The bartender

You are walking through the streets of Bangkok and the memories of the last 4 months of travelling are passing by. You started in Jakarta, a city so big you still can’t grasp even after you spent more than two weeks there. Many people complain about it, say it’s not worthwhile, because of the noise, the dirt, and masses of people. But you actually liked the big city feeling, even late at night, there was still so much going on, you loved the chaos and the anonymity.

From Jakarta you moved on to Malaysia, the volcanos in Java, and the yoga retreats in Bali. Every place had its own charm, and you cherished every one of them. You realize how a smile forms on your face, when you think back on your travel. But now you are back in of the biggest cities in the world and you love to embrace the chaos once again. The parties, the restaurants, the city life. Finding your way among the millions of people who walk these streets every day.

But your lifestyle is not cheap and much sooner than you hoped you ran out of money. There is so much more you want to see and this part of Asia is packed with destinations you marked in your travel book, but first you need to find a way to finance this further. So, you continue to walk the streets and think of best ways to quickly find a job that will allow you to earn enough money to continue your journey.

You feel the sun burning on your skin and the heat reflected from the street and the houses around you. During this time of year, the heat is almost unbearable, so you decide to go back to your hotel an continue your search for a job in the evening hours. When you walk through the front doors, you see the small boy who always waves at you enthusiastically, and his bigger brother who checks out your body, when he thinks you are not paying attention.  

Back in your small apartment you are welcomed with an unpleasant smell, which seems to originate in the street below your window. Your room is rather small and not as cozy as you wished for, but at least its affordable. Right now, this is the most important criteria, as you will run out of money within the coming days. A thought which brings you back to the task you have. You decide to use the next couple of hours, to take a nap, as the search for a job may continue till late at night.

After a couple of hours rest, you get up and make yourself ready. You go through your bags and look for a suitable piece of cloth to wear in case you had the chance to apply right on the spot. You wouldn’t want to choose something to slutty and came across as needy. So, you decide on a nicer piece of clothing, which still showed all the advantages of your body. You made the experience that especially men, were often times not thinking with their head, if they had a beautiful girl in front of them and you plan to make this to your benefit.

As you out to the hotel lobby, you see the eyes of the older brother rest on you. They wander up and down and you decide to put your outfit to the test. Seemingly unintentionally you drop something to the ground and lean forwards to pick it up. Meanwhile observing in the mirror in front of you his reaction. You could see his eyes spark, and how his gaze rested on your ass. And if you are not misled by your own anticipation, you are positive to see a bulge form in his pants. You stop your teasing for the moment and decide to get out on the streets for a second time this day.

You wander around and find very little job opportunities. The economy is not in a great state and unemployment is skyrocketing, which makes it probably even harder for a foreign to get a job, specially as you are not fluent in the local language or have any qualifications. You see a couple of massage salons that are looking for people, but this is not for you. Also a nail studio, but it looks so shabby you are sure no client will ever enter this establishment.  

On your next turn into a little alley, you see a sign with a couple of words you were so desperately looking for: “Looking for bartender”. Back in college you did a bartender course, and your love for drinks was definitely helpful as well. You saw the bar was still closed, but you took your changes and knocked on the door.

You waited what felt like a lifetime, till a elderly woman with a stern look opened the door. She mumbled something about they are closed, but you hold a foot into the door, before she had the chance to close it and quickly told her that you would apply for the job, they offered. She hesitated for a moment than examined you with a experienced look and asked: “Where are you from and what languages do you speak?” Her English was surprisingly good with little to no accent. If you wouldn’t have met her in a backstreet in Bangkok, you would have guessed she would be quite well educated.

After a couple of questions, which you seemed to answer to her liking, she waved you to follow her. You enter the bar and see a couple of girls hanging around, apparently chatting to each other before their shifts start. You follow the elderly woman to a room in the back of the bar, furnished only with a table and two chairs, as well as a vase which seemed to originate from a long time ago. The woman takes place and signals you to do the same.

Your chair is surprisingly comfortable, and you begin shifting from one cheek to the other as she continues to look straight at you but refuses to say a word, which leads to an awkward silence. It becomes almost unbearable, as she finally starts and says: “there is something you need to know about this bar. Even though we are well recognized for our quality drinks, there is more that makes this bar special.” She makes a pause again, as if she was thinking of even mentioning it. But then she continues: “…. All the girls here work topless. We are not brothel or anything like that, but it is tradition here. Are you okay with this?” Now it is you who are at a loss of words.

