The Discovery

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10 Aug. '22

Joyce and Nate met during their junior year in college. Since then, they became inseparable. They got married on Christmas Day after they graduated, and Joyce got pregnant less than two years later. They had twins, Lauren and Mark, but the delivery was traumatic, Joyce had a massive blood loss and the doctor had to perform a hysterectomy to save her life.

The first few years after the babies were born, were difficult for both. Dealing with two babies, their jobs, the house, and making ends meet, wasn’t easy for them. But in the end, they managed. Sometimes they fought over these issues, but theirs was a normal marriage, and as with any other marriage, it had highs and downs.

It was when the twins eventually went to college, that Joyce and Nate could finally relax a little, and their marriage - or rather, their sex life - experienced a prance.

“Wow!” Joyce sighed after a mind-blowing orgasm one night, “I don’t recall anything like that in our past life.”

Nate lay on his back, beside her, breathless and sweaty, he chuckled, “Me neither, but I like this life better. Give me ten minutes, and I’ll be ready for another round.”

“Mmm, sounds tempting,” Joyce moaned, turning toward him, straddling him, and leaving a path of hot, wet kisses on Nate’s torso.

“This might help,” Nate groaned, placing his hands on Joyce’s butt cheeks.

Joyce preferred when Nate was on top, but she knew the effect that had on her husband when she was on top.

She bent to kiss her husband, then moved her body offering him one nipple to suck.

With one hand on a cheek and the other hand on her breast, he enjoyed sucking her big, darker nipple. Then he moved to the other one. Joyce was looking from above at this erotic scene, moaning, and rocking her body, rubbing her pussy against his cock.

“Mmm,” she moaned. Joyce suffered from dryness, so she knew it was time to add some lube to the game as Nate’s cock was getting ready for another round.

It was a nice erotic game spreading the lube. She got up on her knees, poured a handful of lube on her hand, and started spreading it all over her pussy and inside, offering Nate a very exciting scene. Then, she spread the lube on Nate’s cock, and he immediately reacted.

When she decided it was enough, she slowly squatted down, welcoming Nate’s hard cock inside her.

“God, it feels so good,” Nate growled.

While Joyce continued going up and down along his cock, Nate enjoyed the view of her heavy breasts jiggling.

Joyce always had pretty big breasts, and with the passing of the years, they became more jiggly, but Nate didn’t mind at all, actually, he really enjoyed them.

Nate sat up and scooted against the head of the bed, holding Joyce against his body.

“Mmm, I love it,” Joyce moaned, bracing herself on his shoulders, feeling his cock deep inside her.

After a few minutes, Joyce was ready to cum. She arched her back and moved one hand to rub her clit, continuing going up and down along Nate’s cock.

Nate’s hand went to her cheeks, sliding a finger in the crack of her ass.

“I’m cumming,” she groaned.

He looked at his beautiful wife cumming, a view he always enjoyed. Her mouth slightly opened, her body rocking out of control, her breasts jiggling, meanwhile feeling her pussy milking his cock. He had to put all his effort into holding off, but he always wanted her to cum first. When she eventually slowed down a little, that was his moment. He circled his arms around Joyce’s waist, holding her tight, and with a few deep strokes, he came inside her.

Breathless and sweaty, they managed to kiss each other, reaffirming their eternal love.

At least a couple of nights a week, they had some session of hot, steamy sex. Sometimes, they enjoyed experimenting with new positions covering almost every corner of their pretty big house.

But then, as always when life is running too smoothly, it has to throw you a curve ball, and Joyce, for several nights, couldn’t sleep for the heaviness of what she just discovered.

She hid her secret under large shirts, avoiding her husband’s gaze and his advances, “I have a bad headache. Sorry, honey.” Never in her marriage had she used that excuse; this was the first time. But she couldn’t be seen naked.

One more day, she thought, donning her pj’s and tucking herself in bed before Nate could see her.

The day of the truth arrived, and Joyce got ready and went to the hospital where she had scheduled an ultrasound.

