Engineer in Training

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29 Aug. '22

When I graduated from Fairacker Community High School, my future seemed pretty well defined. In the fall I would go off to SIU in Carbondale and study civil engineering. Four years later, I’d graduate with a BSCE and join the Illinois Department of Transportation as a Junior Civil Engineer and about the same time, Sydney, my high school sweetheart and classmate, and I would get married and I’d finally get access to what I’d been jacking off to for years.

The only reason Sydney and I didn’t start dating until towards the end of our sophomore year was that I had been just too shy to ask her out. Or more accurately, I was scared of being turned down. And I had a number of good reasons to be scared of getting turned down. I wasn’t an athlete, not even close, in fact I was one of those unfortunates who get picked last when sides are chosen. I couldn’t sing and hadn’t bothered to learn to play an instrument. My dancing skills were on par with my athletic prowess. And while my family didn’t have a bad reputation, there wasn’t much to boast about either. Dad was a labourer with the county road department and Mom worked part time at the local IGA. The one thing I had going for me was what girls just didn’t give a shit about – I was pretty good in school, A’s in math and science, A’s and B’s in everything else.

Anyway the way things got started with Sydney was the time Mrs Painter, the girls PE teacher talked the principal into combining the boys PE class with the girls PE class so both sexes could learn to dance. I was scared shitless until I realised that we’d be paired up and no girl would turn me down. Well who did I get paired up with? Pretty Sydney with the dark auburn hair and a bulging blouse.

I knew we’d have to change partners after each dance so I didn’t have to worry about being a lousy dancer and was able to halfway relax. When the first dance was over I backed away and just stood there feeling stupid and awkward. But Sydney had a whole lot of social smarts and somehow manipulated it so that we were partners in a second number. During that second dance, I heard her say something that I couldn’t believe I was hearing and that gave me a boner that I hoped only God knew about. “I bet you thought you’d get away with keeping on ignoring me.”

After that I started noticing that Sydney, usually with a couple other girls, regularly ‘just happened’ to be around a lot when I was in a group of guys. I mentioned it to my friend, Earl, who gave me a pretty direct answer. “Ralph, you fucking idiot, Sydney’s got the hots for you. When you gonna take action?”

“Yeah, and what do I say? Let’s go screw sometime next weekend.”

“For Christ’s sake Ralph, you don’t get so direct. Just tell her you want to marry her.”

“Wouldn’t that mean the same thing? Anyway, she’s a Lutheran and I’m not and they don’t turn and neither will I.”

“Ralph, you dumb fuck, just ask her to the movies. And don’t try to fuck her on the first date. Fact is, don’t even try to cop a feel of those nice titties the first time out. When you take her home, go for a kiss on the cheek. If she turns to offer her lips, that means that somewhere down the road, maybe by the end of summer, you’re gonna get a feel of those luscious tits.”

Well, I did take her to the movies and one thing led to another and we were going steady before our junior year was half over. Unfortunately Earl’s prediction of me getting a feel of those luscious tits by the end summer was wrong – real bad wrong. I didn’t get a feel of Sydney’s mammaries by the end of that summer and not by the end of our junior year nor by the end of our senior year either.

Then I was off to SIU where the courses were quite a bit more challenging and I couldn’t afford to go home to Fairacker every weekend, even though the drive wasn’t even two hours. But Sydney and I kept going steady and about halfway through my second year at SIU, I finally got my long-yearned-for feel - through her sweater and bra – for maybe 20 seconds before she pushed my hand away. Still it was progress and her kisses began to have that coppery musky taste. I thought maybe in a few weeks when I’d come home again, more would be in store for me. That wasn’t to be either – my hands roaming around her hips and starting to flare out, that was too much. “No Ralph, please. It’s wrong. You need to wait.”

All that waiting and all the wanking I was doing wasn’t what finally brought on the split. At SIU the student chapter of the ASCE arranged presentations by prominent civil engineers and I never missed a one. Sometime towards the end of my second year, a man from Jacobs Engineering in St. Louis made a presentation on a railway project in Botswana that his company had designed and supervised the construction of. For me, it was like somebody had opened a door and showed me what a drivel life I’d been planning for myself.

That night back in my room I went to bed thinking about the life I’d been looking forward to: Engineer with the Illinois Department of Transportation, married to Sydney and shagging her twice a week, two kids, dinner at my in-laws every other Sunday after Lutheran services, two weeks vacation for a trip to Kentucky Lake, maybe even Disney World. After I contrasted that with images of building a railway in the middle of southern Africa, I couldn’t get hard enough to jack off, no matter how luscious I imagined Sydney’s auburn pussy to be.

A few weeks afterward, I went home on a weekend and told Sydney it was over. The way she howled, you’d have thought her cat had died. After a good half hour of sobbing and moaning, she finally asked “is it that I don’t let you?”

“Sydney, when you say ‘I don’t let you,’ that says a lot about what’s wrong. But you know what? Putting my dick in your plush auburn pussy isn’t worth having to be a Lutheran and having to look forward to those Sunday dinners with your boring fucking parents.”

That got a lot more howling and sobbing and finally a snuffling “take me home!”

I never jacked off to Sydney’s plush auburn (that’s how I had imagined it) pussy again.

The spring of my last year at SIU, I interviewed several big engineering companies, some contractors and some industrial companies as well. I got job offers from a few, but you only need one if it’s a good one. Beachwood Engineering of Reston Virginia offered me a job in their mining division. The salary and benefits were fine but what really attracted me was that after an initial 6-month training and orientation at the corporate headquarters in Reston, Virginia, I would be assigned to the Santiago, Chile office and thereby well away from the Midwest and virginity hoarders like Sydney and boring people like her parents.

Since my stay at Reston was of limited duration, I expected that they would put me up in a convenient motel. That turned out to not be the case. Instead I was assigned one of the one-bedroom apartments that the company had leased specifically to house temporaries like myself. (A lot cheaper than motels and they got out of paying for restaurant meals.) When the human resources lady gave me the keys to the apartment, I got a really pleasant surprise: She also handed over a set of keys to a 2 year-old Chevy Malibu. “A loaner so you can get around while you’re here.”

My furnished one-bedroom apartment was on the 2nd floor of a 3-story building that was part of a 100+ unit development and less than a half mile from the company headquarters. Access to the apartments was from an open stairwell with one apartment on either side. The one across the landing from me was a two bedroom unit that was occupied by two women.

My place had a balcony big enough for a couple chairs and a small table. The neighbourhood was nicely wooded and not too far from a golf course where I’d be able to jog without being on pavement. And there was one more aspect: The apartment complex looked like the kind of place where lots of youngish single women would be living. Surely, there’d be parties and there’d be at least one female who’d be impressed with my glamorous profession or if not, then with the bulge at my crotch. All in all, I was pretty upbeat about the place that was to be my home for the next half year.

I didn’t meet either of my neighbours from across the landing until the weekend. I’d just gotten back from a Saturday morning run and was unlocking when a mid-thirties woman with short-cropped black hair came out onto the landing. I greeted her with a friendly ‘good morning’ and got a moderately friendly reply. “Just move in?”

“Yeah, hi. I’m Ralph Hakkard.”

She stuck out her right hand. “I’m Rayley Wayman. Nice to meet you. You with Beachwood, huh?”

