The Vixen, Some Vice, and a Daughter's Advice

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04 Aug. '22

Howard Ames had led a very lonely life for the last fifteen years.  That’s how long it had been since his wife, Martha, died of cancer and left him alone with their two children, Greg, seven, and Ellen, six.  The first six months had been a hell of trying to help Greg and Ellen understand what had happened and promising them he’d do his best to raise them on his own.

That had been the most difficult task he’d ever taken on, more difficult even than putting himself though Engineering school, more difficult even than working his way up in his company for the ten years he and Martha had been married before she died.  He’d had little time for his family during those ten years, but that was all right because Martha was there to manage their home and take care of Greg and Ellen.  After she died, it was not only his responsibility to earn an income to support them, but also his responsibility to do all the housework, the cooking and laundry, and to make sure Greg and Ellen grew up to be responsible adults.

Howard had been very successful as an engineer, not so much as a single parent.  Howard was a person who relied on an analysis of issues and logical solutions to fix problems in his life.  He didn’t have much in the way of empathy toward the issues his children experienced as they aged into adulthood.  They were supposed to just figure out how to live with those issues.

Greg had gotten involved with drugs and almost didn’t finish high school.  With a lot of Howard’s money and the help of a very good rehabilitation center, Greg got himself straightened out and went on to get a degree in Sociology and a job as a counselor for the same rehabilitation center.

Ellen had done fine until she was thirteen.  At that age, she did what most teenagers do and rebelled against every rule Howard had put in place to make sure she remained a virgin until she was married.  He knew she’d lost her virginity long before that happened, but now she was married to a man Howard liked and trusted to take car of his daughter.

When they both left home, he was both sad and happy.  It meant being more alone that he’d ever been in his life, but it also meant he could be himself again, be the man with a desire to live life with a woman he loved.  He didn’t have to worry about money and he’d progressed high enough in his job that weekend and holiday work were just stories he could tell to beginning engineers so they wouldn’t think those things were unique to them.

To avoid being alone all the time, Howard had pursued a hobby that had always interested him but that he’d never been able to enjoy because of his children.  That hobby was ballroom dancing.  It interested him for a couple reasons.  

He’d read about ballroom dancing enough to know the movements were very structured and therefore would be relatively easy for him to learn.  All one needed was the ability to memorize the steps and enough coordination to be able to execute the steps in a graceful manner.  Ballroom dancing was also a good form of low-impact exercise for a man who was forty-nine and spent his day sitting in a chair in front of a computer.

The second reason he’d also gleaned from reading and that was that a lot of single women took up ballroom dancing because it gave them an opportunity to dress up for dances and also a chance to meet men.  Howard was ready to meet women, decide which woman was right for him, and then marry her and spend the rest of his life with her.  He registered for the group classes at a popular dance studio with both goals in mind.

Howard hadn’t underestimated his ability to learn the various dance patterns that were taught in the group classes.  Learning the patterns was easier than learning to program a robot to do a set of tasks efficiently and safely or to program a computer to automatically collect test data and send it to a server.  He hadn’t really considered his ability to translate those patterns into the smooth actions required to execute those patterns.  Howard was almost six feet and three inches tall, and coordination of his legs and arms wasn’t one of his strong points.  Learning the patterns had been easy.  Doing them wasn’t.

It took six months of practicing before the instructor, a woman originally from Hungary named Adrienne Puskas, told him he was doing better than most of the men in the class.  That made Howard feel good about himself, good enough that he wasn’t nervous about asking the women in the class to dance with him at the monthly dances the studio held.

It was at one of those dances that Howard met Janet, a pretty but very quiet woman with blonde hair and a full, but not fat figure.  Howard hadn’t seen her at any of the dances before.  When he asked her to dance a waltz she smiled and said she’d just started taking classes and wasn’t sure she was good enough yet.  Howard said he wouldn’t do anything fancy, so Janet accepted.

Howard had only seen Janet sitting at a table so he hadn’t realized she was only five feet tall, but he couldn’t back out once she stood up.  He also hadn’t realized that her breasts were pretty big because she sat with her shoulders rolled toward her front.  

When they started to dance, Howard tried to keep a polite distance between them, but since Janet was so short, he had to either bend over or pull her in closer in order to put his right palm on her left shoulder blade.  If he bent slightly, his arm was pressed tight against Janet’s left breast.  If he stood up straight, that pulled Janet in close enough he felt her breasts touching his stomach from time to time.

After dancing with Janet for about thirty seconds and deciding that holding her close was easier, Howard realized something else.  It had been over fifteen years since he’d felt a woman’s breasts touching him anywhere.  It was only because Janet wasn’t very tall that was causing that to happen, but he decided he liked it.  He liked it enough he asked Janet to dance two more waltzes.

Janet had been nervous about signing up for dance classes and had only done so at the urging of her daughter, Sarah.

“Mom, you’ve been single since I was two when you and Dad divorced.  Now that I’m married, you’re all alone.  You need a man, not necessarily a husband, but a man friend.  I’ve seen how you stay away from people and I understand that.  Dad didn’t treat you well at all and you’re afraid some other man will do the same thing.  I can tell you that most men aren’t like that.  Most men find one woman and stay with her for life.  They don’t go getting a girlfriend like Dad did.  Find a way to be around men and you’ll find out that’s true.”

Janet had reluctantly investigated a couple singles’ clubs in the area and had decided they weren’t for her.  Sure, they did some fun things like taking a trip to a beach or an art show together or meeting in a club for some dancing and talking.  Janet thought those things would probably be fun except for the fact that all the people in the pictures on the web sites were young enough she could have been their mother.

Janet also was well aware of the fact that she didn’t look like she did when she was thirty anymore.  She was forty-eight and past the age of bearing any more children and that change had affected her body.  Her doctor said she’d reached that point a little earlier than some, but it wasn’t unusual.  He said she shouldn’t look at it as the end of her life, but as the start of a life free from the worries of getting pregnant.

After Sarah was born, Janet’s breasts had expanded in size and didn't seem to stop even after she stopped nursing Sarah.  She was now wearing bras with “D” cups and with some bras she had to move up to a “DD” in order to feel comfortable.  She was a little self-conscious about her breasts, but more self-conscious about what had happened to her hips.

When Janet was young she’d always been proud of having a tight bottom, but when she was pregnant with Sarah her hips got wider and they didn’t slim back down after Sarah was born.  Janet wasn’t fat by any means, but she thought the combination of her wide hips and heavy breasts made her look that way.  She told everybody who asked that Sarah’s dad had just been a jerk, but in her heart, she blamed her hips and breasts.  The woman he’d been seeing had small breasts and tight hips.

She’d stumbled onto the ad for group dance classes while reading the newspaper during her lunch break at the office where she was a senior accountant.  The ad said the class member’s age ranged from thirty to seventy and many were single.  Janet thought about that for the rest of the day.  Maybe Sarah was right.  Maybe she should find a male friend, someone who would want to do things with her other than dance.

Sex didn’t enter into that thought at all.  Janet had never had a strong sex drive, and the way she felt about herself had slowly taken away any need for intimacy she had left.  Maybe there were men out there who were in the same situation, men who didn’t have to have sex to be with a woman.  The next day, Janet called the dance studio and registered for the classes.

The first class had terrified her with all the steps she’d have to learn until one of the other women in the class told her the woman’s part wasn’t as hard as it looked.

“The man has to lead and all you have to do is follow.  When he steps forward on his left foot, you step back with your right and vice versa.  You’ll feel that because he’ll have one hand on your back and the other will be holding your right hand.  It’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it.  

“All you have to do then is look sexy while you’re doing it.  Most of the guys here will think you’re sexy as all get out.  I wish my boobs were as big as yours.  Then maybe I’d get to have sex once in a while with a man instead of with myself.”

The way the woman had talked had embarrassed Janet, but it also gave her a little lift.  Maybe it would be easy and maybe men would want to dance with her.  Maybe they’d want to…well, if that’s what they wanted, she’d just tell them she didn’t do that sort of thing.

When Howard asked her to dance that night, Janet thought about telling him no, but the smile on his face stopped her from doing that.  Instead, she’d apologized for her lack of experience hoping that would turn him away without making him feel bad.  When it didn’t, Janet had taken a deep breath, stood up, and held out her arms like she’d been taught.

The first few steps told her she’d made a mistake.  Howard was so tall he was having trouble figuring out where to put his hands.  When he bent over a little Janet felt really uncomfortable because his face was really close to hers.  When he raised back up and pulled her in tighter, that was better, though Janet didn’t really like feeling her breasts bumping Howard’s stomach.  What would he think?  Would he think she liked that feeling?  Would he think she was doing it on purpose?

Janet figured that was the only dance she’d get that night, and was stunned when Howard asked her to dance two more times.  Both times were the same.  Howard had pulled her in a little tighter than she’d been taught and she was very conscious of her breasts bumping Howard’s stomach when he moved forward.

After the third dance, Janet decided she liked the feeling of being in Howard’s arms.  She hadn’t had that feeling since before Sarah’s dad had found another woman.  For a second she had a twinge of sadness.  She’d liked being with Sarah’s dad in bed with him on top of her.  It wasn’t the sex that she really liked and she’d never had the orgasm her girlfriends all told her was fabulous.  It was just having him pressing against her body and feeling that she was safe there.  That sadness disappeared when the dance ended and Howard thanked her for dancing with him and asked if she was coming to the next dance.

Over the next six months, Janet went to every dance class and learned the foxtrot, the cha cha and the rumba.  She also went to every class dance and was surprised that after she learned more dances Howard didn’t ask any other women to dance except her.  She knew she wasn’t that great at dancing, so there could only be one other explanation.  Howard liked her.

