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21 Sep. '22

That was a good bike ride, hot sunny day, I'm knackered, and dripping in sweat, again. I seem not to do gentle bike rides or it's perhaps to many hills where I live, either way I do enjoy a good ride. So, bike away, house unlocked and first pint of water drunk now it's time for a shower.

Halfway up the stairs and there's a knock at the door, I could see the shape of a female at the door so I turned around down I came. Opening the door it was Wendy, a friend of the wifes, well, both of ours nowadays. "Hi Wendy, this is a nice surprise, come in" she was a friend so it was never going to be a doorstep visit.

" I've been over on this side on a job, was passing so I thought I'd pop in"

"Claire's at work but never mind, I'll put kettle on"

" Great, you been out on your bike again?"

"Is it the sweat, or the lycra that gives it away" I said laughing

"Oooh, its the lycra, I do like a man in lycra"

We've flirted for years, I think Claire never minded because Wendy, as nice as she is, isn't really my type to get it off with (boy, was that about to change) Her hubby never seemed to worry either, we were flirting before he was around so it's behaviour he's always seen. 

"I was on my way to the shower when you knocked, sweaty work bike riding in this heat"

" I'll make the drinks if you want to get your shower"

OK I agreed "back in five" and I left, upstairs, stripped off, into the shower, out and quickly, into the bedroom to dry and change.

So there I was, in my bedroom, almost dry and very naked when the door opened. In walked Wendy, my coffee in hand. "I thought I'd bring you your coffee" she said smiling. I just stood there, naked, standing about five feet away from her. Neither of us said anything but her eyes were looking at my groin. She didn't move, just stared while holding my coffee. I just stood, not really knowing what to do, should I cover myself with the towel I had in my hand, no, not yet at least. Then it happened, you know, that feeling you get at the base of your cock when it's decided it knows what it wants... 

With that I started to get hard, slowly and steadily. Exercise gets me horny at the best of times and an after a bike ride I usually had a good old wank session so right now I needed little encouragement. Then I was hard, very hard, naked and standing in front of an old friend of mine and my wife's, in our bedroom

"I'll put your coffee over here shall I" and she moved across the room to the bedside table behind me

I just stood, not embarrassed in the slightest, she instigated all this. My hard cock knew what it wanted and I just wanted to see what happened next. I think at this point I was open for anything. If she turned and left then so be it, if she didn't then yes... she didn't leave

After putting the coffee down she stood at my side, her eyes back on my hard cock so I turned and faced her. She didn't move so, OK I thought, let's see where this goes. I mean, whiles she's not the type I would go looking for she was female, pretty, just a pear shape and I prefer petite shapes. Her boobs were small so advantage Wendy, I like small boobs

I took hold of my cock in my right hand and ever so slowly started wanking. Nothing, Wendy just watched, made no attempt to leave, just carried on watching. Its not a slap in the face I thought so carry on I figured. So it did, I increased the speed a touch and boy did it feel good. I pushed my cock down so it was sticking straight out from my body and carried on, a better view for Wendy I thought...

The ball was in her court now, what would she do, I was hoping it wasn't leave, I was now hoping I'd get at least a wank out of this, and even more with luck. I never gave my wife a second thought but I did wonder what her hubby would think, he always struck me a a passive sort but as i was standing in front of his wife wanking I guessed I didn't care at this exact moment. 

"You're very naughty you know" she said and looked up at me with a big smile

"Well, it's all your fault I'm like this" I replied

"I only brought you your coffee"

"But it's the way you brought it" I replied smiling

Bingo, she took a hold of my cock, I released my grip and let her do as she wished

"Coffee needs some cream, you got any" she asked with a dirty smile on her face

"I normally keep some around here" I replied grinning

"I'll see what I can find then" was her retort as she continued to slowly wank me, then she brought her second hand up and began playing with my balls

No going back now so let's go for it and see what's she's like my cock was saying to me

I leaned down and kissed her on the lips, she responded passionately so I returned that passion. I put my arms around her and pulled her close, hugging her, she carried on playing with my hard cock, perfect....

