The Double Date That Didn't End Ch 7: Gift Exchange




“You like what you see, Tracy?” Ria teased, giving my exposed cock an extra little squeeze for emphasis.

Caught, Tracy blushed and glanced awkwardly over at Connor, but he just smiled. “Hey, go ahead and look. I know I’m enjoying the view of Ria over there.”

He draped a reassuring arm around Tracy, the gesture sliding her robe down off her shoulders, exposing the tops of her glistening breasts.

She was preposterously sexy: cheeks flushed with arousal, tits practically spilling out of her bathrobe, long, wet hair clinging to the shape of her curves. The girl’s wide green eyes were fixated on my cock.

Connor absent-mindedly started kneading her exposed shoulders.

“Mmm, that feels good,” Tracy purred. “I could totally go for a massage right now.”

“Me too, me too,” Ria grinned, turning her beautiful naked back to me.

For the next few minutes, Connor and I silently enjoyed rubbing our women’s backs, necks, and shoulders while they cooed with pleasure.

I kept a close eye on Tracy’s robe, watching with bated breath as Connor’s massage gradually loosened it—more and more every minute—revealing a torturous display beautiful smooth skin.

Eventually, the belt loosened so much that Tracy’s robe all but fell off her body, held up only by the angle of her arms and the slope of her bosom. Her nipples were still covered, but every glorious inch of skin between them was exposed—including about 90% of her truly epic breasts.

“Okay, now it’s the guys’ turn!” Tracy said at last.

Ria nodded, “Yeah! And since they were so chivalrous about letting us have our massages first—I say we give them both a special treat.”

My cock stirred.

“What sort of treat?” Connor asked.

Ria was beaming. “How would you boys like it if Tracy and I traded places to give you your massages?”

We both agreed that we’d like it just fine.

Since we were all starting to get light-headed from the heat of the sauna, I suggested that we relocate to the living room, where Connor and I could stretch out on the twin sofas to enjoy full-body rubdowns from the girls.

“Full-body rubdowns, huh?” Tracy teased. “I wonder what’s on HIS mind.”

“What’s to wonder?” I quipped.

Two minutes later, Connor and I were lying comfortably on our stomachs, waiting while the women ran upstairs to fetch some massage oil. I turned to my buddy and waived a disapproving finger at him. “Hey, how do you expect my wife to give you a proper back rub while you’re wearing that stupid bathrobe?”

“You’re sure?” he asked.

“Merry Christmas,” I grinned, then I turned away as Connor started stripping down. While I had zero desire to see the guy naked, I knew Ria would be delighted with the view.

A moment later, the women came bouncing back down the stairs holding the two bottles of massage oil Ria and I had brought for the trip. They took one look at me and Connor—both of us lying nude on our respective sofas—and let out a pair of wolf-whistles for our benefit.

“Rowr! This is gonna be fun,” Tracy cheered.

As Ria approached Connor, I distinctly heard her whisper, “Mmm, I’ve been waiting a whole year for another chance to get my hands on those muscles.”

Tracy, still dressed in her infernally skimpy bathrobe, climbed up on top of me, her knees resting on either side of my hips. Warm, coconut-scented oil dripped down my body, all the way from my neck into the crack of my ass. I looked over at the other couch and watched as Ria straddled Connor’s back, eagerly rubbing oil into his muscles.

“Shh, close your eyes, give them their privacy,” Tracy whispered, gently turning my head to face the other direction. “And they’ll give us ours.”

I closed my eyes, luxuriated in the feel of Tracy’s slender fingers caressing my bare skin, and forced myself to forget that Ria and Connor were even there.

There was nothing overtly erotic about Tracy’s massage technique, but I was already so insanely aroused that her every touch felt like a red-hot ingot stroking across my oiled skin, kneading the tension from my exhausted muscles.

From my position lying face down on the sofa, I couldn’t actually see what was happening, but I felt Tracy’s weight shift, and an instant later I heard the whoosh of fabric as her bathrobe dropped to the floor at my side.

Meaning the big-breasted girl currently straddling me was totally naked.

As her massage moved lower down my body, Tracy scooted herself back, and I felt the hot, gushing wetness of her cunt lips as they brushed across my lower back, over the curve of my ass, and finally came to a stop resting on my leg.

Her hands moved lower as well—daringly—to gently squeeze the tops of my buttocks. I really wished she would just lose control and start groping me already, but Tracy hesitated to go any further, perhaps nervous about getting too friendly with my body while my wife was right there in the room with us.

Then she removed her hands from my ass and just sat there, shifting her weight awkwardly on my legs.

