An intense workout session

You've had a hard but productive day. You'd love to just go to bed and get some sleep. But you're determined to go to the gym today. While deciding whether it's even worth going, you remember that the last two times a new and irresistible hot fitness instructor was around. So, you decide to do something good for your body and soul and get ready for your workout. You don't like to admit it, but the new guy didn't play a negligible role in your decision process.

When you arrive at the fitness center, there are only a few people left, due to the late evening time. To your great delight, you see that the fitness instructor you were hoping for is actually on duty. He's currently busy with another member and doesn’t pay attention to your entrance. But even just looking at him, you notice that some parts of your body cry for attention and your body heats up.   

After a short trip to the dressing room you start your training. After the busy day, it takes you a little while to get there, but you quickly find your rhythm and are very pleased with your performance. You notice how more and more people seem to leave the gym and when there were only a few people left, the instructor starts doing some exercises himself. 

At the beginning, you remain focused and don’t let yourself get carried away. You continue with your own exercises. But at some point, you notice your gaze wandering to him over and over. His muscles are now completely inflated from all the training and you realise that he probably exercises regularly after his shift. 

When he arrived at the butterfly and you continually watching him, you start wondering, what he looks like under his shirt. How his strong upper body feels like when you run your fingers along it. Your fantasy takes over and your pussy starts to tingle. You've been working out for a long time and reward yourself with a break, where you're just staring at the object of your desire. You imagine how it feels when his strong arms hug you, or when he lifts you into the air and presses you against the wall. 

Suddenly, you realize that you've been caught staring. Your eyes lock and linger for a brief moment, until you turn away in embarrassment. You're glad that your face is already red from exercising,  although it might got even worse. You focus back on your exercises and see in the corner of your eye that he gets up and walks out of your field of vision. You try to get your previous rhythm back, but  the tingling in your pussy is too much of a distraction.

You would love to place your hand between your legs and seek some relief. But that’s not possible. You don't want to show how much you are affected by him. In the meantime you have lost sight of him and your gaze wanders through the room. You finally spot him at the door and it almost looks as if he's going to lock it.

You don't want to be caught spying again and quickly turn away, but the scene you're watching  makes you feel a bit uneasy. You decide to do one more exercise and then leave. You try something new and head for the bench press. Not something that you would usually do but the fact that just a few minutes ago he was lying on the same bench doing his exercises may have influenced your choice a bit. In fact, you feel like you can still smell him. Although it is a sweaty smell from all the training, it still smells incredible. He has a somewhat extraordinary note, that you can’t fully distinguish. But his scent triggers a feeling of security and an insatiable desire at the same time.   

The thoughts make your pussy wet and your nipple hard. With shock you realize that you can see them quite clearly through your top. When you look at your nipples, you somehow get the feeling that it's not just your gaze resting on them. You can't say for sure, but you have the feeling that the fitness instructor is standing behind you and is looking down your cleavage. As you are lying down on the bench, he has an ideal view on your boobs. The thought brings back the red to your cheeks and the wetness between your legs. You experience an insatiable itchy feeling and regret once more that you can’t just immediately touch yourself.

You decide not to let anything on and continuing your training. However, you make an extra effort to impress him. As you release the barbell from the halter, you hear steps behind you, and how they slowly move around you. He is now standing right in front of you. You now perceive his scent even more intensely and your desire intensifies even more. 

He comes closer and stands above you, you lie directly underneath him, between his strong, muscular legs. Your hands still occupied with holding the weight from the barbell and unsure what will happen next. In this moment, he says in his pleasant voice: "You have to keep your hips flat on the bench during this exercise". He places his hands on your hips and puts a lot of pressure on your body, which presses your body harder against the bench. 

His touch triggers a new wave of excitement in your body. From the moment his hands hit your body, you feel a warmth spread throughout your body and particularly heading to your pussy. Before you could get a hold of yourself again, he adds: "your legs must lie flat too". Instead of putting pressure on your legs, he puts his hand between your legs. He places his hand flat on your pussy and presses against it. Unprepared for the action you let out a surprised moan.

Either due to misinterpretation or other reasons, he thinks you can't handle the weight of the barbell and rushes to help you. Now standing right over your head and lifting the barbell back to its place without any effort. With your head caught between his legs, your gaze quickly wanders to his pants and what is hidden beneath them. It is clearly visible that under the pants, a big bulge begins to form. It seems his cock is reacting to the close proximity as well.  

His dick is becoming increasingly visible. The barbell has been back in its place for a long time, but the fitness instructor wouldn’t move away. You start a desperate last attempt and say: "I think it's better if I go now". With a mocking laugh on his lips, he turns to you and says: "not before you take care of the problem you've created.” In the same breath he pulls down his pants and exposes his rock-hard cock. Up close it looks even bigger than you originally thought.

