The Double Date That Didn't End Ch 3: Santa is Coming




I was having a hard time concentrating on the festivities.

Right about now, Tracy was no doubt shaking her great big boobs at my future husband. Or maybe straddling his lap and grinding the life out of him to some trashy song. I could only imagine how far they would take things. She was supposed to call me when it was over, to gossip, but I hadn’t heard so much as a peep—which meant that Shane was probably getting an even better show than I’d expected. 

It was weird: I was jealous, but at the same time I also wasn’t. What’s it called again, when your brain can simultaneously hold two conflicting opinions? Cognitive dissonance? No, that’s something else. Nevermind.

I felt possessive of Shane, but I honestly kind of liked the mental image of him fooling around with another woman. And, since I knew that other woman was Tracy, I felt like it was okay. She was my best friend, so in some ways it was almost like Shane was fooling around with an extension of me.

Plus, I kinda I owed my man a freebie after I’d accidentally screamed out Connor’s name during sex.

“Ria, it’s your turn!”

I forced my attention back to my bridesmaids—the three very different girls who’d all been kind enough to put their own Christmas Eve plans on hold to attend my bachelorette party:

Lois was an old friend from high school. Though she and I didn’t see a whole lot of each other anymore, we had a ton of amazing shared memories that I would cherish for life.

Katie and I had been going to the same Pilates class every morning since forever. She was a total sweetheart when you got to know her, but she always seemed determined to blend in with the wallpaper.

Then there was Becky, the nineteen-year-old receptionist at my office. Ever since Connor had quit his FedEx job last year to pursue a career in law enforcement, Becky’s adorable personality was the only thing that kept my daily corporate grind from becoming a living hell. Sure, she sometimes made me feel like an old woman despite the fact that I was still in my twenties, but I don’t know how I was going to survive when she inevitably left her receptionist job for something better.

They were all great girls, but Tracy was really the “life” of any party, and her departure had turned the volume down somewhat. We’d been reduced to playing a very tame version of “Never Have I Ever” when my phone beeped:

A text, from Tracy:

“All done.”

I quickly texted back: “What happened?”

After an agonizing thirty seconds, she responded: “He made a mess all over my bikini.”

I forced myself to breathe. She’d actually made him come?! It didn’t feel real.

“What is it?” Lois asked.

I exploded in a fit of nervous giggling. “Shane apparently enjoyed Tracy’s little strip tease quite a lot!”

“No surprise there,” Becky grinned.

“No, I mean—How can I put this delicately? Shane enjoyed himself… completely.”

Their jaws dropped.

Before she’d left, Tracy had explained to the other girls about the surprise we’d planned for my fiancé. But I think they all expected it to be more of a joke. None of us imagined that she’d—that he’d—that they’d actually—

They’d actually WHAT? Why did she have to be so coy about the details? How had it happened? I was more curious than ever.

“Are you upset?” Katie asked.

“No, I don’t think so, I’m just—Whoo! I mean, I’m glad he had a good time, but it’s so weird! Kind of feels like I just stepped off Space Mountain.”

I idly wondered if Connor knew his girlfriend had brought my fiancé to orgasm, and how he felt about it. I realized I WAS jealous. Not because I felt like Shane and Tracy had done anything wrong, but because they’d both gotten to have so much more fun tonight than me.

I was about to excuse myself from the party to call Tracy about it, when the doorbell rang. A man’s voice boomed through the door: “Ho, ho, ho! Merrrrry Christmas!”

With an excited shriek, I hopped up out of my chair, sprinted across the room, and flung open the door to greet—


My hunky friend was dressed in a full-on Santa costume, complete with a long white beard.

“What are you doing here?” I asked.

He stepped inside, not breaking character. But, even with that jolly red suit on, there was no disguising Connor’s broad shoulders, nor the godlike size of his arms.

“I came to deliver a very special present to a very special little girl—but I’m not sure if she’s been naughty or nice this year.”

“Definitely naughty!” Lois called out.

Her voice drew Connor’s attention to the three cute girls in the room behind me.

“I thought you’d be alone by now,” he whispered. “Wasn’t really planning on doing this for a whole audience.”

“You weren’t planning on doing what for a whole audience?”

His eyes twinkled mischievously, “Just go take a seat.”

I did. I ran back into the living room with my three girlfriends and sat down next to Becky on the couch.

“What’s going on?” Becky asked anxiously.