What had happened? Was something wrong?

I heard the sound of Tracy squirting more massage oil from the bottle, and then a second later I felt her hands on me again—my shoulders, this time—supporting herself as she slowly lowered her chest…

Then she pressed the full weight of those massive, oiled tits onto my bare back.

I GROWLED, my toes curling and my fists reflexively holding onto the sofa cushions for dear life. Pleased with my reaction, Tracy got playful—sliding her slippery melons up and down across my naked body.

I wasn’t the only one enjoying Tracy’s massage. Her nipples were thick and hard as eraser nubs dragging across my oiled skin. Below, her pussy rubbed absent-mindedly against my leg, dripping with arousal.

She spun around a full 180 degrees, scooted her naked ass until she was straddling my upper back, and promptly dropped her oiled chest back down again—now using her hands to squeeze and grope at my bare buttocks.

I was so horny, I wanted to scream. As amazing as it felt having Tracy’s big, juicy breasts slipping and sliding all over my naked back, I hated how there was nothing I could actually do while lying on my stomach. I wanted to see my masseuse; wanted to hold her and kiss her and fuck her until we both passed out from exhaustion.

Then I heard Connor moan—loudly—and my curiosity overwhelmed any compunction I had about spying on him with my wife.

I opened my eyes and spun my head around to see what was happening on the opposite couch.




I can’t tell you how great it felt giving Connor that massage—and the fact that I was naked while doing it just made the whole situation crackle with naughtiness. His body-builder physique felt SO good in my hands.

I went slowly, carefully exploring the shape of each and every one of the guy’s well-defined muscles. His sheer, raw sex appeal was ridiculous—a man with a face as cute as Connor’s shouldn’t also be allowed to have such an amazing body.

But equally sexy was the way he responded to my touch. His breathing grew heavy and excited, and beneath me his hips started shaking uncontrollably, instinctively getting ready to fuck.

After a few minutes spent groping at his back, shoulders, and arms, I finally decided to treat myself to a more intimate region. It had been a full year since I’d groped Connor’s naked ass, and as much as that memory was forever burned into my psyche, it also felt strangely unreal; almost like the whole thing had just been a very vivid, very sexy dream.

I meant to take it slow and tease the guy, but I couldn’t help myself. The closer my hands got to that nice firm butt, the faster I went. Then, just as I was about to get my hands on the prize, I heard Shane start groaning on the other couch.

I turned to see what the big deal was, and gasped at the sight:

Tracy was rubbing her naked tits all over my husband’s body.

It wasn’t exactly much of a massage, but Shane obviously wasn’t complaining. No wonder he was making all that noise!

Tracy caught me staring and blushed, her wide eyes silently asking, is this okay?

I winked at the girl, and answered her question by finally giving Connor’s gorgeous butt a full-on grope. He reflexively lifted his hips up off the couch in response, exposing his smooth-shaven balls and that impressively hard cock.

Speaking if things I wanted to get my hands on…

I pressed my fingertips into Connor’s inner thigh muscles and slid them upwards, teasing, right to the apex of his crotch. Then I did it again, and again—massaging the most sensitive spot on his body without ever quite making contact with his genitals.

Tracy saw what I was doing—where I was heading—and she bit her plump lower lip in anticipation. She mouthed the words: “Go for it.”

So I did.

I snuck a hand up beneath Connor’s body and cupped his balls, feeling the weight of them on my palm.

“Mmm!” he moaned, and out of the corner of my eye I saw Shane turn his head around to check out the action. His eyes bulged at the sight of my hand stroking his best friend’s crotch.

Tracy’s reaction was even more extreme. The girl went completely wild, smearing the flesh of her tits all over my husband’s body. She even dropped her mouth right down to his lean, well-formed butt and took an exaggerated nibble out of one of his ass cheeks.

Poor Shane was practically spasming, he was so excited. I almost felt bad, knowing how desperately his body was screaming at him to just start humping away at the sofa cushions until he came.

“Okay, hold up everybody!” I called out. “Time to switch again. Now it’s me and Tracy’s turn on the sofas.”

I reluctantly took my hand off Connor’s balls.

“Aww,” he joked. “Just when it was getting good.”

Shane, on the other hand, seemed grateful for the reprieve. My guess is he’d been seconds away from ejaculating all over his boss’s sofa.

Connor climbed to his feet, and he and I just stood there for a moment, silently drinking in the sight of each other’s naked bodies. The guy towered above me: a full foot taller and probably close to a hundred pounds heavier with all that muscle weight. What is it about muscles that gets us girls so excited, anyway?