She liked Howard too.  He wasn’t a handsome man and the top of his head was bald.  His height made him seem a little gawky and hard to follow sometimes, but he was always understanding if she messed up and just said, “We’ll try that again later.”  He always did, and after a while, she began to feel his lead well enough she could respond.  Dancing with Howard became something she looked forward to, both because she was able to do something she hadn’t thought she could probably do and also because of that feeling of being in his arms.

Janet didn’t really know what to say when at the end of one of the dances Howard walked her to her car and once they were there, asked her if she’d like to have dinner the next Saturday.  At first, she couldn’t believe she’d heard him correctly, but when she asked him what he’d said, he said the same thing.

“I just asked if you’d like to have dinner with me next Saturday.  I like being with you at the dances and I thought maybe it would be nice doing something together besides dancing.”

Janet had accepted the invitation and had enjoyed the dinner.  She learned a lot about Howard that night.  She learned he was a widower with two grown children and that he started dancing because he was lonely.

Janet could identify with him about being lonely, and she told him her story.  Her husband had seemed to lose interest in her when she was pregnant with Sarah.  She’d thought that was because of how big she’d gotten.  It wasn’t until after Sarah was born she found out he was seeing another woman.  She’d divorced him that year and raised Sarah on her own.  Yes, she understood how being alone affected a person.

Howard had enjoyed that first dinner as well.  He was an engineer and she was an accountant so their personalities were similar.  Like him, Janet was down to earth and had an analytical mind.  She’d also been through the experience of raising a child by herself and juggling a career at the same time.  He thought they got along really well during that dinner.  He liked Janet well enough he asked her to dinner the next Saturday.

Those dances and Saturday dinners went on for another six months before Howard decided he’d like to be around Janet more than that.  Nine months to the day of that first dance, Howard asked Janet to marry him.  They settled down in the same house he’d always lived in.  

Janet was a practical woman.  She’d made a mistake with her first husband and had to rent a cheap apartment for six years until she could afford to buy a house.  She didn’t sell that house.  She gave it to her daughter and her husband rent-free so if something happened, she’d have a place to stay.

Howard was happy, truly happy for the first time since his wife had died.  He went to work and when he came home, Janet would be in the kitchen making dinner.  They’d eat and then watch a little television or read a book.  At ten, they’d go to bed together.  

If Howard had any complaints about Janet, it was that she didn’t seem to be very interested in sex.  She never actually told him she didn’t want to have sex, but he could tell that she only did it because it was something he wanted.  At his age, his sex drive had diminished somewhat too, so he could understand.  He resigned himself to having sex with Janet on Saturday night and always in the same position, Janet on her back and him between her thighs.  

Janet was happy as well.  For the first time in a long time she felt safe.  She’d never felt really safe when Sarah was still living with her, but at least Sarah was another person she could count on.  Once Sarah left, Janet had started double-checking every night to make sure all the doors and windows were locked before she went to bed.  She’d read about too many women who’d been attacked in their homes to feel safe if she didn’t do that.

Now, she had Howard.  He was tall and she thought he’d protect her if anything happened.  She was willing to allow him to have sex with her if only for that reason.  She also liked cooking for two instead of one, and Howard always told her she was a good cook.  It wasn’t the marriage she’d always dreamed of, but at least she wasn’t alone anymore.

She’d had three months of feeling happy and safe when her world fell apart, and the reason was one she’d never have believed possible, let alone ever anticipated.

Angelica screeched when Ron pinched her nipples and the sensation shot to her core and caused the start of another violent orgasm.  She was riding him at the time, and slammed her body down over his cock.  That took Ron over the edge.  He groaned and thrust up with everything he had as his spurting cock erupted inside Angelica’s rippling passage.

When he withdrew, that motion cause a whole other set of sensations in Angelica.  She moaned, “Oh Fuck”, and then screeched as another wave of contractions knotted her belly and made her legs give out.  She collapsed on top of Ron gasping for breath and rocking her swollen pussy up and down on his throbbing cock.

Ron waited until Angelica was breathing instead of gasping and then chuckled.

“Woman, you’re gonna wither my cock up to nothing.  That’s the second time I fucked you after the fuck this morning and after at least one fuck every day for the past two weeks.  You need to find some other guy to fuck so I can get some rest.”

Angelica raised up enough his cock slipped out of her and then sat back down.  Ron felt his cum and her cream oozing out of her and down onto his cock and balls as she chuckled.

“I had one until he up and had some sort of seizure when he came while I was riding his cock.  I thought the bastard had died on me.  When he came to, I decided I’d had enough of him.  It’s a shame really.  He was pretty good.  His cock wasn’t all that long but it was almost as thick as yours.  I’ve been looking for another one.  I just haven’t found him yet.”

Ron reached between them, found Angelica’s swollen clit and gave it a little rub, then grinned when Angelica gasped and doubled up.

“I don’t give a good fuck how many men you fuck as long as you bring that tight little pussy back home every night and tell me how you got fucked.  I like knowing that you like to fuck around but you always come back to me and my big cock.  You like my big cock in you, don’t you.”

Before Angelica could answer, Ron pinched her right nipple and rubbed her clit again.  Angelica sagged into her arms as another contraction wracked her body.  When that subsided, she grinned.

“Yeah, I like that big cock in me almost as much as I like seeing the look on some dumb shit man’s face after I’ve fucked him and then told him I never want to see his face again.  You’d think I just killed his puppy or something.”

Ron grinned.  

“Well, Honey, those big nips and that tight pussy can make a man do things he wouldn’t think he would ever do.  Taking them away would make any guy feel like shit.  Right now, they’re making my cock get hard again.  You wanna ride or play doggie?”

It had been that way with Angelica since the time she’d lost her virginity at eighteen.  The guy had taken her to a movie and on the way home stopped behind an abandoned building.  She knew what he was going to do and it was something she’d always loved.  He was going to unhook her bra and play with her breasts and big nipples until she was panting, and then slide his hand in her panties and finger her until she came.  Once she had, she’d jack his cock until he came too.  That’s how all their dates had ended.

This time though, he’d whispered in her ear, “I wana fuck you, Angelica.  Put your seat back all the way down.”

Angelica said she’d never done that before, but the guy just fingered her until she was almost there and then stopped.

“Can I fuck you now or do I have to keep fingering you until you give in?”

Angelica was so aroused by then all she could think about was cumming and feeling those waves of pleasure.  She let down her seat until she was almost lying down, raised her hips and took off her panties, and then opened her legs.  The guy had lifted her left leg enough he could slide under it and once he was kneeling on the floorboards, he pulled down his pants.

In the light of the single streetlight, Angelica could see his rigid cock with the swollen head standing straight out from his body.  She wondered how it was going to feel, and she didn’t have to wait long.  The guy had pulled her down until her hips were barely on the seat, guided his cock between her pussy lips and then pushed in.

Angelica had felt stretched, then a tiny little stab of pain, and then the feeling of being filled by a swollen cock.  When he began stroking in and out, the sensations were overwhelming.  She couldn’t keep her hips from lurching up and down.  The guy gasped after she did that the third time.

“God, Angelica, stop that or I’m gonna cum right now.”

For some reason she still didn’t understand, knowing what she was doing to the guy only increased her arousal until she felt like she was going to explode.  She cried out and lurched up into the guy’s stroke and then came just as he groaned and his cock started to throb inside her.

When the guy pulled his cock out of her, he gasped, “Holy shit, I ain’t never cum that hard before, and I ain’t never had no woman cum so fast.  You sure you ain’t been fucked before?”

Well, that was the first time for Angelica, but she’d learned three things about herself.  She knew she wasn’t beautiful.  She had some acne scars on her cheeks and her breasts weren’t very big, but she could still attract men if she acted right.  She’d learned that she loved the feeling of a cock inside her.  She’d also learned that she liked the idea of being in charge and making herself cum by making the guy cum.

She’d made a game out of it.  She’d go to a bar and flirt until some guy said they could have more fun at his place.  She’d agree and then get to experience that first time all over again, except this time she’d be in control.  She liked riding a man’s cock because she could control what she was doing and most of all, because she could watch the guy’s face.  She learned which expression most guys make just before they cum.  Seeing that expression was enough to tip her almost over the edge.  All it took was to feel the guy ram his cock up into her when he came and she’d cum too.  

She’d had one serious relationship with one guy but that had ended when she was getting dressed to go back to her apartment.  He told her he wanted her more than just one night a week.  Angelica thought about that for only a second.  He wasn’t bad, but she’d had better.  She looked him in the eye and said he wasn’t a good enough fuck for more than one night a week, and then she left him sitting there on his bed naked.

It was on her way home she started to feel aroused again, and she realized she was becoming aroused because she was remembering how the guy’s face had looked just before she walked out the door.  That was a look she found herself wanting to see again on another man, the look of rejection that she’d caused.  When she got home, she’d fingered herself to three more orgasms before she finally fell asleep.

She’d done that to ten other men before she met Ron.  He’d walked up to her table in her usual bar and said, “Hi, want some company?”  Angelica leaned forward enough for her top to fall open and show him she wasn’t wearing a bra, and then said, “It depends on what you have in mind.”

Ron saw her breasts and nipples and figured she wanted to get herself fucked, so he grinned.

“I think we probably have the same thing in mind.  Wanna go someplace and see?”

They’d gone to his apartment and Angelica had planned to do what she always did.  She’d get the guy’s cock hard, ride him until they both came, and then tell him if he’d been a better fuck, she’d think about fucking him again, but he wasn’t so she was leaving.