From her tone of voice, I sure didn’t get the impression that anytime soon we’d be having a glass of wine together or anything else together either so I gave her the most neutral reply I could muster. “Yeah. Well, been jogging, gotta get under the shower.” Not expecting a continued conversation, I turned and went into my apartment without waiting for a reply.

Afterwards, I thought over the exchange with Rayley. No doubt she’d picked up my broad Midwestern accent, maybe already with my ‘good morning.’ It was something I’d already observed from the few Easterners at SIU: They definitely thought Midwesterners weren’t worth much. And that was in spite of those Easterners at SIU being at SIU because they didn’t get admitted to any of the high class schools back East.

That afternoon I made use of the Chevy Malibu that the company had provided me with and went for a sightseeing drive. Ever since 5th grade history, Harpers Ferry and John Brown’s raid had fascinated me so that’s where I went. Sunday, I spent studying technical materials they’d given me at the company

From the beginning, based on the looks of the place, I’d expected to make contacts straight away and maybe even start bedding one of the young single women in the apartment complex. Somehow that just didn’t happen. My smiling ‘hellos’ were typically answered by a neutral ‘hello’ and sometimes they’d even look away. I started getting frustrated. It occurred to me that it might be my cheap poor-student clothes so I splurged some of the advance the company paid out to me and bought some slacks and shirts that I couldn’t afford. That didn’t seem to help and I just got more frustrated – so much so that I started thinking about Sydney’s plush auburn pussy again. “Shit, if I hadn’t made myself out to be such a big man of the world, I’d be ploughing deep in that by now.”

And there was something else that frustrated me. The week after I’d met Rayley, the neighbour woman, I met her younger roommate, Candice. The two could not have been more the opposites in appearance. Rayley, in spite of her plain bob hair style, plain clothes, non prominent chest and almost non-existent makeup, was not completely unattractive. Candice, on the other hand, with long and thick caramel coloured hair, prominent chest, fashionable clothing and tasteful makeup, stole my heart immediately. My jackoff visions became Candice that very evening.

Trouble was, Candy wasn’t any more receptive to my advances than any of the other women I’d run into around the neighbourhood. I got so frustrated, I began to make approaches to some old women employees in the office. None of this worked out either. They probably saw me for what I was: A horny young engineer who was desperate enough to make approaches to overweight women 20 years his senior.

The first several weeks I lived at Pinewood, I seldom saw Ray and Candy during the week. Come Saturday, there might be the rushed encounter with a polite but non-committal ‘good morning’ or ‘hi, nice day huh.’ Then one Thursday afternoon, I came home from work and a few minutes later, the doorbell rang. It was Candy. “Hey Ralph, Ray and I are gonna make Mexican tomorrow after work. How ‘bout joining us?”

I was so surprised, I just mumbled something or other.

She looked surprised at my surprise but quickly recovered. “You know, tortillas, salsa, cheese, beans.” Then, being a sharp cookie, she realized that what she had said and how she had said it sounded like a slight at my being a Midwesterner. “I mean, you do like Mexican, don’t you?”

“Yeah, of course. Who doesn’t? You know Candy, the 80’s ended in Southern Illinois a couple decades ago too.”

She caught on to my reciprocated slight and got sort of apologetic. “Look, all social geography aside, Ray and I would really like it if you could join us. Oh there’ll be some other friends too and it’d be a real nice party if you’d come too. Say around six-thirty. That okay for you?”

The ‘other friends’ turned out to include some couples and various guys and girls, mostly in the 20’s to 30’s age group and a wide range of professions and interests. One of the guys had once bicycled from Venezuela to Chile and when I told him I would be going to Chile, he gave me a half-hour long travel monologue. Another was a newly graduated lawyer who had managed to get a job clerking for John Roberts. For the first time in more than a month I felt socially alive again.

When the party started cooling down and guests started leaving, I took the hint and said my good nights and thanks to Ray and Candy. Instead of a ‘nice to have you’ and ‘good night,’ Candy moved in close and in almost a whisper, asked if I could hang around and help clean up. It had been a pretty orderly affair so I knew the clean up wouldn’t be a big deal and that got me wondering if the night might end with me enjoying Candy’s caramel covered folds. Indeed we were finished pretty quickly and then when they invited me to stay for a cup of tea, I was sure I wouldn’t be wanking that night.

When you’re socialising in a living room with two women, the seating arrangements should be a tip off to which one you’re going to be shagging. When I ended up in an armchair and Ray and Candy together on the couch, it was all I could do to hide my disappointment.

It was Ray who spoke first. “We haven’t been entirely open with you Ralph and I know there might be some misunderstandings.” I might be a somewhat dull socially disadvantaged Midwesterner but it was in that moment that I fully realised that the night had wanking and not shagging in store for me.

I didn’t answer, just raised my eyebrows a little. Ray went on. “You see Ralph, Candy is my wife. I guess we should have made that known a lot sooner - like when we met outside in the stairwell that first time. It’s just that not all heteros can handle it. Anyway, just because we’re lesbian, it doesn’t mean we can’t have straight friends. You must have seen that from the other guests tonight.”

“Look, I got nothing against gays and lesbians. Those two guys, Merrick and Ben, who came together. I noticed the touches, the looks. Didn’t make any difference to me. I got on fine with them. Real nice guys and real interesting to talk to.”

From then on, we got on fine and became more or less normal neighbours, exchanging favours, having a drink together on Friday evenings, stuff that normal neighbours do. Occasionally, Ray and I even went jogging together. We gradually found out more and more about one another. I’d always been curious about when lesbians or gays realise that they are lesbian or gay. Ray said she thought she’d known for as long as she’d known about sex and had never had a relationship with a man. Candy, on the other hand, had lost her virginity to a high school boyfriend and had been intimate with several guys during her first couple years in college. However, it was sometime during her junior year at Duke that she’d first had female-female sex. She’d never gone back.

But I had to pay for all that information. Ray and Candy squeezed about everything out of me – probably even more than I learned about them. It started with where I was from, where and what I’d studied, family, romance, college loans, you name it. It completely blew them away when I told them that I’d dated Sydney almost 4 years and never even got my hands on her bare tits. When I told them the lie about how I’d had a couple hook-ups during my last two years at SIU, I saw by their looks that they didn’t believe me, but mysteriously, almost sounded relieved.

One Friday evening sometime towards the middle of August, I got to know them a whole lot better. I’d gotten home from work and was trying to decide how best to cope with the hot and muggy weather when the doorbell rang. It was Candy. “Ralph, Ray and I were just getting ready to have some coolers and snacks. Then we got to thinking you might like to join us.”

Of course I didn’t turn them down and pretty shortly, the three of us were sitting on their balcony and sipping wine coolers and munching tortilla chips with salsa dip. Of course I didn’t notice at the time, just later it dawned on me that our little get-together wasn’t all that spontaneous. In other words, they’d planned everything.

At first the conversation was about how work was going, when the heat and humidity would finally end, what I thought of some woman the president had nominated for a cabinet post, etc., etc. Then there was a turn in the conversation. It was Ray who started it. “Ralph, you know Candy and I just can’t get over how you went with this Sydney for 4 years and nothing. You must have gotten really frustrated.”

“After we dated a year or so, I started pushing for a feel of her breasts. Didn’t get such a good reception. Nothing but ‘no, you need to wait.’ After more time, I realised the ‘wait’ meant until we’d be safely married.”

It was Candy who pushed the question. “Musta been really frustrating. You make out and get aroused. Then no relief till you get home.”