You think about what she just said. For a moment you think about getting up and leaving straight away. On the other hand, you walked the streets already for a couple of hours and found almost no job opportunities and you are in desperate need of money. How bad is it to work topless? Out of fun, you served at a beach party, where you wore nothing more than a Bikini. Still, this is something completely different, or is it? But your wishful thinking was interrupted when she said: “no Bra, completely naked, topless, you can keep your panties and if you want shorts, but that’s it.”

Once again, you were quiet for a moment, then you realized, you are in Bangkok. No one knows you. You will never see any of this people again, its just a means to an end. This will continue you to finance the best time of your life. Not likely you will have the chance to go travelling again in the near future, so you have to make this count. Just to be sure you ask her: “so I don’t have to do anything I am not comfortable with? I don’t have to have sex with the clients, I am just working as a topless bartender?” She nods and you see a smile appear on her face. After you negotiate your salary, she tells you the way to the dressing room. To your satisfaction you could start right away, and the Bar will open in less than an hour.

You enter the main room again, and see the girls are still chatting in their corner. All of them still wear tops, and they seem to be really relaxed. You make your way across the room and enter the changing room. You first need to sit down on one of the chairs, you can’t believe to what you have just signed yourself up, but then it was just another adventure on your trip around the world. You hear the door open and a girl walking in. She introduces herself as Lexi and mentions that your boss has sent her to help you out and get accustomed.

You feel hesitant to drop you dress in front of her, but this better be a feeling you will get accustomed to sooner than later. So, without much of a fuzz, you get rid of your dress and are covered only in your underwear. You see her eyes light up and how she admires your body. She comes closer and starts touching your breasts. “They feel so soft, you have a wonderful body, it is time you show it to the world and stop keep it hidden”. Her soothing words and openness about the situation make this whole awkwardness a lot more bearable and you are really glad Lexi is here to help you out. She helps you apply your make up borrows you a pair of shorts, so you don’t have to go out in your panties on the first day of work.  

The time has finally come. The bar will open in a couple of minutes and you need to face the truth. You enter the main room and see that by now all the girls are topless. Some of them added some dark tape on their nipples, some applied glitter all over their body. All of them are pretty skin, and all of them look at you with the same admiration that Lexi showed you when you were back in the changing room. But you are happy, that none of them came over and touched your breast as Lexi just did.

Lexi waves at you and gives you a quick tutorial how the bar works. She explains that most of the girls will serve the tables and that you and her will work behind the bar. How much each item costs and how you are supposed to greet the customers. Then a bell rings and the sign switches to open. You see a couple of guys enter the room, and as they greet most of the girls by name you assume they are regulars. They walk right by you and talk to Lexi to place their order. You feel the look of one of the groups member and instinctively you quickly turn away.

You feel so exposed. No fabric to shield you from the gaze of this guys. You are completely naked, and this makes you feel extremely vulnerable. But being so exposed makes you also feel excited. In a abstract way it makes you feel turned on. The thought of this men seeing your breasts, something that would be completely inappropriate from where you come from, make your nipples harden.

You focus your attention on cleaning the bar and try to not to think about the glances of the customers. Finally, you see the leaving the bar and sitting at a table in the back corner. Soon after a couple of young males enter the bar. Most of them already visibly drunk. From the door the came straight to you and looked at your boobs without any restraints.

The one who seemed the most drunk, a tall guy with dark hair and skull tattoo on his forearm, tried to order. But his mumbling was not understandable, and you leaned forwards to hear him better. At this moment you felt his hand on your boobs and how he started to caress it, while he whispered the order in your ear. You didn’t know how to react, but were not eager to upset your first customer, so you let him touching you, while you noted down his order. His touch was soft and under different circumstances, probably quite pleasant.

You started to draw the first beer and felt little drops sprinkle your body. The cold beer drops spraying on your body felt exciting and you realized that this sensation combined with the touches from the customer and the public display of your boobs are starting to have an impact on your arousal and your body. You feel your nipples getting hard and your cunt getting wet. You try to focus on drafting the next couple of beers, but the continuing sensation of liquid spraying over your body made it hard to keep your head straight.

