the shower, I started getting another flashback of Annabelle. I remembered that time I was in there washing my hair, and while my eyes were closed, my French beauty had opened the door and snuck up behind me, rubbing her erect nipples on my back and reaching around me to cup my cock and balls in her hand, instantly waking up my junk and making me hard as an oak tree. She had rubbed my balls like they were Aladdin’s lamp and jacked my cock until I was just about to blow my load. Then, when all the shampoo had rinsed away, she had squatted down and swallowed my dick whole, making me moan like hell, bobbing her head and making me feel her throat muscles tighten around my cock head, sending jolts of electricity through my whole body. That time, she had swallowed my load mixed in with the cascade of warm water from the shower and I had felt my knees give in under me. Shit, I had made myself hard again thinking about that incredible time.

   – What are you doing in there? You shouldn’t be jacking off! Keep it for later, you wanker!

   Kevin had been watching much too many British TV series on Netflix. I had been jacking off almost unknowingly but just ignored him, even when he came into the bathroom to finish up fixing his hair and his tie. When I came out of the stall, drying my hair with my towel, I was still hard.

   – Wo, man, that’s a fine piece of meat you got there! That girl Krista is gonna like that, pal.

   My cock twitched toward Kevin as if it were agreeing with him. I got dressed and Kevin and I headed out to the party.

* * *

   When we got to the bar where everyone was supposed to meet, on Stanley Street, the party was already in full swing, so much so that we were told that half the people had already left.

   – See? I told you we would be late.

   But although Kevin sounded disappointed, the good news was that most of the guys from the office had gone and Krista – she was even more beautiful than I had dared imagine – was sitting in a corner with Nathalie, the very-married head of the PR department, having a drink.

   – Hey ladies…

   Kevin had wasted no time. He had walked right over to them.

   – Kevin! Hi! said Nathalie, standing up. I’m so glad you guys are here.

   She formerly introduced us to the ebony-haired goddess that had just joined our firm… and I started getting firm myself… again!

   – I was just telling Krista that I have to leave because I need to get home. I told the babysitter…

   And she went on about her husband being away on a business trip or something, but I wasn’t listening. I was transfixed by Krista’s effervescent beauty. Her skin was flawless, her dress was flattering, sexy yet not overly slutty, and her legs reminded me of Annabelle’s which almost made me lose it, right then and there.

   – So… do you think you guys can entertain Krista without me?

   I thought Kevin might choke. We just exchanged a glance, Nathalie reached over to kiss us both on the cheek, and before we knew it, we were alone with this amazingly beautiful woman.

   – I am so happy to meet you guys! said Krista. I don’t want to sound ungrateful because it is so nice that the office organized this thing to welcome us to the company, but I was starting to think everybody here was so old. Nice to see that there are some hot, younger men that I’ll be able to use as eye candy when I’ll feel that the creative juices aren’t flowing.

   She was so unbelievably sexy that I almost came right there, in my pants.

   – Do you live around here?

   Kevin’s eyes lit up as he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. How could this be even easier than he had even imagined?

   – We share a really cool loft in Griffintown. It’s only about a ten minute drive.

   – If you don’t mind, I’d really like to get out of here, said Krista. Could we maybe go have a drink at your place? I’ve been moving around so much in the last few weeks that I would love to be in an actual home for a change.

   – Sure. Totally.

   And we were heading out to get my car from the College-age valet who kept looking at Krista as though she was one of those Amazons from another planet in a Star Trek episode.

   Once we were in the car, Krista asked:

   – So how long have you guys been together?

   – Since College, I replied.

   – Wow! Living together and working together, too? Seeing each other that much? Don’t you find it hard to not let it wear on your relationship?

   That’s when both Kevin and I realized that Krista thought we were gay. A couple! I started laughing and I think Kevin chuckled, too.

   – Oh no! We’re not a couple. We… uh, we’re a hundred percent straight.

   – Really? said Krista, incredulously. But you are both so good-looking.

   We both laughed and thanked her.

   – I can’t believe I am going back to an apartment with two guys that I could definitely find attractive enough to sleep with when I thought this would be a platonic drink among friends where we’d talk about designer fabrics and throw pillows.

   Again, Kevin and I laughed, but then, things got serious.

   – I think I can vouch for Samuel when I say that we would definitely sleep with you, too, said Kevin, unabashedly.

   There was silence for a moment. Then, I caught Krista’s eye in the rear view mirror. And I knew there would be very little small talk when we got to our place.

   Once I had parked the Audi in the underground garage, Kevin, Krista and I headed for the elevator and as we went up, we felt the temperature rise and our lust build. I kept wondering if someone had put something in Krista’s drink before we got to the club and I felt a bit uneasy, not wanting to take advantage of the situation while she was in a vulnerable place.