My face felt hot and I’m sure it turned red. It was Ray who grabbed the opportunity. “The mechanics of the male reproduction system are that extended arousals get really uncomfortable. There’s even a word for the condition: ‘Blue balls.’ Guys living in the country can stop somewhere on the way home and masturbate. In the city, a guy just has to wait till he gets home. You’re from the country, Ralph. So I guess you could just stop somewhere on the way home.”

My face felt even hotter but their expectant looks gave me the confidence to answer. “Most of the time, I’d wait until I got home in bed.”

Candy asked if my mom ever complained about yellow spots on the bed sheets.

“I always had some toilet paper with me in the bedroom. Or I’d get up and go wank off in the bathroom.”

And so it went. They even got me to tell about the few hook-ups that I never had when I was at SIU. Even as I was lying, I had the gut feeling that they knew I was lying, but that they were too polite to call me out on it. Or rather, as I was soon to find out, calling me out and embarrassing me would not have been in their best interests.

Finally, after a bit more intimate conversation, they apparently saw they had me where they needed me. Again it was Ray who led the charge. “Ralph, you know of course that unlike straight married couples, Candy and I have this problem of not being able to have kids.”

I tried to be sympathetic and helpful and at the same time show that being from Midwest didn’t necessarily mean I wasn’t wise to the ways of the world. “Well there’s ways. Adoption. Sperm bank. Donation from a friend. You guys ever watch NYPD Blue? There was this one episode where Greg donates to fellow detective Abby.”

The looks on Ray and Candy’s faces told me I’d said something that was on target, but not in a way that pissed them off. A hush fell over their living room. It was Ray who pushed on. “And you, Ralph. What’s your stand on this? Say you got asked, would you donate? That’s just hypothetically speaking of course. But could you imagine doing it?”

I saw where things were heading, especially after they were so interested in my background and family history. I just took a deep breath.

Ray continued. “Of course there’d be a contract so you’d have no worries about paternity, child support, that sort of thing.” Having learned from me about my outstanding college debt, Ray and Candy weren’t hesitant to play that card too. “Of course, we wouldn’t expect you to do this for free.”

I tried to make a joke. “Never thought I’d ever have a chance to get paid for jacking off.”

That got polite laughs and an answer from Candy. “So you’re interested?”

It turned out that they were really serious and had already prepared a contract – 10 pages long!

Again, it was Ray who pushed on. “Look Ralph, why don’t you take this along and read it over. Basically though, we’ll pay you $5,000 up front and another ten when Candy gets pregnant. And don’t forget, you wouldn’t be liable for paternity and child support.

My college loan payments were $600 a month so the fifteen grand they would pay for the silver bullet meant I’d be free of debt a couple years early. Back in my apartment I checked on the amounts in the contract and went to bed to sweet dreams. The next day I reread the payments part several times and was satisfied that all was on the up and up. The rest of the contract, I just skimmed through, even skipping whole paragraphs. There was a pretty detailed part about testing, hygiene and such, which I just glanced over. “What the hell,” I thought, “they don’t want to get STD’s any more than anyone else.”

I was up early the next morning and went jogging, actually I felt like I was flying. Five grand just for proving I was healthy and another ten as soon as Candy caught the silver bullet!

After showering, I went over to Ray and Candy’s with the signed contract. After they signed, we had a celebratory cognac and my big question was when we would be starting. Ray was ready with the answer. “May as well be today – actually right now. We need to go to the hospital for the blood work. I can drive you over and have a nurse draw blood and label the paperwork PRIORITY. The thing is that Candy should be ovulating the middle of next week so we don’t want to delay.”

At the hospital, Ray had her own small office with desk, computer, a couple chairs for patients and an examination table. She had me take one of the chairs and slipped on a white lab coat. “Makes the nurses take me more seriously,” she explained. Then she telephoned and in a few minutes a nurse came in with blood gear. No surprise, once the nurse had a number of tubes with my fresh blood, Ray told her to label them PRIORITY.

Thinking we were done, I got up and said the obvious. “Well so much for that.”

“Not quite. Ralph, we still need the semen sample.”


“It’s in the contract, black and white. Look, there’s a reason for this. Just in case your sperm count is low, we don’t want to waste a bunch of time. Ralph, as soon as we get the results showing your sperm count is high enough and your blood values are good, we transfer the five grand to your account. That’s all in the contract – you know that 10 page document that we all signed this morning.”

I felt kind of stupid but thought ‘what the hell. What’s one wank more or less?’

Ray opened a small transparent medical looking package that I hadn’t noticed lying on her desk. I figured she’d direct me to a toilet somewhere down the hallway. Wrong! Getting up, she said, “Ralph, you can sit on the table over here. Uh, you need to drop your jeans and shorts.”

“I thought they sent men into the bathroom to get the sample.”

“The semen sample has to be completely hygienic and taken properly.”

I just looked at her. Of course I couldn’t see the look on my face, but from what she said it must have been pretty noticeable. “Ralph, you wanna call this off? There’s five grand just waiting to be transferred to your account.”

I had to admit to myself that she held the stronger cards. I went over to the table and did what she said. Sitting there on the examination table, my jeans and shorts at my ankles, dick laying down over my sack, I was still a little hesitant. “You mean you want me to jack off right here in front of you?”

“No Ralph, you won’t need to masturbate in front of me. As I said, hygienic sample taking is important. That’s why I’m going to do it myself – just like it says in the contract.”

With that she opened the package and took out a cup with a screw-on lid and set it on a piece of sterile gauze. “Now I see that you’re circumcised so it’s probably more comfortable for you if I use some lube.” I hadn’t noticed it before but there on her desk was a tiny squeeze-tube.

It must have been her mentioning my dick that got me going. Up till then I’d been soft and limp as a wet noodle. She noticed the change. “I think this is going to work just fine, Ralph. You’re already responding.” Then she slipped on some latex gloves and squeezed out some of the lube on the tip of her right index finger. I looked at the little tube pretty intently and she felt the need to explain. “This is not one of the common sexual lubricants like YES. This is a medical lube that we use for anal and vaginal exams.”

As she put her left hand under my sack she asked me to scoot closer to the edge of the table – to give better access as she explained. Holding my dick with her thumb and forefinger, she applied the lube all around the head, which got me really hard. When she gave the opening special attention, I started throbbing. “Ralph, you’re really doing nicely.” That’s when she squeezed out some more lube and did my shaft.

I wondered how long I’d last. Still facing me and with her left hand again cupping my sack, she took me in her right hand. A couple strokes and I was groaning. She let go of my sack and took the cup in her left hand. “Just let yourself go Ralph. Don’t try to hold back.” I didn’t and except for what dribbled on my cock, she got my entire discharge in the cup. “Those lab people aren’t gonna be griping about too small a sample.

After screwing the lid on my cup of jizz, I got a compliment. “You did really well, Ralph. You got erect really easily and gave lots of semen. I’m sure your sperm count is gonna be plenty high.”

I gave voice to my surprise and asked her why she needed to take a sample if she could tell by looking at my dick and sack. “When I see a big healthy penis and plump testicles like you got, it’s a little hard to imagine that there’s not plenty of sperm cells in your semen. All the same, without a test, one never knows for sure. Now let’s get you wiped off.” I started swelling a little when she wiped me off and I got another compliment.