His body was completely smooth shaven, showing off every defined line of his physique in its full, statuesque glory. And his cock…

VERY nice. Firm and thick, the head blushing with excitement. I could only imagine how that big boy would taste inside my mouth.

His eyes travelled hungrily up and down my naked body.

I glanced to the other sofa, where Shane and Tracy were likewise getting a good, up-close look at one another in the buff. Thanks to all the massage oil she’d rubbed on her boobs, Tracy smelled like a coconut dessert. I doubt there was a force on Earth that could have persuaded Shane to take his eyes off the sight of those huge, glistening tits. Hell, I’m straight (or at least, mostly straight) and even I was tempted to hop over there and give that girl a good grope. There’s just something primal about a beautiful naked woman that I think everyone can appreciate, don’t you?

Tracy was enjoying the view every bit as much as Shane. Her wide green eyes scoped out my husband’s exquisitely curved penis, and she shivered as a few drops of her own nectar dribbled down her inner thigh, tickling the skin.

Nobody said a word. No clever jokes to break the tension. We all just stared at one another and reminded ourselves to breathe.

Connor finally broke the spell. “Get on the couch,” he commanded. I obeyed, sprawling out face down on the cushions, teasingly rocking my bare ass back and forth for his benefit.

My masseuse clearly had no intention of giving me a real massage. He wasn’t even gonna fake it for a moment. The second I laid down on that sofa, Connor’s strong hands went right for my naked butt—cupping, squeezing, caressing.

He wasn’t exactly a gentleman, but then, I didn’t want him to be.

Next to us, Tracy quickly laid out her bathrobe across the sofa, to protect it from all the massage oil on her chest. As she moved to lay down, Shane surprised the girl by giving her engorged nipples a teasing little tug.

“Ooh!” Tracy cried out in surprise.

Then she stretched out completely, closed her eyes, and smiled.

The boys went to work.




Given how distracted I’d always been by Tracy’s enormous rack, I realized I’d never paid her ass the attention it deserved. The full, healthy buttocks in my hands were every bit as smooth and curvy as the rest of Tracy’s body, and I absolutely loved the way she moaned as my fingers pressed against her skin and kneaded the tension from those sore muscles.

I squirted more massage oil onto my hands and worked my way up Tracy’s body, appreciating the hourglass curve of her waist, stroking the muscles of her back and shoulders—then briefly dropping my fingertips to fondle the exposed swells of her breasts on either side of her body.

Beside me, Connor dribbled massage oil directly into the crease of my wife’s ass and began stroking his thumbs up and down, between her buttocks. Not to be one-upped, I quickly followed suit with Tracy’s ass—taking things even further by swirling my oiled index finger around the outside of her hot, puckered anus.

“Ahh!” Tracy gasped, lifting her hips up off the couch in an urging gesture for me to go further.

I looked back over at Connor, who was liberally coating the inside of Ria’s thighs with massage oil as he worked his fingers closer and closer to her willing cunt.

Poor Connor. As far as he knew, this bit of teasing was as far as he’d be allowed to go with Ria. He had no idea that in a few hours’ time he’d finally have the privilege of fucking my wife to his heart’s content.

Connor’s fingertips got right up to the threshold of Ria’s pussy, but hesitated to go that final millimeter.

She must be going nuts, I thought.

Then I grinned as Ria helpfully spread her legs apart, giving Connor perfect, unobstructed access to the most sensitive spot on her body. Bewildered, he looked over to me for approval, and I responded by hooking my thumb and stroking it across the slick lips of Tracy’s sex. Tracy writhed in agony, dripping with arousal, hips squirming like crazy—

But I didn’t give her satisfaction just yet. I teased her mercilessly, one hand stroking her tight rosebud, one hand pressing against her swollen pussy—just enough to part her folds, but not enough to penetrate.

“Shane, please!” she cried. “Please just do it!”

On the other couch, Ria’s eyes shot open at the sound of Tracy’s pleading. Emboldened by my actions with Tracy, Connor pressed his palm against my wife’s cunt and started rubbing.

“Shane, please, I’m so fucking horny!” Tracy continued. In truth, I was dying to pierce her cunt with my fingers and frig her into a fit of screaming. But there was an adorable desperation in the tone of her voice, and I couldn’t resist teasing her just a bit more…

“What’ll you do for me?” I asked, sliding my thumb a millimeter inside her body.


“Will you suck my dick?”


“Will you let me fuck your tits?”