While getting back to the customers you try to not let anything on, because you are aware they watch every step you do very closely. To hand them their beers you had to lean over the counter and once again you felt his touch on your nipples before he finally paid the bill and whispered with a seductive voice: “keep the rest. For the nice show you put on.” You felt a cold shiver go through your body.

When you first walked in you were not sure, if you were able to work under this circumstances. You had doubts in regards to working topless and how exposed you would be. But if you are completely honest, you started to like the public display. To feel the looks of appreciations from the other girls and the complimenting words and gestures from the customers.

The longer the evening dragged on, the more people came to the bar. By now you lost all the restraint and shyness you had in the beginning. Sometimes when a more handsome client ordered something you leaned over the counter more than necessary to give him a nice view of your boobs. You loved how they, seemingly by mistake, touched your nipples, caressed your boobs and then acted like they didn’t just invade some of your most private zones.

With every touch you got hornier, and whenever someone brought his lips right next to your ear, and you could feel his warm breath and understand every whispered word he said, you felt your arousal increase and your pussy getting more wet. Your panties were soaked by now, and you caught yourself shaking your hips more than usual when you turned away from the customer to get fresh drinks.

Later in the evening, a group of well-dressed men came into the club. They were greeted by your boss and proceeded right to a separate room in the back. Lexi quickly came to you and seemed a bit worried. She gave you a list with several beverages and precise instructions how to prepare them. Even more confusing were her instructions: “these are important men, politicians, police force and decision makers – make sure not to offend them”.

You arranged the drinks and went to their room. You could feel the eyes from the customer when you crossed the bar, and how some of them very openly stared at your boobs and ass. It was quite a challenge to open the heavy door with one hand and balance the drinks with the other hand at the same time. It required all your focus not to trip, when the door suddenly swung wide open.

For a short amount of time all eyes were on you, just before most of the men brought their focus back to their own conversation. One of the smaller guys, with a cheap suit kept checking you out. You tried not to meet his lustful look and starred innocently on the ground. You served everyone their respective drinks, until it was his turn. When you leaned forwards, he positioned his finger right under your chin, so you had to look him directly in the eyes. At this moment he bluntly said: “you have a really nice pair of tits, it is a bless that you show them so openly.”

At the same time you feel a hand grab your ass. The hand belongs to a tall, skinny guy. Who was directly behind you and for some reason still wore his sunglasses. You felt how he started to massage your ass cheeks, and were not sure what to do. That is why, you just stood still and let him proceed. Right in front of you was the smaller guy, still starring at your boobs and then asking quite openly, if he may touch it.

You didn’t trust your voice, as the continuing massage of your ass was further increasing your arousal, so you nodded slightly. To your surprise he didn’t use his hand to touch your boobs, but started to lick your nipples with his tongue. It was a warm senseful experience and you realized how sensitive your nipples have already gotten from all the touches and the liquids. Simultaneously, you felt the hand from the tall guy wander from your ass between your legs.

You were extremely grateful for the shorts that Lexi gave you and hoped that he could not feel how fucking soaked you were. However, his continuous movements, and the tongue on your nipples started to demand their tribute. Your arousal kept growing and you felt an orgasm building up inside you. The sensation of standing topless in the midst of all these important men, and being used this way was overwhelming and you needed all your attention to not start moaning.

The invitation of one of the men to do a line of coke with them is what saved you. You declined politely, but the focus of the rest of the group shifted towards the table. You could use the moment to slip out of the room. Closing the door behind you, you first took a long, deep breath. You tried getting your body under control once again and pushing down all these feelings that threatened to explode inside you and push you over the edge. You were thankful that Lexi came to you and told you to put on a shirt and go outside to bring new customers in. When you stepped outside you realized it was still incredibly hot, but there was a slight breeze which helped you cool down and regain some focus.

You flirted quite openly with a couple of guys and tried to convince them to come inside. It was a bachelor party gathering and it didn’t take much effort when they heard the girls inside were topless. You enjoyed interacting with new people but even though you were no longer topless, most of them men still took their time to admire your body and ask you to come inside, so they could see you topless.

You were doing your best to impress your boss on your first day and get as many customers into the bar as possible until you saw in the corner of your eye a person who didn’t belong here. Someone who stood out of the crowd. Not only because he was well dressed it was something else, something you couldn’t quite figure out, yet. You tried your luck and approached him. He seemed lost in thoughts and almost bumped into you. He apologized and wanted to proceed his path.

