The Double Date That Didn't End Ch 5: So, That Happened.




I could swear I heard kissing coming from the other bedroom—but it must have been my imagination, right? I rolled over and tried to sleep, willing my stubborn erection to go away so I could get some rest. Maybe if I just rubbed one out, real quick—

Nah, didn’t want to waste any energy that could be better directed at Ria.

Then I heard the moaning. Soft and sensual, both women’s voices in a chorus of quiet ecstasy. Wait a second, were Tracy and my wife…?

No way. It was just my too-horny male mind, hearing things the way I wanted to. Chances were, they were just snuggling. Those happy little noises were just them getting cozy. Totally innocent. Just my stupid, overactive imagination—

“Oh yes…” Tracy whispered.

The bedsprings bounced. The groaning got sexier and sexier.

Without even realizing it, I had wrapped my fingers around my dick and started pumping. I’d already listened to Tracy come all on her own tonight, and now—now they were both—

They were both WHAT? What the heck was going on in there? Were they faking it? Making a scene for my benefit? Teasing me? No, they were being too quiet for that. Were they, like, masturbating side by side? Some sort of girl-bonding thing?

I wanted to believe that it was more. That my wife and her voluptuous best friend were in the throes of some lusty sapphic encounter on the other side of the wall, licking and kissing and fingering and rubbing their tits and cunts together, and…

Okay, it was pretty far-fetched. For all the years I’d known Ria and Tracy, neither of them had ever shown an interest in other women that went beyond a sigh of, “Wow, she’s soooo pretty.”

But a guy can dream, can’t he?

A few minutes later, I heard Ria cry out a climactic, “Whoa!” and then the other room went dead silent, leaving me horny and confused as all fuck. I let go of my rigid cock and sighed. Falling asleep wasn’t gonna be easy.

I woke up still sporting the same raging erection I’d had the night before. My all-too vivid dreams had been more like pornography: An endless succession of lewd scenes featuring my wife and Tracy, fucking each other in every way imaginable. It was driving me crazy—first chance I got, I was gonna take Ria aside and ask her what the heck had happened last night.

But in the meantime, everybody was still asleep. I decided to be nice and cook breakfast—but as I tiptoed down the stairs and into the kitchen, the sound of my approach woke Connor.

“Whatcha doin’?” he slurred, still groggy.

“Making breakfast for everyone.”

“Alright, gimme a sec, I’ll help. I can make everybody toast or something.”

Connor’s culinary expertise didn’t really extend beyond mixing protein shakes, so he wasn’t a ton of help in the kitchen. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the company and it gave us a chance to talk about what was going on.

“So, I take it this is all some sort of set-up?” he asked. “You and Ria, trying to get me and Tracy back together?”

“And here I always thought you were just a dumb jock.”

“Hey, that’s ‘Officer Dumb Jock’ to you, buddy.”

I cracked a smile. “Look, you’re both adults, and I can’t tell you what to do—but as your friend it is my responsibility to tell you what I see—and what I see is the two of you, still unhappy a year after breaking up.”

“We had our reasons,” he shrugged.

“Your reasons suck, man. I’m sorry, but they do. Look, I get it—you wanna be ‘Connor the eternal bachelor.’ It’s a cool persona and it’s how you see yourself. But that doesn’t mean it’s who you actually are.”

The warmth drained from his face. “Or, maybe it IS who I actually am. I don’t want to get married, dude.”

“Then don’t! But that doesn’t mean you should turn your back on a girl who makes you happy. Why is this so hard for you to understand?”

“I don’t know! I just… Forget it.”

The toast he was making popped up out of the toaster, burnt and charred beyond recognition. We exchanged a glance, and then both burst out laughing.

“Apparently, I CAN’T make toast,” he joked.

“Maybe instead of becoming an expert pool player you should have spent some time learning to feed yourself.”

“Chicks dig a guy who can play pool.”

“Maybe, but WOMEN prefer a guy who can cook them dinner.”

Connor nodded, acquiescing defeat. Then, still laughing, he said, “My dad’s a sack of shit, you know?”

The casual comment caught me totally off-guard. Ria and I both knew that Connor wasn’t on speaking terms with his family, but we really didn’t know why. The topic had always been 100% off-limits. He literally never talked about them, ever.

“Yeah, I figured,” I said, not knowing how else to respond.

“He’s an angry drunk. Was always beating up on my mom and me—least until she ran off and I started weight lifting. But when I was a kid, he was always going on and on about how my mom ruined his life, and how she never wanted to fuck him, and blah blah bitter bullshit.” He sighed. “See, I know there’s other people in the world who are objectively a lot worse than him—terrorists, dictators, whatever—but my dad is still my personal least-favorite human being on the planet. I don’t want to be anything like him.”

