Weekend with My Mother-in-law III

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29 Aug. '22

Craig was that in between state of sleep and and awake.  He felt Lee move in his arms and then felt Lee's fingertip caressing his right nipple.  He sighed softly and Lee said, "Craig that was one of the most intense oral orgasms I have ever experienced.  If  you do half that well with Amy she will never had any need to look any place else.  Such a talented mouth and tongue."  With that Lee kissed Craig.  

He sighed softly into her mouth as they kissed.  His breath being inhale by her and her's being inhaled by him.  A sharing of their souls made them even closer.  They kissed long, hard and deep.  As they did Craig felt Lee's hand move down his body.  Down his rib cage, across she belly, through his trimmed pubic hair and then gently wrapped her hand around his erection.  

She broke the kiss and said, "Feels like little Craig is ready to some fun."  They both just giggled and she began to kiss his way down his body.  She spent a great deal of time kissing, licking and sucking on his nipples.  He was in heaven as she pleasured his nipples.  "Oh honey, that feels so good."  Then before Lee could say anything Craid continued, "Is it ok if I call you 'honey?"

Lee smiled gave him a quick kiss and said, "Yes darling, whatever you want to call me, I will  answer too."  With that she went back to gently stroking his cock and kissing her way down his body.  She kissed down his body and then moved between his legs.  She looked up and him and he looked down at her.  

"Baby, do not worry about anything, especially cuming in my mouth."  She placed a small kiss on the tip  of his cock.  "I enjoy feeling a man shooting his cum in my mouth and I do enjoy the taste.  So, just relax and enjoy totally.  Put everything else out of your mind."  She smiled and then kissed the tip of his cock once again.  He smiled at her close his eyes.  

Start at the base of his cock she licked slowly up to the tip of his cock.  Then back down again and slowly licking her ways up.  Each time she reached the tip she would place a little kiss on the tip of his cock.  She kept this up for quite a while and then kissed to running her tongue around his balls.  

Her tongue flew all over his balls and the feeling was just wonderful.  It was a light  touched that sexually tickled his balls in a most amazing way.  She didn't rush but licked like she really enjoyed what she was doing.  He focused on the feeling and nothing else.  

Then she changed up up and gently sucked one his balls into her mouth.  As she sucked on his ball she gently stroked his cock.  She then puller her mouth away and sucked on the other ball.  It was about then that Craig wished he had five of six balls for Lee to love on.  The feeling was simply amazing and he knew he had to tell Amy to please do this to him.  

Then she lifted his balls and flicked that spot between anus and his balls.  "OH MY COD," was all he could say.  "Feels to fucking good.  Please don't stop."  Lee smiled to herself.  She wanted he son-in-law to feel good.

As she licked their she put he arms under each leg at the knee.  She pushed her rams up and Craig luted his legs and the soles of his feet were on the mattress.  Lee's licks began to other parts of his nether region when she getnly licked his rosebud.  He moaned but felt awakkward that she licked him there.  

"Lee, you don't have to lick me there," she said.  "Why not?  Dont you like it?" she replied.  "Oh my god no, it's amazing.  I've just never had anyone do that for me before."

Lee lifted her head and asked, "Amy's never done that for you?"

"No, she hasn't," Craig replied.  "Well, I will have a little talk with her when she gets back."

With some panic in his voice said, "Oh god, no don't tell her that."

"Baby, I'm not going to say, 'While I was licking your hubby's rosebud he told me you never licked him there.'  We do talk about sex from time to time and I can just gently suggest it to her sometime."  

In a relieved voice Craig siad, "Yes, that would work."

He no sooner got the words out of his mouth than Lee's mouth engulfed his throbbing hard on, but she slipped a finger up inside his rosebud.  "Oh my god.  Ive never had that before."

"Does it hurt," she asked.

"God no.  It feels amazing again no one has ever done that to me before."  

She removed his mouth form his cock and siad, "I will tactfully mention that men do indeed enjoy a finger in their rosebuds and it doesn't mean they are gay."

They both laughed.   With that she put her mouth back on his cock and lowered her lips to his balls.  All he could do is moan.  

Pretty soon her head started to bob up and down faster and faster and just as he was getting near to cuming, she stopped sucking on him.

He lifted his head smiled and said,"Oh you evil woman."  

She cackled and in a withes voice said. "All the better to control you with my dear."  Now he laughed and in a moment she was back to sucking.  As she sucked she swirled her tongue around his cock and her finger moved in and out of is rosebud.  He was beginning to moan again, when she stopped..  

In mock frustration Craig said, "Have you no pity your heart, woman?"

She cackled again and said, Not for you baby."  

Again her mouth engulfed him.  And once again he brought him close but then changed course on him.

He was sweating and frustrated.  "I thought you liked me," he cried out.  

"I do like you," she replied, "that's why I'm doing this for you.  It's all about the pleasure darling.  If I didn't love you, I would not do this for you."

Once again she went back to sucking and he close his eyes hoping this time would be the time.  She sucked greedily and pushed her finger deeper into him.  He jumped as an even more plasurable sensation filled his anal cavity.  The pressure of his finger and her sucking were making him dizzy with pleasure.  

"It seems you like a prostate massage," Lee said.  "Should make your orgasm even more intense.  I'll tell Amy about it, I promise."

Her mouth closed around ham gain.  He reached up with his hands and began to caress his nipples.  The pleasure at the tip of his cock and in his prostate were so intense he thought he might be losing his mind.  The feeling was overwhelming.  He moaned with joy and Lee kept working on him.  

AS she sucked and massages his prostate he felt the ograsm approaching the point of no return.  All he could do was focus on the pleasure and then it happened.  The orgasm took over.  That perfect second when the orgasm begins and just before you first spurt.  The please is overwhelming.  You feel like you are floating on a cloud of pleasure.  You try to hold off your first spurt because it feels so good and then you surrender. 

The first ejaculation is just a drop appearing at the tip, then along powerful spurt, and then another, and another.  Hie body convulsed.  His head, shoulders, and feet rose off the bed.  He cried out in a loud voice.  He could not control his body.  He flailed away until the orgasm began to subside.  

Exhausted his head hit hte pillow along with shoulders and legs.  Lee came up and they kissed.  Suddenly his mouth was filled with his own cum.  He had tasted himself a couple of times but never with such volume.  Their tongues moved around in each other's mouths as they shared the life  giving liquid.  They broke the kiss and just cuddled for a while.  

"How are you feeling?" asked Lee.  "OMG, I have never felt anything so intense in my whole life," he replied.  She gave him quick kiss and said, "How about something cold to drink?"  

He smiled and said, "Sounds wonderful."

"Don't move," she said.  

He laughed, "I couldn't move if I had to.  Every ounce of energy in my body has been sucked out of  me."  She gave him a quick kiss and left.  He lay there wondering what more they could do with each other.