Candy had lunch ready by the time we got back. I’d been planning to spend the afternoon driving down to Manassas and looking at the battlefield memorial. That didn’t happen because Ray and Candy had other plans for me. Again it was Ray who broke the news to me. “We’ve managed to get you an appointment with a depilationist this afternoon. The place is close by - Violet’s Smoothness Studio. You may have seen the sign - over in Plaza America. Appointment’s at four-thirty.”

“What the fuck?”

 Ray, obviously in charge, laid down the law. “Ralph, the contract is pretty clear on the subject of hygiene. That bird’s nest you got down there around your equipment is just not very hygienic.”

“I’m not gonna get any hairs in the cup, or receptacle or whatever you call what it is that I’m gonna cum into.”

“Ralph, we’re not gonna do it that way. You’re not gonna be cumming into a cup and then we inject your cum in Candy’s vagina. Too unreliable.”

“Then how?” My mind was slowly grasping what they were getting at. “Wait, you mean?”

“Yes Ralph. You’re gonna lube up and stick it in Candy and cum! You see now why we need you to get your crotch de-haired?”

I tried to keep my voice from shaking. “Uh, well yeah.” Actually I liked the idea of fucking Candy a lot more than jacking off into a cup.

Ray drove home her point. “Anyway getting rid of the bird’s nest is one of the contract requirements that needs to be met before we make the first payment.”

I just breathed in and out slowly and gritted my teeth. They sure had me there. Having to forget my Saturday afternoon drive to Manassas was less an issue for me than the dehairing. I like to think I’m a real man but getting my pubic hair pulled? Yikes.

“Ralph, we made the appointment with the depilationist and we’re paying for it. It’s easy to find and there’s plenty of time to get there so stop being so fussy and have another beer.”

Driving there, my legs shook all the way and not about getting naked in front of some woman I didn’t know. This depilation shit meant getting waxed and the pain of getting hair pulled out from my sack and dick scared me shitless.

Inside the studio, a cute blonde in a white lab coat sitting at a desk with telephone and PC greeted me. My voice was shaking as I introduced myself as Ralph for the four-thirty appointment. Her answer should have calmed me, but didn’t. “Oh yeah, right. Ralph for a four-thirty. We’re about to close for the day. Your appointment is with Violet. She’s still with a client. Have a seat. She should be with you shortly.”

Ten minutes later, a tall, solidly built mid-40’s woman in white medical slacks and a white lab coat came out. “Ralph?” I got up and she gave me an friendly inviting look and offered her hand. “Nice to meet you Ralph. I’m Violet.”

We went through a door from the reception area and into a hallway with several doors. Violet opened one and bid me to come in. There was a examination-type table with a clean white sheet - not so much unlike the one I’d been on that morning in the hospital. The other furniture consisted of a couple plastic chairs, shelving and a cabinet.

“So Ralph, is this going to be your first depilation?”

My ‘yes’ must have come out a little shaky because her voice became very soft and full of empathy. “Well you needn’t worry. I’ve been doing this for a little over 16 years and no client has ever passed out or screamed or had to take pain killers.” She laughed at her own joke. Out of politeness, I did my best at cracking a smile.

“Now Ralph, I need you to be without your jeans and shorts and lying on your back on the table. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

Based on what she said next, I must have looked shocked. “Ralph, there’s absolutely no need to be embarrassed. I’m a professional just like your doctor so you’re not going to be the first naked guy I’ve ever seen.”

Modesty wasn’t my only concern. “What if I …uh… get….you know?”

“Get an erection? Won’t be a first time for me either.” Then she left.

I was naked from the waist down and on my back on the table when Violet came back in. “Okay, good. Looks like we’re all ready then. Oh yeah, you’ll need to spread your legs as far as you’re comfy with.” She put on latex gloves and took a smallish battery powered shaver off one of the shelves and explained that the first step was to get rid of most of the hair. So far I hadn’t gotten hard and my dick was still lying over my ball sack. When she got done shaving above my dick, she laid it back over my abdomen and then with her left hand, held my sack towards my dick and shaved my scrotum beginning at the bottom.

To shave the upper part of my sack and around the underside of my dick, she held my dick up with her little finger and my sack down with her thumb. That’s when, in spite of her being gloved, I started swelling up.

Violet raised her eyebrows a little but essentially just took my impending hard-on in stride.

I made a clumsy attempt to apologise but she brushed that off.

“When it stands up, then it’s mostly out of the way. Might just have to point it this way or that way depending on where I’m working. If you’re comfortable having an erection, no problem for me. Happens a lot. Look Ralph, I’m in my forties. For me, a young guy like you getting an erection on me, I take it more as a compliment than anything. Oh and by the way, what it’s swelling up into is pretty darn impressive and damn nice to look at. Whadda you say Ralph, you comfortable?”

I didn’t want to complain. “It’s nice to be appreciated. Actually, it feels good.”

Violet smiled and then the real procedure began. “Okay Ralph, first I need to use some skin moisturizer to protect your tender genital skin. Now when I do that, your erection might really become critical. If it does and you’re uncomfortable, just don’t hesitate to say so. Nothing to be ashamed of, it’s all perfectly normal.

Thinking of what could happen, I asked “And what if I …….uh what if I – uhhh?”

“You mean, what if you cum? If you do, then we’ll just have to wipe you off. Okay?”

I didn’t cum when she did her moisturizing but she wouldn’t have had to try very hard to make it happen.

“Now Ralph, the wax I use is going to feel warm because it is somewhat above your body temperature. But don’t worry, I use a temperature controlled wax warmer so there’s absolutely no danger of burning. The warmth might even feel good. Now I’m going to begin above your penis. She held my dick straight up and then I felt the warmth of the wax and shortly thereafter the stinging pain when she ripped it off. I was expecting it to be worse and was ready and managed to not utter a groan, but I did feel a deflation as my hard-on became history.

“See that wasn’t so bad was it Ralph?”

How many more stinging rips there were, I wasn’t counting. I just kept wishing it’d be over soon, almost wishing I’d never signed the damn contract and at the same time knowing I would have anyway – getting the student load paid off was that important to me.

Finally from Violet came the words I was waiting for. “Well, I think that’s about it. Wanna have a look?”

Barbers always ask that and I always say ‘yeah’ and never ask for corrections. I sat up and she moved my dick around so I could see everywhere. Enjoying her hand on my dick, I was slow in giving my ‘okay.’

She turned to the cabinet and took out a plastic bottle. Then, “Ralph, this is gonna re-moisturise your skin. Can’t have you going home itching, can we.”

Without waiting for my assent, Violet whipped on a fresh pair of latex gloves and dribbled some oil above my dick and proceeded to spread it out over the area she’d just finished depilating. To make a long story short, Violet’s prolonged application manoeuvres had the expected result. A few times moving my dick aside and back and I felt the swelling.

“Uh Violet, I think it’s back.”

Violet’s reply was in a proud happy tone of voice. “Yeah. Sure is, isn’t it. Maybe I shoulda used cooler oil. Well we are where we are.”

And she went on and on, getting ever further away from any kind of therapeutic technique, even taking my shaft in her hand and making the occasional couple of strokes. I was really swelling up. Funny thing was, I wasn’t the least bit embarrassed and got up on my elbows to watch the whole show. When she ran her finger around the rim, I maxed out in terms of hardness. I could see Violet’s full chest expanding and contracting as her breaths got deeper and faster. In a husky voice she asked, “Is this something you like, Ralph?”