“You’re not!” It came out louder than I’d intended.

“Yeah, but I never had that example, you know? The only thing I ever learned about relationships was how not to do things; how miserable people can get when they’re trapped together for their whole lives. Anyway, sorry, I don’t like talking about this stuff, let me try again with that toast.”

As he headed back to the pantry I called after:

“Hey, I never met your dad, but from the way you describe him, I’d guess that his real problem wasn’t that he hated being stuck living with your mom his whole life. It was that he hated being stuck living with himself.”

Connor didn’t say anything more about it. His second attempt at toast came out much better than the first.

The four of us had a blast in the snow that afternoon, goofing around with no real agenda other than acting like a bunch of kids. We built a traditional snowman, but Tracy made a spectacle of removing the big carrot I had used for a nose and she put it in his crotch, instead.

“Why, Mister Snowman!” she cooed, gently stroking his erect vegetable with her mittens. “Is that a carrot in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?”

Our snowman turned out to be a pretty lucky guy. Tracy and Ria took turns fellating the guy’s pointy orange phallus, and then for an encore they both went down on him at once—teasingly licking and kissing in tandem up and down his shaft while they moaned orgasmically about how delicious he was. Not exactly helping me calm down my runaway imagination regarding what they’d gotten up to the night before.

And I’d never wanted to be a carrot so badly in my entire life.

“Both you ladies better make sure to swallow,” Connor joked, “I hear snowman cum is high in Vitamin C.”

Ria and I both laughed, but Tracy completely lost it. She was holding onto so much nervous tension that Connor’s corny little joke temporarily broke her mind or something, and the poor girl turned red in the face and giggled so furiously she could barely breathe.

“Vitamin C! Oh my god! HAHAHAHA!!!”

Her resulting case of the hiccups lasted two hours.

For his part, Connor seemed pretty pleased with himself for making Tracy laugh so hard, and he spent the rest of the day making a complete ass of himself trying to duplicate the results. I know Ria and I eventually got a little tired of the guy’s constant attempts at humor, but Tracy clearly appreciated the effort he was making for her.

When the sun finally started to set, my wife took me aside and suggested that she and I head into town for a nice, romantic dinner—to give the two of them some alone time at the cabin.

“Sounds good,” I said. “I’d never forgive myself if I cock blocked those guys, after all this.”

So we waved goodbye to our friends and said we’d be back before midnight. Neither of them seemed particularly concerned that we were leaving.




Looking back, I wish I’d let myself enjoy dinner a bit more. We’d chosen a cozy, candle-lit Italian place that turned out to have some pretty amazing food. Great presentation, great flavor, great everything. But my mind was elsewhere, for obvious reasons.

“What aren’t you telling me?” Shane asked, raising a suspicious eyebrow. Something in his tone of voice made me wonder if he already knew the answer.

My cheeks turned warm and I quickly muttered, “I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

With an exasperated sigh, he rolled his eyes and let the matter drop. He and I both knew it was only a matter of time before I told him everything. My ability to keep secrets from my husband was basically as non-existent as my ability to shoot laser beams from my vagina.

It wasn’t that I didn’t want to tell him. All day, I’d been fit to burst, dying to regale Shane with details of my sexy night with Tracy. Thinking about it even got me kind of horny. But I didn’t know where to start, because honestly, I wasn’t sure what HAD happened. Sure, I knew what had happened in the literal sense—Tracy and I had stripped off all our clothes and rubbed each other to orgasm—but I still didn’t understand why we’d done it. Everything had been so random and spontaneous and confusing.

Fuck it. If anybody could help me figure this out, it was my husband.

“I slept with Tracy last night,” I confessed.

“Yeah, I know. I’m the one who told you to. She seemed so sad, and—“

“No, you don’t understand. I ‘slept’ with her. As in… hanky panky.”

He just blinked, inscrutable. “You mean, you and Tracy really—“

“’Hanky panky?!’” I exclaimed, slapping myself on the forehead. “Did I seriously just say ‘hanky panky?’ Way to use, like, the lamest words possible, Ria.”

“What exactly do you mean by ‘hanky panky?’” Shane asked at last.

“Can we please pretend I didn’t say that? That instead I used one of the million other stupid euphemisms for sex?”

Finally, after staring at me for about a thousand years with an unreadable expression, he simply said, “Really?”

“Of course, ‘really!’ You think I’m all nervous like this because I gave her a fucking hug and fell asleep? We were snuggling, and then we kissed, and then—more! I don’t know, it just happened. And before you say anything, I know that the phrase ‘it just happened’ is like the bullshit excuse people use when they cheat on someone—but in this case, it really did just happen.”

Another million years of silence passed. Then he just said, “Wow.”

“Can you stop talking in one word sentences?! I’m really confused right now. Like, was I unfaithful to you? Does it count when it’s with another girl?”

