Draco, All Alone

Draco stood in the Prefects shower, his hands leaning against the cool tile of the walls, his breathing ragged. He had been standing here under the cold spray of the water for nearly ten minutes and still his mind raced with thoughts of her. For a solid week she had been plaguing his mind. Ever since their encounter in the hall he hadn’t been able to shake the feel of her. Once he thought he had enough strength of mind to forget their encounter, but it would creep back into his mind’s eye and he would inevitably find himself back here. Touching yourself like a stupid blighter, he thought bitterly.


As if in response to his mental chastisement the image of Ginny on her knees before him shimmered into bright clarity behind his closed lids and he felt his groin react.


Fuck me, Draco cursed himself again as images of her soft mouth locked tenderly around him flooded his consciousness. The memory of her lips brushing up against his member was so strong it pained him. A groan slipped from between his clenched teeth and he knew that if he didn’t take care of this right here and now he was going to spend a very uncomfortable morning pent up and pissed off.


“You’re an annoying twat,” he said, addressing his nether regions as if they could hear him. “All right, lets get this over then.”


Taking one shuddering breath he closed his hand over his erection and let his mind take him to where it obviously wanted to go. To his immense surprise it wasn’t to the hallway where he had spent the last week playing and re-playing those moments until he thought he would crack under the strain. No, instead his vast imagination pulled him down to a realm of possibilities. There he could see a completely different set of circumstances laying themselves out in soft, vivid detail and his curiosity began to get the better of him.


In this fantasy Ginny was lying underneath him, her hair spread out like bright fire against the darkness of the pillows. They were in his bed back at the Manor, Draco could tell from the black satin sheets that were sprawled under Ginny, turning her already pale skin to the color of alabaster. She was naked as far as he could tell. Having never actually seen her that way his mind filled in the gaps where he couldn’t guess. He imagined her long, slender legs locked around his waist, her lean arms around his neck, her small yet perky breasts topped with nipples the color of pink sugar, pressed up against his chest. He reached down to take it into his mouth and heard her gasp in astonishment.


Back in the real world Draco moved his hands slowly up and down his shaft, imagining her soft and yielding pussy warm and wet around him. That thought alone caused him to take in a sharp breath and he quickened his pace.


He was back in his room with Ginny in his arms. She was making soft cries of delight as he continued to push his way inside her. “Draco…” she whispered. “God…don’t…don’t stop.”


Fuck, even the sound of her voice inside his head was one of the sweetest things he had ever heard. You’re going to drive me insane, he thought at the dream girl in his mind.


To his surprise, she giggled. “Shut up…and fuck me,” she commanded.


Christ! Draco’s grip tightened even harder as the sweet image of Ginny cumming around him spurred his own climax to its end. His head flew back and he had to bite back his groan as he came. Seconds later, he opened his eyes to the harsh reality around him. The water that was still pouring over his skin now seemed much too cold and the tile floor under his bare feet was just as icy. Feeling the bony fingers of guilt begin to wedge their way inside his gut he looked down at his hand.


Good going, mate. Not only have you managed to take advantage of a girl in your fucked up fantasies, but you’ve also managed to make a buggering mess of the Prefects shower.


Disgusted with himself, Draco reached over to turn the water off and grabbed his towel which was hanging on a peg some feet away and began to clean himself off. In his annoyance he almost thought about leaving the mess for the house elves to find and clean up, but then decided that was low, even for him. Setting his jaw he got onto his hands and knees and began to remove all traces of himself from the shower. Then, deciding that the floor couldn’t be any cleaner than if an actual house elf had cleaned it, he left the bathroom. One thing was for certain, he had to see Ginny again and this time she would be the one who wouldn’t forget him.