Answering in the affirmative, I tried to keep my voice calm but failed miserably. Obviously accustomed to meting out happy ends, her voice was steadier but she couldn’t hold back with compliments and endearments. With both of her gloved hands, she jacked me to where my head felt like I was spinning. Then came my fountain of conception juice. Violet dodged backwards, but not quickly enough. Some of my cum ended up on the bodice of her lab coat.

After wiping me and her lab coat off, she put on fresh gloves and applied the oil again. I felt a slight pleasant swelling and wondered if there’d be another round. Unfortunately she was done before I could recover.

After the surprises of that morning, the first thing I did when I got home was read that damn contract – all ten pages and every damn word. There were a few more surprises in store for me, nothing really unpleasant, but still, at least now I more or less knew all that was in store for me.

Monday after work, again it was Ray who rang my doorbell. “All the tests came out okay. The five grand’s been transferred. Now we just gotta wait till Candy ovulates.”

The wait ended on Thursday. Home from the office late, I was having a quick salad out of the fridge when the doorbell rang. It was Ray. After a friendly greeting, she said what I expected her to say. “Candy started ovulating this morning. Come on over as soon as you finish your dinner.”

A smiling Candy, wearing a light blue summer dress, answered the door. I got a friendly greeting but it seemed as forced as her smile and I could tell she was just as nervous as I was. Why was she nervous? Probably for some of the same reasons I was. What we were going to do was a pretty big thing and neither of us wanted it to flop.

Ray must have registered the nervousness and proposed that we have a whiskey first. “Who knows, this might be your last one for a while, Candy. Ralph, you really shouldn’t worry about not being able to. You did just fine when I took the semen sample.”

I’d done just fine during the depilation at Violet’s too. I guessed that Violet hadn’t called and told her or maybe she had and Ray had forgotten.

Ever since I finally got around to reading the contract in more detail, I’d imagined that it would be Ray who would instigate the actual procedure. I was wrong, it was Candy. “Well if I’m going to get pregnant, we’d best get started now.” That was cue for Ray to close all the blinds in the living room and kitchen. Were we going to do it in the living room? I followed Candy in and then I saw it, the kitchen table was covered with a bed sheet that was obviously laid over a thin mattress of some sort. It was then pretty obvious that they intended that the deed be done on the table and the reasoning was clear to me. If I fucked Candy on the table, it would be more purposeful-like and not like we were making love as would be the case in their bed.

Ray, closing the kitchen blinds last, turned to Candy and me, “Well it’s time. Ralph, you can just toss your clothes on the couch.”

After tossing my tee-shirt on the couch, I turned to look at Ray. All I got was an expectant look so I dropped my cargo shorts and then my boxers. Candy was already sitting on the table, quite near the edge. Her dress pulled up around her waist, bare ass on the table – obviously she’d been without panties right from the start. It shouldn’t have but it sort of did  come as a surprise that Candy’s crotch was devoid of hair. I guess that for so many years I’d been imagining how Sydney’s auburn haired crotch would look that in spite of seeing bare snatches in porn movies, I still somehow imagined that in real life, a pussy would have hair.

Then Ray showed me something I’d never seen before, at least not in real life. A pinkish hose-like thing 15 to 20 inches long and maybe an inch and a half diameter with dome-like ends. “You know what this is Ralph?”

I said I did.

“And you see these marks towards each of the ends?”

Looking closer, I saw black marks, as if made with a marker pen, about 5 inches from each end. My ‘yeah’ must have sounded puzzled because she promptly went on with an explanation. “Candy and I, we got limits at where things get, well, less comfortable – at least at first before we really get warmed up. Now I’m gonna need to mark you so Candy won’t be uncomfortable. Okay?”

I mumbled my ‘okay,’. Hardly waiting for my ‘okay,’ Ray took out a marker pen and cradled my dick in her left hand. Candy, now sitting up, took the double-ended dildo and held it against my dick. Ray, ever the patient doctor, narrated. “Now Ralph, I’m gonna mark about an inch shorter to allow for your erection. See the idea is that with this mark, you can gauge how deep you go. Now just by way of explanation, not criticism or anything, if your penis were the average five inches, we could just say don’t go in quite all the way. But we can’t change what you’re endowed with, and truth be said, wouldn’t want to. Oh, and by the way, this is a surgical pen so the mark is gonna stay on your shaft for a day or two, depending on how much soap you use when you shower.”

Once Ray had marked me, Candy tossed the dildo aside and Ray took out a tube of YES. “So now Ralph, I’ll need to lube you just like when I sampled your semen in the hospital, just that this time it’s mainly for Candy’s comfort. Of course I’ll do it in a way that’ll get you nice and hard too – just like in the hospital.”

Ray had a way with her hands and considering her sexual orientation, that was especially surprising and admirable. For a lesbian, she sure knew what was what when it came to handling a dick. Cradling me in the palm of one hand and using her finger on the rim and hole, I was raring to go in no time. Candy lay back on the table and pulled her legs up in a spread position. I needed no coaching and my lubricated dick slid right in. Ray held Candy’s hands while I pounded away, all the while watching so the mark didn’t get submerged. When I came, I couldn’t help noticing how the two women’s hands were tightly clasped.

When it was over, I slid out and Ray gave me a towel. Candy lay on her back in a foetal position. Ray explained that was to improve the chance of conception.

By the time I got my clothes back on, Candy was up and sitting on the edge of the table, now with her dress covering her legs. Ray explained that I’d need to come back the next morning early before they needed to leave for work.

I rang their doorbell around six and was greeted by a sleepy eyed Candy still wearing her sleep shirt. The procedure went pretty much the same, albeit without the explanations and dick marking. After I’d slipped out and wiped off, Ray told me to come back that evening around eight. “The more often we do it, the better the chance of success.”

That evening I got surprised by the change in procedure. Ray answered the door and beckoned me to the kitchen where a stark naked Candy was sitting on the table. Without my asking, Ray offered an explanation. “We want to maximise the probability of success and that is increased by, among other factors, if Candy has an orgasm.”

I was taken aback and hardly knew what to say. “Uh, you want me to try harder, go deeper?”

Ray, obviously in charge, answered. “I’m going to contribute. Going deeper, it depends, we’ll see. You’ll know or we’ll tell you. Now let’s get you lubed up.”

Unlike the first two times when Ray lubed me, this time Candy was in on it too. Candy’s involvement put more zest in me – something both women noticed and Ray commented on. “You trying to set some kinda record? Try not to set a speed record cumming. See the idea is to get Candy to cum, if not before you, then pretty soon after you fire your wad.”

Candy took a position like before, knees up, legs spread, but this time half sitting up supporting her upper body with upper arms, elbows on the table. Ray, this time standing to Candy’s right side, put her left arm around Candy.

My signal to enter turned out to be Ray cupping Candy’s tits with her right hand.  I tried to go slow but holding back wasn’t easy, the sight of Ray forming and reforming Candy’s tits and pinching her nipples was as much a turn-on for me as for Candy. At some point, I announced my imminent eruption with a groan and gasp. Ray knew exactly what to do - not to slow me down but to speed Candy up. Her right hand went down to the top of Candy’s slit and found her happy button. I managed not to let go until Candy squealed. Ray didn’t squeal but from the sight of her sweaty forehead, she must have been pretty wet too.

Like the night before, Ray handed me a towel after I slid out. Then she surprised me. “Ralph, how about some breakfast? Eggs, ham, toast, we need you to keep up your stamina.”

“You mean, tonight again?”

