Revenge II

Revenge Pt II

It was a few weeks later and although Missy thought that the first time was a one off she decides to re-visit her previous persona. She was originally un-aware of how much her man would appreciate and enjoy the whole experience. Thinking about what she wanted to do and what tools she would have to make use of her next stage of the plan was starting to evolve. Her partner completely un-aware of what was going on in her head carried on his day-to-day life as normal.

The weekend was coming up and Missy was starting to get nervous and apprehensive as to what she was going to do. Did she give her man a clue or just leave it to the last minute when he arrived home. It depended on when and how she was going to do it. Decisions, decisions! Oh how difficult life can be.

Finally her thoughts were in line with each other and all the thinking had been done. It is now the night and her man is out at the shops. It’s a Saturday and she is mentally and physically preparing herself for the interesting night ahead. Walking around the house she makes sure everything is neat and tidy and also that everything is in place for the final event.

Relaxing for a moment when all is done she pours herself a glass of wine and sits down to think. Not long after the front door opens and then shuts and her man walks in the kitchen. Not noticing at first he carries the bags in and puts them on the kitchen top. Starting to put them away he suddenly looks around at her and he can sense that something is wrong. He asks if she is ok and she replies that she is. He carries on with the shopping while she sits sipping her drink and watching intently.

Feeling a bit spooked by this he finishes what he is doing and then sits down on the stool next to her. Looking in to her eyes she can’t hold it in any longer.

“I have another surprise for you!” she says.

“Are you up to it!”

“I think so,” he says sheepishly.

“What do you want me to do”?

“That’s for me to know!”

Finishing her drink and standing from the stool she beckons him to follow. This he does and they go in to the living room. Reaching down behind the settee Missy grabs a bag. Standing in front of him and holding the bag open she holds out each item in turn.

To his surprise, which he should have learnt by now, there is a shiny black pair of stiletto shoes, which are a lot higher than before. She watches the expression on his face as she holds them in front of him. Next she pulls out some black stockings and a suspender belt, then a blindfold and a gag. Pleasantly surprised she can see him fidgeting nervously on the edge of the settee. Putting all the items back in the bag she leads him up the stairs towards the bathroom. She tells him to have a shower and she will be back in a moment. She leaves him showering and goes in to the master bedroom. One final check that all her outfit is ready and lay neatly on her bed.

Returning to the bathroom he is nearly finished so she holds out a towel for him as he starts to get out. Drying himself off she sits patiently waiting for her evening to begin.

When he is finished she stands in front of his naked body. She places the suspender belt around his waist and fastens it in place. Making him sit down on the stool she rolls up one of the stockings and slowly places it over his foot. Dragging it gently up his leg, feeding the stocking as she goes, she clips it in at the front of the belt. Deciding to do the second clip when he is standing she rolls up the other stocking, places it over his foot and does the same as before. When clipped she asks him to stand, which he does then she fastens the last two clips around the back.

Sitting back down he watches her as she removes the new shoes from the bag and places them on each foot in turn. He can feel the pinch as she does so. Before he stands she places the gag in his mouth but decides to hold back on the blindfold for now. Reaching in to the bag she pulls out some rope. Moving him towards the end of the bath she gets him to kneel down, place his hands behind his back and to cross his ankles behind him. This he does and she ties his hands together as tight as she physically can. Next she ties around the ankles first and then in-between to get a nice tight finish.

Once this is done she can have a shower of her own but decides to have a bath instead as it could be more fun. Changing her plans slightly to accommodate this new idea she starts to undress in front of him. Completely naked she steps in to the bath. She can see the frustration on his face and is aroused at this fact and also that he is going to watch but can’t touch.

Once washed, she lays down in the bath and stares at him. Deciding to tease him a little she lifts each leg in turn, crosses her feet and places them on the side of the bath just in front of his face. She can see him staring at them intently so she starts to move, wiggle and flex her feet inches from his face. He tries to lean forward to touch them with his face but she slaps him across his check with her foot. Reeling back he sits patiently and just watches.

After a while she decides enough is enough so she stands up and gets out of the bath. Drying herself down, she reaches out in a gesture of love. Roughly grabbing his chin and pulling it up towards her she tells him she will be back in a minute. Disappearing out of sight and un-able to turn because of his bonds he waits patiently for what is going to happen next.

Entering the main bedroom Missy starts to get dressed. Standing in front of their full-length mirror she watches herself. A new red and black boned corset, some black tights and five inch patent black stiletto heels. Once ready and after a few turns in front of the mirror she leaves the room and makes her way down the hall to the bathroom.

Patiently waiting her man is still tied tight kneeling on the bathroom floor. He turns his head towards her as she enters and he can’t believe how good she looks. Shame really as he can’t tell her anyway because of the gag. She walks up to him, lifts his chin up towards her and smiles. Moving around to the back of him she unties his ankles. She can see the rope marks are still there so she must have done a good job.

