The Ways of Lust Ch. 05

***All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older***

”Hello, Mark,” Suzanne said, an amused grin on her face as she watched me try to avoid seeming flustered. As if she hadn’t just watched me climb out from under Senna’s desk while shoving my spent cock back into my pants.

“Suzanne,” I replied, hoping she or Senna would volunteer some information about what was going on here.

“Why don’t you come and have a seat?“ Suzanne said as she patted the sofa cushion next to her. As I crossed the room she added with a wink, “And I promise, no surprise footjobs this time.”

If I hadn’t just gotten one I probably would’ve been disappointed. But, having just released my sexuality all over Senna’s foot, I was prepared to listen. I sat on the couch and glanced over to see Senna cleaning her foot with wet wipes.

“Geez, Mark,” she exclaimed. “So much cum.”

“You have beautiful feet,” I responded with a shrug. She really did. Her arch and sole had felt so soft rubbing across my cock and her wiggling toes seemed eager to grip the head. She knew what she was doing.

“Aw, you’re so sweet,” she responded.

There was a brief silence, which Suzanne broke.

“Let’s cut to the chase,” she began. “Senna and I have been partners for some time. As you know, what your company does is get people to see eye to eye, compromise, to find common ground. What my service does is similar, but specifically regarding one’s sexuality. You’re matchmakers and so am I, just with a little different focus. You follow me so far?”

I nodded. “Senna and I facilitate business partnerships. You facilitate sexual partnerships. Right?”

“Exactly,” Suzanne confirmed. “And sometimes, well, those partnerships overlap.”

“Overlap?” I prodded.

“One of these days,” Suzanne said with a glance at Senna, “You should ask your boss how many disagreements she’s ironed out just by fucking the shit out of one of the clients. Sometimes all of them.”

Senna shrugged. “I do well for myself.”

I scratched my chin. “Is this, um…”

“Legal?” Suzanne finished for me. “Technically, yes. On paper, there is no connection between your firm and my service. But we are also sure to be very…discreet about how we go about working together.”

Got it. “Enough said, I guess. So, how do I factor into all of this?”

“You might think it would be easier to find men to join our little network than women,” Suzanne explained, “But it's actually quite the reverse. Women, for some reason, get what we do more easily. Finding men with sexual passion who are also able to control themselves is fairly difficult.”

Senna interjected, “So I offered you up, Mark. And I told Suzanne I’d take you for a test drive. You passed. Although, there's always room for improvement. Practice makes perfect.”

I couldn't help but smile at the thought of that. Suzanne noticed and remarked, “Not going to have to twist your arm to practice, are we?”

I shook my head. “Nope. So, what does this mean for me?”

“It means,” Suzanne answered, “That Senna is willing to share you with me. If you're willing to do it?”


“On paper you'd still just be working for Senna. But, when the need arises, I'll be using you as well.”

I cocked an eyebrow, “And I can still get out anytime?”

“Of course. But you will have to sign a non-disclosure agreement.”

I thought for a moment. It made sense except for one thing.

“Why do you do this, Suzanne?” I asked bluntly. “Why go through all this time and effort just to get people laid?”

She smiled. “Two words,” she replied. “Positive sexuality. I have a simple theory that the more healthy fucking there is in the world, where everyone gets what they like and no one gets hurt, the better it is for everyone. So far I think my theory is proving correct.”

I had to agree. “A noble cause,” I said sincerely. “And I’m still in.”

“Good,” Suzanne said. “But we’re not quite done with your orientation yet. We need to know you can handle women who need it a bit...rougher.”

Admittedly, I did not have a lot of experience with that kind of thing.

Suzanne continued, “Can you meet a woman this evening?”

I nodded and she took a piece of paper out of her purse. On it was written an address and a list of words and phrases such as “slutty,” “anal,” “rough,” “submissive,” “spanking,” “hair pulling,” etc.

Suzanne explained as she passed the paper to me, “You’re going to go to this address at 7pm and use the code I wrote at the bottom. You’re going to walk to the master bedroom and do everything on that list to the woman you find there. Then you’re going to email me a detailed narrative of what happened.”

“A narrative?”

“Yes,” she nodded. “Fucking isn’t just about the body. It’s about words as well. I need to know you can talk sex as well as do it.”

That evening I followed Suzanne’s instructions, having my way with a lovely short, thick brunette. This is what I wrote in my email to Suzanne late that night:

She looks at me innocently as we stand just inside her bedroom. Water drips from her voluptuous curves, fresh from the shower. She cocks her head quizzically, curious about what I am going to do. The answer? Anything and everything I want to.