“Of course. We want this ovulation to be the one. Say six thirty. We’ll have dinner first.”

Dinner turned out to be Porterhouse steaks and salad and garlic bread. We had what looked to be a really expensive red wine with dinner and the three of us got nicely loosened up. Ray announced the program. “Ralph, Candy’s ovulation is coming to an end so tonight will be the last time for you to fuck her, unless of course we haven’t been successful. Anyway we thought we might do something a little special tonight – well, different anyway.”

I didn’t say anything, just looked as eager as I could.

“We thought we’d have you lay on the table and Candy will fuck you – at first anyway. Just for kicks – your kicks at least. When you cum, we want Candy on her back because that’s more ideal for conception. So we need to watch for when you get close so then she can get up and you two can change places.”

Laying on the table like that, stark naked with a lesbian on either side of me turned out to not be the formula for getting a hard-on. I started to make excuses. “This is a little unusual for me.”

Ray countered with, “For us too. Especially how we’re gonna handle things. Then the two of them went to work on me. They slobbered on my dick so much that the lube got forgotten. Candy straddled me and her pussy swallowed my dick easily. I managed to warn them in time and we switched places. Candy got it off but it was Ray fiddling with her button that did the trick, not my tool slamming in and out.

A couple weeks later I came home from work and was digging out my jogging clothes when the doorbell rang. It was Candy smiling and holding up her thumb. “We made the second transfer today.”

I had mixed feelings. On one hand, I had another 10 grand to help satisfy my college debt in addition to the five I had with the upfront money. The downside though was that I wouldn’t be doing any more plunging into Candy’s silky depths. It had already been over two weeks since that final Friday night when we did the switchover act on the kitchen table. As the days went by, I got hornier – so horny that even the thought of fucking Candy on the kitchen table made me get hard. When the daydreams of the wedding night with a naked Sydney started reappearing, I even considered paying for pleasure, However, I backed off when I found out what the going rates were.

It even occurred to me that a visit to Violet’s Smoothness Studio might be a way of getting relief. Thing was though, having been waxed just over a month earlier, I was still pretty smooth and if I went in that way, it’d be obvious that I just wanted to be naked under the eyes of a female. Finally, I thought ‘what the fuck, there must be others who come in for a waxing and don’t really need one.’ In the end, I gave in and got out the business card Violet had given me. It had been in my wallet since the Saturday when she’d waxed me and taking it out, I got a big surprise. Handwritten on the back was a phone number – different from the one printed on the front.

I remembered Violet, the depilationist, as  a curvy full breasted woman with frizzy brown hair and old enough to be my mother. Could it be that she intended contact outside of business hours? I was ecstatic and not just over potential sex, just having a normal close personal contact would help me. On the other hand, maybe she had put her private phone number on the card for somebody else and given me the card by mistake. But still, I had the number and what harm could come from calling?

So a few days later, I came home from work and after a couple beers to get my nerve up, I rang the number on the back of Violet’s card. Guess what? She didn’t bite. In fact anything but. “Oh Ralph, so nice to hear your voice. How’s everything going?”

Other than ‘okay’ or ‘just fine,’ what could I tell her? Certainly not that I’d successfully impregnated Candice Meierhans on the first go-round. I made up some stuff about how busy I’d been packing away knowledge about the infrastructure needed for developing lithium mines.

She seemed really interested in lithium mine development so I went into it a little deeper. “Ralph, your work sounds really fascinating. Maybe we could get together and you can tell me more. It always more interesting to hear stuff like that in person.”

Violet’s idea of getting together was inviting me for dinner the following Friday evening. Like a real young gentleman suitor, which strictly speaking, I was not, I brought flowers – a dozen red roses. Of course that really opened her heart and her apartment door was hardly closed and I got some kisses that seemed above and beyond simple polite thanks. Her light summer dress was snug enough to emphasize all the feminine attractions that she had to offer – especially some deep cleavage.

When my hand wandered down her back to her waist, she remembered that she had dinner partly prepared and if she let a virile young man like myself have his way, dinner might burn. “Mmmm Ralph, that feels good. But I promised you dinner.”

I was pretty sure where the evening could lead, I just didn’t know exactly how it was going to play out or what I’d need to do so that it did play out right.

She made something called coq au vin, a chicken stew-like dish that a boy from the sticks of Southern Illinois had never heard of, leave along ever tasted. On the table was a bottle of a red wine with a label like I’d never seen before. When she offered seconds of the coq au vin, I didn’t hesitate. My experience with high cuisine may have been limited, but what’s good is good, no matter who eats it. The wine was very damn smooth and we had no trouble polishing off the bottle.

I offered to help clear the table but Violet was too gracious a host to allow that. “No Ralph, you’re my guest. You’ve been working so hard learning all that stuff about mines and all, I want you to relax. Now just take a seat in the living room and I’ll be right with you.”

Never having been a big kitchen work enthusiast, it was pretty easy to do as Violet said. Except that I had a feeling and hope that the relaxing wouldn’t last too long. And after a bit of kitchen noise and a trip to the bathroom, she did join me – carrying two glasses of some sort of after-dinner liquor – to relax. After handing one to me, she sat down on my right and quite close.

“You know Ralph, as interesting as your work sounds, I’d like to hear something about you.” And just like Ray and Candy had done, she got it all out of me – all the high school shit, the sexless affair with Sydney, the made-up hook-ups at SIU. And sure enough, just like with Ray and Candy, I ended up admitting all the masturbation when I was going with Sydney. I guess women just love to hear guys admit that they need to wank off.

Then somehow, almost without my noticing, she got on the subject of the deal with Ray and Candy. “Oh they’re steady customers. Couple years at least. Yeah I’m the one who makes them smooth down there. Yeah Ray too, not just Candy. Lots of L-girls don’t like to have hair tickling their noses.”

My face must have turned really red because of what she said. “Does it embarrass you Ralph? Shouldn’t. After all I’m pretty well acquainted with your body – in both conditions.”

I mumbled something or other and she went on. “And I even got to watch you cum. And boy did you ever. Ray and Candy must have been really satisfied. By the way, which one is supposed to carry the baby? Candy, right?”

“Yeah, it was Candy. She’s pregnant already. First round did the job.”

The tone of her reply was one of voyeuristic curiosity. “First round? So you did it more than once?”

The expression on her face, a mixture of interest and understanding, seduced me into giving her more than a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ reply. “Yeah, they wanted to be sure. Otherwise we’d have had to do it again next month. ”

“Had to? Wasn’t it so pleasant for you Ralph?”

“Violet, I meant the ‘had to’ for Candy and Ray. Hell, they’re a lesbian couple. The fucking wasn’t supposed to be fun.”

“That’s a shame – for you. But you got to hand it to them. Getting pregnant the natural way. Most lesbian pairs, use a donor, either anonymous through a sperm bank or some man they know.”

Then our glasses were empty and after both of us had put them on the coffee table, Violet kicked off her slippers and took up that unique-to-females sitting position – knees bent and feet under her rear end. Maybe it’s more comfortable for women, but it has, in any case, the effect of pushing up their skirts and displaying more thigh.

So there we were, sitting on the couch, half facing one another and with her hemline more than halfway up from her knees to her crotch, I was looking at lots of female thigh in addition to her abundant cleavage. With her head slightly cocked to one side, expectant smile and pursed lips, there was only one outcome: Our lips crashed together and both quickly opened to allow some pretty suggestive tongue interaction. She shifted position towards me, as if to make me more aware of her generous breasts. Since my hand was already on her rib cage, it was not a big move to where, for the first time in my life, I had a female breast in my hand – albeit covered by dress and bra.