Connor stomped into the middle of the room with his big black boots and waved at us:

“My goodness! What have we here? It’s a whole house full of young ladies from my naughty list. What do you all want in your stockings this year?”

I smirked, “How about you?”

The others all eagerly agreed.

“Well then,” he chuckled, plugging his iPod into the speakers on my mantle, “Here comes Santa Clause!”

The speakers burst to life playing some super-cheesy porn music, and Connor started dancing. He made his way over to me and really made an exhibition of himself, rolling his body and flexing his hips into my face.

The girls cheered.

I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen this coming. I should have expected it the second I suggested that Tracy be a stripper for Shane.

To the delight of everyone, Connor’s clothing started coming off almost immediately. He tossed aside his gloves, unbuckled his belt, and then slowly unzipped his jacket. He wasn’t wearing a shirt underneath it, so by the time that jacket fell to the carpet, Connor’s muscular torso was on full display—covered only by his fake beard and the suspenders holding up his pants. I couldn’t help but notice that he had waxed for the occasion, leaving his chest perfectly smooth.

So yummy…

“Rawr!” Lois called out. The rest of us were so nervous we couldn’t stop laughing.

I watched jealously as Connor strolled over to Katie—she was so shy she could barely bring herself to look at him—and he placed her shaking hands on his pecs.

She was timid at first, but even shy girls have hormones. Before long, Katie’s hands were all over him, nervously groping his six-pack and squeezing his biceps.

Then Connor kicked off his boots and moved on to Lois, giving her the same privilege. Lois was more daring, hooking her finger inside Connor’s waistband and pulling it open to peek inside—

“Nuh-uh!” Connor chided, pulling her hand away before she could get a good look at what he was packing.

He unsnapped one of his suspenders, and his baggy red pants partially slipped down over his hip—revealing the chiseled line of his pelvis, the top half of his butt, and a tiny strip of red velvet fabric that must have been his underwear.

That earned him another round of cheers.

I felt myself getting wet with anticipation. Sure, I’d seen Connor without his shirt on before, at the beach, but he’d always left everything else to the imagination.

He made his way over to the couch, standing between Becky and me, grabbing a hand from each of us and letting us simultaneously feel up his naked chest and arms. Connor urged my hand down to the other buckle of his suspenders—the only thing holding up his pants at this point—and I unsnapped it.

His pants dropped like a curtain, revealing toned legs and an indestructibly firm ass. But that wasn’t even the best part. Instead of normal underwear—or even a simple g-string—Connor’s sizeable penis was covered by what looked like a long, pointy Santa Clause hat.

There was so much sexual tension in the room, the unexpected visual gag hit the four of us like an atombomb. We laughed so hard, tears were coming out.

Pleased with our reaction, Connor started dancing more enthusiastically than ever. He shook his hips, causing his cock to swing back and forth like a pendulum. He spun around, wiggling his ass right in our faces. He grabbed our hands, rubbing them up and down every inch of his body, back and front. When I finally got my hands on his ass, I didn’t want to let go.

The entire time, all four girls were laughing, cheering, and getting visibly hornier every second.

Tired of waiting for her turn, Lois got up and dragged Katie over to the sofa with Becky and I, so that everyone could play with Connor at the same time.

“Mmm!” Becky moaned.

Out of the corner of my eye, I was shocked to see that she was actually LICKING the guy, all over his chest. Not saying a single word, the rest of us followed suit, kissing and tonguing every exposed inch of male skin that we could find. Even shy little Katie got in on the action, playfully sucking on Connor’s nipples. Only the bits covered by his novelty g-string seemed off limits, but Lois let her tongue get dangerously close.

I pulled off his hat and beard, wanting to see my friend’s handsome face, and Connor responded by hungrily kissing me on the lips.

By the time the music ended, all the women were flushed and panting with arousal, and Connor’s cock-sock Santa hat was pointing straight up at the ceiling.

I whispered in his ear, “Is that it? Or are we getting the Full Monty tonight?”

Katie had overheard what I’d just said and her eyes went wide. This was getting pretty wild, even for me, so I couldn’t imagine how a shy little mouse like her must have felt.

Connor turned to the other girls and asked, “I don’t know. Who here wants Santa to show you his candy cane?”

We all raised our hands like a classroom of excited first graders.

Connor gave me a beckoning curl of his finger:

“I think the bride-to-be should do the honors.”

