A Sweetly Passionate Moment

My pussy is wet, my tiny dick engorged with passion. We're literally just kissing, but I'm so aroused, her hands touch my chest, graze over my nipples. My breath catches in my throat, fuck, this feels good. My nipples are hard, so fucking hard. I touch her chest, feeling her ample tits, holy shit, they feel so squishy. I listen to her moan as I roll her nipples between my fingers, she kisses me hard, hands still roaming my chest. I buck my hips, grinding my wet, wanton pussy against her knee, my boxer briefs creating delicious friction that sends shockwaves from my T-Dick, to my tits, to my brain.

I am a puddle of goo, and amazing, lustful feelings, I need more good feelings. I try to keep kissing her while I'm taking off my shirt and binder, baring my tits to my girlfriend. I'm so giddy, as she lowers her mouth to take my nipple in, I gasp. Her mouth works on my nipple, licking, sucking, nibbling. Oh fuck, my head is so foggy, more, i need more. Pleasure ripples through my body. I moan loudly, as my small dicky twitches, my girlfriend is a fucking goddess, oh shit, I need more. There is so much electricity in the air, between us, so much passion. I reach down, lifting her head from my tits, and bring her mouth to mine, I moan into her mouth, oh shit, I need this, I need to feel her plump lips against mine.

As we kiss, I reach between her legs, my fingertips graze over the edge of her panties, graze her hardening cock, it feels so warm, oh gosh it feels so warm. I'm so turned on just touching it. She's nibbling my earlobe, I moan and she moans too as I reach into her panties, gently gripping her cock. "Moan for me," I whisper, thumbing over the head of her cock, she does, oh fuck she does. That moan heightens my passion, I gasp, finding her neck with my mouth and laying down kisses and nips and nibbles. I keep playing with her cock as my mouth works its way to her breasts, they quiver as she lets out a breath. I begin to suck on them, I cant lie and say I'm not awkward, I honestly dont have much sexual experience. But she seems to be into it, her hands are petting my head, running her fingertips through my short hair, soft, pleasurable sounds coming from her mouth.

My lips capture her nipple, my hand is gripping her other breast, I suckle gently. She scolds me playfully, telling me to be a little firmer. So I nip her nipple, and she lets out a loud moan, gripping my skull. She bucks her hips against me, her cock digging into me, it's very encouraging. I squeeze her boob with my hand, I am sucking and biting and nipping all over her other breast, gosh, her breasts are so soft. My brain can focus on nothing but these perfect mounds of fat my hands and mouth are manipulating, my T-Dick is so fucking hard, the hair around my labia lips is matted and slicked down with my juices.

Oh shit, oh fuck, now her hand is reaching down my body as I suck her tits, she's, she's pushing me away from them. I let out a mewl of disappointment and she chuckles, telling me to hush, she wants to reward me. I'm confused, but then the confusion is wiped from my mind as she kisses down my chest and belly while taking off my boxer briefs, I look down as she's looking up at me with a cheeky smirk. I gasp as her kisses make it to the start of my pubic mound, feeling her breath tickle the hairy skin of my mons pubis. Excitement pools in my loins, I'm leaking, more than I was before even. She lays a big sloppy kiss on my dick, I nearly jump out of my skin, my soul feels like it has departed my body, oh god, oh fuck. I'm moaning, I'm purring, I'm crying, I'm chanting worship. My hands tangle in her hair, I try to grind against her face, I feel a smile against my clit as she pulls back.

I know she's admiring my face, but I can't see her because my eyes are screwed shut in ecstasy, I'm almost sobbing. I'm begging her to continue, she laughs and puts her face back between my legs. She licks a long stripe from my vaginal opening to my little dick, swirling it around with her hot, magical, amazing tongue. My hands are in her hair again, holding her in place, keeping her licking and sucking me. Her tongue is wonderful, I feel tears gathering in my eyes as she licks and sucks. Her other hands, what's she? Oh fuck, she's gripping my inner thigh, my body shudders, my breath leaves my body. My eyes are open, but once again I can't see anything because my eyes are rolled in the back of my head. I've never been eaten out, this is brand new, these feelings are wild.

She sucks on my inner lips, giving little nips here and there, and I am almost crying, half afraid of all these feelings. I've never felt this much pleasure, joy, mind blowing and unbridled ecstasy. Her other hand is now, OH FUCK, petting my pussy, running finger tips against my sensitive skin. I don't think I can take this, I'm mewling, half sobbing, my brain is mush. There is so much electricity racing from my pussy to my tits, to my lust-addled brain. I can't think, I can barely breathe, all I can do is desperately grind against her face, my T-Dick bumps against her nose and I cry out. It feels so good, I'm praising her, shouting her name, she is a goddess and I am a lowly disciple.