The young doctor entered the room where she was waiting after the exam.

“Mrs. Lancaster, I don’t like what I see here. It looks like a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer. I want you to immediately consult a surgeon for a biopsy.”

Those words were echoing in her head over and over. Terrified, Joyce called the surgeon and scheduled a biopsy. But now she needed to talk to Nate and have him with her. She couldn’t go any further alone with this secret.

Nate had recently lost his beloved aunt to metastatic breast cancer which she had never screened for. How could Joyce tell him she had breast cancer? Joyce rehearsed the words in her head, but she couldn’t really picture his reaction.

“It could be nothing, you know, young doctors are known to scare patients and see things that are not really there,” Joyce said to Nate once she finally found the courage to talk. She needed to believe this as the truth, at least for the next three days, until the biopsy.

“Hon,” he said, hugging her, “Whatever this is, we’ll be together, and together we’ll fight.”

They were both terrified, but nobody said a word about it for the following days, only silent hugs that were worth more than words.

The biopsy day arrived. Hand in hand, they crossed the parking lot to the main entrance and took the elevator to the fourth floor, where a nice nurse welcomed them with a bunch of forms to fill. Joyce’s hands were shaking, and she struggled to fill the forms. Meanwhile, Nate tried to cheer her up with some jokes.

The surgeon was a nice doctor, a round face behind his mask, smiley eyes, and a sweet, reassuring voice with a hint of an accent.

The first needle to numb her breast hurt and made her groan, but the second one to numb her armpit made her cry, “Ouch! That hurts.”

In about an hour it was done, and the doctor said the results should be there within three days.

Two days later, at three in the afternoon, Joyce was at work when she answered the phone without checking the caller id, “Hello?”

“Hello, Joyce?” the sweet voice on the other side said.

Joyce recognized the voice with the accent. “Yes, this is she,” she said, lowering her voice, bracing herself. Two days, it can’t be good if the response arrived in two days.

“It’s doctor Jandali here. We have the results, and unfortunately, it’s cancer.” He waited a moment to give Joyce time to process, then continued, “I want to see you tomorrow morning at 11:30 to talk about next steps.”

Joyce was shaking and slowly tears started rolling down her cheeks. After she hung up, she called her husband. She didn’t think he could be busy on a call; she couldn’t really think of anything at that moment.

“It’s cancer,” she said when he answered.

“Come home,” he said in his firm voice, “Now.”

She didn’t remember how she got into the car and drove all the way home, but she did it, and when she arrived, Nate was waiting for her. He hugged her tight, and together they cried, promising to be together, to deal with it together, and to be strong for each other.

The day after, together, they went to see doctor Jandali who explained what was happening, where the cancer was, what kind of cancer it was, and what was going to happen in the near future.

“Stage III Invasive Ductal Breast Cancer, HER2 positive,” he said, “It’s good because it responds to chemo.”

Joyce was glad Nate was with her because she could barely talk after she heard those words. She couldn’t allow herself to give up. She wanted to see their children getting married, having children, she wanted to be a grandmother, teach her grandchildren how to cook and speak Italian. She couldn’t die.

“You won’t die, not anytime soon at least,” the doctor said, reading in her mind, “it’ll be tough, but you can fight this.”

She spent the night crying and imagining the worst. For the following few days, Joyce had several tests scheduled and in a couple of days, she discovered that from Stage III, she moved to Stage IV as her cancer spread to the liver and was now metastatic. So, the plan - chemo, surgery, radio, and chemo - was about to change.

The monster, the name she called her cancer, was now pretty big and made her breast swell, so much that she couldn’t wear a bra. “If it didn’t hurt so much, it’d be amazing having a big, firm breast at my age,” Joyce tried to joke with Nate.

During the weekend, Nate and Joyce paid a visit to their children. They were twenty-two years old, about to graduate from college, and the news was a shock for both of them. They loved their mother so much. The fear of losing her was unbearable, Joyce was the heart of their family, the glue, the lifeblood.

