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16 Sep. '22

   We were out for a ride on a warm summer day, stopping for a six pack of beer and a soda, we continued on our way after the stop. He opened his soda and I opened a beer, after about three beers I opened up expressing my desires I've had keep silent about. He was caught of guard but admitted feeling the same way. Telling me several times he found himself dialing my number then stopping feeling he has been over thinking the situation our adventure back then created. Saying I didn't know you felt the same. I confessed I've often thought of that day and wished I'd had a chance to be his bitch again. Reaching over his counsel I rest my hand on his zipper and felt it start to stir.  He asks should we head back towards the cabin. I'd like that I respond, taking my hand back. No you don't need to do that he says, I've forgotten how good you felt. He had grown to fully erect and asked if I might remove my pants so he could play with my ass on the way back. Only if I can suck you on the way. You've got a deal he says.

   As I unbutton and unzip his pants, I lift his cock to expose the sweet precum leaking from the head. I lean over and lick the nectar I hear him sigh and I take the cock head in my mouth. Then looking in his eyes should I continue, he replies oh my God yes, it's all yours.  Slowly lowering his pants and underwear down onto his thighs I slowly rub his cock and balls. Leaning back I remove my pants and undershorts from over my feet and tilt the seat back and lean over to his cock. His hand finds it's way to my asshole and presses into my asshole slightly as I open my mouth and take the cock head into my mouth.  Rubbing my asshole he says it's been a fantasy of mine for years in having your ass in my hands.   Removing his cock from his cock, it's all yours bro, oh should I swallow when you cum, yes Please you reply, it won't be long he smiles. As I  proceed back to lowering my head and taking his cock deeper into my mouth I stroke him and bob up and down until I feel it swell and then he pokes his finger in my ass as he cums. Wave after wave explodes into my mouth as I swallow as quick as I can and he presses his finger deep into my asshole.  Lifting my face to his face I kiss his cheek, thanks bro I needed that after all these years. I promise my ass is your tonight, can I still play with you on the rest of the trip. Please do he says I'm going to play with your ass.