The first part of her plan worked like it always did.  She slowly stripped in front of Ron, and when she took off her panties, she ran her fingers down between her pussy lips and then stuck them in her mouth.  After she pulled them out she murmured, “God, I’m so hot and wet.  Fuck me.”

Ron had done what he was supposed to do too.  He’d stripped off his clothes while Angelica lay down on the bed and spread her legs wide.  He’d laid down beside her and started playing with her nipples.

Angelica didn’t really need any foreplay because just thinking about what was going to take place already had her pussy wet.  She threw one leg over Ron, raised up until she was on her knees, and then guided his cock between her pussy lips.

Ron had just grinned when Angelica impaled herself, and he grinned again when she had to try three times before she was sitting on his thighs with his cock all the way inside her pussy.

“You like my big cock in you, Honey?”

Angelica didn’t answer right away.  She was still feeling the sensations of being stretched more than with any other man she’d had and those sensations were causing her to think more about what she was feeling than about what she’d planned to do.

She tried to stay in control by saying, “Yeah, it’s big, but I’ve had bigger.”

Ron hadn’t said anything.  He put his hands on her ass cheeks and pulled enough his cock slipped out until only his cock head was still inside her.  Then, he rammed his cock back inside her hard enough Angelica’s breasts bounced twice and she gasped.

After that, Angelica knew she wasn’t in control anymore, but she didn’t care.  Ron would stroke his cock in and out until she was almost there and then he’d stop.  When she looked at his face the first time, he was grinning.  She asked him why he’d stopped.  He pinched her right nipple and then grinned again.

“Just taking my time, that’s all.  I’m gonna fuck you so hard you won’t be able to move for about half an hour, and then I’m gonna fuck you again.”

That’s what had happened.  Angelica had tried every trick she knew to make Ron cum so she could, but nothing seemed to work.  The only thing that did happen was she kept feeling her body tighten more and more.  After a while the only thing she could keep in her mind was the stretching feeling and the way Ron kept pinching her nipples.  For what seemed like a long time, he kept her balanced on the crest between gasping for breath at the sensations and falling of the edge into a blinding orgasm.  

It wasn’t until she felt his finger on her clit that the balance was interrupted.  At the first touch, she gasped and her hips began a writhing she couldn’t control.  After that, Ron quickly rubbed her clit until she cried out and fell down on top of him.  She lost control of everything as Ron slammed his thick cock in and out of her pulsating pussy as he came.

He’d let her rest a while, but soon, she felt him massaging her clit and the same sensations began all over again.  She caught her breath when he pushed his big cock inside her and then just held on while he stroked his cock in and out, played with her swollen clit with one hand, and pinched her nipple with the other.

Just like before, Ron played with her until all she could think about was cumming, and this time she started to beg.

“Oh fuck, don’t stop again.  I need to cum.  Let me cum.”

All she’d heard was Ron’s chuckled, “When I’m ready for you to cum Honey.  I’m not ready yet.”

When Ron finally did let her cum, Angelica had almost passed out.  The waves of contractions started, she cried out several times, and then the sensations became too much for her.  She felt herself start drifting away on those waves and the only thing that brought her back was Ron had stopped stroking his cock in an out of her and he’d stopped fingering her clit and pinching her nipples.

She’d laid there on his chest until her heart stopped pounding, and then raised up to look at Ron.

“I’ve never…I mean, how…why?”

Ron smiled.

“I heard a few guys talking down at the bar about this bitch that fucked them once and then said they weren’t worth fucking again.  I decided to find out if it was true.  So, how ‘bout it, bitch?  Was I good enough to fuck you again?”

Angelica was caught between the proverbial rock and a hard spot.  It was strangely exciting to experience what Ron had done to her even though she hadn’t been in control at all, but she didn’t want to give up that other side of herself either.  She struggled with that until Ron made a proposal to her one night.  

“Angelica, I know what you are.  You’re a woman who needs to be in control most of the time, but sometimes need to not be in control.  I can live with that.  In fact, it makes my cock hard when I think about how you fuck other guys but you always come back to me.  If you can settle for that, I want you to move in with me.”

That’s how it had been since that night.  On Saturday nights, Angelica would go to a bar by herself, pick up some guy, and then ride his cock until he came.  Then, she’d get dressed, tell him his cock was too small or that he fucked like an old man, and leave.  When she got home, Ron would be waiting and he’d take her to bed and show her that not being in control could be great too.  

That night after Ron had fucked Angelica from behind until she collapsed on the bed from the strong orgasm, he asked her where she was going to find another guy.  Angelica had smiled.

“I joined a dance studio to take dance lessons.  I’m getting too old to really pick up young guys in a bar and I read that they have lots of men there taking dance lessons.  I’m going to find one and fuck his brains out and then leave him.”

Ron said, “You told me you took dance lessons as a kid.  I know you can shake your ass with the best of them.  Why do you need more lessons?”

Angelica grinned and said from what she’d seen, the men in the dance lessons were older.

“I’d bet if I act right, they’ll be drooling to fuck me.  That’ll be fun.  All I’ll have to do is pick one.  I just hope I can find one who can still get his cock to stand up.”

Ron said he figured most of the men would be there with their wives since not many men would really like dancing.  Angelica laughed.  

“Well, that’ll be even better.  I can convince some dumb-shit wimpy married guy that I’d be better than his wife.  It’ll be fun to see what happens after I fuck him a few times and then tell him to fuck off.

When the dance instructor introduced Angelica to the other students that night, Howard was struck by two things. One, Angelica wasn’t really pretty but she had something in her eyes that made him look at her twice.  The other thing he saw was that she was tall for a woman, probably almost five eleven he figured.

Angelica had seen Howard walk in with a very short blonde woman who was dressed very conservatively.  The woman also looked to be very timid.  Angelica thought she’d found her victim and figured this was going to be easy.

The lesson that night was a rumba pattern, a pattern similar to one Howard had learned before.  By the third woman he’d practiced with, he had the moves down and was trying to emulate the instructor in what she called “Cuban motion”.  What that meant was she moved her hips seductively with every step.  She told them that method of movement was common in almost all Latin dances so they should practice it.

Angelica had been just walking through the steps so she would look like a beginner until the rotation put her in front of Howard.  He smiled.

“I’m Howard, and I’ve been doing this for a while.  If you have any questions, just ask and I’ll try to help you.”

Angelica had smiled sheepishly.

“I’m probably going to need a lot of help.  I’m trying, but I don’t seem to be able to get it.  I can do the steps but I don’t seem to be able to do that thing she does with her hips.  Can you help with that?”

Howard went through the way the instructor had said she stepped in order to generate Cuban motion.  

“What she does is this.  She doesn’t move at the waist.  What she does is step on her toe and then relax onto her heel.  That pushes her hip out.  I’ll show you, but I don’t do it very well yet.”

He demonstrated the move then and Angelica’s eyes opened wide and she grinned.

“I think I see now.  How does this look?”

Howard saw that she had the footwork right, but she was still turning at the waist.

“Almost, but you’re still turning at the waist.  I can help with that, but I need to touch you.  Just my hands on your waist is all.  Would that be all right?”

Angelica smiled to herself.  He’d taken the bait.  Now all she had to do was play him a little.

“Sure.  It’s not like we’re doing anything wrong.  We’re just dancing.  Go ahead.”

Howard put his hands on Angelica’s waist where her hipbones were and said, “OK, now try it.  I’ll keep you from moving at the waist.”

Angelica did the movement like she’d practiced for hours in front of a mirror to perfect and her hips looked like they had a life all their own.  Feeling her doing that was stirring something inside Howard, the feeling he hadn’t ever had with Janet.  Howard grinned.

“I think you’ve got it.  Let’s try out that pattern now.”

Howard had danced the pattern with Angelica four times before the instructor said it was time to rotate again.  Each time, he’d felt Angelica swaying her hips with every step and wondered why Janet couldn’t seem to get it right.  He’d worked with Janet at night several times, but her hips barely moved.  Next to Angelica, Janet felt stiff as a board.

He danced with the next woman in the rotation, but he was watching Angelica.  The way she moved was sexy, no, it was erotic, like she was asking to make love to the man she was dancing with.  

That night after they got home he asked Janet if she’d help him practice a little before they went to bed.  What he really wanted was to help her learn to move her hips like Angelica had.  Janet said she was too tired but she’d try the next night.  Howard laid in bed remembering Angelica’s hips moving under his hands and that made his cock start to stiffen.  He finally got up, went to the bathroom, and pumped his cock until he came.

At the club dance that month, Angelica danced with several men, but when the instructor said the next song was a rumba and would be a ladies choice, she walked over to the table where Howard and Janet were sitting.

“Howard, would you dance with me”, she asked while smiling with her red lipsticked lips and batting her eyelids.

Howard had been aching to dance with Angelica because she was tall enough it was easy to dance with her.  He knew he couldn’t abandon Janet in order to do so.  The ladies choice dance gave him the perfect opportunity.

Angelica had planned that opportunity for a week, and she knew exactly what she was going to do.  She’d worn a bra that lifted her breasts and pushed them together so she had some cleavage and the dress she chose was short at the hem and cut low enough in the front that her cleavage was visible almost down to her bra.  The black high heels accented her already long legs.

When she was standing in front of the mirror, Ron walked by and whistled.

“Damn, Honey.  You look like you want to be fucked.  What say you stay home tonight and I’ll fill you with my big cock a couple times?”

Angelica had smiled.

“I’m just fishing and I probably won’t get myself fucked tonight, so when I come home, you can do what you want with me.”

When she asked Howard if he’d dance with her, she saw he wasn’t looking at her face.  He was staring at the front of her dress.  She mentally checked off the box for “likes my tits” and then held out her hands.