Nate and Joyce tried to explain everything to their children, that she wasn’t going to die, not anytime soon at least, and that she needed all the support they could give her to fight this monster. They needed time to process; they all did.

On their way back home, Nate and Joyce talked with pride about their kids, what wonderful work they did raising them. “We have a great family, don’t we?” Joyce said, resting her head on the headrest and closing her eyes.

“Yes, we do,” Nate confirmed, one hand on the steering wheel and one on Joyce’s leg, “I love you,” he then said, “This is just a bump on our path. Your beauty won’t be affected, no matter what.”

“Thank you,” she replied, with a lump in her throat.

“You’re a strong woman. You can fight and you’ll win this battle. I’ll be with you every step of the way. We will all be with you,” he said.

It was April, the month of Joyce’s birthday. Nate, to cheer her up, decided to celebrate her birthday month by presenting her with a little gift every day until the day of her actual birthday. Sometimes it was a little present like a journal, crosswords, sometimes it was a little bigger, like a bracelet or a lamp that projected the Northern Lights. Joyce couldn’t be more grateful for this amazing and loving husband.

The day before her first chemotherapy, Joyce was frightened and excited at the same time. She really wanted to start her fight against the monster with the right weapons, she wanted to show her family how strong and determined she was. The night before, she needed some cuddles and asked her husband to go to bed with her, and Nate gave her a relaxing massage. She managed to fall asleep while Nate stayed awake almost all night.

Joyce’s first chemo treatment lasted five hours but Nate was with her the whole time, looking at her while she dozed off, holding her hand. He wanted to protect her, to take away all the pain from her life, but he couldn’t.

The doctor said that the first day the chemo would be administered slowly to give her body time to absorb the medications and prevent bad reactions. At the end of the treatment, Joyce was incredibly woozy, but she knew it was part of the process to heal. “If this is the path to heal, I can take it,” she said at the dinner table that night, holding her head in her hand.

Joyce waited two days to give time to her body to absorb the chemo, but then went back to her routine, swimming every morning, then going to work, then home. But it was hard; she was so incredibly tired. Together with Nate, she decided she was going to quit her job. It was a full-time job that required long hours of standing, and a long drive to go back and forth.

She soon found another job, part-time, just a few hours in the morning, three days, and she was sitting at a desk. And a plus was that it was five minutes driving from home.

For the following weeks, Nate became the perfect husband, tending his wife, checking on her, telling her to take a nap when he saw her tired, taking short walks with her, and joking with her when he felt she needed it. And every week, he went with her to therapy.

The twins tried to pay a visit every time they could. Their mother was a strong woman, willing to fight for them. Most of the time she was in a good mood, but she had tough moments.

Joyce was worried that she wouldn’t be able to attend her children’s graduation, but she was. She couldn’t prepare a nice party like she’d planned to, though, so they went to a restaurant.

The time passed, and Joyce showed some mild side effects, like fatigue and other little effects. All in all, she was doing well and kept fighting like a lioness. The doctor was very proud of how she was managing the chemo, but Joyce didn’t like being always so tired.

She started to lose hair. Not a lot. The bigger problem was the pain to her scalp. She couldn’t even touch her head, so she asked her husband to shave it. It wasn’t easy for him, but being bald was easier for Joyce because it freed her from the pain.

“It’ll grow back,” Joyce said, passing a hand on her bare, smooth scalp. The effect was weird.

“Actually,” Nate whispered, hugging her, “you’re extremely sexy.”

How he could find her sexy, she couldn’t really understand, but he looked so sincere that she ended up believing him.

And even without hair all over the body, Nate was still attracted to her, and they still made love - just not so often anymore because Joyce’s fatigue made her sleepy most of the time.

It was The Day. Joyce had an appointment with her oncologist after the CT Scan to see if the cancer got under control. Joyce was extremely nervous. They both were, but Joyce particularly so, of course.

Hand in hand, Joyce and Nate went to the infusion center for the blood work, then went to the first floor to see the doctor.

