Gentle Bonding

I squirm playfully as my Sir holds my wrists in her hand. My Dommy is at my feet, holding down my ankles. They both whisper sweet, soft praise, as well as dirty, dirty threats. The rope my Dommy is running across my body is soft against my skin, it feels so comforting, and makes me feel so, so safe. I sigh, smirking a bit, as I stick my tongue out and wriggle. I'm scolded gently, a kiss placed on my nose by my Sir, she's straddling me, over top of me, I can feel her soft, and warm dominance. My Dommy begins to tie my feet, I let out a sigh, letting my body relax.

The rope scrapes gently across my soft and sensitive skin, the tension of the day leaves my body as the rope is secured, my body feels alive again. My Sir smiles down, brown eyes half lidded, I can see her slight snaggleteeth, they are so cute. I strain upwards as she leans her chest over my face to get the length of rope that is by my head, I capture one of her pink nippled breasts in my mouth, she normally would be clad in her Domme gear, but today, she had said, she wanted some softer, more intimate. I'm not here to complain, I'm just happy to be here. She moans, I am in heaven. My pussy is wet, my t-dick peeking out from my lips.

My Dommy tenderly reaches the rope up my legs, creating intricate designs, I shiver, as Dommy calls me a good boy, their fingers brush against my skin, I'm getting goosebumps. My Sir gets off of me, having secured my wrists together, on my chest. Before she gets completely off me she gives me a kiss on the lips. "Good boy," She whispers, again, in my ear, nipping the lobe. I gasp, as she pulls out more rope, she begins to tie it around my chest, she says something to Dommy, who nods and they both flip me over.

My face is against a soft pillow, I turn my head to the side, I can no longer see what's happening, I'm not frightened though, I'm excited. Sir continues to tie the rope around my chest, stroking my spine a bit as she does. I see, from the corner of my vision, Dommy step back to admire their handiwork, a sound of approval coming from their chest. Dommy is clad in his classic suit attire, it's more arousing than one might think, especially being able to see the outline of their cock.

I am aroused, but also relaxed, knowing that I am on Sir and Dommy's time now, and I will be rewarded or punished at their leisure, that thought sends jolts of joy and pleasure through me. Dommy drums my ample buttcheek softly, I can hear the smirk in their voice as they tell me what a great ass I have, and how it would be a shame if someone reddened it all up. I squirm against my bonds, flustered and aroused. "But that will have to wait for another day." They say, sounding almost sorry. My midsection is lifted up, my ass in the air, as Dommy ties the rope around my thighs and between my legs, my t-dick strains upwards as the rope brushes against it, I whimper pathetically. Dommy laughs at my whimpers, it's not mean-spirited, they're teasing me.

"God, you really love it, don't you baby?" Sir is saying, apparently she's been saying more, but I have no clue what, I'm lost in the love of the rope. "You didn't hear anything I said, did you sweet boy?" Sir coos, pausing, to gently push her fingers into my mouth. I shake my head as a suck on them, my cheeks flushing. "That's ok, I know you can't focus on more than one thing at a time." She teases, forcing her fingers deeper into my mouth. I make a sassy sound around her fingers, and she removes her fingers. "What was that?" She asked, voice sharp, but still teasing.

"Nothing!" i say quickly, hoping to get out of a punishment. But Sir needles me, telling me to say it with my chest. I relent, and say "Well, you must just not be saying anything interesting."

Sir and Dommy burst out laughing, I laugh too, it feels so good to laugh. After the day I had, I need this, this moment of sweetness, of joy. I wish I could capture this feeling and bottle it.

After having a good laugh, Dommy and Sir continue tying me up,turning me over and back again, over and over, talking amongst themselves, and occasionally asking me questions, and checking in with me. All too soon, they're finished, and I let out a small sigh. Dommy chuckles, running a hand over my body, and flips me over again, on my back, stroking my skin, across my chest. Dommy gently touches over my top surgery scars, tentatively and when I sigh in pleasure they continue petting me.

The rope feels glorious against my skin, and I all but purr as I lay there, squirming very slightly, just enough to feel the rope go taunt against my flesh. I feel so very happy, so very safe and secure. Dommy and Sir take turns giving me kisses, and Sir asks if I'm ready to be untied. I shake my head, telling her I want to bask in this feeling a bit longer. She nods and strokes my hair, while Dommy traces patterns with their fingers on my belly. I feel like the most beloved present, all tied up and waiting to be untied. I love my life.