When Howard took the first step forward, Angelica intentionally was late and that caused Howard’s chest to bump into her breasts.  Howard hadn’t said anything, but Angelica saw the little flash of a smile when she chuckled, “I think we just had a happy accident.”

He just stopped and then started again, and this time Angelica followed him through the steps, but the hand she had on Howard’s right shoulder wasn’t still.  She kept sliding it up and down his arm just enough she knew he felt it.  She knew that because the first time she did it, Howard had looked at her with a funny look on his face.  After that time, he just looked over her shoulder for the rest of the dance.

When the dance ended, Howard walked back to Janet and sat down.  The next dance was a waltz, the first dance he’d danced with Janet so he asked her if she wanted to dance.  Janet had shrugged and stood up.

Howard danced the rest of the dances with Janet, but he was just going through the motions.  In his mind, he was wishing he was dancing with Angelica and looking down at her breasts or feeling her hips sway like they had when they’d danced the rumba.  

If only he could get Janet to act half as sexy, he’d be happy, but he doubted that was ever going to happen.  Janet just wasn’t that type of person.  They’d been married for months and she still changed into her pajamas in the bathroom so he wouldn’t see her naked, and once a week when they had sex, she always insisted he turn off the lights.

It happened faster than Angelica thought it would, and it was easier than she’d thought it would be.  Two weeks after the last dance, she saw Howard walk into the room but Janet wasn’t with him.  She made sure to sway her hips when she walked over to him.

“Where’s Janet?”

Howard smiled.

“Oh, she had a rough day at work and was too tired to come.  She said I should go and then show her what we learned when I get back home.”

Angelica didn’t do anything during the class, but when it was over she swayed her hips over to Howard again, put her hand on his arm and smiled.

“Howard, would you walk me to my car?  Last week this weird looking guy was out there and he stared at me all the way from the building to my car.  I was afraid he was going to do something to me.”

Howard said he’d be happy to do that, and walked Angelica to the door.

She didn’t do anything until they got to her car.  Then, she turned to face Howard and put her hand on his arm again.

“Howard, I really love dancing with you.  It’s better with you than any other man in the class because I’m taller than they are.  I always get the feeling they’re staring at my boobs.  You don’t do that, not that I’d mind if you did, but why don’t you?  Is there something wrong with my boobs?”

Howard didn’t quite know how to answer because he’d spent a lot of time wondering how her breasts would look naked.  

“Uh…no, there’s noting wrong with any of you Angelica.  You’re a very sexy woman.”

Angelica slipped her hand from Howard’s arm to his chest.  

“So, if there’s nothing wrong with me, why don’t you act like it?”

Howard felt the finger stroking down his chest.  It was like that finger was electrified and it was making him tingle.

“Well, it wouldn’t be something I should do, now would it?  I mean, this is just a dance class, not a singles bar.”

Angelica put her arms around Howard’s neck then and pulled her breasts into his chest.  She put her cheek on his shoulder and then whispered, “I know, but I wish it was a singles bar instead of a dance class.  Every time you touch me I get all tingly inside and I start wondering what it would feel like if we…”

Angelica raised her face enough to kiss him on the cheek.  Howard knew it was wrong, but having Angelica so close he could feel her breasts against his chest and then feeling her soft lips on his cheek were making him have thoughts he shouldn’t be having.

When she turned her face a little more, Angelica kissed him and pulled herself into him tight enough he felt her belly against his cock.  She didn’t hold still either.  She straddled his left leg and pulled herself into him even tighter and then started rubbing her crotch against his thigh.  

That had the effect of making his cock get hard and he knew she had to feel it, but she didn’t stop.  It was only when he pulled away gently that she did stop, but she didn’t let him go.  Her belly was still pressed tight against the stiff cock in his pants and she stroked the back of his head as she spoke.

“Howard, I want you…I want you right now, right here, in the back seat of my car.  I think you want me too.”

Howard started to say he couldn’t, but stopped when he felt Angelica move her hand down between them and start stroking his cock through his pants.  Janet never did that, and when Angelica did, he forgot about Janet, forgot about being married, forgot about everything except the breasts against his chest and the hand on his cock.  He didn’t try to stop Angelica when she kissed him again, opened her mouth, and forced her tongue between his teeth.  He didn’t walk away when Angelica stopped long enough to unlock her car and then open the back door.  

He didn’t stop Angelica when she unfastened his belt, and unzipped his pants.  He didn’t stop her when she pulled his underwear down to his knees and then whispered, “Lay down on the seat and I’ll be with you in a second”.

Howard was too stunned to do anything except lay there with his stiff cock waving in the air while Angelica pulled the top over her head, took off her bra, and then worked her jeans and panties down to her feet.  She tossed her clothes on the floor, climbed inside and then straddled him as she shut the door.

He could only follow Angelica’s whispered, “Suck my nipples”, when she lowered her breasts to his face.  She moaned when he did, and then reached down between them for his cock.  Howard groaned when she rubbed his cock between her pussy lips a few times and then started impaling herself.

Howard was beside himself because Angelica was acting like he’d often wished Janet would act but never did.  Janet always just lay there while he put his cock in her and didn’t do much until he came.  Once in a while, she’d make a little sigh, but that was all.

Angelica moaned and kept moaning as she pushed her pussy down over his cock, and gasped when he felt his cock head slide into a place that was very soft and very wet.  Then, she started riding him.

Howard had never been so aroused in his entire life.  Angelica was the dream he’d had since he’d first had sex.  She rode his cock slowly and either pulled his hands to her breasts and whispered, “Pinch my nipples”, or mashed her breast into his face until he found and sucked that nipple.

He was rapidly getting carried away and said, “Slow down a little”.  Angelica heard him and like it always did, the knowledge that Howard was about to cum tipped her almost over the edge.  Her voice was just a gasp when she said, "I’m almost there too.  Don’t stop.”

Howard couldn’t stop himself from ramming his cock up as the first spurt splattered inside Angelica.  The second spurt was an incredible sensation of another stream racing through his throbbing cock as Angelica seemed to lose control of herself.  She cried out, her thighs started to shake, and her hips began dancing up and down and stroking her pussy over his cock.

Angelica was still shaking and her pussy was tightening and then relaxing around his cock when the third spurt shot out of Howard’s cock and into Angelica.  He groaned when the spasm hit him a fourth time, but he didn’t feel anything come out.  After that, he just lay there and felt Angelica keep riding his cock as her body kept writhing up and down and from side to side until she fell down on his chest gasping for breath.

Angelica had sighed then.

“I’ve wanted this since the first time we met and I don’t want this to be the last time.  Right now though, we need to be getting home.  Janet will wonder where you’ve been.”

Howard was an hour later than usual when he walked in the door, and Janet asked him why he was late.  Howard had frowned.

“Oh some idiot kid ran into another car on my way home, so I called the police and then stayed there so I could tell them what I saw.  I don’t think anybody was really hurt, but the cars sure were messed up.  The driver who caused it admitted to looking at his cell phone right before the crash.  I’m sure glad cell phones weren’t around when my kids were growing up.”

At the next class, Angelica saw that Janet was with Howard so she didn’t talk to him.  She did smile and wink at him when they danced together to practice the pattern, and when the instructor said it was time to rotate, Angelica quickly took a slip of paper from her bra and slipped it into Howard’s breast pocket.

Howard didn’t touch that piece of paper until he undressed that night, and even then he went into the bathroom and closed the door before he did.

“When he unfolded it, he couldn’t believe the short message.

“If you can get away on Wednesday night, I’ll be at the Super 8 on Washington, Room 11 at six.  Kisses, Angelica.”

That Wednesday, Howard called Janet and said his boss had called an emergency meeting over some new OSHA regulation that was going to affect the business and for her not to wait up for him.  At five, he grabbed a burger and fries, and at five ‘til six, he pulled into the parking lot of the Super 8 and drove through the lot until he found Room 11.  

When he knocked on the door, it opened, but Angelica’s face was all he could see because she was standing behind the door.  She grinned and said, “I was hoping you’d come”.  When he walked through the door, she closed it and then put her arms around his neck.  She was naked and Howard had never had any woman do that before.  He’d also never had a woman start to undress him as soon as he walked into a room.

As soon as Angelica pulled off his underwear, she put her hand on the back of his head, kissed him with another tongue tangling kiss, and started stoking his cock.  It didn’t take much before his cock was swollen stiff, and when it was, Angelica said for him to lay down on the bed.

It was just like it had been in the back seat of her car except this time the lights in the motel room were all on.  He could see Angelica’s thick nipples swell up long and taut when he fondled and sucked them and he could see the neatly trimmed hair on her mound.  When he stroked his finger through that hair, Angelica spread her thighs wide enough her pussy lips opened a little, just enough he could see the glistening wetness on the inside.

She moaned when he sucked her nipple, and then whispered, “Play with my pussy and make me wet.”  

Howard’s mind reeled when she said that.  Not once had Janet ever used the word pussy, and not once had she ever said anything about wanting him to touch her there.  She’d actually never said anything when they had sex.  She’d just lay there until he came and then hold her hand between her thighs while she went to the bathroom.

Howard slipped his finger inside Angelica and smiled when she jerked up and then moaned.  If Janet would just let herself go he could make her do that too, but in his heart he knew she never would.  

As Howard stroked his finger in and out, Angelica began to breathe faster.  She was almost panting when she raised up, straddled him and then rubbed his cock between her slippery pussy lips.  She grinned and then began impaling herself again.

Howard couldn’t remember watching his cock going into a woman before, so he stared down over his chest and watched Angelica’s long, puffy pussy lips spread out around his swollen cock head.  After a short stroke, Angelica shuddered a little, raised back up and then pushed down again, and this time her pussy lips sort of followed his cock up and inside her.