Instead of answering, Shane leaned across the table and kissed me, in full view of everyone at the restaurant. Goddamn, that guy’s a good kisser.

All of my concerns melted away in the warmth of his embrace, and I even felt an erotic jolt between my legs. It’s amazing how a single kiss from a handsome man can solve so many of life’s problems: Eating poison apples, pricking your finger on a cursed spinning wheel, or calming you back down after you unexpectedly have sex with your best friend.

Soon as our kiss ended, Shane looked me in the eye and whispered, “As long as the girl you’re with is Tracy, I’m gonna go ahead and say no, it doesn’t count as cheating.”

“You aren’t mad?”

“Mad about what? That you fooled around with her? Honey, last year I fooled around with her, remember? Of course I’m not mad. I mean, I’m surprised, obviously—even after all that moaning I heard coming from your guys’ room last night.”

“You heard us?”

“I heard… something. Wasn’t a hundred percent sure what it was until right now. Got my imagination going pretty wild, though. Gotta say, I’m pretty fucking devastated that I didn’t get to watch you guys do your thing.”

He shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

“Are you turned on?” I asked.

“Can you blame me? It’s like my biggest fantasy ever, thinking about you and her together.”

I grinned, “You want me to tell you about it?”




Ria tortured for me the entire drive back to the cabin, recounting every lurid detail of her and Tracy’s first lesbian encounter. She got so horny telling me the story that she couldn’t stand it anymore—so she unsnapped her pants and started noisily rubbing herself on the seat beside me, filling the car with the scent of her lust.

“God, I hope those two have already gone to bed by the time we get back,” Ria panted. “Because I’m gonna rip your clothes off and fuck you like an animal the second we get through the door.”

I admit I drove faster than was probably safe.

When we finally did get back to the cabin, our hormones were practically boiling over from Ria’s story. We hurried inside, madly groping at each other—

Then we stopped. Horny as we were, it was hard not to be distracted by the sight that greeted us. Turns out, our friends had not, in fact, gone to bed for the evening. They hadn’t gone to bed because they were too busy fucking each other’s brains out on the pool table.

“Yes!” Tracy shrieked. “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

She was riding Connor with abandon, resting her hands on his muscular chest while he held onto her ass and pounded up into her as fast as he could, filling her juicy, perfectly smooth twat with his dick. I couldn’t stop staring at Tracy’s gigantic, bouncing tits.

It was the second time I’d ever seen her nude. A year had passed since my bachelor party—that “once in a lifetime,” all-too-brief evening when I’d gotten to enjoy my voluptuous friend in all her naked glory—and none of the subsequent fantasizing and role-playing I’d indulged in could compare to the real thing. Tracy was TOO hot. Perfectly smooth twat, massive breasts, cheeks flushed with desire as she impaled herself again and again on her lover. Her pouty lips formed an ecstatic “O” as she screamed her pleasure.

Then she opened her eyes and saw us standing there, watching in rapt silence.

Tracy gasped, suddenly self-conscious, and immediately dropped her chest, crushing her boobs against Connor’s body to hide them from view.

For a moment, the four of us just stood there, frozen. Staring awkwardly at one another. I couldn’t help but notice that Connor and Ria were making pretty intense eye contact with each other. Finally, a wicked smile spread across Tracy’s lips, and she slowly began wiggling her hips up and down on Connor’s lap, really making a show of it as she took every impressive inch the guy had to offer.

Ria gasped, grabbing my hand so tightly that she cut off the circulation.

Connor threw back his head and moaned, never tasking his eyes off my wife. Ria held his gaze, panting with arousal.

Tracy, on the other hand, was looking right at me. After a moment’s consideration, she very deliberately arched her back and lifted her chest back up off of her lover, proudly displaying her naked tits. She let out a low, amorous growl in my direction as she slowly screwed herself on Connor’s meaty cock.

Beside me, Ria had grown so nervous she was literally shaking. “We’ll just—we’ll just leave you guys to it then!” she stammered. Then she grabbed me by the hand and bolted up the stairs like a spooked squirrel. As we entered our room, I glanced back for one final look at Tracy’s sexy, sweaty body.

“Well,” Ria laughed, “I think it’s safe to say that Operation White Christmas was an undeniable success!”

I said nothing, I just unbuttoned her peacoat and tossed it over a chair.

“I mean, did you see them? They were so—I mean, you saw, right?”

I pulled her shirt up over her head, taking a brief moment to appreciate the lacy green Wonderbra she was wearing before I reached around and unsnapped it.

“I saw them,” I answered.

I picked Ria up and set her down on the bed, unzipping her pants and pulling them down around her knees. She was already so wet, I could feel the slick beads of moisture dribbling down her thighs.

