Restless Night

I haven't written in years, much less filth, but I got the urge recently. Enjoy


It always starts the same way; somewhere between waking and full slumber, you feel your body relax into your mattress; on your stomach, arms a dead weight where they’re tucked under your body and pillow. Your legs are haphazard; one curled up towards your hip and out to catch the cool, night air and the other still comfortably encased in your blanket. 

If you were lucid, you’d think you were floating there for hours before you feel a soft brush against your calf. A shiver runs through your body, but you can’t move past that little, involuntary flinch. The touch happens again, but you’re too deep to tell exactly what it is. Slowly, the touch runs up the length of leg till it can curl around your knee, now feeling much more like a hand. A huge, night-chilled hand. 

The touch makes you shiver again and, this time, your leg shifts into the touch, spreading your legs a little further and settling again. The hand doesn’t pull away; instead, It uses the shift to press Its’ touch along the back of your thigh. You know you make a noise, but your body is still dead weight, and completely at the mercy of your midnight visitor. The presence looms over you, pinning you further while the blanket is pulled away. There’s a long moment of stillness and you think It’s watching you; how your soft skin is stark against the sheets, your generous curves bare except for a loose pair of shorts riding up your hips. 

The heavy feeling of being seen ignites a line of heat through your belly, making your hips rock against the mattress. A pull was enough to catch your shorts between your dampening folds and drag the fabric against your clit. Whimpers escape your throat as your hips jerk one more time before It pins them down, your clit being crushed against the mattress. Your pussy throbs as those cold hands pull at your other leg to bend it up towards your side. Now you’re completely spread, knees pressing into the bed, the uncomfortable stretch ignored in favor of the steady pressure on your clit. 

Now you feel the hands on your ribs, cupping your sides and slowly feeling along the length of your torso. Those cold fingertips press into your hips before sweeping up and digging into the soft flesh of your chest over and over again. You whimper again and shake when It drags Its’ fingertips down your back and dig into the flesh of your ass. As It squeezes your cheeks, your hips are ground against the sheets again. A moan trickles out as sensation sparks from the friction. 

It spreads your cheeks, making your thin shorts ride up and rub against your holes as It lifts your hips up. You can feel how wet you are, your pussy soaking through your shorts. You think It notices, too, as the harsh grip on your ass releases in favor of a chilled finger running down your slit. Your hips try to buck against the touch, but It holds your body down as It rubs at your folds until it wiggles underneath and grinds a circle around your clit. A loud whine breaks through the silence as you shake and tremble; your orgasm was already building so quickly that it took just a few rubs before you were coming apart.

Its’ hand left as soon as you started coming, but the sudden feeling of a thick, slick appendage taking a long swipe between your folds through your sodden shorts makes you squeal and jerk as much as It will allow you to. It doesn’t stop at your squirming, the tip of what could only be a tongue licking at your shorts like it could fuck you through them. It had done this before, but never focused on your hole as intently as Its’ doing now. You’re panting and whining through orgasm after orgasm as It wriggles under your shorts and curls the tip just inside of you, flicking quickly and pushing deeper inside with each movement. It’s thicker than a few fingers and digs into your pussy as deep as it allows, curling and coiling to try and fit more in even when you feel like you’re as full as you can get.

Each time you come, the wetter your pussy gets; between your slick and whatever is coating It’s tongue, the sheets below are just as ruined as your shorts. By the time It pulls out of your pussy, you’re fuck-drunk and drooling into your pillow as you pant and gasp. Somewhere in the back of your mind, where a part of you is still able to grasp onto reality, you notice that you can feel how your hole throbs and clenches. You feel empty and a part of you wails at the loss, not ready for the night to be over yet. It shifts again and you groan as something prods at your soaked pussy and slides against the length of your slit. It feels thicker than anything you’ve taken before, the cool temperature of It sending another shock through your system as it fucks against your folds. With each thrust, what feels like a fat cockhead pushes against your hole, only to push right past with a electrifying pop

Before your mind can even acknowledge it, you’re coming once more, gushing against the tip of It’s cock as it pushes the tip in again. Once your body starts to calm again, the pressure at your hole increases and you choke as your pussy stretches around an inhuman girth. You clench and jerk against the intrusion, but the slide is smooth and, instead of the pain that part of you expected, all you feel is incredible, intense pleasure as you’re wrenched open. Little cries are caught in your throat as It begins to fuck into you, getting deeper and deeper with each thrust, even more than It's tongue did. Your hands twist and fist into your pillow and sheets, unable to move closer or away from the massive length as it fills your pussy completely and finally stills. 

Time melds together as It begins to move again, leaving you drooling and spasming while your body gives in to It’s whims, coming again and again. There’s no pause or lull between orgasms; the sensations and pleasure rolling through you in waves. You barely notice It lifting your hips higher, pulling your ass into the air in order to drive in even deeper than you thought possible. You don’t even notice you soaking the bed beneath you as you squirt around It’s cock, clenching as tight as you can while It continues to move, not caring about how far gone you are. 

You don’t even know when you finally black out. One minute, It was molding your pussy to the shape of It’s cock; the next, your eyes open to the sun pouring through your bedroom window. You can’t bring yourself to move right away, your body sore and still trembling. Your throat feels raw and your mouth is dry. 

For a second, you can’t remember why—and then the memories slam in like a sledgehammer. You gasp and force yourself to roll to your side; It had left you prone on your front. Shakily, you reach to feel the bed and make a soft moan when you realize that the bed is soaked through with slick and come. Another weak heave and you roll onto your back, hand falling between your spread thighs. Your pussy is hot and sticky and you can’t help but curl your fingers and push them into your swollen hole with a moan. Even as overwrought and wrecked as you feel, heat grows in your belly again as you remember exactly how It felt when it forced you open on It’s cock. Your clit is erect and sends addicting, almost-painful sparks up and down your spine when your free hand moves to rub at it.

Weakly rocking your hips, now that you’re free in the light of day, you lick your lips and continue to sink your fingers in as far as they’ll go, panting when you encounter a viscous sap slowly leaking out of you; far too thick and sticky to have come from you. Right then, you decide that you need to prepare for the next visit as soon as you can move again. You shake apart on your own fingers with a raspy groan while imagining what else It could do to you, now that It’s pushed the boundaries this far.

You can’t wait for It to visit again.