Angelica was watching Howard’s face and though her mouth was open and she was breathing hard because she wanted his cock inside her, she was smiling to herself.  If this wouldn’t do it, nothing would.

Howard kept watching until Angelica pushed her pussy down over his cock so she was sitting on his thighs.  Then, she leaned forward enough his cock almost slipped out.  

“Howard, you have me so hot I need to be fucked and I need to be fucked hard.  Suck my nipples hard too.”

As Howard sucked in Angelica’s left nipple and then sucked as hard as he could, Angelica’s words seemed to make his cock throb.  She’d said she wanted to be fucked, not that she wanted to have sex.  If she was hot enough to say fuck he must be doing something right.  He was thinking about how it would be if Janet would just say one time that she wanted to be fucked.  That thought evaporated with Angelica murmured, “Oh God, Howard.  Your cock feels so big inside me.  Fuck me Howard.  For God’s sake, fuck me.”

Howard started thrusting his cock up every time Angelica lowered her pussy, and when he did, she’d gasp.  He changed nipples and when Angelica made another little gasp, he smiled to himself.  He’d never thought he’d meet a woman like this.  That’s why he’d married Janet.  Janet was a nice person and was about all he could hope to find at his age.  Why hadn’t he met Angelica first?

He didn’t have much time to hold that thought because Angelica was starting to squeeze his cock with her pussy.  It was too much for Howard to resist.  He surprised himself when he groaned, “I gonna cum”.

It was like he’d somehow caused Angelica to go from aroused to right on the edge.  She closed her eyes, murmured, “Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum too.  Fuck me harder”, and then started all manner of shakes and shudders and writhing hips.  She tried to raise up but since Howard was still sucking on her nipple, it popped out of his mouth with a smacking sound.  Angelica cried out then and Howard felt her pussy contract around his cock.  He groaned as three spurts erupted from his cock head and inside Angelica.

When Angelica stopped panting, she kissed him and then whispered, “Again…fuck me again.”

It was almost ten when Howard got back in his car and drove home.  Angelica had ridden him twice and tried a third time but his cock wouldn’t stand up.  She’d then guided his finger to her clit and told him to rub it and suck her nipples so she could cum again.  This time, Howard got to watch her face when the orgasm hit her and he thought it was the most erotic thing he’d ever seen in his life.  If he could have, he’d have fucked her again right after that.

Janet was already in bed and asleep when Howard walked into their bedroom.  He took a shower to wash off his cum and Angelica’s juices so Janet wouldn’t smell them, and then climbed into bed beside her.  He didn’t go right to sleep though.  He had some more thinking to do.

After Angelica had come that third time, she’d snuggled up to his chest, kissed him, and then said, “Howard, I don’t want this to ever end.  Isn’t there some way we can be together?”

Howard had said he felt the same way and that he’d think about it, but he was already planning what he was going to do.  The next morning at breakfast he put that plan into motion.

When Janet asked him what his meeting was about, he looked her in the eye with a smirk on his face.

“There wasn’t any meeting.  I was fucking Angelica in a motel room.  I fucked her twice and made her cum a third time.  That was after I fucked her in her car the night you didn’t go to dance class.  She wants us to be together and so do I because you never want me to fuck you.  This is my house and I want you out by the end of the month so Angelica can move in with me.  We’ll talk about the divorce later, but I won’t contest it as long as you don’t try to take anything except what you had when I married you.”

With that, Howard went to work and left Janet sitting at the kitchen table.

Janet was surprised that she didn’t feel like crying.  Instead, it felt like a relief in some ways.  She’d learned a lot about Howard over the months and had berated herself for marrying him in the first place.  When they were dating, he’d been so polite and nice.  Once they were married, nothing she did was good enough for him and he seemed to want sex all the time.  She’d been able to keep sex to just once a week, but even that was too much for her.

She’d realized she didn’t love Howard.  She’d just married him to have a man to make her feel safe and to hopefully be a partner for the rest of her life.  It hadn’t turned out that way, and it especially had been bad relative to dancing.  He kept wanting her to wear clothes that showed off her big breasts and legs, two things that Janet didn’t want to show to anybody.  It wasn’t just that she was ashamed of her big breasts and legs.  Those were just parts of her that nobody was supposed to see except for her husband.  After a while, she didn’t want even Howard to see her naked.

Janet took two days off work and moved her things back to her old house after asking her lawyer to draw up the divorce papers.  He’d looked at her and frowned.

“Janet, after what he did to you, don’t you want anything from him?”

Janet shook her head.

“All I want is to be out of his house and away from him.  Just write it so the judge will divorce us as soon as we give him the agreement.”

A week later, Janet’s lawyer had finished the divorce paperwork and had Howard sign it.  Howard didn’t come to the hearing, so after about fifteen minutes of discussion, the judge decreed that Janet was single again.  

When Howard got his copy of the decree he smiled.  Finally, after all these years, he’d have a woman who was sexy and loved having him fuck her.  He grinned to himself then.  He’d never used the word fuck for sex until Angelica because he thought it was vulgar.  Now, he understood that fucking wasn’t having sex.  You had sex to have kids.  You fucked for the fun of it.  He was looking forward to fucking Angelica every day once she moved in with him.

After the next dance class, Howard walked Angelica to her car and then put his arms around her.

“Guess what.  Janet and I are divorced so we won’t have to go to a motel any more.  You can move in with me.”

Angelica had smiled.  She’d been rehearsing what she was going to say since she’d fucked Howard in her car that night.

“You thought that was what this was all about?  Well, it wasn’t.  I already live with a guy who has a bigger cock and who makes me cum harder than you ever do.  I just like fucking other guys sometimes and you got lucky.  It’s been fun, but I’m going home and have Ronny fuck me until I can’t move.  Have a nice life.”

Janet never saw or spoke to Howard again, and she never went back to that dance class.  She just took up where she’d left off when she married Howard.  After the first month, nobody in the office said much to her except for William Jones.  He’d worked there for a couple years, was about her age and seemed to keep to himself most of the time.

A month after her divorce was final, William stopped by her desk and sat down in her visitor’s chair.

“Janet, I heard about your divorce.  If there’s anything I can do to help you, all you have to do is ask.”

Janet was a little taken aback, and asked him why he was just now talking to her.

William frowned.

“I don’t like to talk about it, but I lost my wife last year and it’s taken me a while to get over it.  I think divorcing your husband probably makes you feel a little like that too.  I thought maybe if you had someone to talk to, it would be easier.”

Janet looked at William and smiled.

“Well, it wasn’t much of a loss.  He was messing around with another woman and that’s something I couldn’t tolerate.  From what I hear, she dumped him right after we were divorced.  It serves him right.”

William nodded.

“Yes, it does.  Still, sometimes it takes a while before the grief sets in.  If you need someone to talk to, I’m your guy.  I won’t ask for anything in return either.  I’m not that kind of man.”

As William walked away, Janet wondered why she never really noticed him before.  He wasn’t a tall man, probably only and inch or two taller than she was, so maybe that was why.  The other women in the office always talked about how they wanted a tall man or how they were happy that their husband was tall.

Maybe it was because he was so quiet.  It was probably hard to be noticed if you didn’t talk to anybody.  Janet had experienced that because she didn’t talk to anybody either.

It was then she realized that maybe William wasn’t offering to listen to her troubles.  Maybe he needed someone to talk to about losing his wife.  If that was it and she talked with him, she might feel needed again.  At least he’d be someone to talk to besides her daughter.

Later that day, Janet saw William in the break room and walked up and tapped him on the shoulder.

“Hi, William.  You know, I got to thinking about what you said and it makes sense.  I’m not sorry I’m divorced but it’s not easy picking up your life again.  Maybe we could get a cup of coffee sometime and you can tell me how you did it.”

That first cup of coffee did involve talking about their situations, but only for a few minutes.  After that, the conversation drifted to what each liked and what they didn’t like.  It ended with an invitation from William to have coffee again sometime.  When Janet said she’d like that, William suggested they meet after work on Friday.

They met at a Denny’s not far from their office and ordered coffee.  William asked how she was doing, and Janet smiled.

“Well, it’s easier than I thought it would be but what some of the women in the office say make it harder in some ways.  They’re split about my divorce.  Some of them say I was right to divorce him but the others say it was probably both our fault and I should have given him a second chance and asked him why he found another woman.  I don’t talk to the men so I don’t know what they think.”

William frowned.

“The men think it was probably your fault.  They say they don’t think you like…well, you know.”

Janet sipped her coffee, then smiled.

“Is that what you think?”

William shrugged.

“I don’t know any of the details other than that he kicked you out of the house so he could have her move in with him.  There are probably a lot of reasons he did, but I can’t think of any that seem justified.  You seem like you’d be a very easy person to live with.

“As for…you know…well, my wife didn’t like it either at first.  I think it’s like the old saying – if you don’t like it, you’re doing it wrong.  Once we figured that out, we had a good…we didn’t have any problems that way.”

Janet just chuckled.

“I didn’t know there was more than one way to do it.”

William blushed a little then.

“Well, see, what we figured out is that she took longer than I did to get…to have an…well, to get to that point everybody talks about.  I had to learn what she liked and she had to learn to tell me that and then relax and just let things happen.  I also had to learn to go slow with her at first until she realized it was something that wasn’t at all what her mother told her.”

Janet chuckled again.

“My mother told me it was a good time to mentally do my grocery list.  I never did that because it always seemed like it was over almost before it started anyway.  She never said she liked it either.”

William was getting embarrassed and changed the subject.  He looked at his watch.