I leaned in to whisper in her ear, so only Tracy could hear me:

“Will you let Ria fuck your boyfriend?”

“Oh god! Yes!”

“Yes, what?”

“Ria can fuck Connor!”

Connor’s eyes practically bugged out of his head when she said that. Ria MOANED as Connor’s rubbing on her crotch grew frantic.

Without further ado, I slid my fingers deep inside Tracy’s cunt—


—and deftly worked my lubricated pinky into her asshole.

“Oh, fuck yes!”

Beside us, I heard Ria let out a euphoric scream of her own as Connor pushed his fingers inside her body.

The two women made a beautiful erotic chorus as Connor and I finger-fucked them both over the edge, into sudden and simultaneous orgasms that left us all breathless. I was so dangerously close to coming, I think one more grateful little whimper from Tracy would have done the trick.

I honestly don’t know how I managed to hold myself together.




My limp body gave a final jolt as Connor withdrew his fingers from me, and off to the side I watched in amusement as Shane knelt down beside Tracy and gently caressed her shuddering, post-orgasmic body.


I hadn’t been expecting THAT to happen. Not that I was complaining, mind you—coming with Connor’s lubricated fingers inside of me had been oh-so-satisfying after all that horrible teasing. I rolled over onto my back and smiled up at my masseuse.

“Mmm, that felt wonderful,” I sighed.

I looked up at the clock: Six PM. Six more hours to go before I could fuck Connor and Shane could fuck Tracy. 360 long, excruciating minutes to go before I would finally feel that big, meaty cock filling me up.

Six hours to go until my husband and I both broke our wedding vows by being unfaithful.

I shook my head at the thought. There was nothing “unfaithful” about it. Shane and I had both talked openly about what we wanted, and we’d both agreed to it. We were gonna have sex with other people, and we both trusted that it wasn’t gonna ruin our marriage. If that’s not an act of real faith, I don’t know what is.

“Tracy?” I heard Shane ask.

The girl was still shaking like crazy over there on the other couch, gasping for breath as she recovered from the orgasm Shane had given her.

When she opened her beautiful green eyes, they were glistening with tears.

“What’s wrong, Trace?” Shane asked. “Did I go too far?”

Tracy laughed, choking back a sob. She shook her head, “Of course not, I was begging for it. It’s just—it’s just…”

She rolled onto her side, the motion swinging her nude breasts to face my husband—then she grabbed him by the hair and kissed him ferociously on the lips.

Their bodies collided, Tracy’s heaving, oiled bosom clapping against Shane’s bare chest.

Connor and I shared a look, and I reached out to delicately stroke his impressive cock while we watched our partners kiss. God, he was hard.

Finally, Tracy broke away from Shane and wiped her eyes. She saw me fondling her boyfriend’s big cock and shook her head in amusement.

“Don’t you guys ever wonder ‘what if?'” she whispered.

Shane raised an eyebrow, “What if what?”

“I mean, on that very first double date,” Tracy answered. “Three years ago, today. Before we became ‘the double date that didn’t end’ and all that. I was on a date with Shane, and Ria was on a date with Connor, remember? Then we switched at the end of the night. Don’t you ever wonder what would have happened if we’d never switched? If Shane hadn’t said he wanted to ride through that silly Tunnel of Love thing with Ria, instead of me?”

“Hey, I just said what was obviously on everybody’s mind,” Shane protested.

“I know,” Tracy sighed, “but the rest of us were too shy to speak up. Meaning if Shane hadn’t said anything, we probably would have all gone ahead and ridden through that Tunnel of Love with the wrong person, and—and—” She looked down at the floor. “If that happened, do you guys think everything would be backwards right now? Would I be with Shane? Would Ria be with Connor? Would we all still even be friends? Don’t you guys ever wonder, ‘what if?'”

“Of course,” I said.

“Yeah,” Connor grinned.

“All the time,” Shane nodded.

Tracy let out a sigh of relief, raising her eyes to meet my husband’s. “Really? You think about what it would be like if I was your girlfriend?”

He smiled sweetly at her, brushing a stray strand of blonde hair from her eyes. “Tracy, I think about it every day, from the moment I see you come into the office. I think about what might have happened between us so often it drives me absolutely crazy. I’ve like, got this whole detailed fantasy version of how the last three years of my life would have gone if I was with you instead of Ria.”

Connor met my eyes, and without saying a word it was clear that he and I could both say the same thing about each other.

Tracy grinned, “Phew! I’m just glad to hear we’re all on the same page. That I’m not the only one who wonders about this stuff.”