I let my hands wander, over her back, then over her bottom, round and up the front to her right breast. She tensed as took a good feel, she was only wearing a bra and blouse and I could feel a hard nipple. Her kissing got more intense so the next step was easy, undo those buttons on that blouse, five buttons then pull it up out of the skirt waistband, button number six, undone

Bare flesh, I let my hands feel her stomach, firm, no fat, mmmm, hands up back to her breasts. I could rub her nipple with my thumb, it was hard. Pull the bra cup down and free the nipple, oh yes, pull and roll that price of joy

All while she kept both hands on my cock and balls. I broke off the kiss and trailed my tounge down her neck until I found that nipple, squeezing her breast I took the nipple into my mouth and began to play with it. A little bite, a flick of the tounge, a suck, then I felt a hand on the back of my head forcing it onto her breast, time to get the left breast out and give that some attention seeing as have a green light. Her breasts while small were still quite firm having never breastfed and an absolute pleasure to nuzzle. I cannot imagine what I hadn't noticed them before, maybe the friendship thing

Right, while things are going my way let's move on, or off should I say... I found the button and zip at the back of the skirt. I had to pull it over those broad hips then I could get my hands on my next target. Pussy. While Wendy continued to hold my head with one hand and cock with the other, the wanking had stopped at this point but she held firm, thankfully I started to stroke the front of her plain white knickers. Wow, and wow again, Wendy felt clean shaven, my wife hadn't tried that yet but I'd seen lots of shaved pussy on the Internet. There is more to Wendy than I realised. Damp too, very damp, she groaned as I gently rubbed through her pants.

They need to be off I decided so with both hands I pulled them down as far as I could go. I moved up and stated kissing her again, god she was passionate at that. I gently turned her around and laid her on my marital bed. As soon as she was on her back the kissing stopped so I moved down and removed her pants then spread her knees apart. What a sight greeted me, my first bald pussy, turns out she shaved that morning but I never asked why, was this part of her plan, who knows and more importantly who cares

I dropped to my knees and moved my head closer, I needed a good look. What a sight to behold, her lips had parted slightly and it glistened. Straight in with my tounge, gently running it from top to bottom then force in my tounge cat the top to find her pleasure point, a few times around then used my tounge on the left side then the right and back to the top. The smell, not the freshest but still so good filled my nostrils but I was wet from her all around my mouth

That was bringing moans and groans so I carried on, for what felt like a very long time, no random pubes to pull out my mouth, no hairs in the way, no stubble either, must have been a new blade that morning. Maybe I ought keep my wife in new blades, later.... there is something about eating a completely shaven pussy, for me its better than a hairy one by a long mile. Would I get away with taking a picture, another of my kinks, doubt it so don't spoil the moment by asking....

Her hands were on my head, her wide hips were writhing around the bed, she'd put her feet on the bed edge so I had plenty of access to play and look and she was thrusting into my face as well as pushing my head in. I tell you, the smell, the taste, its a wonder I didn't cum on the carpet.... all this spread wide in front of me, my very own meat platter, heaven

Then I felt my hair being pulled upwards so upwards I went, letting my tounge lick its way up, left breast, right breast, mmmm then upwards to her face, back to that passionate kissing...

Then it was my turn, she started to wriggle down the bed so I knew what she wanted, and I was certainly not going to object.  As I moved to the side she dropped onto the floor so I moved in back front of her, my elbows resting on the bed. Off came her blouse and bra

Oh yes, I felt a hand gently grab my balls and the other grab the base of my very hard cock, and then a tounge on my cock head. The warmth of her mouth closed around my cock. Her head started moving up and down my cock, the hand on my balls began pulling them down gently, stroking them or perhaps milking them as if it was a cows udder... the other hand was wanking me, very short movements. She'd certainly done this before, lucky husband and what a dirty friend we seem to have.

After a short while I could feel myself getting ready to cum so thought I'd best stop this. Wendy was having none of it, she knew what was coming

"On me, I want to see you cum"

I had hoped to cum in that bald pussy, or in her mouth, but on her, oh yes. It's not often I get that request.

"Ok" and I let her carry on her ministrations, more than happy with the future outcome. She carried on for another minute than I was ready, I grunted, tried to force my cock down her throat in my orgasm but she was ready and my cock was out of her mouth

Uuh, uuuh, I came, first spurt in her mouth, then on her chin, the next in the middle of her chest then onto her nipple. I had no control where I shot but she guided my pleasure and continued to wank me until there was no cum left in me. With that I rolled over onto the bed facing upward

"Did you enjoy that" she asked, daft question, I'd just licked my first shaven pussy, had my cock sucked and got to cum on the face and tits of mine and my wife friend, of course I fucking enjoyed it

"Oh yes" I gasped

"Don't go anywhere" and she jumped up and disappeared into the bathroom, I just laid on the bed. I heard the run of the taps and the flush of the loo. Then she's back, jumps on the bed and straddles my chest. She put her hands either side of my head and looked down into my eyes

"Claire not back until four so that gives us a few hours, in for a penny in for a pound" she grinned cheekily then kissed me, hard and forcefully.