This is the closest to a religious experience I've ever had. She is my everything, she is the earth, the sky, the stars, the moon. She is a galaxy, I need her to breathe, I will die without her. I don't realise I'm saying this all out loud until I hear her response, well half-hear. It feels like my ears are underwater, I can't make out what she's saying, I can only focus on her mouth and fingers, which have somehow found my vaginal opening. Oh shit, they're, they're, her finger is inside me. I screech so loudly I dont know how we're not both deaf, I'm screaming at her to fuck me with her fingers. She obliges and I'm melting, she touches a spot inside me that makes my vision start to white out. I beg her to stop, to keep going, anything and everything. She pauses, kisses my inner thigh, and lets me collect my thoughts, before asking if I'm ok to continue. I shake my head, telling her I need a break from her excellent manipulations.

She backs off, and I smile at her, god, I didn't realise I'd been drooling. I wipe my mouth, giggling. She's giggling too, asking me if it was that good. I nod eagerly, stroking her head, telling her how good she is. My dick is still aching, wanting more, but overstimulated to hell and back. I ask her if I can try sucking her off, she nods. I kiss her mouth, down her neck and chest, taking care to kiss each perky nipple. They are a beautiful dusky brown, and look stunning against her skin. My hands, a bit awkwardly, take off her cute pale blue panties, freeing her cock. I place a curious kiss against the glans, she gasps, her hands come to rest on the top of my head, stroking gently. I lick, tasting slightly salty skin; and a build up of precum. She moans, stroking my head a bit more aggressively, I smile against her head, opening up to take it in my mouth. I feel her nails digging into my scalp, I don't mind it. I suck, I know I'm a bit rusty, it's been a while since I've sucked a cock, my tongue runs across her slit, dipping in. She moves her hands to my shoulders, pushing me down, gently. I take in more of her cock, and use one of my hands to stroke and gently twist the other half of her shaft. My other hand plays with her balls, stroking and manipulating them gently, not wanting to be too rough with such sensitive organs.

She moans praises, one hand on my shoulder, the other stroking my head. My tongue swirls around her beautiful cock, I'm running out of air though. I raise up, taking in some air. As I'm breathing, I look up at her, searching for more approval, she gives me a grin, and cups my chin, bringing my face to her as she kisses me sweetly. She wraps an arm around me, kissing me deeper, she breaks the kiss and whispers in my ear, asking me to continue sucking her. I give her another kiss, and then nod, my head lowering and my mouth latching onto her cock. I've never felt this cock hungry in my life. My pussy is so wet, as I suck on her cock. I close my eyes to enjoy the flavor of her, drinking in the taste. I can feel her pulse against my tongue, it is speeding up. I'm doing that, that feeling sends shockwaves of pleasure through me.

I send kisses up and down her magnificent cock, drinking in her moans, gasps, and groans, and adjusting my technique to best please her. I'm starting to feel her buck into my mouth, sending her further into my mouth, and down my throat a bit. I lift my head and take in a gasp of air before going back to her dick, letting her fuck my throat. I moan deeply, my own dick getting hard again. I fondle her balls, as I slobber on her, it all feels so wonderful, I love the feeling of her in my throat. I suck hard, I hear her wince, shit, my teeth grazed her. I take my mouth off her, and apologize, she shushes me, telling me I'm doing good, and assuring me that she's not upset with me. My eyes water as she praises me. I love her so much, oh god, my girlfriend is the best.

I stroke her girlcock as I kiss and lick her balls, I suckle on them, first the right, then the left. She moans, stroking my shoulder blades, she whispers gentle praises, telling me to keep going. I feel so honored, so blessed to have her in my life, I love this woman so much. I kiss up her dick, from base, to shaft to head. I begin to suck, gently, then harder, I'm once again entranced by her taste. Oh shit, she tastes so good, she smells good too, her sweet perfume, with an undertone of musk. It's driving me wild, and I need more, I shove my mouth down on her girldick, my nose touching her sparsely haired pubic area. Her soft hairs tickle my nose as she hunches against my face, I bob my head up and down, one of my hands trails up, to cup her titty.

She inhales, her body jerking, I hear her vaguely, through my own greedly cock-hungry lust, as she cries out my praises, calling me a god, calling me an amazing little cock sucker. I pull back, lapping at her cock, and squeezing out her precum with the fingers of my other hand, ardently drinking it up. I praise her for being such a good girl, for being the perfect lover. She's crying, I pull away, cup her cheek and ask what's wrong. She shakes her head, smiling, leaning her forehead against mine, telling me she's never felt this way about anyone before. I echo her with my teary-eyed smile. Letting her know how much I love her, how much I worship her. She is my everything. She cries as she kisses me, kissing me like her life is depending on it, as though I'm her air. She's my air as well, and I don't know how I survived this long without her. I tell her as much, my voice breaking.

We lay there, tangled together, not knowing where I end and she begins. I trace the lines of her face with my fingers, as her's roams over my arm, and side. I am so happy, so incredibly happy, her name is on my lips as I stare into her eyes, hazel, my favorite. She is my favorite, she is my heart. I have never known love like this. I breathe her in, drink her in, I am in awe of her. I am listing off all the reasons I love her, as she watches me with half lidded eyes and a gentle, lazy smile. She cuts me off with a kiss, on the tip of my nose, on my forehead, both cheeks, then, finally...finally the gentlest, softest kiss on my dick-sucking swollen lips. I let out a soft breath, my eyes closing, as I feel her love wash over me, it feels as warm as the sun.