I barely heard her. I was too focused on the way Connor was looking at me—his eyes pained with desire as my fingers torturously teased his cock.

Tracy followed my example, sliding her fingertip up along the underside of Shane’s erect shaft.

“So, Tracy,” I panted, “Are you thinking we should we pay these boys back for the wonderful orgasms they just gave us?”

“Oh, absolutely. These big, sexy boys deserve a big, sexy reward. But not like this—” Shane let out a whimper as she released her grip on him. I reluctantly followed her example and let go of Connor, as well.

“What did you have in mind?” I asked.

“I think we should put on a little show for them. Give the guys an idea of what you and me got up to the other night.”

Shane’s eyes lit up at the prospect, and I couldn’t help but shake my head in amusement at just how predictable men can be.

“Wait, what?” Connor frowned, confused.

Tracy and I just grinned wickedly at each other. It took a minute, but Connor finally got the hint.

“Bullshit,” he said.

We giggled. Connor looked back and forth at the two of us in disbelief.

“For reals? The two of you?”

“For reals,” I answered.

“Did you know about this?” he asked Shane.

Shane just nodded, dumbly. Clearly his imagination was already running wild.

Connor cursed. “And none of you thought to video tape it!?”

We all burst out laughing.

Tracy propped herself up on her elbow, laying sideways across the sofa so that her proud, inviting breasts were pointed right at me. She crooked a finger in my direction and a second later I was up on my feet, striding naked across the room towards her.

I helped Tracy to her feet and we embraced, the smooth flesh of our naked bosoms molding together. I took a playful nip at her plump lower lip. Mid lip-lock, we both reached down and squeezed each other’s asses—really making a show of it for the men.

“Fuck…” Connor panted.

He and Shane were both grinning like idiots.

Tracy finally took her hands off my butt, giggling—”You’re butt feels so slippery!”

I laughed, “Hey, blame your boyfriend, he’s the one that dumped a bucket of massage oil down there! YOU on the other hand—”

I groped her ridiculously oiled tits, prompting a happy moan—

“You did this to your own damn self.”

My fingers encircled the girl’s nipples and gently twisted. Our mouths collided once more.

When Tracy and I had fooled around for the first time—just two nights earlier—we’d both been utterly terrified. Shy, nervous, self-conscious about our bodies…

But with everything that had happened since then, I wasn’t nervous at all this time. Not even with Connor and Shane both watching us from two feet away.

“I think,” Shane swallowed anxiously, “that you two girls should head upstairs for a nice clean bubble bath. To wash off all that massage oil.”

“Yeah,” Connor agreed, still hypnotized by the way Tracy and I were fondling each other. “Bubble bath. Good.”

“See? The caveman agrees with me,” Shane joked. Connor slugged him in the shoulder.

“I think a bath sounds lovely,” I said, holding Tracy’s lustful gaze.

She turned to the two men. “Give us a few minutes to get ready, then you boys can come up and watch the fun.”

She grabbed me by the hand and we ran upstairs to the bathroom. Soon as the door was closed, Tracy spun to me, hands on her hips:

“I know that face,” I laughed. “That’s your ‘evil’ face!”

“Why did Shane ask me that?” she whispered impatiently.

“Ask you what?”

“When I was begging him to put his fingers in me just now, your husband asked me three things: ‘Would you suck my cock?’ ‘Would you let me fuck your tits?’ and ‘Would you let Ria fuck Connor?'”

I shrugged, innocently.

She continued: “Wanting those first two things makes sense, but why would your husband ask me to let you fuck Connor?”

I shrugged innocently.

“Ria! Come on, you have to tell me! Do you and Shane actually want to have sex with me and Connor, or are we all just playing around?”

I shrugged innocently.

“You are a fucking tease!” she laughed. “Well, obviously something has changed since this morning. Can you at least tell me what the boundaries are? It’s okay for the guys to use their fingers on us, apparently.”

“More than okay,” I quipped.

“And obviously it’s okay for us to do this—”

She stabbed her fingers up into my dripping slit, still tender from my recent climax. I gasped in surprise, which just made Tracy smile. I nodded.

“So, what’s NOT okay?” she asked.

“You can’t fuck him,” I panted.

“What else?”

“You can’t fuck him,” I repeated. It was getting hard to concentrate with her rubbing me like that.

“But everything else is okay?”

I nodded. “You just… can’t fuck him.”

“Fine. But I can fuck you.”




“Dude! What is going on?” Connor growled.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, all day you and Ria have been acting like—like—”

“Like what?”

“Forget it, I don’t wanna jinx it,” he laughed.