But you wouldn’t give up that easy, and asked him with an inviting voice: “Business or pleasure? What brings you here?” A smile appeared on his face and then he answered with a voice that made you feel excited and protected at the same time: “Business. At least this is where I am coming from. But I wander these streets to feel the nightlife. To lose myself in the masses and being part of something bigger, even if its just a crowd full of drunk people.”

You could not hold back your laughter, and for the first time this evening, you had a conversation with someone who was a decent conversationalist. He was funny, smart and had a way with words that you have never seen before. You were completely lost in time until you received a stern look from Lexi, which reminded you of your job. You quickly considered saying goodbye, but then decided to push your luck.

To your surprise he agreed to come in, under the condition that you accompany him. Your time outside was over anyway, so you walked him in. He was a step behind you and you caught him glancing at your ass. And even though you got excited all evening from the looks you got, this felt different. It felt more intimate. You felt a rush of excitement going through your body and when you walked into the bar and took your position behind the counter, you hesitated to undress.

You spent the entire evening topless and you got used to the feeling, but with this guy it was somewhat different. Maybe because you felt, … attracted? Was the answer as simple as that? Did you really just fell for a guy, you just met out in the streets, wearing a slutty top? You pushed these thoughts away and got rid of your shirt. He sits right in front of you and the moment you lay your breats bear, even though he tries to resist, you see his eyes wander and resting on your boobs.

He bites his lip and you feel yourself getting uncontrollably aroused. He is definitely appreciative of the view and just to undermine this fact he whispers: “You have a gorgeous body, you are absolutely stunning.” You blush and force yourself to turn away and prepare his drink. You mix the requested London Mule, while feeling his eyes resting on you.

You are a mess by now, your body and mind complete chaos. How can his words have that much impact on you? How is it possible that with a couple of words from his mouth you get this aroused? Why do you desire to listen to his voice at all costs? How are you this wet, before he even laid a finger on you. Is this still normal? Is his influence on your body still healthy?

You turn back to him, only to see him sit there, with a smile over his face, as if he just won the lottery. While serving him, you lean over te counter way more than necessary, because somewhere deep down you want to give him a nice view and even desire, that he may touch you. He leans in as well, and lays way to many bills on the table. His fingers are so close to your nipples. You can feel the tension, it is almost unbearable, as he leans in even further.

As he whispers in your ear: “you can keep the change, if you tell me when you are finished. The only thing that keeps me here is you. And I would love to see and explore even more of that beautiful body of yours.” You can feel a wonderful tingle emanating from your pubic area in anticipation of what’s to come.

Luckily your shift doesn’t last much longer and you finish up and go to the changing room to get dressed. You got rid of Lexis shorts and decide to lose your completely soaked panties as well. So, you put on your own dress once again and step out in the fresh and cooling breeze of the night. He is already waiting for you putting his hand on your lower back and pushing you towards a near standing taxi, unable to hide his lust.

He opens the door for you and joins you in the backseat. It doesn’t take long until you feel his hand placed on your thigh. He lets it rest there for a while, until he looks directly at you, as if he was seeking for approval. You feel his fingers wander closer and closer to your pubic area. How he proceeds further beneath your dress. You bite your lip, trying to hold back a moan, but then he reaches your dropping wet cunt and you need to let it out.

You see how the taxi driver eyeballs you in the mirror. You try to act casually, but his touches feel too good. You arch your back, close your eyes and let him reign over your body. You can’t believe that you first spent your whole evening topless in a bar and now you let yourself finger from a stranger in the back of a taxi, but it feels so good. You would not want him to stop.

How he gently massages your outer lips with the tip of his finger. He moves up and down and circles around your clit. He knows exactly which buttons he needs to press and your arousal is getting out of control at an increasing speed. And then you feel him. How he overcomes the last barrier. Here, in the public, in the backseat of a taxi. With his finger he penetrates your pussy and due to your wetness, just glides in you.

Your eyes still closed you fully focus on the sensation, as you feel his breath close to your left ear and hear his seductive voice say: “I love that your wet pussy doesn’t put up any resistance and that you let me finger fuck you right here. The fact that you are enjoying the audience makes this even better. Your pussy feels so good, I will not stop until you are finished.”