“Janet, it’s almost six and I’m hungry.  This place isn’t very fancy, but the food is pretty good.  Wanna have dinner with me?”

When Janet raised her eyebrows, William smiled.

“I know what you’re thinking and that’s not what I’m asking.  I’m just asking if you’d have dinner with a friend, that’s all.  When we finish, we’ll both just go home.”

When Janet got home that night, she thought about what William had said.  Was it her fault that Howard had found another woman?  Angelica wasn’t beautiful.  In fact, she wasn’t all that good looking so it wasn’t that.  Was it that she liked sex?

Howard had seemed to be satisfied with their sex life, but she couldn’t think of another reason.  Angelica didn’t seem to be very smart.  The only thing she seemed to be was a slut because she dressed like a slut and she'd somehow convinced Howard that Janet wasn’t as good.

Then she remembered what some of the women at the office had said.  They hadn’t just come right out and said she should have had sex with Howard any time he wanted her, but that’s what they were implying.  

It took all the courage she had to walk down to Sarah’s bedroom and knock on the door.  When Sarah answered, Janet said she needed some advice.  Sarah looked a little surprised but then said, “Sure Mom, but I don’t know what I could tell you that you don’t already know.  Let’s go to your bedroom so we don’t interrupt Jack and his baseball game.”

When they were in her bedroom, Janet didn’t really know how to start so she just blurted out what she was thinking.

“Honey, did you have sex with Jack before you got married?”

Sarah frowned.

“Mom, why would you ask me something like that?  You told me that I shouldn’t until I was married or I’d get a bad reputation.  Besides, Mom, That’s a private thing.”

Janet nodded.

“I know what I told you.  I told you to save yourself for the right man.  I’m not asking if you did or not.  You were old enough when you dated Jack to make that decision for yourself and I don’t really care if you did or not.  What I really want to know is if you did, did you like it?”

Sarah put her hand on Janet’s shoulder.

“Mom, did you do something you think was wrong?”

Janet dabbed at her eye and then sniffed.

“No, it’s what I didn’t do that might have been wrong.  Honey, I’ve never liked sex and I don’t know why.  I just thought if you did and you liked it, you could tell me what I’m doing wrong.”

Sarah held Janet’s hand.

“Mom, yes, Jack and I did, and yes, I did like it.  I liked it a lot, well, after the first time.  That time hurt like you said it would, but after that…

“I don’t know why you’d think you did it wrong.  Don’t you feel anything when you do it?”

Janet thought for a moment.

“I don’t know because I don’t know what I’m suppose to feel.  My mother never told me.  I didn’t tell you either, so how did you figure it out?”

Sarah smiled then.

“Mom, it’s not you.  It’s the guy.  Jack is a man who understands women and he sort of taught me.”

Sarah grinned then.

“Wow, did he ever teach me.  I can’t explain it all to you except so say you need to find a man like that and forget everything Grandma told you about sex.  Just let him make love to you and be willing to accept that it’s all right to feel good when he does.  That’s what I had to do.  I had to forget what you said about it being something a woman just had to put up with.  Once I did…well, Mom, you wouldn’t understand even if I told you.  It’s just something you have to experience to understand.”

Janet went to sleep that night wondering if what Sarah had said was true and then wondering if it was, was she capable of what Sarah said she should do.  After an hour, she decided there was only one way to find out, and she only knew one man who might be able to help her find out.  She just had to figure out a way to ask him.

The next afternoon five minutes before it was time to stop work, William came to Janet’s desk and sat down.

“Hi, Janet.  I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed dinner with you and to thank you for putting up with me.  I’d also like to know if you’d like to do it again, have dinner I mean.”

Janet felt her stomach turn to butterflies, but she mustered her courage.

“Yes, I’d like to have dinner with you again.  There’s something I’d like to talk more about with you.”

William smiled.

“Maybe Friday night?  We could meet at Denny’s after work.”

Janet didn’t have the courage to ask William during dinner.  She waited until he walked her to her car.  After she unlocked the door, she turned back to him and looked at the pavement because she was too embarrassed to look him in the face.

“William, what you said about if you don’t like sex it’s because you’re doing it wrong?  How would I know if I’m doing it right if it still doesn’t feel good?”

William chuckled.

“That’s not exactly the kind of conversation you have in a parking lot at Denny’s.”

Janet blushed when she looked up and saw his smile.

“I know, but I wasn’t brave enough to ask you during dinner.  I’m not sure I’m brave enough to ask you now.”

“Ask me what?”

Janet took a deep breath.

“William, what the men at the office say about me is true.  I’ve never liked sex.  I don’t know why, but when I asked my daughter, she said it wasn’t me.  She said it was the men I’ve been with.  She said I should find a man who understands women and that I have to forget all about everything my mother told me.”

William cocked his head.

“And you want to ask me to be that man?”

Janet nodded.

“I don’t know anyone else and you said your wife had the same problem at first but you figured it out.  I just have to know if it’s me or if it was my husband.   Sarah says there’s only one way for me to find out.”

William patted Janet’s shoulder.

“Janet, it’s not that I don’t want to, but it’s not that easy.  The first thing that’s needed is a real feeling between both people.  They have to like each other and they have to trust each other.  I like you, I like you a lot, but do you like me or am I just some guy you need right now?”

Janet wiped her eyes.

“I don’t know.  I think I like you, but I’m not sure.  I don’t know you very well.

William smiled.

“Then the first thing we need to figure out is that – do you like me or not.  We need to do some things together that don’t involve anything except just being together.  You said you like walking on a beach.  Well, there’s a beach about half an hour from here.  Wanna take a walk on that beach tomorrow?”

The walk on the beach was fun and resulted in a walk through a park the next Saturday and a visit to an art museum the Saturday after that.  William always followed their time together with dinner at someplace that was nice and had good food but wasn’t really expensive.

Janet found that while William had always been quiet at work, he was a different person when he was alone with her.  With her, he was always polite and attentive and never suggested doing anything intimate, but he was full of things to talk about and things to do.

She found out that he and his wife had raised two children, one girl and one boy, who now lived in different states.  He said Janet was lucky that she could still see her daughter every day.

“I do miss my kids, but they have their own lives to live.  We did the best we could with them, and I’m proud of how they turned out.  Sheila is an accountant like me and Todd is a nurse like his mother was.  They live too far away to visit more than at Christmas and during the summer.  It must be nice having your daughter live in the same house with you.”

Janet didn’t tell him about the conversation she’d had with Sarah about sex.  She just said yes, it was nice having Sarah to talk to.

Janet had been nervous about William at first because everything he did was the same as what Howard had done before they got married.  As time went on though, she began to see some differences.  Howard had gone to places she wanted to go but she could tell he wasn’t happy at most of those places.  William always seemed to find something interesting wherever they went.  

At the beach, he found rocks polished by the waves and the sand and said he was going to put them in the new terrarium he was putting together.  When Janet said she couldn’t believe an accountant would have a terrarium, William had just smiled.

“Accounts do more than just look at numbers all day.  You should know that because you are one.  I just happen to like terrariums.  They’re like little miniature worlds if you treat them right.  Put in the right amount of water and soil and seal them up, and they’re self-sustaining.  I have one that’s been going for ten years without me doing anything.”

At the park, William had chuckled at the squirrels jumping from branch to branch.

“See that one in front.  She’s the female and the one chasing her is a male.  You can guess what he wants her for.  They’re a lot like people that way.  She’s playing hard to get and he’s letting her lead him all over the place because he only has one thing on his mind.  Well, I guess people are different that way, at least some are.  I have a lot more on my mind that just that."

That had interested Janet so she asked him what else was on his mind.  William smiled.

“Oh, a lot of things, like why do two people meet in the first place.  I mean, there are over three hundred million people in the US.  Why is it that two people who don’t know each other meet and fall in love?”  The statistics say that’s not very probable, yet it happens all the time.

“Why do your kids turn out like they do.  I always figured Sheila would be the nurse and Todd would be the accountant, but it’s just the opposite.  I still wonder why.”

Also as time went on, Janet became really comfortable with William.  At first, she decided William was a good friend, a friend she could turn to if needed.  After two weeks, she decided he was more than just a friend.  It was that thought that made her slip her hand in his when they walked through the art museum that day.  William had looked at her when she did, but then smiled and gently squeezed her hand.

It was after they visited a huge flower garden one Saturday that Janet decided she felt more for William than she had for either of her two husbands.  It just sneaked up on her after he drove her home from dinner that night.  He walked her to her door, and then asked her to think about what they could do the next Saturday.  When he turned to leave, Janet realized she didn’t want him to go.

She’d never had that feeling about a man before and it stunned her how fast that feeling had come over her.  One second she thinking that she’d check the newspaper on Sunday for any upcoming events and the next, her mind was screaming that she didn’t want to think about the next Saturday.  She wanted him to stay with her.

Janet didn’t stop William though she wanted to.  She thought he wouldn’t believe her if she told him how she felt because it had happened so quickly.  She had a hard time believing it herself.  Instead, she said she’d think about next Saturday and that she’d see him at work on Monday.

As soon as Janet closed and locked the door, she looked for Sarah.  She found Sarah and her husband in the den watching television.  Sarah looked up and said, “Hi Mom.  Did you have a good time?”

Janet said yes but she needed to talk to Sarah about something.  Sarah whispered something to her husband and then followed Janet to her bedroom.  When Janet shut the door behind them, Sarah chuckled.

“If you need to shut the door, this must be really bad.  You aren’t pregnant are you?”

Janet sat down on the bed and put her face in her hands.

“Sarah, I need your advice again.  I’m all mixed up about how I feel and what I should do about it.”

Sarah sat down beside her mother.