The girls had asked us to give them “a few minutes” while they filled the bath, but Connor and I were both starting to get pretty restless. We paced anxiously, our nudity covered up by the discarded bathrobes.

Upstairs, Ria finally called out, “Okay fellas, come on up and get your free show!”

Connor and I exchanged a quick look, then we broke the sound barrier getting up those stairs.

As I approached the half open bathroom door, I distinctly heard three things:

The faint sound of gently splashing water,

The mixed moaning of two beautiful naked women,

And my own heart, pounding like a jackhammer at my ribcage.

Connor eagerly pushed open the door and we both lit up like little kids on Christmas morning.

The women had turned off the lights, and left the bathroom illuminated by a few carefully-placed candles—casting a surreal, flickering glow on the action. The whirlpool bathtub overflowed with a mountain of bubbles. And Ria—my exotic, supermodel wife—was perched on the rim of the tub, her long, dark hair soaked with bath water and clinging to the perky curve of her tits.

She moaned and groaned, her chest rising and falling with heavy breaths as Tracy—


Tracy was licking my wife’s pussy.

The buxom bombshell knelt on the floor of the tub—her nude body hidden beneath all those foaming white bubbles—and penetrated Ria’s cunt with her extended tongue. Ria clenched her thighs around Tracy’s head and began frantically thrusting her hips—literally fucking the other girl’s face in the candlelight.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It just didn’t seem real, watching the two of them go at it like that. Connor and I approached wordlessly, both of us still wearing those silly bathrobes.

“Mmm,” Tracy moaned, slurping one of Ria’s slick cunt lips into her mouth. “Connor, baby, she tastes so good…”

“God damn,” Connor shook his head in bewilderment. I think it’s safe to say the guy had never been so horny before in his life.

Ria came abruptly—screaming and spasming and splashing water and bubbles all over the fucking place.

“You are really, really good at that,” she sighed, sliding limply back into the bathtub beside Tracy. The two of them kissed, tongues probing each other’s mouths. Their soft, soapy breasts squeezed together.

Tracy leaned backwards, thrusting her tits up out of the water, and my wife leaned in, brushing the bubble foam off her friend’s bosom and tenderly licking those two rosy nipples to maximum firmness.

“Ahhh,” Tracy moaned happily.

Ria met my eyes as an erect nipple plopped out from between her lips. She squeezed her friend’s boobs together, creating a mountain of glistening cleavage for my viewing pleasure.

I just grunted with desire.

My incredible wife turned her attention back to Tracy, slowly tracing one hand down the girl’s chest and across her navel—then under the water, until she was cupping that sinfully bald pussy against her palm.

“My husband dreams about fucking you,” she whispered to Tracy.

“Oh!” Tracy moaned.

“He calls out your name during sex, all the time,” Ria continued.

Tracy turned to face me, her mouth going slack.

“He wants to put his cock inside you so bad right now,” Ria teased.

“Shane…” Tracy whimpered. She crooked a “come hither” finger in my direction.

I couldn’t resist an invitation like that. I closed the last few feet of distance to the tub and held my breath in anticipation. As if in a trance, Tracy slowly teased open the knot of my bathrobe, until my fully-erect cock was out in the open and pointing right at her mouth.

Sensing what was about to happen, Ria beckoned Connor over, as well—and my buff buddy tossed aside his own bathrobe and stood naked in front of my wife. Both women spun around to face us, resting their soapy bosoms against the rim of the tub. Their eyes sparkled, excitedly looking back and forth from our faces to our cocks.

With shaking hands, Tracy reached out, grabbed hold of my hips, and whispered, “I’ve wanted to do this for so fucking long.”

Then she pulled me forward and stuffed my cock in her mouth.

My vision blurred as Tracy’s plump, sexy lips descended down my shaft. Unable to take the whole thing, she wrapped her soapy fingers around the base and started pumping—the motion sending ripples through her glistening cleavage.

“Mmm,” she cooed, looking up at me with happy, hungry eyes.

She withdrew for a moment to catch her breath, and my vision returned to normal. Beside me, Connor was having some fun of his own, with Ria planting soft wet kisses all along his penis while she rubbed Tracy’s clit beneath the water.

Tracy quickly recaptured my attention by sliding her tongue up beneath my balls and moaning like she’d just tasted the most delicious meal of her life. Then, without breaking eye-contact, she leaned forward and naughtily rubbed my swollen cockhead back and forth across her adorable girlish face.