"I've always wanted to do that, oh, and a few other things to"

With that she grabbed my arms and held them on the bed above my head, "I want you to do that to me" Well, what had I to lose, I'd cheated on my wife, not for the first time to be honest, but never with a friend of hers so might as well enjoy what's on offer. I rolled the pair of us over, our roles now reversed

"You like it rough" I asked

"Mmmm, sometimes" she smiled

Right, I scrambled off the bed and grabbed the belt from my bathrobe. In seconds I'd tied her wrists and tied the other end to the headboard support. Not very secure, easy to get out of but I doubted she'd try, unless things got out of hand perhaps

There she was, naked, broad at the hips, plump ass but with a lovely pair of tiny tits and a beautifully shaved fanny with her hands tied, albeit poorly. Right I thought, not really being sure of the definition of rough actually was so I settled on not being gentle

I pushed and pulled a bit harder on her nipples, no objections. Fingers into her pussy and gave her a fast finger fuck, no objections, just noises of pleasure. I was getting hard again by now and wanted to get fully hard so I moved my body up the bed and knelt at her head. Well, her idea, so I forced my hardening cock in her mouth. She took it willingly so I just kept pumping my cock into her mouth until I was hard and kept going until she gagged, still no complaints

Who was this woman, certainly not the woman I thought she was. I hadn't found her sexually attractive before, or even thought her capable of being the woman I had beneath me. Who knew...

I must confess, I preferred her sucking me to me fucking her mouth but now I was hard it was time to get into that beautiful shaven pussy. I withdrew my now hard cock and moved backwards on the bed, climbed between her thighs and placed my cock between her spread pussy lips. She just smiled so I went straight in, fully in with the first thrust, I'd like to brag that it was 8 inches but I'm just an ordinary guy in that department in afraid (my story and I can't even give myself a big cock, what am I like )

Pelvic bone to pelvic bone and held it there, then withdrew almost all the way out and bang, back in and in hard, in out, in out. A steady hard rhythm. Each thrust got me a moan, groan, uh, uh, uh. Her eyes were closed and all the visible signs suggested she was enjoying it as much as me. She was wet, I could feel the heat of her pussy on my cock, her muscles squeezing me, a nice tight feeling. I was in no hurry to cum and nor was my cock, it had only just recovered from the first cum, what, 20 minutes earlier so I reckoned I could go a while now, Wendy certainly didn't look ready to stop

Was she cumming, she tensed, arched her back, her face flushed pink, her eyes screwed up and lots more moaning, I think that was it. Selfish bastard that I am I hadn't given a thought to her needs until now, why stop what I was doing, it was working and even though it was not my immediate intention I realised there would be lots of smartie points if it happened twice, so I just carried on, in, bang, out, in bang, out. Bingo, a second, not as intense as the first but a second cumming for sure

Sweat, lots of that, damp sheets, oh yes. Not often that happens to this amount anyway, and I kept going, then one hand was free, then the other. She threw them around my neck and dragged me down for a kiss, lips met, passionately and that was it, that little bit extra to energise my cock. I was cumming, not as powerful as last time, perhaps more of an ooze rather than a spurt but it was my turn to tense and flush. I was spent and rolled off her and stared at the ceiling panting

"Your coffee's cold"

Oh how we laughed. Best get cleaned up I guess, she was first into the shower so I stripped the bed, opened the windows, wide and waited my turning the shower. As I showered Wendy found the wife's hairdryer and dried her hair, better still she made the bed too, aren't friends good 

Wendy made the drinks as I put the washing machine on. I was starving so I made a spot of lunch (cheese n pickle sandwich, nothing fancy, I know my limits). Then it was goodbye time

"Don't know if Claires told you yet but were going out next Saturday, a curry I think"

"Oh, OK, that will be nice" I replied as she have me a peck on the cheek

"Bye" now that will be an interesting night out for sure