“Mom, tell me what happened tonight.”

Janet started with the visit to the art museum.

“We went to an art museum one Saturday and, well, I didn’t realize what I was doing, but I put my hand in William’s hand and he squeezed it.  We held hands all the time we were looking at paintings and sculptures and I liked how it felt.

“Today, we went to a flower garden and I did it again.  After we had dinner, I put my arm in William’s when we walked to his car.”

Sarah chuckled again.

“Wow, you did some really sleazy things, Mom. No wonder you shut the door.”

Then Sarah squeezed her mother’s hand.

“Mom, I was holding hands with boys when I was sixteen.  It’s just a way of showing affection.  As for walking arm in arm, that’s not something kids did back then, but I do it with Jack now.  All you were doing is telling William that you like being with him.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  He probably appreciated it.”

Janet shook her head.

“That’s not all and it gets worse.  When William brought me home, I…God, you’ll think I’m a crazy woman…I realized I didn’t want him to leave.  I wanted him to stay with me.”

Sarah squeezed Janet’s hand again and then smiled.

“Congratulations, Mom.  I think you’re in love.  That’s why Jack and I slept together before we were married.  I wanted that to happen because I loved him and he loved me.”

Janet frowned.

“I don’t know if it’s that or if it’s the same thing that happened with your dad and Howard.  I think I like William a lot, but it happened so fast.  I hadn’t thought anything like that until we were standing at the front door, and it just hit me that I didn’t want him to leave.  Is it supposed to happen like that or is it all in my mind, that rebound thing I’ve read about divorced women having?”

Sarah smiled.

“Mom, it didn’t just happen tonight.  You’ve been going out with William for weeks and you wanted him to hold your hand.  It sounds to me like this has been brewing for a while.  You just couldn’t see it happening until tonight.  I had a lot of crushes on guys when I was dating, but when I met Jack, I knew that’s all they were.  I think you just found out what I found out.  You probably liked my dad and Howard, but you love William.”

Janet smiled a little then.

“I hoped that’s what it was, but if it is, what should I do about it?  I can’t just tell him I want to sleep with him.  I don’t even know if that’s what I really want.  William says if I trust him he can show me what I’ve been missing, but I don’t know if I want to know or not.”

Sarah stood up then.

“Mom, remember that you always used to tell me that I had to do what I thought was best for me, no matter what anybody else thought?  Well, I’ll give you the same advice.  Just tell him how you feel.  If he feels the same way, things will happen by themselves.  If he doesn’t…well, from what you’ve just told me, I don’t think you have to worry about that.  Just tell him so he’ll know.

Sarah grinned then.

“Tell you what.  Jack and I have been thinking about spending a weekend at the beach.  We love having you live here, but sometimes…well, it’s nice to be alone.  We’ll get a hotel room and spend Friday and Saturday night and won’t come home until late Sunday.  That way, you’ll have the house to yourself so you’ll have a place for whatever happens to happen.  Just tell William, OK.  From what you’ve told me about him, he’s not going to make the first move.  You’ll have to do that.”

That Saturday afternoon, William and Janet held hands while they walked through a craft fair in a local park, and then they had dinner at an Italian restaurant.  It was almost eight when he walked her to her door, and after she unlocked the door, William asked her what was wrong.

“Janet, you’ve been really quiet all afternoon.  Did I do something wrong?”

Janet turned and put her hand on his arm.

“No, William.  It’s just me.  I’ve been trying to make up my mind about something.”

William smiled.

“It must be a pretty important something then.  You’re usually pretty talkative.”

Janet looked at her shoes.

“It is important, William.  Last Saturday, I…I didn’t want you to leave but I didn’t know how to tell you.  I talked with Sarah and she said she thinks I’m in love with you.  I’ve been thinking about that all week and I still don’t know.  Sarah said I should tell you to see if you feel the same way about me.”

William didn’t say anything for a few moments.  He just put his arms around Janet, smiled, and then kissed her.  When he pulled gently away, he smiled again.

“Does that answer your question?”

Janet felt her heart pounding in her chest.  That had never happened before, not with Sarah’s dad or with Howard.  Did that mean she did love William?  Janet waited a few seconds, but the pounding of her heart didn’t stop so she decided it was now or never.

“William, you told me once that if I didn’t like sex I was doing it wrong and that you could teach me how to do it right.  Sarah said I should do what I think is best for me no matter what anybody else thinks.  What I think is I need to know if I’ve been doing it wrong all these years.

“She and Jack are gone for the weekend, so I’m alone tonight.  Would you…would you stay with me and show me what you said you would?”

William smiled.

“We’d upset your neighbors if I showed you out here.  Maybe we should go inside.”

When they were inside, Janet put her purse on the coffee table and then looked at William.

“I don’t know what I’m supposed to do now, I mean, I do, but you said there’s more to it than that.  What should I do?”

William smiled.

“Just stop thinking so much and do what it feels like you should do.  How about we start with me kissing you again?”

When William took Janet in his arms and then put his lips to hers, she felt a little tingle.  That tingle lasted until she felt his tongue touch her upper lip.  That sensation took Janet by surprise and she unconsciously opened her mouth a little.  As soon as she did, she felt William’s tongue dart between her teeth and touch her own tongue.  The first tingle faded into nothingness, replaced by little waves that reached all the way to her stomach.  

As quick as William had done that, he pulled his tongue back out and eased gently away. Janet still had her eyes closed and he kissed her forehead.

“That was a pretty nice kiss.  Did it feel any different?”

Janet opened her eyes then.

“I never…I mean, nobody ever kissed me like that before.”

William smiled.  

“Wanna try it again?”

He didn’t wait for Janet to answer and once his lips touched hers, she couldn’t have answered him anyway.  As soon as she felt his tongue on her upper lip, she opened her mouth a little and then caught her breath when their tongues met.  

William held that kiss longer this time.  He held it until he felt Janet start to sag a little.  He held her a little tighter as he broke the kiss.

“That was a lot better for me.  How about for you?”

For a few minutes, they just stood there beside the coffee table with Janet in William’s arms and kissing over and over.  At the last, Janet unconsciously put her arms around William’s neck and then pressed her heavy breasts into his chest.  She realized what she’d done and tried to pull away, but William held her there and smiled.

“Janet, I’ve been going crazy for the last three weeks waiting to do that and you’ve just made that wait worthwhile.  I think you liked it too, didn’t you?”

Janet smiled back.

“I didn’t know it could be like this.  Does it get better?”

William smiled.

“Yes, but we need to go somewhere with a bed.”

When they were in her bedroom, Janet said she’d go change into her pajamas in the bedroom, but William took her hand to stop her.

“No, Janet.  Tonight, I want to see you, all of you.  I’ve been fantasizing about you since that first day I sat down at your desk.”

Janet shook her head.

“I just can’t, William.  I’m fat and you don’t want to see that.  At least turn off the light.”

William stroked her back and then down over her hips.

“Janet, you’re not fat.  You’re just a mature woman with a mature woman’s figure, and I want to see all of you in the light.  Now, I’m going to undress you.  You can stop me anytime you want, but I hope you won’t.”

Janet stood there while William unbuttoned her blouse and then eased it off her shoulders.  He was careful to lay it on the foot of the bed, and then took Janet in his arms again.

“See, that wasn’t so bad, now was it?  For me, all it did was prove to me that I was right, well, that and something else you’re causing.  Now, we should get rid of that bra too.”

Janet would have stopped him if he hadn’t kissed her again, but that kiss took away all the thoughts about how he wouldn’t like her big breasts.  When he unhooked her bra, Janet let him slip it off her shoulders, and then felt a sensation that tingled all the way to between her thighs.  It was William’s hand and he was stroking the side of her left breast.

When he stopped kissing her, he lifted her left breast and lightly brushed his thumb over her nipple, and Janet caught her breath.  It felt a little like she remembered feeling when she was nursing Sarah, a tightening in her lower belly, but this was a lot stronger than that.  She didn’t have time to think about why that would be.  She caught her breath again when William did the same thing to her right breast.

William didn’t say anything as he slipped his hand under the waistband of her pants and then on down to her hip.  Janet felt a different sensation when he cupped her hip and then gently squeezed, and another different sensation when he lifted that hip a little.  She felt it then between her thighs, a sensation that made her catch her breath.

William was going as slow as he could manage.  His instincts told him to strip Janet, lay her on the bed and pump his cock in and out of her until he came.  His logical mind told him she was acting almost like a virgin in that anything he did seemed to excite her.  He just had to be careful not to scare her and that meant he had to give her time to adjust to what she was feeling.

He cupped her other hip with his other hand and then lifted both and eased them gently apart.  He smiled when he felt her catch her breath again, and then fondled her right breast with his left hand while he unsnapped her pants with his right.  

He felt Janet stiffen a little when he pulled down her zipper, so he stopped, kissed her again, and fondled her left breast too.  When she relaxed a little, he started easing her pants down.

They were at her knees when he moved his hand up Janet’s inner thigh.  He didn’t touch her lips or mound.  That would come later when she was ready.  Instead, he slipped his hands under the back of her panties and cupped her hips again.  The little sigh Janet made told him she’d relaxed enough to let herself enjoy what he was doing.

When Janet felt William’s hand unzip her pants, she had thought about telling him she couldn’t do this and he should stop.  When she felt his lips on hers and then his tongue, she forgot about being embarrassed by the thighs she thought were fat.  When she felt his hand on her breast again, she forgot about everything except the feelings that flooded her brain.

Those feelings turned into a need she’d never felt before and didn’t understand when she felt his hand moving up her inner thigh.  It was like something was causing her whole body to grow tense while it waited for something else.  That tension went away a little when he stopped, but it came back when she felt his hands on her bare hips.  