Her breathing quickened. Drops of hot, steamy bath water dripped down from Tracy’s breasts and splashed onto the tops of my feet. She took me in her mouth again—more deliberately this time—swallowing inch after blissful inch until her nose was buried in my pubic hair.

Below the surface of the water, Ria’s wrist became a blur on Tracy’s crotch.

Tracy slowly released my cock, holding suction the whole way. When only the tip remained inside her mouth, she twisted her head to make a lewd show of how my rigid penis was stretching out her cheek from the inside.

“Oh god, you guys…” Tracy whimpered, looking from me, to Ria, to Connor—totally overwhelmed by what was happening. “Oh god—oh GOD! Mmm!”

She came, moaning and groaning through the meat of my penis.

Somehow, I managed not to come—but my resolve was seriously waning. Much as I wanted to wait until midnight before I let myself go, I knew I had a few more minutes of this in me, at best.

Having finally recovered from her climax, Tracy turned to Ria and whispered, “I think the Shane need some cleaning up, too. Do you mind if I borrow him?”

Ria let Connor’s cock slip out from between her lips and gave Tracy a wildly sexy kiss. My cock lurched at the sight.

“Just remember what we talked about,” Ria teased.

“I know, I know. No fucking,” Tracy whined.

She stood up to her full height, perfectly naked save for the playful frosting of bubble bath coating her body. I shook my head in disbelief—the girl looked too good to be true. Like she was a damn mirage, or something. She stepped out of the tub and pulled me in for a kiss—crushing the entirety of her warm, wet body against me. My cock pressed against her stomach and her fingernails grazed my back as our lips and tongues collided.

Then, with Ria and Connor both watching us, Tracy gently clutched my penis and led me into the big glass shower with her.

A second later, we were madly Frenching beneath the hot, steamy spray.

I’m usually a fairly gentle lover—tender and romantic, teasing and sensual—but at that moment something in me just snapped, and I assaulted Tracy’s body with animal hunger. I squeezed her huge boobs, dropped my face to her cleavage, and greedily suckled her nipples.

“Oh yes—yes!” she shouted.

She squeezed out a dollop of soap into her hand and closed it around my shaft, frantically pumping.

“Shane, look,” she moaned.

Tracy was pointing out through the fogged-up shower glass, where Connor and Ria were standing upright in the bathtub, grinding their naked bodies together. I groaned with a mixture of lust and jealousy as Connor spun my wife around and dropped to his knees, kissing her back as he went, until his face was pressed firmly against the cushion of Ria’s firm buttocks.




“Oh my god! Oh my god!” I stammered, feeling Connor’s tongue swirling across the naked globes of my ass. I leaned forward, supporting my weight against the rim of the tub and thrusting my rear right into my studly lover’s face.

Inside the shower, I could clearly make out the foggy shapes of Shane and Tracy, groping and kissing like a couple of teenagers. Tracy turned to face me and Connor, wiggling her butt against my husband’s cock while he reached around to fondle her breasts.

Suddenly, I felt Connor’s teeth clamp down on my ass and I could no longer bear to sit by as a passive observer. I twirled around and pushed Connor into a seated position against the edge of the tub, then I straddled his muscular body—pressing my excited pussy against his chiseled abs.

Our lips brushed together for a teasing instant, and then Connor’s tongue was in my mouth and his powerful arms were holding my body with no hope of escape. My sensitive nipples grazed back and forth against the musculature of his chest, sending bursts of pleasure shooting through my body.

I’d already come three times—from screwing Shane in the sauna, from Connor’s massage on the sofa, and from Tracy’s tongue just a few minutes earlier—so it wasn’t likely to happen again just quite yet. But holy shit it felt good just being naked in that bathtub, making out with the figment of all my fantasies.

Besides, just because I probably wasn’t going to come, didn’t mean HE couldn’t.

I scooted backwards, one inch at a time, until Connor’s warm shaft was trapped snugly in the cleft of my ass. Gently, I clenched my buttocks around him—

“Ah!” he grunted.

I dropped my tongue to his chest, licking his nipples while my butt muscles squeezed and milked the guy’s cock.

With an almost angry snarl of lust, Connor grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked my head back—until my wet, glistening breasts were pointed right at his face. He dove in, rubbing his face on my cleavage and stroking his tongue firmly across my engorged nipples.

I hazarded a glance over at the shower and groaned at the sight: Tracy’s enormous bare boobs were pressed up against the glass door, her breath fogging the glass in front of her face. Shane stood behind her, watching me and Connor—grinding his dick against the meat of Tracy’s ass.

Connor finally released my breasts from his mouth and I managed to catch a few desperate breaths to keep from fainting.