I blushed, shivering with arousal. There was nothing at that moment I wanted more than to strip off Connor’s ridiculous underwear, but it felt weird having so many of my friends watching. Sensing my nervousness, he picked up his furry red jacket off the floor and wrapped it around his waist like a skirt.

“To give us a bit of privacy,” he jokingly explained.

The others cheered me on as I knelt down between his legs and—god, was this really happening—found myself face-to-face with his crotch. I tentatively reached for the g-string, but Becky stopped me by calling out, “No hands!”

The other girls agreed. I gulped. No hands? As in, I had to strip him naked with my mouth?

Aw hell, why not? This way was more fun anyway. And Tracy had been kind enough to tell me she’d already made Shane come, so I knew I didn’t need to feel guilty about anything.

Hidden from view, and overcome with arousal, I pressed my face up against the velvety fabric of Connor’s underwear until I could feel the soft bulge of his testicles rubbing my cheek. Lifting my head, I let the shape of his long, rigid cock brush against my lips and nose, and I felt him grow even harder. Connor must have made some kind of funny face in response to my teasing, because all the girls laughed.

I moved to pull down his g-string, but changed my mind at the last minute and stuck my face back in his crotch, giving the whole package a good, satisfying lick through his underwear.

“Whoa!” I heard him shout.

With an evil smile on my lips, I clenched his waistband in my teeth and dragged it drown past his knees. When I finally came up for air holding Connor’s Christmas cock-sleeve as a trophy, my horny bridesmaids looked at me like I was a hero.

“Merry Christmas, ladies,” he said.

The jacket whipped open and his powerfully hard erection bobbed into view. He had shaved down there, too.

Connor gave us all one more sexy dance—this time completely in the buff—then he politely turned to my bridesmaids and said, “I hope you all enjoyed the show, but if you don’t mind, I’d like to give Ria one last present—in private.”

My heart was pounding. What exactly did he have in mind? I was so horny, I’d have been game for just about anything at that point.

I silently nodded my assent to Connor, and he scooped me up in his arms like I weighed nothing. The other girls “Oohed” at us as we disappeared into the bedroom and closed the door.

Connor set me down on the bed and lustily checked out my body. I was dressed for the evening in a tight-fitting little black dress that rode scandalously high on my thighs. One of the spaghetti straps holding it up had already slipped off my shoulder, and as a result I was showing a good amount of cleavage, too.

“You are so fucking sexy,” he whispered.

He sat down beside me on the bed, still totally nude, and began absent-mindedly massaging my feet and legs.

For the first time that night, he actually looked nervous. “I talked to Shane,” he said at last. “Before I came over here. I wanted to know what he and Tracy got up to before I met with you, so that I would know how far we could go tonight. If you want to.”

I didn’t answer him. I just slowly tugged up my skirt until I was flashing him my wet black panties. Connor smiled.

“Why don’t you climb up on Santa’s lap and tell me what you really want for your present this year?”

His lap did look quite inviting, now that there weren’t any pesky clothes covering it up. I climbed to my knees and straddled him, dropping my weight and pinning his beautiful cock beneath me.

“Mmm!” I moaned, then quickly bit my lip to mask the sound. He was so unbelievably hard, pressing up against me from beneath. Connor’s hands snaked up beneath the hem of my skirt and grabbed firmly onto my ass.

“Oh yeah…” he panted. I guess he liked my butt, too.

We kissed fiercely, his hands squeezing at my butt and my fingers clawing at his back. Our eyes met as I unzipped my dress and slid it down my body, to my waist.

I wasn’t wearing a bra.

In the sexiest voice I could manage, I whispered, “For my Christmas present this year… I want to do the same thing Shane and Tracy did.”

“What’s that?” Connor asked, his strong hands already fondling my naked breasts.

I reached down between us and grasped his erection.

“I wanna come,” I pleaded.

With an animal growl, Connor rolled me onto my back and penetrated me with his fingers.

I threw back my head and moaned as he deftly slid his hand in and out of my lubricated slit. So good… So strong… His body pressed down on top of mine and he whispered in my ear:

“Imagine this is my cock inside of you right now. Imagine that I’m fucking you, just like you’ve always wanted.”

I moaned and trembled. My hand started pumping his shaft with reckless abandon. Connor dropped his mouth to my tits and suckled, driving me crazy.