Helping him to stand she moves him towards the door and down the stairs. Swaying and teetering in his new heels he is a little stiff and actually in quite a bit of pain but all’s fair in love and war!

Standing in front of him with the previously used ankle rope in her hands she starts to make a loop. Just as he wonders what she is going to do she pulls out the blindfold from the bag. After she is satisfied he can’t see a thing she holds his cock and balls in her hand. She can feel him nervously shaking at the anticipation knowing she is holding his life in her hands. With the other hand she places the loop around his cock and balls and pulling it tighter he shifts a little. Re-assuring him not to worry as they will survive she makes sure the rope is just tight enough not to come off.

She stands back and looks at the piece of rope hanging from his cock and balls. She silently giggles to herself, as she doesn’t want to offend her man although she is positive that he will find this part sexy. Whether he would admit it or not is another matter.

Standing motionless he waits for her to make her next move. Before he realises she makes it. Tugging on the rope she encourages him to walk to wards her. With his hands still tied behind his back and on a pair of, what he knows of are extremely high heels he struggles to walk carefully towards her. Not saying a word she watches him, rope in hand and smiling. She can feel herself twitching at the sight and is really finding herself getting in to this new role of hers.

Once he has made it over to her she picks up her riding crop from the floor and decides to play some more. Pulling on the rope from all direction he has no choice but to walk towards her as she does so. Each step he gets a whip of the crop for his troubles. Struggling to concentrate on walking alone he doesn’t even have time to concentrate the pain she is giving him. Realising what she is doing and relishing every minute of it she can only imagine the pain that is going through his feet at this time. Embracing it he plays the game until it seems to have come to an end. Then she starts again and he can sense she is loving it. What has he created he thinks to himself.

After a short while she decides to have a change. Not that she knows but much to his relief. His feet are going numb, his cock and balls are sore, struggling to breathe and stinging all over, which he has only just noticed.

She makes him kneel on the floor in front of the settee so his chest is leaning against it. Reaching for the spreader bar the first he knows is when she kicks his feet apart and starts to tie one ankle to one end of the bar. Tying the other ankle she looks and admires his rosy red arse cheeks made by the riding crop. Leaning down she grabs the cock rope and feeds it in front of his chest and lays it on the settee in front of him. This makes him panic a bit as he thought she’d had enough of that.

Climbing round him on the settee she sits with one leg either side, facing towards him. She tells him to reach back and take his shoes off. This he starts to do but as he is tied he finds it very difficult. She decides to encourage him a little so uses the crop to whip his arms, legs and arse. She knows by their conversations that he finds the idea sexy of her trying to take her shoes off for him when she has been tied, although they haven’t done that yet.

After some time of struggling he eventually manages to slip his shoes off his sore and very tingly feet. She can imagine this is the case, which is good as she intended it to be so. It makes the whipping all the better if the target of your desire is already tender and in pain.

Pulling on the cock rope he leans towards her. She reaches around the back of his head and releases the gag. He flexes his mouth and lips once released to get some life back in to them. It’s been a while and they were starting to fall asleep. While he is doing this Missy reaches down to her tights next to her pussy. They are already wet from the excitement she has already witnessed. It is amazing how much pleasure you can receive from causing someone so much pain and discomfort. Grabbing some material in both hands she manages to make a small hole. Sticking her fingers in, she makes the hole a bit bigger until her pussy is accessible through it. Shifting her bum forward she moves her pussy towards his face and gives a small tug on his cock rope. He moves forward and can feel her warm wet pussy on his lips so he knows what to do and starts to kiss, lick and nibble at it.

Deciding whether he is doing a good job or not occasionally she will lash out with the riding crop on his very sore soles. With each crack he winces at the pain but at the same time in complete ecstasy. Once or twice he even did a bad job just to get another hit in when he felt like it. Little did she know but then she probably wouldn’t be surprised.

Holding her legs as wide as she could he carried on licking her pussy. He could feel her getting wetter and wetter. Her breathing was getting louder and louder. He was obviously doing something right as she had even forgotten to whip his feet for a while. Ready to cum she lets out a huge sigh and gasp grabbing his hair as she did so. Clamping his head between her thighs as she came he knew he could stop. Waiting for her to come round he took a deep breath and patiently knelt where he was.

After a short while she sat up again and lifting one leg over his head she stands up behind him. Thinking that all is done and she will untie him now he starts to relax. He suddenly feels her arm between his legs and realises what is coming next. He can feel the cock rope being drawn backwards. Standing behind him she gives it a tug and then stands on the upturned sole of his left foot. Letting out a short call of pain and shock he realises it isn’t over yet. She presses down hard on his foot with her shoe then moves it slightly so she can use the heel instead. She can just imagine the red mark she is leaving behind. Pausing for a moment she does the same for the other foot as one should never be left out.

Letting go of the rope she walks away. She can hear him say something or other but isn’t really interested. Feeling quite good and comfortable with herself she goes in to the kitchen and decides to have another glass of wine before she does anything else.

He’ll be alright,” she thinks to herself.

SAH 15.11.10