“You are doing great, Joyce,” the doctor opened, “The cancer is under control, the lymph nodes are back to normal, so no more chemo. From now on just maintenance therapy every three weeks until we find a cure, or until the therapy doesn’t work any longer.”

“You mean, for real?” Joyce asked in a pitched tone, looking at Nate for confirmation.

“Yes, Joyce, you understood correctly. No more chemo.”

When they left the doctor’s office, Joyce and Nate hugged, and she began to cry. It was a liberating cry, for once.

They went back to the infusion center for the therapy, not for the chemo though. During the treatment, Joyce and Nate texted the twins, their families, and all the friends that had supported her during those weeks, to give them the good news.

On the way back home, Joyce was excited. So excited, in fact, that she was aroused. Nate put a hand on Joyce’s thigh and began stroking it. Then that hand moved a little bit up, and her breathing got deeper, her forehead beaded with sweat, her nipples poking through her shirt.

None of them could speak.

She looked at her husband’s groin and saw an obvious erection. She opened her legs, and Nate started stroking her pussy through her sweatpants, while she stroked his cock. She then unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans and tucked her hand inside his briefs.

“That’s dangerous,” Nate said, gasping.

“Then you better hurry to go home,” she said, closing her eyes, leaning against the backrest of the seat, enjoying her husband’s attention to her feminine parts.

When she felt the car stopping and Nate killing the engine, they both ran out of the car and went inside the house.

When Joyce closed the door, Nate opened her shirt without wasting time unbuttoning it. They both laughed, their laughter cutting off abruptly when Nate's mouth devoured Joyce’s in a passionate kiss.

Joyce’s back was pressed against the door, and Nate’s hands were all over her body, on her breasts a moment, on her neck, then inside her sweatpants. He couldn’t have enough of her.

“You’re so hot,” Nate said, breathless.

She didn’t feel hot, but at that moment she really didn’t care much. She wanted to believe him, after all, he’d been right every step of the way so far.

Nate pulled down her sweatpants, including her panties, and his face leveled her bare pussy. “I might ask you to keep it that way from now on,” he said a moment before gently kissing his wife’s pussy.

He lifted her and walked toward the dinner table, put her down, and gently invited her to lie down on the table. She bent her legs up and opened them for easy access to her pussy.

Nate bent down and began his private feast on Joyce’s bare pussy, giving her a few mind-blowing orgasms. He loved so much hearing all the moans she made during orgasms.

Nate then straightened up and lifted his amazing warrior and moved their love session to the bedroom. It was a special day, and it required a special conclusion. It wasn’t a fuck, it required time and sweetness. All things that that special warrior in his arms needed and deserved.

He gently dropped his wife on the bed, undressed himself, and then began his worship of his wife’s body and character. Kneeling on the bed, between her legs, he kissed all her body, from toe to head, caressing, stroking her, complimenting her, and when he reached her face, her mouth, they kissed, mixing up their tears. He was moved by her tenacity, her strong character, all she went through to survive. She deserved better and he intended to show her what she deserved. And she was moved by his deep, true love.

Nate took the lube and spread it on his wife's pussy and his own cock, then entered her pussy, gently but deeply. They became one, again, but this time it was something different. None of them knew what was happening, but it was like a confirmation, a reaffirmation of their love for each other. In that specific moment, they came, and they both realized they loved each other more than ever, and that their love would never see an end.

Even if she was done with chemo, Joyce’s pain didn’t go away. If any, some new pains came up and she was under all kinds of medication. Sometimes she couldn’t sleep at night, other times she was too woozy to get up from bed. But when she was up, she took care of herself. She scheduled some massages, she had manicures and pedicures every once in a while, and her hair started to grow back, slowly.

Lauren and Mark were so proud of their mother and were so incredibly happy to see how happy their parents were together, in spite of everything, in spite of that kind of death sentence pending on their mother’s head.

But the show must go on, life is a fantastic gift that we have to love and worship every single day. As Joyce always says, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. She had - and has - no other choice than to be strong, as this was going to be her life from now on.