Around 10 years ago my uncle started a business growing and selling legal cannabis. Within 2 years he was a multi-millionaire and had set up trusts for all of his family. One thing he purchased was a large home in the rocky mountains where we could all meet up for weekends or whenever to go skiing. On my 20th birthday the whole family went to the house for my party.

The part was a big hit and everyone had a great time. My sister brought her new girlfriend for the weekend. Now was the time for everyone to go skiing but I decided not to, as did my sister's girlfriend Jennifer. She was not much into skiing and preferred staying in the house. Little did she or anyone know that I had set up hidden cameras all over the house. Soon after everyone but her and I left, I went to my room and turned on the monitor to see what she would be doing.

Jennifer was 23, 5' 4", 100lbs, 24-28-24 DD Cup, long and wide nipples, tanned with no tan lines. After turning on the monitor and locating her in the big bathroom - the one with a 4 person shower I zoomed in for a closer look. She was removing her low-cut short red dress and I was getting immediately hard. Her red panties were already on the floor. Her ass was so tight I wanted to spank it until it was red and she begged me to stop then fuck it until she begged me to stop. She let the dress fall to the floor showing the back of her red bra. She reached behind and unclasped it, allowing it also to fall. She bent over to pick them up, her pussy and asshole staring at me, begging for me to play.

She picked up her dress, red laced panties and red bra setting them on the counter. She stepped into the shower, turned on the water and began to get herself wet. She dipped her head under the stream of water soaking it down. Reaching for the shampoo she turned facing the hidden camera and all I could think was holy shit she's fucking hot! After lathering her hair, rinsing and applying conditioner she bent over to reach for the soap showing me her ass again.

After slowing running the soap across her pussy she placed the soap down on the shelf and continued to rub her pussy with her hands. I could tell she was really enjoying that. I zoomed in for a closer look as she inserted one, two then three fingers into her hole and began fucking herself with her fingers. She moaned in pleasure as her wet fingers slid in and out of her pussy, rubbing her clit and eventually inserting a finger into her ass as well. She was finger fucking her pussy and ass, my cock popped up and screamed at me to stroke it so I did.

I removed what remained of my clothing, reached into my sex drawer and found my cock ring. My cock is 8" long, 3" wide, cut and shaved. I ran it down my hard cock and pulled my big balls through, binding them and making them stand out. I began to stroke my cock as I continued watching her.

Jennifer was still finger fucking herself, rubbing her hands all over her body, pinching her nipples and pulling on them. She screamed out in pleasure as she fucked herself faster and faster. Her legs shook when it appeared as if she was cumming. After a minute or so she opened her yes, removed her hand from her dripping pussy, reached outside of the shower and lifted the towel she had set on the counter. Under the towel was a large dildo, a bit bigger than my real thing. She stuck the dildo to the tile of the shower, knelt down, took it into her right hand while her left hand was on her pussy again. She inched closer with her mouth, licking the head then opening wide to allow the whole dildo into her mouth then throat, gagging a bit but going back for more and more.

A few minutes later she stood up, turned her back to the dildo, reached between her legs and guided it into her throbbing pussy. At first she moved back and forth slowly on it, warming herself up some more but then she was all into it, moving on it like it was a real big cock that she wanted to cum all over. Her hands all over herself again, slapping her huge tits, pulling her nipples.

I decided then that I needed to see this in person.

I turned off the monitors, grabbed a condom from my stash and left my room. I was still naked but didn't care. I loved being naked all the time and didn't care who saw me. With my cock ring still in place, my cock was hard as ever, the veins pulsating with every heartbeat. I arrived at the door to the bathroom she was in and the door was wide open, her moans became even louder and I heard her scream 'oh fuck yes, fuck me with that big cock master. Fill me with your seeds!".

I stood in the doorway stroking my cock watching her fuck that dildo, dreaming of being inside of her, filling her up with my seeds. I stepped inside, cleared my throat to grab her attention when she opened her eyes, looked right at my face then immediately at my cock.

"Oh fuck! I forgot you were here. Well, don't just stand there, help a girl out." She stopped riding the dildo and watched as I stepped into the shower.

"I couldn't help but notice that you may need some assistance Jennifer. I happen to have a large cock that I carry with me everywhere so feel free to use it."

She did not hesitate in grabbing it, pulling on it then slapping my balls. "Damn Brian, I'm going to make you very happy." She said with a huge smile just before pulling me closer and shoving her tongue down my throat.

My cock throbbed in her hand as she kept pulling and squeezing. She knelt down, opened her mouth and let the whole thing inside. Her hands stroking me, her hot wet mouth teasing me. It felt so fucking great to have my sister's lesbian girlfriend blowing me, I didn't want her to stop.

Just then she reached under and began playing with my ass, teasing it like it was a pussy. "Tell me to stop if you don't like it." She said as she inserted a finger into my ass and began fucking my ass with it. I moaned. "You like this Brian?"