   When the doors of the elevator opened, Krista walked out, giving Kevin and I an incredible view of her unbelievable figure in that silk dress that looked like it had been made especially for her, for her beautiful back, luscious butt and flawless legs. Suddenly, she turned around:

   – Are you coming?

   Neither Kevin nor I had realized we had stopped dead in our tracks, transfixed by Krista’s undulating body.

   “Cuming?” I thought. “Not yet, but God, I don’t think it is going to take much to get me there!”

   As soon as we stepped into the loft, Krista started running her hands on Kevin’s chest and shoulders, slipping them inside his jacket and making it fall to the floor. I felt a little out of place and didn’t dare start touching her like I really felt I wanted to. But Krista solved that dilemma pretty quickly by reaching behind herself to take my hand and pull me closer to her. As she put my hand on her hip, she started kissing Kevin. My friend’s hands were running through her beautiful hair and along the side of her body. I started rubbing my achingly stiff cock on Krista’s firm butt through our clothes. Kevin was still kissing her as one of his hands made its way to her gorgeous tits and her right hand started rubbing his crotch, kneading his stiff pole gently but firmly. Kevin moaned.

   – Holy shit, yeah!

   Seeing that Kevin was appreciating what she was doing with her hand, Krista sent her other hand to explore behind her, grabbing a hold of my rock-hard cock through my pants.

   At some point, I had to pull away from her expert hand because I felt I would explode right then and there. That’s when I knelt down and placed my hands on the outsides of Krista’s knees, slowly making my way under her dress. I lifted the fabric as my hands moved higher. When I felt her panties, I raised the skirt of the dress off her butt and quickly pulled the underwear down to her knees. She bowed forward a bit, pushing her beautiful globes of flesh toward my face and tilting her pussy up so I could have access to those sweet smelling lips from behind.

   I spread her juicy pussy lips with my fingers and flicked my tongue at her insides, poking her with the tip like I was doing acupuncture. With each jab of my tongue, she moaned. When I pulled away a bit, I saw that she had undone Kevin’s trousers and was going down on his cock. That’s when I realized I had never seen my friend and roommate’s man meat. Well, I guess I had been in presence of his nakedness through the years – at the gym, in the showers, even in and around our apartment – but I had never looked down there. I found myself surprisingly interested and was hoping Krista’s mouth would slip off of it so I could get a better look. I had never had a threesome before.

   As Kevin groaned with pleasure, I fell to my knees and started furiously lapping and licking Krista’s pussy, adding to the fuck juices that were already flowing. I undid my pants and pulled out my cock, stroking it with my right hand, thinking how lucky it would be to soon be slipping into this delicious love hole.

   When Krista pulled Kevin’s pole out of her mouth to lick his hairless ball sack, she slapped his cock against his belly and I got my first good look at Kevin’s junk. I noticed his cock was longer than mine and that his cock head – Krista was holding the foreskin down off of it – was pointy like the tip of an arrow. I squeezed my dick hard in my hand and felt how thick and big it was around. Harder to suck but tighter when fucking, I thought, comparing myself to my mate’s meat.

   This whole scene and everybody’s growing ecstasy level was making all my senses tingle. We hadn’t even made it out of the hall of the loft and we were already in full sex mode. The College fantasy Kevin and I had shared was coming true, right then and there.

   I easily slipped two fingers inside Krista’s slit and she moaned appreciatively, turning her head sideways to catch a glimpse of me. Then, she used her right hand to grab her butt cheek and show me her devilish little entry, moving its muscle to make it look like it was winking at me. I took that as a sign that I should massage it. I twisted my arm a little bit, keeping my index and middle finger inside her wet pussy, to use my thumb to poke at her back door. That way, I could selfishly keep my other hand on my throbbing cock and still give Krista everything she needed.

   I could feel Krista’s orgasm building up, her breathing becoming more and more irregular as she kept lapping at Kevin’s balls while my friend braced himself against the door, arching his back and spreading his legs to give her better access.

   Then, just as I was preparing to get up and slip my cock into Krista’s inviting pussy, she suddenly switched it around. She turned her butt toward Kevin, grabbing his cock and slipping it deep inside her. At first, I couldn’t tell if he’d gone up her pussy or her ass, because that searing moan of pleasure that came from my pal’s throat could have been the result of one or the other, but I quickly caught a look over Krista’s butt and saw the winking little butt hole and Kevin’s thrashing, wet cock pounding Krista’s scorching hot pussy.

