Invitation to the Party

Juliana once again lay naked on her bed. The covers and upper sheet were pushed down to the end of the bed so that she was flat on her back uncovered on the lower sheet. Her hands were slowly sliding up and down her body as she listened to the noise of the party going on above her. This was rapidly becoming her Friday night routine.

The building was very old and the walls were definitely not sound insulated, but it was all that she could afford. From her living room, she could often hear the TVs blaring in the adjacent apartments and sometimes even from the floor below. But there was never any noise from the apartment above her.

Then the Friday night parties began. Slowly Friday nights began to become noisier and noisier. At first it was just the music that she heard and the sound of people dancing. Then one Friday she went to bed early with a headache. That’s when she realized that the floorplan of that apartment must be very different from hers. The living room must be directly above her bedroom because lying on her bed, she could clearly hear the buzz of party conversations going on above her.

Then the conversations got... weird. Week after week, the party got louder and the conversations became regularly interspersed with laughter and even surprised shrieks from some of the female guests present. And beneath it all was the sound of people having sex.

At first, she thought of it as people making love. But if there are a dozen or more people at a party and everyone is passionately gasping and moaning, that isn’t making love. That is having sex... lots of sex... and it was every Friday night.

So every Friday night Juliana would lay naked on the bed rubbing her body and pretending to be part of the party upstairs. She would find herself stifling her own moans as she soared to peaks of passion with the women at the party. But as the weeks passed, it became harder and harder to take herself really high. Her gentle stroking had given way to desperately rubbing her crotch. Then she drove across town to visit an adult bookstore where she bought her first vibrator. A month later, a second trip to that same store resulted in a bigger vibrator. A few weeks after that, it was an even bigger vibrator with “rocket power,” meaning that not only did it heavily vibrate, it rapidly expanded up and down almost violently. But even that was starting to wane, so most recently she had taken to putting plastic clothespins on her nipples, and last week on her clit.

Tonight she was in bed early. The party had barely begun. She was slowly sliding her hands up and down her body, gently tweaking her nipples as her fingers went past her breasts on the way up and on the way down. She waited for the sex noises to begin before inserting her mega-vibrator. It was early so she turned it to its lowest setting. In that way it would just begin to stoke the fires within her.

The sounds of the party became louder and she turned up the vibrator to half power. It was time to put the clothespins on her nipples. She allowed herself to shriek slightly as the plastic bit into her nipple. She had learned to keep the clip as close to the very tip of her nipple as possible to create the greatest pain. But it wasn’t really pain, it was just one more sensation taking her higher and higher. Then the music and conversation faded slightly and the sounds of sex filled the room. It was time to put the clothespin on her clit and turn the vibrator up to maximum. She was almost there when the pounding started on her front door.

“No, no,” she moaned painfully.

“Go away,” she tried to say, but the words wouldn’t come. Finally she gave a frustrated gasp and released the pins from her breasts and her clit and shut off the vibrator.

“Just a minute,” she called out as she slipped the vibrator from inside her, stood up, and slipped on a robe.

When she looked out into the hallway through the peep hole, she gasped in surprise. Four couples were standing in the hallway smiling at her. They were all naked. And even stranger than that, the four women each had small silver bells hanging from shiny loops which pierced their nipples.

“We’re here to invite you to the party,” one of the naked women said brightly. “Please open your door.”

She did so and one of the women took her hand and guided her out into the hallway. As she stepped out of her door, one of the men gently slid the robe from her body saying, “You won’t need this.” Then together they walked to the elevator which was standing open waiting for them.

Juliana looked around in wonder as the elevator rose one floor. When the elevator doors once again opened, the four women walked in front of her and the four men followed her as they went down the hallway to the apartment. She gasped slightly in surprise as she entered. The apartment was at least twice the size of hers. The decor was obviously opulent, but all of the furnishings seemed very out of date. Another half-dozen or so couples were dancing to lively music provided by a large stereo record player in a wooden cabinet. As they danced, she could hear the light tinkling of the bells which hung from the women’s nipples.

“Let me get you a drink,” one of the women said brightly as she pulled Juliana over to a pass through window which opened into a spotless kitchen furnished with harvest gold appliances.

“I always drink JD and Coke,” the woman said brightly as she placed a drink in Juliana’s hand. “You might want to drink that down,” the woman added, “you are going to have a very busy night.”

“What?” Juliana said, almost sputtering.

“Drink,” the woman ordered. “It will make everything even better.”

Another woman joined them. This one somehow seemed more refined and spoke with a much softer voice. “We have a tradition that new guests to my parties get to sample the most intense experiences,” she said quietly.

Juliana remained quiet with her eyes focused on the woman’s breasts. Her nipple bells were gold, not silver.

“What she means,” the first woman said with a slight laugh, “is that we are going to fuck your brains out tonight.”

“Wait... wait...” Juliana started to object but then one of the men said softly, “Isn’t this what you have been dreaming about every week as you lay downstairs on your bed?”

Juliana slowly nodded her head and the man continued, “If you want to go back downstairs, you are free to go. But if you want to stay, then I would drink up.”