“Did you see the way Connor was looking at you?” I teased, bringing my mouth towards her cunt. “He was dying for you to join in.”

“Oh!” Ria moaned, seizing in ecstasy as my tongue pressed against the damp fabric of her panties. “You really think so?”

“Come on, you know how badly he wants to fuck you. He’s always wanted to fuck you.”

I tugged off Ria’s underwear and firmly licked the delicious bare folds of her pussy. She squirmed excitedly, smearing her juices all over my lips and chin.

“Mmm, and what about Tracy?” she purred. “She really made a point of showing you her boobs.”

I hungrily devoured Ria’s pussy in response. She groaned loudly, but kept talking:

“She wants to fuck you, too, you know. She talks about it all the time when she’s drunk.”

That did it. Much as I was enjoying eating out my wife, my cock was screaming for satisfaction and I couldn’t wait a second longer. I shrugged off my clothes and straddled Ria’s lithe body.

“Oh thank God,” she sighed, watching with delight as the tip of my penis teased its way inside her folds.

“Pretend I’m him,” I whispered, slipping myself in another inch. Ria moaned, happily closing her eyes to let the familiar fantasy overwhelm her.

“I’m so glad they’re back together,” she panted.

As I bottomed out, a heady fog of arousal swam through my brain and I started moaning and rambling, not even realizing what I was saying:

“Yeah, no kidding. Maybe now that they’re a couple again, we can all finally… we can finally…”

“It’s okay,” Ria whimpered. “You can say it…”

“Finally swap partners with them!” I cried, thrusting powerfully into her. My wife moaned, wildly turned on by what I’d just said.

“Oh, FUCK, Shane!”

“Connor,” I corrected. “Call me Connor.”

“Oh, Connor…” she whispered.


“Oh, Connor!”

“Louder, I want him to hear you cry out his name.”

Ria’s eyes shot open in surprise and she looked questioningly at me.

“You want me to—”

“Yes!” I shouted, fucking her harder and harder with each thrust. Ria’s perfect breasts shuddered and bounced, and I watched her eyes as the last of her resolve melted away beneath the heat of her pleasure.

“What’s my name?” I demanded.

“You have to say her name, too,” she moaned.

I nodded, feeling my heart thudding away inside my chest. My mouth felt dry as a bone, but I took a deep breath and somehow found the strength to scream:


“Connor!” Ria shouted in response. “Fuck me! Connor, fuck me!”

“Oh, Tracy! Yes!”

There was no way on earth they hadn’t heard us. The nearest neighbors, miles away, had probably heard us. Ria turned to putty beneath me, mewing and screaming incoherently as her orgasm approached.
“Shane!” It was Tracy’s voice, coming from downstairs! “Oh Shane, please fuck me harder!”

“Ria!” shouted Connor. Ria’s eyes snapped open in surprise when she heard him call her name. Not only had they heard us, and they were playing along!

“Oh Connor!” my wife called back, really getting into it, “I love feeling your cock in me! You are so fucking sexy!”

“You have the hottest, tightest little body, Ria! I think about you every fucking day!”

“Oh yes!” Ria shouted. “Don’t stop! Never! Stop! Fucking me!”

Her cunt was boiling. I’d never seen Ria so wild before. Not that I could blame her.

“Suck on them!” Tracy screamed from downstairs. “Do it, Shane! Suck on my big, juicy tits! Just like that!”

My vision turned red and I felt myself finally tipping over the edge into oblivion, the sound of Tracy’s voice luring me to my end.

“Aaaagh! Tracy! I’ve wanted you for so long!”

“Me too!” she moaned.

“Jesus Christ,” Ria wailed, “We all need – to –  just – FUCK!!!” She spasmed violently beneath me as every nerve ending in her body exploded with bliss.

“Ria!” Connor moaned, growling through his own mind-blowing orgasm.

Tracy squealed my name as she came, too, her high-pitched voice shaking the floorboards.

“Come for me, Shane!” she cried out in the throes of ecstasy. “Come on my tits! All over my tits!”

With a roar, I pulled my cock out of Ria’s warm snatch, aimed it at her chest, and exploded. Hot white ropes of cum blasted everywhere, lewdly spattering across my wife’s beautiful, caramel-colored skin.

“Holy shit,” Ria mused, idly swirling her fingers through the sticky mess coating her body.

I slumped back, exhausted. My head was spinning.

A moment later, we heard the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs and panicked, suddenly afraid to face our friends. It didn’t help that we were both so exposed—buck naked, with copious amounts of my semen pooling between Ria’s breasts. Our bedroom door wasn’t even closed!

But instead of coming inside to see us, Tracy and Connor went the other direction down the hall, disappearing into their own bedroom without so much as a word. We didn’t see them again for the rest of the night.