"MMM, fuck yes, fuck me!" I responded with pleasure.

She went back to sucking my rod as she continued fucking my ass with her finger. Faster and faster she fucked my ass until I could feel precum flowing out. I pulled away.

"Hey how about you use your toy on me." I directed. "I mean if you want to fuck my ass, do it right."

She reached over and grabbed the dildo from the wall, licked and sucked it then teased my ass with the tip of it for a bit until she let it inside.

"Oh fuck yes!" I let out a scream. "That's the stuff!"

"Turn around and bend over you fucking slut!" She demanded.

I did as she told.

She began spanking my ass. "You fucking slut! You want a cock in your ass don't you you fucking whore!" She didn't stop spanking. "I should tie you up and use you like a fuck toy!" My balls were in view from the back as she spanked my ass and apparently saw an opportunity so she slapped my balls. "You fucking whore, you love pain don't you you fuck!"

"Oh yes Jennifer, please don't stop. I love that"

"I should stop just to tease you. You are a little fucking tease with that big fucking cock. I love pussy but damn if that isn't a sweet surprise. I'm not done until you are red or passed out from the pain!" She stopped just long enough to stick the dildo into my ass and held it there as she continued spanking my ass and balls.

I could not believe what was happening. My sister's hot fucking girlfriend was fucking my ass with her dildo, she's completely naked right here in front of my own eyes and she wants me to fuck her. Holy fuck this is awesome.

"Lay down slut!" She demanded. "But that dildo stays in your ass. I want your cock inside me and I want that dildo inside you while I fuck you!"

What else was I supposed to do but lay down and take it. I laid on the shower floor, cock at full attention, dildo in my ass. Jennifer came down, grabbed my cock by both hands and squeezed. "Fuck dude, this is a fucking beautiful cock." She said with a huge smile just before sucking and gagging on it again. "Don't you fucking move." She said as she climbed on me, rubbing her pussy lips along my shaft. "Remember, I'm fucking you, you aren't supposed to move you slut!" Her hand reached down, grabbed my rod and guided it into her wet pussy, her body slowly coming down onto it until it was all the way inside. "Oh fuck yes!" She screamed. "Oh fuck you're huge but I love it!"

I lay still, stiff rod inside her pussy, her huge tits bouncing up and down, round and round as she rode my cock. She would slam down on me, sometimes hard enough to smash my balls and it felt great. Her pussy was tight and very wet. My cock throbbing inside of her as she rode me.

"Oh fuck yes, fuck, fuck fuck yes!" She yelled. "Fuck your sister's whore you dirty slut, fuck me, fuck me...oh fuck I'm fucking cumming!!" She let out a loud scream as I could feel her cum surround my cock. "Fuck, fuck, fuck!" She screamed more until she stopped riding, hopped off and sucked on me some more.

"I should fuck your ass Jennifer. Turn around!"

At first she looked confused but then she smiled, turned and showed me her ass, spreading her cheeks. "Fuck my ass! I want you inside my ass!"

I did not hesitate, my cock was fully wet and fully hard. Nothing would stop me. I shoved my head into her tight ass and she let out a yelp then a sigh. "I said fuck me you slut. Put that cock deep inside my ass and fuck me!"

I was waiting on her but apparently she was ready so I shoved it in fully, balls deep and she tried pulling away as she moaned. "Oh fuck that's huge, oh fuck yes, fuck my ass!"

I began pounding that ass, slapping her ass until she was red then slapped more. Her ass was so fucking tight I was going to cum.

"Fuck me! Fuck my ass. Fill me with your seeds. Cum in my ass, please cum in my ass!"

I could feel the stream of cum building up inside me as I went deep into her ass with every thrust. "Oh fuck!" I let out a scream as I shot my whole load into her ass, pumping it all inside her.

"That's so fucking hot you slut!" She pulled away, turned towards me and pulled my cock into her mouth, sucking the last drops out of the hot rod that was just inside her ass.

"Oh fuck I'm going to cum again!" The thought of her ass around my cock then she sucked it made me so fucking horny again I had to cum. "Shit, fuck, don't stop. Suck that cock you fucking slut!" Soon after my second load shot into her throat and after she kept stroking it, even more.

She stood up, grabbed my neck and pulled me to her lips, kissing me, sharing my cum with me. "Now go away and let me get cleaned up. You made me so fucking dirty you slut." She said with a smile. "Let me get that dildo back first, I need it again."

I bent over and she removed the dildo, promptly sucking on it.

"I love the tasted of your ass cuz! Maybe next time we can play more." She gave an evil grin, turned away from me and waved for me to leave the room.

"Next time will be sooner than you think." I said as I left the room and went back to my bedroom.

'I think I'm going to love my sister's friend more now' I though to myself.