   Before I had time to be disappointed for my cock, Krista’s mouth had swallowed it whole, tickling its head with her throat muscles. I could feel her nose buried in my pubes and had a silly thought, “Thank God I trimmed them a few days ago”.

   After acting as the driver for a little while, moving her pussy back and forth on Kevin’s pole, Krista closed her legs and stopped moving, indicating to Kevin that it was time for him to take over, all the while tightening her grip on his tool.

   – Oh shit, yeah! Mmmm…

   I couldn’t have said it any better myself and sort of just echoed Kevin’s approval with a moan. I let Krista have her way with my cock in her mouth because I kept thinking of my girth and didn’t want to choke her but she seemed to really know what to do. I still was really hoping my cock would get a taste of Krista’s pussy but seeing Kevin’s dick piston in and out of her was making my balls tense up against the base of my cock.

   That’s when Krista started fondling my balls and pulling them down and away from my shaft, delaying the inevitable eruption. I was happy for that because I didn’t want this amazing experience to end.

   Suddenly, Kevin’s breathing became shallow and he pulled his cock out of Krista, slipping it between her ass cheeks and squeezing them together so that his cock looked like a sausage in a hot dog bun. He gave a few more strokes and shot five long strings of cum all over her back, shoulder blades and black hair.

   – Oh, wow, man! came out of my mouth as my eyes grew wide.

   Kevin smiled as Krista moaned her own approval and went back down on my cock.

   When Kevin came around Krista and started running his fingers through my hair, I was taken aback but my body was clearly appreciating this extra stimulation because my nipples perked up and shivers of pleasure shot through to all my nerve endings. As I looked down at Krista and opened my mouth to moan, Kevin came close and kissed me full on the mouth, startling me. I pulled back a bit, looked him in the eye with a surprised glance and understood that he had been wishing to do that for a really long time. I didn’t take long to process that, in that moment, every fiber in my body was okay with kissing Kevin again… and kissing him back!

   I smiled at him and ran the fingers of my left hand through his hair as he had done. He moved closer and we kissed again. When Kevin’s tongue touched mine, I thought that was it. I would blow my load right there in Krista’s throat, but this amazing girl quickly took her mouth off my piece and squeezed it hard as though to keep the cream from coming out of the icing bag. She turned around and guided my meat into her pussy, warming it like a French baguette in her smoking hot oven.

   After a few more seconds, while still kissing Kevin who was now pinching my nipples and surprising me with such pleasure because I had never played with my own nipples before, my cock jerked inside Krista giving her the extra jolt she needed to climax. Her pussy tensed around my shaft and I exploded inside her while Kevin started playing with my balls to egg me on. It was one of the most intense orgasms I had ever had.

   Krista made sure her pussy drank every last drop of cum in my balls before letting my still-throbbing dick out of her spent pussy. She turned around and joined our kiss, taking us both in her arms and caressing our backs and butts with her soft hands.

   I couldn’t believe this was happening, but it was so incredibly cool, hot, exciting, and just felt so right, that I didn’t want to over-analyze it. Without saying a word, our breaths still a little short, we headed to the bathroom, leaving our clothes on the floor of the hall. That’s when I realized Krista hadn’t taken off her bra yet. When she finally did remove it to get in the shower with the two of us, I was thunderstruck. They were the most stunning mounds of feminine flesh I had ever seen. My cock hadn’t completely deflated from my earlier orgasm, but the relaxing process was immediately reversed. I felt myself rise to full erection again and couldn’t take my eyes off those beautiful breasts.

   We squeezed into the shower stall which was usually tight for two people, let alone three. But we didn’t seem to care, happy that we were all together. Kevin put his hand around my pole and moaned his approval, kneading it a bit before starting to pump it. He gently found my hand with his other and guided it to his long, stiff shaft. I had never touched another guy’s dick before but I felt strangely comfortable. When I saw Kevin’s eyes roll around in his head like he was going to faint, I understood that he had been wishing for this for a long time and I had been oblivious to his desire.

   We cleaned ourselves off, lathering each other up, arousing each other even more, our mouths kissing both the others while water trickled down our faces and bodies. I discovered the pleasure of having my nipples pinched, fondled and nibbled. I found that having my ears licked and nibbled was also very hot, like if they were connected by a long nerve straight to my cock and balls. I started getting really turned on when I kneaded Kevin’s ass cheeks while he kissed me, just as much as when I caressed Krista’s butt. They were different – Krista’s smoother and daintier, Kevin’s hairy, angular and more muscular – but I liked them both.