She again nodded her head and raised the glass to her lips. She usually drank wine, but the Jack Daniel’s and Coke tasted great. It also burned all the way down and then seemed to explode and light a fire of lust in her whole body.

“Are you ready?” a voice asked as she finished draining the glass.

She nodded once again and the woman with the golden bells said, “Let’s adjourn to the play room.” The woman then gently pulled her by the arm toward a doorway at the end of the living room. There were speakers in the corners of this room, so the music followed them into the play area. There was no furniture, but several double thick mattresses were scattered across the floor.

“Let’s start with the women,” a soft male voice said and two women pulled her toward the mattress in the center of the room. They gently laid her on her back. Now it was not her own hands that were moving up and down her body. A woman was kneeling on either side of her, leaning forward slightly so that they could run their hands all the way from the top of her neck down to her toes. And like she did when she lay in her own bedroom, they stopped to tweak and tease her nipples both on the way up and the way back down.

Soon, Juliana was moaning with passion and squirming on the bed. A quick gasp escaped her lips as two more hands joined the stroking. Another woman must be kneeling at her feet between her legs because those hands were sliding up the insides of her legs and tracing across her slit before once again moving back down to her ankles. In an imitation of the hands stroking her sides, these hands stopped to tweak and tease her clit as they slid by. She was now moaning loudly and rising up off the mattress in a bow as her back arched so tightly that only her shoulders and her heels were in contact with the mattress.

“She’s ready,” a female voice said softly but firmly and suddenly all of the hands left her body.

“Nooooo,” she said in a very deep, throaty, almost yell. That “No,” became an even deeper “Ahhhh!” as a mouth clamped down on her right nipple and started suckling. The “Ahhhh!” became slightly more shrill as a second mouth clamped down on her left nipple and even more shrill when a third mouth found her clit.

She was now bouncing and thrashing on the mattress and moaning very loudly. She had never, ever gone this high before. She called out, “No more, no more, I’ll die from the pleasure.”

There was soft laughter from the men and women standing around the mattress and the three women redoubled their suckling. With a loud and very shrill scream Juliana exploded in orgasm. Her mind went blank. Her world was filled only with extreme pleasure... and thunder.

As she slowly regained her senses, she realized that the thunder was applause from everyone in the play room. She closed her eyes and lay back on the mattress.

“Time for the men,” a male voice said and she felt new hands on her body. For some reason, she didn’t open her eyes. Maybe she didn’t want to see what was going to happen, or maybe with her eyes closed the sensations were much more intense.

Even with her eyes closed, however, she could tell that these were male hands. They were larger and they were less gentle as they mauled her breasts and squeezed her nipples. Then she felt something rubbing against the lips of her slit. It felt like her dildo, but was much softer... and warmer. Slowly it pushed into her. She had never actually had a man inside her before. The sensations were overwhelming. She gave a deep, guttural moan as she felt her insides adjust to the warm intruder.

Then the man began thrusting. He moved at a slow, even pace. She could feel his balls brush against the skin of her ass as he bottomed out. Then she could feel herself gripping him as he pulled himself back... back... back until her pussy lips began to close over the very tip of his prick. Then he would slowly push back in.

She could feel herself climbing toward another orgasm. She was almost there when suddenly she felt a very warm sensation as the man spurted within her.

“Nooooo,” she moaned softly as he pulled out. But then he was back. Or was this another man? He felt different. For one thing, his hips didn’t push her legs as far apart. For another, his prick slid in much more easily. He was thinner. Then she felt something strike her cervix. He was thinner, but longer... a lot longer. As the tip of his prick struck the top of her canal, his balls swung to lightly tap the skin of her ass. He wasn’t even all the way in.

He began thrusting. Unlike the first man, he pushed himself in very fast, and then pulled back very, very slowly. It was almost like he was making it impossible for her to know when he would once again spear her. He kept that up for a couple of minutes. Then she realized that he was not only bottoming out against the top of her shaft, his balls were now slamming into her pussy lips as well as the skin of her ass. She had somehow grown longer to accommodate him.

She felt herself again approaching orgasm. As she bounced beneath him, he suddenly sped up. It was almost as if her mega-vibrator had come to life as he pounded in and out of her. She moaned and gasped and panted as she approached that peak. Then he rammed himself very hard into her and held himself all of the way in. She could feel hot cum spurting into her cervix as her mind once again exploded.

When she regained her senses this time, she was laying face down on the mattress. Someone was scooping her fluids and the men’s cum out of her cunt and smearing it on her ass crack. A finger slowly pushed itself into her rosebud. She moaned slightly as the new sensations registered in her foggy mind. Soon there were two fingers. And then three. She found herself pushing back up against the hand that was penetrating her backside.

“You are ready,” a very deep voice said firmly and the hand was withdrawn. In its place was now the warm tip of a man’s prick.

“Don’t tighten up,” he said softly. “Just let it enter.”

