Marianne and her friends

Marianne and her friends

I remember it as if it happened yesterday.

I had the afternoon free - something very rare at that time. I was walking the dog after lunch and went into a terrace for a coffee. The terrace was empty with the exception of a table with three teenagers - two girls and a boy.

I took a short expresso, as usual after lunch. The air was cold - it was early October - but the sun was warm. I leaned back on the chair and closed my eyes for a moment.

When I opened my eyes again, I saw the three teenagers heading to the table football that was in the center of the terrace.

The shortest girl made a sign to the tallest girl, and she immediately walked towards me, stopped in front of me and, hesitantly, asked me if I could join the group for a table football match.

I was surprised - what, at my age, is less and less frequent. A moment of hesitation and, moved by an unknown impulse, I decided to accept the invitation.

I followed the girl to the group, and the shorter girl held out her hand and made the introduction.

"I am Marianne", and pointing to the other girl and the boy, "she is Cath and he is Rick."

"I am Michael. Thanks for the invitation. I must warn, however, that I haven't played table football for many years."

Marianne made a sign to the other two and they placed themselves on one side of the table, the boy on the back handles and the girl on the front handles. Marianne took the two front handles on the opposite side and, with a movement of the head, pointed me the back handles.

I realized I had started to learn her sign language.

Marianne threw a ball at the table and the game started, slow enough to allow me to watch my game partner carefully. Brunette, nice face, approximately 5.5 feet tall, a very beautiful body shaped inside black leggings, a very fair top and a lined jacket, not buttoned. But her most distinctive trait was the piercing gray eyes.

The pair across the table was entertained in a circumstance conversation. Marianne looked at me twice intentionally, obviously inviting me to say something. I smiled, this time decided not to allow this game of signs.

She understood, smiled back, and asked me politely what my professional activity was. Of course she wasn't interested in knowing my professional position or my resume, so I responded briefly, "Professor."

"Professor of what?"

"Mathematics," I replied.


We both took our eyes off the table, and the other girl took the opportunity to put a goal in my bay. The pair on the other side slammed their hands.

It was my turn to ask questions.

"You don't like math?"

"I do!"

"You probably have good grades?"

"Not really. I'm too lazy for that," she replied with her gaze down.

Marianne went back to the game and put a raging goal in the adversary's loophole.

I took a mental note of this. I kept quiet for a couple of minutes before I spoke again.

"Is this your free afternoon?" I asked.

"It's the day we celebrate our anniversary."

"Cath and I were born on the same day, though with a year of difference." - she added.

"How will you celebrate?" I asked.

Marianne looked at me and said:

"We decided that Cath should stop being a virgin today."

Before my eyes clinged to Marianne's I saw Cath blush intensely and the boy smile slightly.

"Oh!" - I exclaimed.

"Shocked?" asked Marianne with a smile, putting a goal without looking at the game.

I swallowed it dry. I remember thinking, *you decided*. My face should perfectly express my astonishment.

"Surprised," I answered.

An uncomfortable silence was interrupted by a ball thrown by Marianne to the football table.

"Well, it's probably time to remove myself elegantly," I said in a low voice.

"No! Why?" - returned Marianne.

"If I understand correctly, Rick and Cath have an urgent task scheduled."

"Rick?" said Marianne smiling. "No. He's not interested in doing that. He's a bizarre and he's only interested in her back virginity."

In confirmation, the boy slapped the girl's butt and she let out a giggle.

I remember thinking: *Damn! This conversation is getting really weird.*

I took the general distraction to score a goal from the defense.

I was willing to see how far the girl would take this, and I asked her:

"But then, how do you think you'll manage to... implement your intention?"

Before throwing the last ball into the game, Marianne looked me in the eyes and said:

"Why do you think we invited you to play with us?"

I'm sure I've been blown up. Finally I said:

"You can't be serious..."

"Dead serious," she replied.

I was 51 year old at the time, and I'd heard very strange things. But this was probably the weirdest of all.

Marianne added, "You don't mind, do you?", and I swallowed it dry again and remained silent.

I looked more closely at Cath. Taller than Marianne, she would be a little less than 5.7 feet. Her face, pleasant, was more childish. The eyes and hair were hazelnut color. She had widest hips and a bigger ass, both also inside some black leggings. She wore a light-colored pullover made of cotton mesh that allowed to perceive beautiful breasts. She was, however, less well proportionate than Marianne.

The last ball in the game gave me some time to think.

After the game ended, Marianne continued the conversation as if there had been no interruption and all that had been said before was completely normal.

"However, we're gonna need your help. We need a discreet place where we can be completely comfortable. That excludes any of our homes."