We were in no mood to take our time. It was a mad dash for the finish line, grinding and groaning and thrusting against each other’s hands. I moaned uncontrollably, louder and louder, and the sexy sound of my voice pushed Connor right to the brink—

“Fuck!” he cried out. His cock detonated in my hand, coating it with cum—

I screamed—as always—my body shaking and my world spinning as wave after wave of pleasure came dashing down.

Connor’s warm semen dribbled onto my leg.

I hugged him close in the aftermath, planting grateful little kisses along his neck.

“Thank you, Connor.”

“Hey, don’t thank me. That was awesome!”

I permitted myself one final, satisfying grope of his butt before rolling aside to clean myself up.

“I guess I’d better make myself presentable and rejoin the others in the living room. Have you and Tracy discussed where you’ll be spending the night tonight? I mean, since you’re already here, and she’s already over there…”

“Actually, we’d better not.” His smile turned bittersweet for a moment. “Nice as that sounds, I’m not sure any of us could resist the temptation. And there are some lines we probably shouldn’t cross.”

I grudgingly agreed. Shane and I were already living pretty dangerously, fooling around with our friends on the night before our wedding.

“I’ll call Tracy, tell her it’s safe for her to come back over. See you tomorrow.”

The other girls were blushing deeply when Connor and I returned to the living room. We’d both been noisy—me especially—so there was no hiding what had transpired in the bedroom. Hardly a word was spoken as Connor sheepishly put his clothes back on, bid us all goodnight, and headed out.

Soon as he was gone, Lois turned to me and pointedly asked, “So?”

“So what?”

“So, did Santa Clause come down your chimney this year or not?”




Thank god I got to sleep in. After all the excitement the night before, it was almost six in the morning when I finally managed to nod off. But we’d decided to schedule our wedding ceremony in the evening, to allow our guests to enjoy Christmas morning at home with their families.

Upon waking, my night with Tracy felt like nothing more than a dream. For a second, I actually worried that it WAS a dream, until Connor stumbled out of his bedroom—just as tired as I was—and groggily told me how lucky I was to be marrying a girl like Ria.

Strange as it sounds, everything that had transpired the night before somehow made my wedding day less tense. If you’ve ever gotten married, you know how crazy stressful it is trying to make sure everything goes smoothly. Finally satisfying some of the pent-up desire I’d always felt for Tracy had really helped to clear my head.

After an entire year of planning, the actual experience of my wedding flew by in the blink of an eye, with every once-in-a-lifetime experience seemingly played out in fast forward. There was just too much to keep track of in too short a space of time. Looking back, there were only a handful of memories that really stayed with me forever:

The first was the moment I saw Ria walking towards me down the aisle. She was literally breathtaking. So stunning, I briefly forgot how to inflate my lungs.Her dress was an elegant white ball gown, covered with intricate patterns of lace and topped with a strapless corset that pushed up her bust and showed a very healthy amount of cleavage in the process. She’d worn her hair simply—long and straight—so as not to distract from the exotic beauty of her face.

The second memory that really stuck with me was our first dance. Because the songhad heralded our first kiss together in that Tunnel of Love two years earlier, we decided to go with the New Kids on the Block’s “I’ll Be Missing You Come Christmas”—a selection which no doubt made every guest besides Tracy and Connor question our sanity. It was, after all, an objectively terrible piece of music.

But it had sentimental value, and somehow the terribleness just made it charming to Ria and me. It may have been a shitty song, but it was OUR shitty song. I held my bride in my arms, we swayed back and forth to Jordan Knight’s piercing falsetto, and everything just felt perfect. After the sexy fun of our extra-marital escapades the previous night, it was a nice change to share a genuinely romantic moment with one another.

Later in the night, when most of the older guests had gone home and the music had shifted from wedding standards to youthful dance beats, Ria and Tracy started getting their freak on with each other in the middle of the floor, turning plenty of heads in the process. All the bridesmaids looked fantastic in their matching gold dresses, but Tracy was a goddamn knockout. The sweetheart neckline looked like it had been specifically designed to showcase her ample bust. Pillowy cleavage spilled all over the place as she ground her ass against my beautiful wife, and I couldn’t help but imagine how nice it would be to spend an evening in bed with both of them, all to myself.

Connor took me aside and bought me a drink at the bar.

Keeping his voice low, he asked, “So, is everything cool? About what happened last night, I mean. I know we all kind of agreed ahead of time, but I wanted to make sure you—”

“Everything is cool,” I answered, clapping him on the back. “We all had a good time. No regrets.”