Why? Because that’s how she likes it. She likes it rough. She wants to be used. And I love giving that to her. She comes close and stands on her toes to kiss me. I grab the hair on the back of her head and stop her before she can. I force her down to her knees.

“Take them off,” I command her. She obeys, loosening my belt buckle and unzipping my slacks. She pulls them down to my ankles along with my boxers. My cock bounces out. Her eyes follow it excitedly. “Lick it,” I tell her as I pull her head into my groin.

She extends her tongue and bathes my shaft, slithering up one side, down the other, and flicking across the tip. “Balls. Mouth,” I direct. She sucks on one, then the other, then both. “Open.” She does, mouth wide, tongue hanging out, eyes staring up at me pleadingly.

I guide her by her hair, forcing her open mouth around my cock. Her lips hug my erection and she sucks greedily. Her hands latch onto my hips for support. I allow it. She gulps on my cock as I fuck her face. Her thick curves jiggle with every thrust.

I pull her up to her feet and tell her to turn around and face the bed. As she does I remove my clothes. I wrap my arms around her, grab her tits, and pull her back into me, nestling my cock between her asscheeks. “Huuu,” she gasps as her back slams against my chest.

I pinch her tits and roll her nipples between my fingertips. One hand travels down beneath her panties to her pussy, my fingers immediately slick with her arousal. The other moves to her throat, gradually increasing in pressure.

I whisper into her ear as my fingertips massage her clit, making her moan and squirm. “I’m gonna fill you with so much cum, you’ll leak for days. Every time more of my load oozes out of you and makes a mess of your panties, remember how slutty you were for me.”

I slide my fingers into her wet hole, then I press them to her mouth. She hungrily sucks her pussy juice off of them, taking them deep just as she had my cock. I bite her earlobe and suck on it. My cock grinds against her ass.

She whimpers, desperate for me to fulfill my promise. I step back and yank her panties down to her ankles. Then I shove her forward, torso flopping onto the bed, feet still planted on the ground, plump ass in the air for my pleasure. I spank it, hard.

“Do you want my cum?” I ask her.

“Yesss…” she hisses in reply.

“Tell me,” I say.

She responds, “I want your cum. I want it so bad.” I spank her again. “Ah!” she squeals. I plant the head of my cock between her full pussy lips and press in. “Ooo…” she moans.

I fuck her wet pussy at a steady pace, spanking her every so often. Her ass and thighs slap against my bare skin. The wet, slurping sound of my cock sliding in and out of her fills the room. I pause to coat my thumb with her pussy slime, then continue.

I run my slick thumb around the rim of her asshole. She twitches. I spit on her anus for good measure. Then I press the tip of my thumb into the center. Slowly, it opens for me up to my first knuckle. I hold it there for a moment, then press again.

“Ahhh!” she squeals as her asshole receives the length of my thumb. I hold it there, then slide it in and out, each time loosening her a bit more.

“Do you like having me in your asshole?” I ask.

“Mmhmm!” she hums back in approval. I wiggle my thumb. She’s ready.

I pull my thumb from her ass and my cock from her pussy. I bend over to run my nose and tongue up through her deep asscrack. Then, straightening up again, I press the tip of my cock against her anus. She receives me slowly, but soon my pelvis meets her asscheeks.

My cock buried in her asshole, I reach over and grab a handful of her hair. I yank her head back. She gasps. Slowly, I slide my cock back and forth, in and out of her tight hole. I use her hair to pull her back into me. “Uh…uh!” she gasps with each thrust.

My pace quickens. Her fingers dig into her blankets. With every thrust I send ripples through her fleshy ass and thighs, making her moan and squeal even louder. Faster, harder, my hips move in a blur as I drive my rigid rod into her canal.

“Ohhh fuuuck!” she squeals. Her legs shake, her hands ball into fists, her asshole tightening around my cock. She’s cumming for me.

“Good girl,” I tell her. I’m going to return the favor. Pulling on her hair I thrust once, twice, three times…

On the fourth, I bury myself in her. I erupt. Load after load of my cum fills her. She shivers and moans, still shaking from her climax. I soak in the sensation of her thick thighs shaking against mine, her asshole spasming around my cock.

At length, she relaxes. I let go of her hair. Her head falls to her mattress as she pants. With unsteady movements, I slide my cock from her ass. Globs of cum ooze from her crack and down her thighs. It’s a beautiful sight.