"I understand. No money."

"That's not it. We have money. But no decent hotel would rent us a room - at least without making a full inquiry."

"It would still be more strange for me to rent a room and then be seen entering with you guys." - I said.

"Yes, of course. We need an apartment."

Marianne looked me in the eyes intensely and said in a low voice: "An apartment of someone not present. Or a bachelor's apartment, for example."

I felt a sudden cold in my back that made me shiver. The girl was extremely shrewd and probably had noticed that I didn't wear a wedding ring, or any other sign of relational commitment.

It was then that I took the most risky, irrational and also the best decision of my life.

"Okay, show me some documents that prove you're telling the truth about your ages."

It was true. The girls were 18 and 19 years old the day before, and Rick was 18 before that.

I had the key to the apartment of a colleague who had accepted a guest place at a university in another city.

"Do you have a car?"

Marianne nodded.

"I'm going to take the dog home and then I go to this apartment, which is not mine but whose key was entrusted to me."

"As soon as I'm there I'll text you the address. It's not far, and you can see on your phone's map app. When you get there text me. If there are no works in the building, or idle neighbors lurking, I'll open the door and you go up. Agreed?"

Rick chuckled and said:

"A master plan to get rid of us."

*This is a mistake*, I thought, and started turning my back to leave.

"I believe him!" - Marianne said aloud.

And she added facing me: "Give me your phone for me to enter my number."

Half an hour later I opened the door to the three youths. I placed myself blocking the passage from the entrance zone to the interior of the apartment and said:

"Rules: No noise, no wandering around the apartment, no messing around, no drinking. Stay in the living room and eventually go to the bathroom. Got it?"

Three heads nodded yes.

With a gesture I invited the young people to sit down. Their choices didn't surprise me. Rick threw himself to a single place sofa. Marianne walked around a little and sat on a comfortable armchair. Cath put herself half-seated in one of the arms of Marianne's chair. I walked to the balcony window and peeked outside.

For several minutes no one said anything.

Suddenly, Marianne got up and said:

"Well, we all know what we came here for."

A line from the lyrics of the song Back It Up by Caro Emerald came to mind: *You know 'xactly what I came here for*.

Cath had stood up at the same time as Marianne and was beside her. Marianne went to the middle of the room. She turned to her friend and pointed down. Cath immediately went to her, having her back to me and Rick. Marianne said "Stay!". She positioned behind Cath and, always in a low voice, commanded: "Bend over."

Marianne cuddled her friend's back and slowly put her hands on both sides of her pants' waist.

Suddenly she pulled Cath's pants and panties down, leaving her friend with the magnificent ass in sight.

"What do you think of my bitch?" she asked, looking at me.

Rick had gotten up and approached the girls. Marianne turned to him suddenly, and told him in a low but threatening voice: "Keep away, boy. "

My brain was now working very slowly, most likely due to the large amount of blood that had flowed to my penis. I heard Marianne say:

"What are you waiting to come and take her? "

I heard myself answer:

"I can't do that, I would seriously hurt her. "

Rick smiled maliciously. Everything seemed to be in slow motion.

I heard my voice again, saying:

"Well, you showed me your bitch, it's time I show you my cock."

I went to the big couch, sat in the middle, unbuttoned my belt and pants. I pulled my pants and boxers a little down, and, sighing of relief, I let my phallus out.

This caused three different reactions in the three youths.

Marianne widened her eyes and bit her lower lip. Cath, who in the meantime had straightened and turned, took her hands to her face and squeaked. Rick, who, in the meantime, had taken his penis out, put it back in his pants.

Turns out I have a big penis. In fact, I never measured it, nor let it be measured using measuring tape. I know it's longer than the palm of all the girls that tried to measure it like that, and that the perimeter is larger than their hand when they grab it.

"I'm ready for the sacrificial bitch," I announced.

Again three different reactions. Marianne chuckled, Rick opened his mouth like he was gonna say something, but shut it down, and Cath got an empty look of no understanding.

"He's calling you," said Marianne to Cath. But she had to take her arm and make her move to where I was.

I looked at the girls and said solemnly:

"Catherine, (I had read the full name in the ID document) are you sure you want to do this? Do you realize that once done it cannot be undone? Look, there are many men and families to whom virginity is very important."

Cath looked at Marianne with an ironic look, and exclaimed:

"Oh, he's really old. "

The girls giggled simultaneously.

I thought to myself: *You play with young girls... what did you expect? I have to take control of the situation. Wait! Cath is a submissive!*

I looked at Cath and said in command voice:

"Take off your shoes, your pants and your panties."