He pulled her up onto her hands and knees and slowly, very slowly, pushed his prick into her nether regions. It didn’t hurt, but it wasn’t pleasure... yet. That would come after the man fully penetrated her and then rested while she got used to the feeling of fullness. The first strokes were neither pleasure nor pain, but then her body began to fill with the fire that she thought only possible from the front.

She began rocking back against his thrusts. She could feel his legs slap against her ass. His balls swung between her legs and tickled the base of her cunt. This was not a slow trip up orgasm mountain. This was a rocket blast taking her to the highest heights almost instantly. Her cries of “Oh, oh, oh, oh,” synchronized themselves with his thrusts into her ass. Then she felt that characteristic twitching of ejaculation and the fires engulfed her. She threw herself flat on the mattress and thrashed and yelled and screamed until her mind went blank.

She was alone on the mattress when her mind cleared. A man was sitting on a chair next to the mattress. He was smiling at her.

“Do you want to find out if you can cum from just pain?” he asked pleasantly. “You have played with pain to take you higher. Do you want to find out if you can go high just from pain play?”

When she stared back at him blankly, he added, “You don’t have to say yes or no. If you don’t want to find out, just lay there. But if you want to find out if pain alone can fuck your brains out, then come here and lay over my lap.”

Juliana found herself rising from the mattress and taking the few steps over to where the man was sitting. He guided her slowly over his lap.

“We don’t want you trying to stop the spanks, do we?” he said as he gently pulled her arms behind her back and wound a soft cloth around them so they were trapped with her arms bent and her hands against the opposite arm.

The refined woman with the soft voice and the golden bells knelt in front of her. “These will help,” she said with a smile as she held up two silver bells. The bells were hanging from a strange kind of clamp. The woman squeezed the center of one of the clamps and it opened. Then she reached down and carefully attached the clamp to Juliana’s right nipple. It pinched hard, but did not bite as much as the plastic clothespins.

Juliana quickly looked up at the second bell. The clamp was slightly padded by a rubber coating. The woman quickly attached the second clamp to Juliana’s left nipple. Then she tugged slightly on both clamps.

“That helps set the clamps,” the woman said. “If you don’t do that, a butterfly clamp can slip off, but once it is set pulling on it only makes it hold tighter.”

She laughed slightly and the tapped one of the bells with her fingertip. The bell rang melodiously.

The man now patted her ass lightly with his hand and said, “I will warm you up with my hand and then switch to a leather paddle and then a drilled wooden one.”

The first smacks were rather soft and Juliana lay docilely across his lap. Then the spanks became harder and harder and harder. She started flailing her legs and calling out “Ow, ow, ow,” with each stroke.

The flailing of her legs caused her whole body to rock up and down and the bells on her nipples began ringing out with each smack. As the bells swung back and forth, they tugged painfully on her nipples.

She was almost ready to call out, “Please stop!” when something changed. The spanks were just as hard, but they weren’t hurting as much. And the pulling of the nipple clamps was no longer painful. There was still pain, but there was something under the pain. It wasn’t pleasure... not really, but it was no longer pain. And then the something under the pain began to morph into the familiar sexual fire which she now craved.

“Let’s move this up a notch, shall we?” the man said pleasantly. The loud “Smack!” of his hand striking her ass cheeks now became a very loud “Thwack!” as the leather paddle slammed into her ass.

She screamed. But it wasn’t in pain. It was a mixture of surprise and need. The pain was taking her higher and she wanted it to continue. She wanted to go higher. She wanted her mind to once again explode.

But the explosion did not come. Not yet. She continued to go higher and higher. She was screaming and flailing her legs but at the same time she was calling out, “More. More. More.”

“You asked for it,” the man said with a chuckle.

The loud “Thwack!” of the wooden paddle striking her ass cheeks was almost the same as the sound of the leather paddle, but the wooden paddle was much longer and struck across both ass cheeks at the same time. And the wooden paddle made a strange swishing sound as it moved through the air toward her ass.

That swishing sound was caused by the dozen one inch holes drilled in the wood. With those holes, there was no cushion of air to soften the blow of the paddle. And beyond that, the area of her ass cheek within the open circle almost immediately became a red welt. The man swung again and again and again and her ass cheeks became dotted with red circular welts. As he continued, more welts sprang up on her ass while at the same time, the wood of the paddle slammed into the welts created by previous strokes. It was as if her entire body was on fire.

The spanking stopped. She squirmed and whimpered on the man’s lap. “Please, please, please,” she begged.

The woman was again kneeling before her. She was holding the bells tightly in her hands. She nodded at the man who was holding the wooden paddle high above his head.

The man laughed and brought the paddle down one last time with all of his strength. Juliana screamed as the intense pain overwhelmed her body. She arched her back painfully pulling the clamps off of both of her nipples.  She managed to take one giant gulp of air into her lungs before her mind exploded one last time and everything went black.

Juliana awoke in her own bed. “What a dream,” she said, slowly shaking her head. She very slowly pushed herself up from the bed and headed for the bathroom. She was sore all over. A loud yelp escaped her lips as she caught sight of herself in the bathroom mirror. Hanging from each breast by a silver hoop which pierced her nipple was a bright silver bell.

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