That tension increased when she felt him ease her panties down over her hips and then down to her knees.  She held her breath while he stroked back up her inner thigh.  The little moan that slipped from her throat when he lightly brushed the hair on her mound surprised Janet.  She didn’t remember ever moaning before.

William smiled to himself when he felt hair under his fingertips.  He was happy she hadn’t shaved it all off like some women did.  He thought a woman should have hair there.  It made her look like a woman instead of a little girl.  

He wanted to explore the soft folds under that hair, but first he had to get the rest of her clothes off.  Gently and while kissing her, he moved Janet to the bed, then eased her down onto her back.  He took off her shoes and then her pants, and finally her panties.  After that, he started taking off his own clothes while drinking in the sensuous and seductive woman that lay on the bed.

Janet saw him staring and instinctively covered her breasts and mound, but after  William stepped out of his underwear, he gently pulled her hands away.

“Janet, don’t ever be ashamed of your body.  You’re a beautiful woman and you should be proud of how you look.”

William sat down on the bed then, and cupped her right breast.  He nuzzled it for a few seconds and then kissed the nipple.  Janet’s body jerked when he did that, so he kissed her nipple again, and then closed his lips around the stiffening nub.  When he pinched it gently using only his lips, Janet closed her eyes and moaned.

Janet was trying to make sense of what was happening to her.  Her mind was telling her to cover up, but her body wouldn’t let her move or say anything except for making a little moan when she felt William’s lips on her nipple.  That made a jolt surge to her belly that tightened it and then sent another feeling to her brain.  It was like nothing she’d ever felt before and her body was forcing her to lay still and feel what was happening to her.

She couldn’t stop the lurch that happened when William slipped his fingertip between the lips between her thighs, and she couldn’t stop her thighs from opening wider.  When that finger found her entrance, she moaned again and lifted her hips up.  By the time she felt William slowly slide his finger from her entrance and then up over her lips to the little bump at the top, she’d forgotten about having breasts that were too big and thighs that were too soft and too fat.

Another thought, this one more of a primal need than anything else had taken over control of her mind and body.  It caused her to open her thighs wide and then push up when William put his finger inside her again.  When she felt a second finger enter her, she arched a little higher and then almost doubled over when she felt William massaging a place just inside her entrance.  She moaned loud enough she scared herself, but that went away as quickly as it had come.  All she could do was lay there and feel his massaging fingers tighten her core into knots and send a feeling of urgent need to her brain.

William had been doing his best to arouse the woman he knew was inside Janet, and when he felt the wet warmth coating his fingers, he knew she was ready.  He moved enough to kneel between her open thighs and then rubbed the head of his rigid cock over her lips and up to her clit to coat it with her wetness.  Once he was satisfied he wouldn’t hurt her, he positioned his cock head at Janet’s entrance and then leaned over and kissed her.  As their tongues me, he pushed in, and Janet opened her mouth and moaned into his throat.  He kept pushing until he felt resistance, then pulled out a little.  When he pushed his cock back in, it went all the way and it did that because Janet had lifted herself into his stroke.

A last wisp of doubt fought its way through the myriad of other sensations that filled Janet’s brain, the thought that even though she was feeling a need she’d never felt before, William would just satisfy himself and then stop.  When she felt her entrance being stretched, that thought vanished and was replaced by more new feelings and another thought.

William wasn’t the first man who had entered her, but this was so much different.  With the other two, she’d felt them inside her, but it was more like when the doctor used an instrument to keep her open during his examination.  She felt it but it didn’t do anything.  The feeling of William inside her had caused her body to respond by helping him to enter her and then helping him to stroke in and out.  It wasn’t something she could control.  It just happened, just like the little moans she kept making.

William had been listening to those little moans as well as feeling the ripples inside Janet massaging his cock.  It was an exquisite feeling he’d missed for a long time, and it was taking him to the end way too fast.  He was sure now that Janet would get there too, but he wanted them to get there together if possible.  To help that happen, he worked his right hand under Janet’s hip and then up to her clit.  With just his fingertip, he began rubbing the stiff little nub of flesh.

Janet felt his hand sliding under her hip and then up beside her lips, but didn’t know what he was doing to her until he touched the little button.  When he did that, Janet felt her stomach tighten and then her legs forcing her body up to bury William deeper inside her.  As he stroked beside that little nub and kept stroking in and out of her, Janet felt that same tension building in her core, but this time it was agonizingly wonderful.  As the tension built higher and higher, she began to pant and her heart pounded hard enough she was sure William could feel it.

Just when she thought her heart would burst, Janet felt her body lifting up off the mattress.  She also couldn’t breathe.  She sucked in a gasp of air and then held her breath.  It felt like something was about to happen.

A second later, that something did happen.  Janet’s mind went blank as she was overcome by wave after wave of contractions that raced through her body.  She gasped for air and then started to make little continuous moans and her body writhed up and down, side to side, and everything in between.  She was barely conscious of hearing William groan as he pumped in and out of her shuddering body three times and then sagged into his arms.

After a few seconds, Janet felt William begin stroking in and out again, and with each stroke she felt her entrance contract as another wave of sensations raced through her mind.

When William moved to her side, Janet still had her eyes closed because there were still little contractions happening inside her.  When she felt William’s hand stroking her thigh, she opened them and rolled her head on the pillow so she could see his face.  He was grinning.

“So, what did you think”, he asked.

Janet stretched then jerked as another little contraction raced from her toes to her belly.

“Mmm…is it always like this?”

William stroked her breast and smiled when Janet shuddered a little.

“No, it usually gets better the more you practice.”

Janet rolled over and snuggled up against William’s chest.

“I want to practice a lot then.”

When Sarah and Jack got home on Sunday night, William was loading a suitcase into his car while Janet carried another from the house.  She sat the suitcase down and then took Sarah by the arm.

“Honey, we need to talk.”

When they were in Janet’s bedroom, Janet smiled.

“Honey, I’m going to go live with William.  It’s not that I don’t like living with you and Jack because I do, but sometimes it’s nice to be alone.”

Janet grinned then.

“You wouldn’t believe how nice it was being alone this weekend.”

Sarah hugged Janet then.

“I take it you and William…”

“Yes, we did.  Four times.  I think I’m addicted.  I just wish I’d met him twenty years ago.”

Janet pushed Sarah gently away then.

“Honey, it’s not just the sex.  The sex just convinced me that I really do love William and that he loves me.  I understand now what you were telling me before, and you were right.  I wouldn’t have believed you then.  Now, I think I’ve found what I’ve been missing all these years.  Thank you for helping me figure all that out.”

William and Janet still live together.  They’re trying to decide if it’s better to just live together or to marry.  They know there are some tax advantages if they’re married, but then they’d have to do something with their retirement accounts that wouldn’t upset both families.  For now, they’re just going to enjoy doing things together including what Janet says is her learning how to be a woman for the first time in her life.  

Howard…well…Howard is still single and will probably stay that way until he dies.  As he told one of his co-workers, you can’t trust women these days.  That attitude will probably work out well for him because all the women in the dance class know what he did to Janet and they warn every new woman about him.  They still dance with him during class because they have to, but never during the monthly dance.

As for Angelica, she stopped coming to the dance classes, but not because she was embarrassed by what she’d done to Howard.  She just decided Howard hadn’t done as much for her as she’d experienced before and that she needed to try something new.  That something new is an adults only club that opened up about twenty miles from town.  She made that decision one night after Ron had kept her on the edge of an orgasm for almost ten minutes.

She kept begging him to make her cum, but he just kept rolling her nipples and rubbing her clit until she was almost there and then stopping.  When he finally did ram his big cock in her and fill her with cum, Angelica felt like she was going to pass out, and for a second she did.  She didn’t fall down on Ron because he held her up.  When she stopped shaking he chuckled.

“You know what you need?  You need to fuck somebody who won’t cum but will keep you wanting to until you can’t stand it.  Why don’t you go down to “The Three of Us” and find you a lesbo to lick your pussy and pinch your nips until you’re going fucking nuts.  When you come home and tell me what you did, I’ll fuck you again.  If she’s bi and you bring her home with you, I’ll fuck you both until you can’t walk.  If she’d not bi, you bring her home with you anyway.  I’ll fuck you while you lick her pussy.

Her first night will be Friday.  Women who come without an escort get in free on Fridays so that’s when most of the bi and lesbian women come.  Angelica has been looking at their on-line brochure and is trying to decide if she wants a woman first or one of the other things they offer.  When she looked at the BDSM page and saw a woman in a black corset standing over a guy with a flogger in her hand, her pussy got wet.  Ron saw her fingering herself and grinned when he saw why.

“So you think whippin’ some guy’s cock will get you off?”  

“I don’t know.  I’d have to try it.  It looks hot though.”

Ron pinched Angelica’s right nipple and grinned again when she jerked and moaned.

“Well, you shag that hot ass and them tits over to the bed and I’ll show you hot.  My big cock’ll do more than them fingers can.  You’ll be beggin’ me to cum in your wet little pussy there at the end and let you cum too.  Hell, you might cum so hard you pass out again.  That was fuckin’ neat the last time.  You were fuckin’ gone but your pussy kept milkin’ my cock.”

Angelica clicked out of the web site and then stood up.

“Are you going to make me almost cum and then stop like the other times?”

Ron grinned.

“Oh, you can count on that.  I’m thinkin’ maybe ‘bout six times before I let you cum.”

He pinched her nipple again and Angelica felt her pussy contract.

“Oh fuck, not six times.  I can’t take six times.”

Ron chuckled.

“We’ll see, you little slut…we’ll see.”