"Are you wet, bitch?"

Cath opened hes eyes very surprised and replied: "I... I think so."

"I didn't ask you what you think. Put your finger on and check."

She hesitated, but obeyed.


"Yes, what, bitch?"

She hesitated a little more and completed:

"Yes... sir?"

I pulled out of the pocket of my pants the hard plastic black box that I use to keep the preservatives in good condition, and took one. I opened it and put it in my completely erect phallus.

"Come on, bitch. Put yourself above me in the position to ride."

Cath put a knee on each side of my body on the couch. My penis's head was up to her navel. She realized she wasn't well positioned. She got up again, and placing a foot on each side of my body, she squatted until her pussy was down to my penis.

This was the good position.

Cath reached my penis, carefully positioned the glans at the entrance of her bare vagina and began to lower the hips, slowly penetrating herself. Her mouth was open in a silent O.

When my phalus' head got inside her, she stopped, breathed, and sighed. After a little pause Cath continued to penetrate very slowly until I felt an obstacle. She stopped, released a squeak and grimaced.

Marianne came very close and pushed the index and middle fingers into her friend's mouth.

Then she took her fingers well wet and put them on the top of Cath's vulva, a finger on each clitoral side. Then she started moving her fingers forward and back, always with the "pearl" between them.

Cath moaned.

Then, using the other hand, Marianne pointed down. Cath lowered the hip a little and squeaked again.

Marianne kept scrubbing Cath and pointed down again. Cath shook her head no. Marianne nodded yes.

Cath's legs began to shake - for being so long in that position and because she was being stimulated by her friend. When she tried to move, she lost her balance and impaled herself involuntarily on my shaft.

(If my frontal thigh muscles hadn't stopped the buttocks of Cath's heavy ass, my testicles would have been crushed.)

Cath and I exclaimed AHHH! at the same time.

Cath opened her eyes and mouth unsettlingly, and I feared she would shout loudly. But she remained silent.

After a moment Cath began trying to get up on the knees, into the position of riding, but she was not able to do it. The only thing she achieved was to grow my phalus inside her, and get more stuck.

Cath was in a ridiculous position; she looked like a turtle turned backwards. Her eyes found mine and we both laughed.

"Having fun, are we?"

Marianne's harsh voice was totally contradicted by the smile on her face. She took Cath's ankles and pulled hard, causing her friend to finally stand on her knees, riding me.

With all this Cath's vagina walls tightened strongly. When the pressure relieved, my penis throbbed inside her and the girl released a moan of pleasure. The pain had passed and she was beginning to enjoy the deep penetration.

Cath laid on my chest and put her head on my shoulder. I caressed her hair and she sighed.

The fact that her ass got up, showing the inside of the buttocks, will probably have precipitated what happened next.

Rick showed up behind Cath with his erect penis in his hand. Bending his legs, he tried to put the tip in her anal hole.

"Don't do that," I said.

Marianne tried to move him away, but he pushed her violently projecting her 6 feet backwards, and she fell.

Taking advantage of Cath's sudden move when she straightened up, I grabbed her by the hips and pushed her back with all my strength. As I expected, it made Rick lose his balance, falling back, and Cath fall on him.

I quickly rolled to the right on the couch, stood up, shoved my penis in my pants and closed my belt. I reached one of Cath's arms and pulled her to Marianne, who had risen in the meantime.

Holding an attack position I looked down at Rick and told him dryly: "Get up!"

Rick was about my height, 6 feet. The difference was that he had half of my shoulder width and half the thickness of my biceps. And he had certainly not practiced martial arts for thirty years.

I had no intention of allowing any destruction in the apartment, so I was on Crav Maga "mode"; that is, as soon as Rick got up, he would fall again to not get up again. Apparently the boy also realized that, because he crawled back and raised an arm to protect his face.

I heard Marianne say, "Give him hard!"

I took a step forward not to let him out of my reach.

"No! Please don't hit him," exclaimed Cath.

(And this is where my understanding of women ceases.)

A long minute passed.

"You really like him, don't you?" I asked Cath without looking at her.

" Yes."

"And you actually do want him to sodomize you?"

Her answer took a while, and I gave her a quick look. She had blushed intensely.

"Yes," she said in a low voice.

Now I was determined not to allow this to happen, but without violence. I asked Cath:

"Did you take an enema?"

To my surprise she answered, "Yes, this morning. Marianne helped me. "

I looked at Rick, who in the meantime had retreated a little further and was sitting on the ground leaning on the wall. I asked him:

"Do you have condoms? And lube?"

The boy shrugged.

"Obviously you can't do it, you're not ready."