So engrossed in the sensation of finally engaging with female breasts, and very generous ones at that, I only slowly became aware of a pressure on my upper thigh, a pressure that could have only one cause. I got harder than hard and before I could really wonder how I could coax her hand even higher, I felt it creeping higher. “Ralph, you really liked talking about Sydney and Candy and Ray, didn’t you.” Then the hand went up over my sack to the base of my shaft, up the shaft and then that wondrous mind blowing feeling of female fingers moving over my glans – albeit over my jeans and shorts. “Oh yes, I can feel how much you liked it.”

The offending cloth layers really had to go. Should I unzip her dress? That seemed a little brash so I decided to go down by way of her neckline. No objections from Violet, but the bra kept me from getting more than a couple fingers in her deep cleavage. Did I have the guts to do what needed to be done, namely unzip the dress and unhook the bra? Fortunately it was not my decision. Violet said, “There’s a zipper in back that needs opening.” And when my shaking hands finally got that open, she continued, “And you need to undo the hooks too.”

Bra hooks being totally unfamiliar to me and with my fingers shaking, Violet interrupted in a soft sweet voice. “Let me.”

And then there was the miracle – the top of her dress down and the bra in her lap, those gorgeous globes! I needed no more encouragement. My right hand on her back, my left went exploring. “See Ralph, isn’t it better having things out in the open?”

I couldn’t agree more and mumbled assent as I went on exploring and trying. From her sighs and moans, I learned pretty quickly that light pinching of her pink nipples was a way to move things along. And things did move. I felt fingers creeping over my belt buckle and to bare skin behind it. Then confirmation of what I hoped would happen. “Ralph, wouldn’t it be better if both of us had things out in the open?”

She hardly waited for my mumbled assent. In a flash, my belt was unbuckled and my fly zipped down. Her hands inside my shorts and jeans at the hips was the signal to raise my ass and she worked them down to and over my ankles. “Oh Ralph!” and her hand was holding my shaft and stroking softly and slowly. Our lips met again, opened, and our tongues were mingling as she continued stroking. But I wanted more taste of her nipples and broke off the kiss. What a feeling holding those marvellous tits and sucking and nipping the nipples as she continued her slow stroking! But more was to come. “Ralph, I want to show you real pleasure.” She broke off my attention to her breasts and without another word, bent down and planted her lips on my glans, first light breathing then wet lips touching, kissing. Then with her mouth over the glans, I felt her tongue licking all over my glans.

One thing was clear: Violet definitely knew what to do with a penis. But she’d hardly begun. The real thing was yet to come and that real thing was my first blow job. She didn’t just bob up and down with a wet mouth, she did some real sucking.

Reluctant to cum in her mouth, I protested. “Violet, I’m getting close.”

She backed off, looked up at me with a sweet smile. “Actually, I wouldn’t mind. But another time.” But Violet had more oral pleasure in mind. Cupping my balls in one hand and with the other around the base of my dick, she took to kissing the head, not a long slurpy kiss, more like pecking with her lips, even alternating with quick licks.

I wondered if I could do it. A high school buddy who was getting it on with his chick told me that a pussy smells like fish that’s been in a lunch box too long in a warm room. But my first lunch at the wye was to be delayed. “Ralph, we need to go to my bedroom.”

As she got up her dress fell off completely and off to her bedroom we went, Violet clad only in her undies and me with a raging hard-on. After tossing the covers back, she faced up against me with her generous boobs flattened on my chest and guided my hand down inside the waistband of her panties. What I felt down there wasn’t what I expected to feel and sensitive woman that she was, she noticed. “

In my breeding of Candy, I’d learned only a little of the female terrain but only with my dick, which had pretty much gone straight into the place it needed to go. Now was the time for real exploration. Fortunately Violet was patient and put up with my clumsiness – but not for long. “Ralph, take my panties off.”

Working them down, I got a fine intimate view of something that surprised me: Instead of a smooth depilated vulva, I found myself looking at a neatly trimmed crop of brown pubic hair. I felt like I wanted to nuzzle her slit but before I could, she’d already sat down on the bed and pulled me down. Violet on her back and knee’s bent and spread, even a rookie like me couldn’t miss the welcome. Now with my experience fucking Candy, I was in more familiar terrain and slid nicely into her but not all the way – not that it mattered, the feeling was so exhilarating. I started slow but her pants and moans encouraged me. Faster and faster and at the same time deeper. “Violet!”

“It’s okay Ralph! Now Ralph, yes!” Then I felt a burning scratching on my back.”

Afterwards we lay nuzzled together on the side of the bed away from the wet spot.

“So I was your first, Ralph?”

“Well yeah, except if you count Candy.”

“I wouldn’t count Candy. You didn’t even touch her boobs or kiss her, did you? From what you told me, she just laid on the table and had you stick it in her.”

“Actually, I did more that just stick it in. If I hadn’t been able to really fuck her, I mean like stick it in and out, I coulda never cum.”

“Okay, but you know what I mean. What we did – what you did was the real thing. That girl you went with, this Sydney, if she only knew what she’s missed out on.”

“So Violet, you think I did okay then?”

“You sure did. By the way, let me look at your back. I mighta dug into you when I came.”

She got a cool wash cloth and some antiseptic spray.

When we got cuddled together again, she started fondling my soft dick. “Ralph, you got good equipment and you handled it real fine. Like I said, that Sydney never knew what she was missing.”

Our mutual groping led to the logical conclusion and afterwards, all sweaty and cuddled together, I told her how surprised I was that she wasn’t bare below.

“God knows I tried it often enough. Thing is, the skin around my pussy is like extra tender and gets real sore when I’m bare.”

That Friday evening was the beginning of something that went on till the time came for me to leave for Chile. It got to where I was spending three and four nights at her place and on weekends, we’d go on trips – like to resorts at the sea or in the Appalachians. And we didn’t go to budget places either. Every place had something special – round water bed, in-the-room Jacuzzi, canopy bed, ceiling mirror, etc. – all way beyond my budget but not beyond Violet’s.

It didn’t take long and I’d nearly forgotten the donor affair with Candy and Ray. Then one Tuesday evening in early October I came home from work and before I even got changed, the doorbell rang. It was Candy. My ‘how you doing’ got a story of morning sickness and weight gain before she came out with the invitation to dinner that evening. “If it’s convenient to you, Ralph.”

It just so happened that that I hadn’t arranged anything with Violet that night so of course, it was convenient to me. After dinner and over dessert, I found out why Candy and Ray were suddenly interested in me again. It was Candy who explained. “See Ralph, we’ve always had this understanding that we’d have kids, each of us one. And that ideally, they’d be at least a couple years apart. But now seeing how it worked with you and with you leaving in a few months, we thought that, well, maybe you could donate to Ray.”

I was kind of dumbfounded. All I could think of to say was to thank them for the confidence they were showing in me.

Candy quickly went on. “Of course you’d be reimbursed, just like with me.”

“This is kinda sudden.”

Ray chimed in with and explanation. “You’re gonna be here only for another couple months so when we made up our minds, we couldn’t wait too long.”

After all the intimate pleasure with Violet, I was mentally balking at going back to just sticking it in and ejaculating. On the other hand another fifteen grand meant I’d be free of my college debt another couple of years earlier.