“It was a special occasion, right? Once in a lifetime?”

I didn’t know how to answer. Was he implying something? Did I want this to become a recurring thing? Ria and me fooling around with Connor and Tracy?

Did Ria?

Did they?

I decided there were too many variables; too many opportunities to screw up our friendship. So I just shrugged and toasted his glass.

“Once in a lifetime,” I agreed. And we both drank.

When we finally made it back to our hotel room, Ria and I were falling-down exhausted. So much excitement, and so little sleep. My wife clung to me like a child as I carried her across the threshold and set her down on the king-size bed. We lay on top of the covers together, unable to rise, just snuggling and kissing.

She tenderly held my face and whispered, “I know we can both barely move, but—you think you’ve still got it in you to consummate this thing?”

I slowly licked her throat in response, feeling her body respond beneath me, coming back to life.

We hadn’t bothered to light any candles. Hadn’t turned on any romantic music to set the mood. No massage oils. No toys. Our first time as husband and wife was just the two of us, on a bed, in the dark. Kissing, panting, fingers fumbling with unfamiliar clothing.

I untied the back of her corset and Ria let out an almost orgasmic groan of gratitude.

“Holy shit, that thing was uncomfortable. I can finally breathe again!”

She spun around to kiss me, letting her full breasts tumble out of the loosened corset. Her hand reached inside my open fly and found my cock.

“Seems my clothes are getting kind of uncomfortable, too,” I panted. So she took them off, one by one, until I was 100% naked for her.

Ten minutes ago, I’d been dead on my feet—but my wife’s ministrations had my blood pumping again in no time. Ria started to undress herself, but I urgently shook my head for her to stop.

“No, I want you just like that. I wanna fuck my wife while she’s wearing that dress.”

She just smiled at me, reclined comfortably onto her back, and spread her legs invitingly.

“Anything for my sexy husband.”

I loved hearing her say that word.

With my cock leading the way, I crawled on top of her and hiked up the enormous ball gown skirt until I could see her white satin panties. I didn’t even bother taking them off, just tugged them aside to expose her soft, willing pussy—and pushed myself inside.

“Ohhh…” Ria moaned. Her slender, sexy legs crossed behind my back and pulled me deeper.

“I love you so much.”

“I love you, too.”

It was those words, more than anything we were doing with our bodies, that finally pushed us over the edge. For the first time since I could remember, Ria reached orgasm without screaming. Her body seized and shuddered. She bit down on her lower lip, staring intensely into my eyes while her face contorted in beautiful, ecstatic agony—

The floodgates inside of me shattered, and I poured into her with every single drop that I had.

Later that night, after some cuddling and a bit of much-needed rest, Ria excused herself into the bathroom to shower and change while I went about lighting candles and opening a bottle of champagne. We were both clearly too tired to turn the night onto a marathon love-making session, but we still wanted to do things properly.

I reclined naked on the bed, already hardening at the thought of my wife walking out wearing whatever sexy lingerie she and Tracy had picked out.

I wasn’t prepared for it.

Ria had apparently decided to skip toweling off after her shower. When she stepped out of the bathroom, she was still soaking wet and trailing steam. Her long, dark hair dribbled rivulets of water down her perfect body, dampening the already sheer white underwear she had on. The two brief pieces of lace that draped across my wife’s bouncing, braless tits were clinging to the wet skin like a layer of paint.

I whistled at the vision walking towards my bed. “If that’s how you looked the other day when Connor saw you, then no wonder he couldn’t keep his hands to himself!”

“Sorry again about that,” she smirked, crawling on top of me and pressing her hot, wet body to mine.

“Don’t be. I’m not. If that hadn’t happened, then none of this stuff would have come out in the open, and we’d never have gotten to enjoy fooling around with our friends last night.”

“I suppose it all worked out for the best, then. Getting those urges out of our system before we tied the knot.”

I kissed her, wondering if she was right. Had we really “gotten it out of our systems?” Or was the sexual tension between us and our friends just going to get worse, now that we’d all had a taste of what we’d been missing? Was what happened last night the end of it, or just the beginning?

But whatever questions I had about the future were promptly forgotten when Ria spun herself around 180 degrees—dropping her tongue to my cock and her pussy to my face—69’ing me in that sexy, damp lingerie.