Then I heard Marianne say, unexpectedly:

"But you can go buy it."

Rick looked at Marianne, confused.

I was confused myself. I looked at the girl quickly and she looked at me intentionally. Would she be trying to get rid of him? Her eyes said yes.

"Where? I didn't see a single pharmacy here," said the boy.

I decided to follow Marianne's script.

"You don't want to go to a pharmacy counter to order condoms and lubricant. That would force you to show an ID and get registered in a database. "

And I added, "There's a big supermarket nearby. It's about 12/15 minutes walking."

Rick looked at me suspicious and said:

"If I leave, you won't let me in again. "

"You don't have to be suspicious, Cath is going with you," Marianne returned. And she added:

"You'll do it like this: You enter the commercial area together, but Cath's going to the cafeteria zone and waits for you. You go in the supermarket and get what you need. Then Cath will meet you at the exit."

Rick was still suspicious. Marianne asked him:

"Do you have any money?"

He showed a twenty.

Marianne smiled.

"You won't be able to buy good quality things with that."

She took a fifty bill from her little bag and gave it to Rick.

"Buy the best brand of condoms and the best lubricant gel."

And slapping Cath's bum:

"This is not some ordinary bum. This is a premium bum."

"Look, you'd better buy a gel with a taste you like, 'cause before you stick up whatever in this butt, you're gonna have to lick it. "

The two girls giggled, and the boy didn't seem to be displeased.

The money convinced the boy. He and Cath left, and Marianne stood by the door of the apartment until she heard the building door shut.

Then she came in, closed the door of the apartment slowly, took me by the hand and said:

"Come on, lets not waste time."

She led me to the sofa, soft but firmly made me sit down, opened my belt and unbuttoned my pants, and pulled them and the boxers to my legs.

"I want the same thing you gave my friend. Pleeease!"

With so much blood being requested for the heart and muscles, my penis was only semi-erect.

Marianne smiled, straightened out, went back a little, took off her shoes, stripped her own pants and panties, and turned around showing off. Her body was even better shaped off the leggings.

"My body pleases you?" she asked.

My brain echoed OHHH... My penis grew visibly. She then stopped in front of me and said:

"I'm wet, sir."

It took me a couple of seconds to get it. I chuckled, and my phallus went completely erect. I took a new condom out of my box, and I started putting it on.

Marianne asked: "Can I pull it down... sir?"

Her hands made my penis jump out of pleasure.

"It's so big... Sir!"

I chuckled again.

She pulled two cushions from the extremes of the sofa seat, one to each side of my hip. She went up them on her knees until my phallus was just outside her vagina. It was perfectly shaved, just like her friend's.

I remember thinking: *Of course! If they play with each other, they don't want hair getting in the way.*

Marianne, looking into my eyes, began to slowly lower the hips, causing my rod to enter her elytron.

"MMMMMMM," she groaned.

My glans was all inside her. She paused for a moment and smiled.

I felt her vagina tighter than her friend's, but perhaps it was because of her position. Anyway, the feeling was wonderful.

Marianne went back into it slowly. Until... my penis felt an obstacle.

"AH!" she said, and raised her hip a little.

My eyes widened.

"Are you...?"

She forced a smile and said nothing.

Marianne took the two longest fingers of my left hand and put them in her mouth. Her tongue on my fingers was a new and stimulating sensation for me. Then she took my fingers out of her mouth, turned the palm of my hand up, and led my fingers to the top of her vulva, a finger on each side of the clitoris.

I started moving my fingers just like I had seen her doing before to Cath. She started moaning low. After a couple of minutes Marianne took my fingers off her pussy.

Lowering the trunk, she grabbed the two cushions that were under her knees and pulled them sudden and simultaneously. This caused her pelvis to suddenly fall, and she was penetrated deeply.

The girl's trunk rolled into a spasm and she released some kind of hiccup. She was still for a minute. Then she straightened up, looked at me with a naughty smile and said:

"Yes. I was."

Marianne closed her eyes, threw her head back and slowly rolled her hips, causing both of us to groan at the same time. Two or three minutes later she stopped, and started pulling up slowly until my penis popped out of her (literally).

She stood, turned to me, and said,

"Come on, let's go."

Starting to dress up, she added:

"I'm sure you don't want to see my bitch lose her anal virginity. And neither do I. I'll come up with some excuse."

*This girl is extraordinary. It takes a lot of self-control to do this*, I thought.

We got dressed quickly, fixed what was out of place, and we got out.

Outside, before each one of us went to their own car, Marianne kissed me on the face and, blinking an eye, opened her purse and showed me an unopened box of condoms and a packing of lubricating gel.