“Okay, I’ll do it - for another fifteen grand.”

Ray wanted to chisel. “We thought ten cause all the testing and depilation’s been done.”

“Think of it as paying for a proven system. Candy’s pregnant and that makes me a proven system.”

I could see they were both pretty surprised that I came back that quick. That happens a lot with Easterners when they deal with Mid-Westerners. That’s the price they have to pay for their snooty attitudes. We had another helping of dessert and Ray finally gave in. “I should be ovulating in a little over a week. Needless to say, you need to be here.”

The next couple days I debated whether to tell Violet about this upcoming second donation. If she got super pissed and told me to get lost, I’d be back to wanking my last two months before leaving for Chile. On the other hand, the fifteen grand looked mighty good and what’s two months of pleasant fucking when you look at it in the context of a lifetime. Anyway, thinking back, I recalled her voyeuristic curiosity over the donation to Candy.

And that’s how it turned out. The following Friday night Violet and I went out for dinner and a movie and afterwards over drinks, I told her about Ray wanting to get pregnant. It was in a smooth agreeable voice and a knowing grin that she acknowledged my upcoming stallion performance. “So this time you’re gonna be dipping it in Ray the dark haired butch type, huh?”

“They wanna have kids about the same age.”

“You know Ralph, it don’t surprise me that they want you to breed Ray too. For one thing, that way their two kids will have similar genetics. Then there’s the fact that by the time either kid is born, you’re gonna be 5,000 miles away so and shacked up with some cute little black haired Chilean. See, this way they get the sperm they need and you’re not gonna be around to bother them about visiting rights and such aggravating shit.”

I thought that over a bit and saw that she made sense. I just nodded understanding.

“Oh and something else. You said you never told them about our little affair. They probably can’t imagine that you been dipping your magnificent rod in anything else since you bred Candy. They might not even want or need to test you again.”

I agreed that might have made my donation more attractive too. Then something else occurred to me. “Violet, about this cute little black haired Chilean. It doesn’t sound like that prospect bothers you anymore than my fucking Ray.”

“Ralph, I’m old enough to be your mother. And my name’s not Brigitte and yours isn’t Emmanuel. Our future together is kinda short-term at best.”

We really went all out that night. The next day Violet took me sightseeing in D.C. and we had a nice dinner somewhere between DuPont Circle and Downtown.

Later back at her place, she gave me the surprise of my life. We’d just walked in and kicked off our shoes and I just had to show her my appreciation. I took her in my arms and we kissed passionately. Breaking off, I whispered to her, “Violet, it’s been a great day. I really want to make you happy tonight. I wanna do something real special for you.”

“You do? Anything?”

I wondered what she’d be asking for. Hell, I’d eaten her out in every variation I’d ever read about or seen in any porn flick. Then It occurred to me that she might want anal or even oral anal. Well, I’d said I wanted to do something special and I hadn’t qualified it. I whispered, “Yes, anything.”

“You won’t be mad?”

“How could I ever be mad at you Violet?”

“Could we do it like you did it with Candy?”

We took the cushion off one of her chaise lounges, put it on her dining table and draped it with a bed sheet. Violet put on a loose fitting summer dress and I undressed completely. As usual, nude in her presence, I didn’t stay soft.

“They had me put on lots of lube.”

“I doubt if you’re gonna need it but let’s do it as realistic as we can.”

She was right, I didn’t need any lube. Actually we’d never needed any lube, not even close. This time I just slid right in – so easily that I wondered if either of us would get off. Thanks though to Violet’s special muscle control both of us did get off – big time. Afterwards when we showered together, she took special care in washing my dick with mild soap.

It turned out that Ray began ovulating the following weekend so instead of dinner with Violet on Friday night, I had dinner with Ray and Candy and afterwards they prepped the table and things went pretty much the same as with Candy.

Back at my place later, I called Violet. She wanted to know how it went, meaning of course that she wanted a voyeuristic blow-by-blow account. I said I’d rather come over and give her the voyeuristic blow-by-blow account in person.

Her answer surprised me at the time. “Look Ralph, I’d rather have you here telling me face-to-face but you and I both know how that’d end up. And look, Ray and Candy want you back there tomorrow morning for another session, right?” She didn’t wait for my agreement. “So tomorrow morning, you need to be primed. You come over here now and we’d do it two or three times and you won’t be so well primed tomorrow morning.”

I had to agree and she went on. “So Ray’s gonna be ovulating tomorrow and Sunday but Sunday, it’s over. So as soon as they say you’re done, give me a ring.”

It turned out Violet was exactly right. I fucked Ray Saturday morning and again in the late afternoon. On Sunday morning, they had me fuck her really early and again close to lunch. Then they said it was enough and we had lunch.

By mid-afternoon, I was ringing Violet’s doorbell. She was wearing a light green summer dress with a sunflower pattern – low neckline and hanging to slightly below her knees. Looking at her deep cleavage, there was no sigh of a bra. I was hard even before our bodies slammed together. My right hand went for her hemline and on up there was no cloth in the way of very wet damp slit. She broke off our smooch to tell me that she’d already thrown back the covers on her bed.

I started spending more and more time with Violet – so much that often days went by without sleeping in my apartment. Violet even started doing laundry for me. It was like I’d almost forgotten about Candy and Ray. It was getting on into November when I went by my apartment to see if there was any mail. Ray must have heard me because she came out and stopped me on the landing. Barely a greeting, just, “We transferred the fifteen grand last week.”

After I acknowledged that with, “Thanks, good,” there was an awkward silence. Then thinking she needed to say more to the father of her and her wife’s kids, the only thing she could think of to say was, “So I guess we’re all done. Good luck in Chile”

And that was that. Afterwards they would say ‘hi’ when we’d see one another but there were no more invitations for coffee, meals or parties. And it was just as well because I was nicely shacked up with Violet and our affair went on full blast right up until I left for South America in January.

Her predictions of my tying up with a dark-haired Chilean cutie didn’t seem to want to come true. I wasn’t frustrated at first and just accepted that the language was a big barrier. The other thing too was that at first I was up north in smaller cities in the Atacama where making social contacts just wasn’t very simple.

Towards the end of my first year, the company put me in charge of projects that were managed from the office in Santiago. If anyone asks me what Santiago is like, my answer is that it reminds me of a mid-size California city – both from appearance and social attitudes. (Of course, I learned that only later after I’d travelled a lot more.) My social life improved dramatically, which of course reminded me of Violet’s prediction that I’d get tied up with some pretty dark-haired Chilean. Then I met Julieta at a party and immediately assumed from her excellent English and blond hair that she was American or European. Then Julieta let me know that her Chilean pedigree went back to Spanish colonists in the 1700’s.

Our relationship took off quickly and it wasn’t more than a few weeks later that we found ourselves on the couch in her apartment and in a situation that could end only one way. To my panted “I want you Julieta,” she panted back, “Then take me!” I led her to her bedroom where upon relieving her of her panties, I got a surprise – such a big surprise that Julieta couldn’t help notice. “Is something wrong?”

“No, absolutely not! Nothing’s wrong. It’s just that that you’re so beautiful, Julieta!”

Afterwards, all sweaty we cuddled together and groped some more. Then, Julieta let me know that not much got by her. “Ralph, I couldn’t help noticing your surprise when you took my panties off. Just that you know, about 10% of all Spanish people are blonde.”