He moves his dick to your lips. Your eyes lock and you see the desire in his eyes. How he thirsted for your body. His lustful gaze wandering your body, until you gave in. Quite pleasantly you surrender to his will. You open your lips and without hesitation he sticks his huge cock in your mouth. There is no foreplay, no kisses, no licking of his sack, no playful tonguing. He makes his intentions very clear and thrusts his cock in your mouth. Because of the sheer size and the abruptness, it's almost too much for you. You can barely suppress your gag reflex.  

Unbothered, he continues to push into you and after the first few pushes you start to get used to his forceful thrust and start enjoying it. How the sheer size of his dick makes you shiver. His tip tickling your throat. His eyes full with longing. You start playing with your tongue around his tip and take your hand to help control the speed of his thrusts.

You quickly notice how he becomes completely ecstatic and soon you can taste his precum on your tongue. The wonderful rewarding taste and the knowledge of the pleasure you are providing to him makes you even hornier and you are sure that in the meantime your pussy and your panties are completely soaked.

You increase the speed, determined to bring him over the edge and therefore receiving his cum right into your mouth, so that you can swallow his load afterwards with pleasure. As if he read your thoughts and didn't want to fulfill your wish, he pulls his cock out of your mouth and lets out a remarkable moan. You realize how close he was to the tipping point and decide to tease him a bit. You lick your lips and clean them from all the precum and saliva dropping out of your mouth from the intense blowjob that happened just mere moments ago. You try to tease him further. You use your finger to clean some saliva from your cleavage right before you put the finger back in your mouth and lick it sensually.

The next second he pulls you on your feet and rips your top into pieces. His gaze falls on your boobs that are, by now, merely covered with your bra. He grabs them and starts to massage them. After a short time, he frees them and lays them bare. He guides his tongue to your nipples and although you didn't think it was possible, they become even harder. Due to your arousal you are extremly sensitive and you feel every little movement of his tongue and it sends a shiver through your body every time.

After a few moments, when he regained some control over his urges and trusts himself not to unload his sperm with the first thrust, he pushes you over and presses you against the fitness machine. You can feel the cold metal on your warm sweaty skin. The next thing you notice are his lips on your neck, then you feel his tongue licking along your neck. Everywhere his tongue meets your skin, you feel a tingling and infinitely longing sensation.

You can no longer withstand your own desired. You reach with your hand into your pants, to give your burning pussy a little relief. You wish for nothing more than to finally feel his cock inside you. Your labia reacts immediately to your contact and swells. You want to pull off your pants so that he finally starts to fuck you. But the image of you losing control and touching yourself seems to have made quite an impression.

Without waiting for you to take off your yoga pants, he rips them apart and pulls your panites to the side and plunges his huge, rock-hard cock into your dripping pussy. You are glad that you are so wet, because once again you realize how big his member is. He penetrated you only with the tip but you could already feel how your pussy got stretched. You feel the pain that his movements cause, but soon the pain dissolve in sensation and longing for more. With each thrust a sensual moan escapes your lips.

You notice how his sweaty body presses against you and his cock penetrates you deeper and deeper until he disappears completely into your pussy. You press your pelvis even further against the back and he presses with all his strength against your ass and into you. Unlike what you're used to, he doesn't rely on speed to give you both additional pleasure, but on slow and intense thrusts.

Every time he pulls his cock out of your dripping wet cunt, you feel empty and can't wait until he shoves his cock back into you. His huge cock fills your entire pussy and it's like he stimulates all the erogenous spots inside you at once. It is an overwhelming and indescribable feeling which is only beaten, by the feeling of his cock pulsating inside you. This lasts for what feel like an eternity, before he penetrates you with a last deep thrust and pulls you tightly. 

You notice how the last thrust also makes your body tremble and just as he sends his load into you, you reach a climax as you have never experienced before. You your whole body starts to tremble and you have problems standing upright. The only thing that keeps you on your feet is the huge cock inside you.

As he pulls out of you, you notice how his load is way too much for your body to keep and a considerable part of the warm liquid runs right out of you and pours down your leg. Your body is still shaking from the incredible orgasm, and you go down on your knees, not wanting to trust your shaky legs.

He seizes the opportunity and shoves his still hard cock in your mouth for a last time. Dutifully you clean him up. With pleasure you run your tongue along his whole shaft and lick the remaining sperm mixed with your own body fluids from his cock. You turn your gaze upwards, look him in the eye as you pleasantly swallow the last drops.

He looks back down on you and heavily breathing says: “you are an incredible slut and your cock sucking abilities are unparalleled. I am not finished with you. From now on, every time you come here, I will make sure you get what you are so desperately looking for.”

With these words he turns away. You pause for a moment, thinking about what you have just done and the consequences it has. But it felt so good, how he relished your body, his strong thrusts and to submit to his will. You pick up your torn clothes and go back to the dressing room. You're glad that at this time there's no one left to see you in your current state. Your makeup and hair a complete mess from the intense blowjob and your pussy and legs covered with his cum.