The topless bar tendering, the lustful eyes, the soft touches in the bar, the liquids sprayed on your body and now this stranger with his heavenly touches, it is getting too much. These final words spoken by this irresistible voice push you over the edge. You open your eyes as you cum hard. And you see the taxi driver witnessing your orgasm in the mirror.

But you can not hold back any longer. Your pussy sends lightning bolts of pleasure arcing through every fiber of your being and giving you the most intense orgasm you ever experienced and this through the hand of a guy you met just a couple of hours ago. You have not fully recovered from your orgasm but you are already hungry for more.

Finally, your drive ends and you arrive at the hotel. You pass the already quiet lobby and enter the elevator at the end of the hall. Even before the elevator doors fully close you drop to your knees. You are eager to please and to repay his kindness.

To your satisfaction you see a big bulge forming under his pants and as soon as you unzip him, a big, hard cock jumps out of his pants. You take a moment to appreciate how beautiful and big he is, and for what feels like an eternity you just keep looking at his penis. You see the reflection of the pre cum that is forming on top of his dick and you can no longer hold back. You start licking the pre cum off his dick and taste it on your tongue.

It has a fantastic taste and you are thirsty for more. You start licking him more intensely and went down his whole shaft to make sure you didn’t miss a single drop. Then you put your mouth around his dick, first only the tip, but soon you wanted more and put him deeper inside you. It felt so good, having him inside you, to hear his fast breathing and the sounds of excitement.

The elevator ride ended way to soon, and you were disappointed when he took his dick out of your mouth. At least he didn’t bother to button his pants and his dick was still hanging out. You didn’t want to let go completely, so you put your hand around it and walked through the floor to his room. You were not even able to fully close the door behind you, before he pressed you against the wall and for the first time this night kissed you.

It started with an intense kiss on your mouth. His lips felt so soft and caring that you wanted this kiss to go on forever. But after some time he removed his lips from yours and started to kiss your neck and ears. His hands wandered over your body, caressed your boobs, squeezed your nipples and hold you close. You felt your pussy burning and you didn’t want to wait any longer. So you whispered to him: “Please fuck me!”

His response: “I can’t wait to penetrate this wet, beautiful pussy of yours and to stretch you with my big dick”, sent a shiver through your body and you walked straight to his bedroom, where you got rid of your dress and dropped on all fours on his bed. He exhaled heavily, as he said: “I love this view, you have such a great ass. You are fantastic!”  

He took a moment to relish the sight, but then you felt his hands gripping your ass cheeks, and massaging them with a lot of force. And then the moment has come. The moment you were waiting for since you met this stranger outside the bar. The moment you fantasized about when his finger penetrated you. You felt how he brought his big dick in line with your entry whole and then pushed into you.

His dick was wet from your saliva, from the blowjob you just gave him. And your pussy was extremely wet from all the action and the public display. But nevertheless, you could feel how his dick was too wide, how he really had to push inside you. Even though he was really careful you felt how your pussy got stretched. The feeling was incredible.

First, he started only with the tip and then shoved more and more of his big dick inside you. You buried your face in the bed to suffocate your moans. It doesn’t take long until your entire crotch is sodden with your love juices and the saliva dripping of his dick. He fucks you harder and harder, ever thrusting deeper inside you.

He pulls on the back of your hair and says in a commanding voice: “I want the neighbours to hear you scream and moan. I want them to know how good I fuck you, and what pleasure you receive!” then resumes his thrusts and continues to fuck you even faster, his phallus surging in and out your dripping, wet hole at a blistering pace.

You cry out while your sensitive, wet internals are being molded by his manly, thrusting shape. You feel so used by him. But in a good way. And the thought of your neighbours hearing you excites you even more. And then you feel him. His bulging and writhing cock, you feel it pulse inside you. With his next thrust he is pushed over the edge. He moans loudly and pushes his load inside you.

You feel the warm semen deep inside you and from there a joyful feeling spreading through your whole body. It feels so good to have his still rock-hard dick inside you and how he pushed his cum with a last couple of thrusts further inside you.

This was the best sex you ever had, and you decide in this moment that you will stop your own travel plans and accompany him for his business trips as longs as he uses you like this every single night. And with this though you happily fall asleep in his arms.