   When we got out of the shower, we barely dried off and headed to my bedroom, where we spread out on the bed, butt naked, our three bodies intertwining and meshing so effortlessly. We made love again… Yeah, I know right? First, we were having sex… or fucking in the hall, and between that and the bed, we had switched to making love. As a threesome. It was actually kind of scary, but again, I didn’t want to over-analyze it.

   I was kissing Krista when I felt Kevin’s mouth on my hard dick. The fact that we had been friends for so many years and that neither of us – as far as I knew! – had ever had guy on guy sex, made this kind of weird in the beginning but we had just kissed and fondled each other in the hall and in the shower, getting really intimate with each other, so this was the next logical step, right? Not to mention the fact that it felt fucking amazing!  Kevin was working my hard cock, swabbing the head under the foreskin with his tongue, like he probably liked his own cock to be sucked. All the while enjoying this immensely, I started thinking that I might want to try this, too. So I saw myself checking out his technique, concentrating on every move he was making so I could reciprocate later. All the while, I was kissing and fingering Krista who seemed very happy with everything I was doing.

   After a while, Kevin shifted his body on the bed, without letting go of my cock. I took this as a message and grabbed hold of his long, hard pole, giving it a few strokes to familiarize myself with it. Kevin moaned with his mouth full of my meat. I kissed Krista again before turning toward Kevin’s cock and slipping it between my lips. The salty taste of pre-cum was different from the taste of Krista’s pussy, but I didn’t dislike it. I even really relished the idea of driving my pal crazy with lust as he was doing for me. We were now 69ing and I started to wonder if Krista would feel left out, but she didn’t because she started humping my free hand, my fingers dancing inside her pussy.

   Krista was building up to another explosive orgasm. I could hear it and I could feel it around my fingers. Kevin suddenly stopped sucking me and replaced his mouth with his stroking hand, turning to come up to my ear, pulling his cock out of my mouth in the process.

   – I want to feel you inside me, he whispered.

   My head started spinning and Krista started crying in ecstasy, her whole body shuddering with pleasure as she came in my hand.

   – I’m afraid it’s going to hurt, ‘cause you’re so wide around, he continued, but I really want to take you inside me.

   My cock twitched in his hand as if saying, “Sure, why not?” And I reached over to my nightstand to grab a condom, sheathing my cock that seemed to be growing even more, if that is at all possible. I also got some lube I had bought at the drugstore because all these jacking-off sessions since Annabelle had left had really started doing a number on the skin of my dick. Kevin jacked some lube on my pole and reached behind to dab some on his butt hole. Then, he straddled me and eased himself down on my pole. I watched my cock-head disappear inside my friend and I looked at his face wince and twitch in a strange mix of pain and pleasure.

   – Oh, man! he said as he continued going down, his breath becoming irregular.

   Krista seemed to be liking this and found a way to not feel left out by caressing my chest and belly, pinching my nipples a few times for good measure, adding to this crazy new pleasure I had never known before. To my surprise, Kevin’s cock seemed to get even harder than it had felt in my mouth. He looked at me straight in the eyes and smiled. It was as if he was telling me that he had always loved me and had wanted this since the first day we met. I started wondering if he had had sex with guys before and had just never told me, but I quickly pushed those ideas away because I wanted to live in the moment. And it was an amazing moment!

   Kevin started bouncing up and down on my cock, my meat appearing and disappearing inside him again with each downward movement of his butt. I started lifting my ass off the bed to meet his movements and Krista grabbed his cock, jacking him off as I had my first experience at anal sex with a guy. A few seconds later, Kevin shot gobs of hot cum all over my chest and one of the shots even landed on my mouth. Without even thinking, I just licked my lips and tasted my friend’s seed.  He smiled and leaned down to kiss me, tasting his own cum in my mouth as I continued to make love to his man pussy. Krista was caressing my balls now and I knew it would not be long before I came again.

   When I did, I felt the condom fill up and Kevin clutched his ass muscles as if to squeeze the last drop of sperm out of me. We kept kissing, Krista joining us in the embrace while I pulled out of Kevin.

   – I knew you guys were into each other, she chuckled.

   Kevin blushed and I laughed a little, amazed at the whole situation because I would never have guessed in a million years how awesome this would be… let alone that it would even ever happen. But I really didn’t want to over-analyze it.

   We lay there for I don’t know how long before falling asleep in each other’s arms. I have no idea what time it was, nor did I really care.

* * *

   That was over a month ago. Since then, Krista has moved in with us, and Kevin, she and I have become a three-person couple. We live, eat, work, play and sleep with each other. Well, not all the time, but most of the time. I really feel like I have the best of both worlds now. Am I straight? Am I gay? Am I bi? I guess so, but I really don’t want to over-analyze it. Just live in the wonderful flow of the moment.