“I want to fuck you, Ria,” he panted.

“I do too,” I whimpered. “But we can’t.”

It felt so cruel, denying him when I knew full-well I would be granting Connor his wish later that night.

I spun around again—on all fours this time—filling Connor’s field of vision with my firm ass and puffy wet pussy. I grabbed a bottle of soap and squirted it liberally across my buttocks and into the crack between them.

“Rub your cock on my ass,” I panted. “Rub it on my ass until you come.”

“Jesus, Ria. You’re driving me crazy.”

“Just do it.”

I undulated my hips, waving my firm butt back and forth in front of his eyes.

Connor climbed to his knees, positioned his slick, soapy cock above my slick, soapy ass—then pressed the shaft down and rubbed it back and forth across my butt cheeks. He growled with pleasure.

It felt so deliciously naughty, especially with Shane and Tracy watching from the shower. Every nerve strand in my body was screaming for me to take Connor’s big cock inside me; to steal some pleasure for myself amidst all this excitement. But I held firm and just luxuriated in the knowledge that Connor was living out a fantasy with my body.

It was time to finally let the poor guy have some relief.

I reached back and grabbed hold of my buttocks, spreading them invitingly for my lover. He lowered his shaft down into the crack of my ass and I squeezed it for him.

“Come on me, Connor,” I moaned.

His eyes steeled with resolve and Connor started thrusting, gliding his burning hot erection across the slippery cleft of my ass.

“Oh, fuck yes…” he growled.

My breasts swung pendulously with every thrust of his hips, and I cried out in surprise as Connor’s swinging balls clapped against the folds of my pussy.

“Mmm! Faster!” I moaned.

Connor grabbed hold of my swaying tits and squeezed. His angry cock glided frantically between my toned, smooth buttocks, and his balls slapped harder and harder against my cunt lips.

We both glanced up at Shane and Tracy, still going at it in the shower. Pawing at each other as they watched us. Shane had three fingers up Tracy’s snatch and she was already moaning like a banshee.

Suddenly Connor’s hand shot down from my chest and started rubbing my clit. Son of a bitch. I WAS going to come! I could already feel the fiery snake of pleasure coursing through my body.

“Oh, Connor!” I screamed.

“Ria! I can’t—I’m gonna—”

“Come on me, Connor!” The pleasure took over for me, and my words became an incoherent mess. “Come all over me! Now! Now! Aah!!!”

With a roar, Connor erupted, his cock spasming between my clenching ass cheeks and his hot seed splashing down onto my slender bare back.

The sensation pushed me way over the edge and I climaxed, shaking so hard I had to brace myself against the edge of the tub to keep from falling over.

Connor immediately hugged my body against his, planting ecstatic kisses against my neck. My whole body shook and the world spun like I’d just downed eight shots of bourbon.

“Oh, Connor…” I whimpered.




“Oh, Shane…” Tracy whimpered.

The combined stimulus of my fingers and the lewd sight of Connor blasting his semen all over my wife’s back was too much for poor Tracy. Her cunt spasmed against my hand, and the flesh of her breasts wiped wide streaks across the fogged shower door.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!”

She suddenly spun back around to face me, eyes flashing. Our mouths crashed together once more—briefly—then Tracy tore herself away and grabbed the lavender body wash off the shelf.

“You asked me to give you a blowjob, and I did,” she panted. “Now it’s time I made good on my second promise.”

She thrust the bottle of body wash into my hands—

“Soap up my tits,” she commanded.

I grinned.

Tracy helpfully crossed her arms beneath her prodigious bosom, squeezing and lifting those spectacular melons to meet my gaze. I dribbled a liberal coating of soap onto her cleavage and then cast aside the bottle to free up both hands for some much-needed groping. I really took my time savoring Tracy’s boobs—fondling, lifting, squeezing, caressing—making damn sure that every inch of soft nude skin was thoroughly coated with slippery soap.

She pushed me back until I was reclining against the wall, gave me one final kiss on the lips, then sunk to her knees so that her heavy tits were at the exact same height as my erection.

I heard Ria’s voice call out: “Enjoy yourself, sweetie. You’ve earned it!”

“Oh, he will,” Tracy promised.

She slowly swung her chest left to right, letting her swinging breasts slap against the side of my cock. My shaft travelled effortlessly along the slick curve of her cleavage, until I felt the thick bud of her nipple poking into me from beneath. Tracy gently grasped my penis and pressed it down into the flesh of her tit, tracing a single, super-sensitive nipple along the bottom of my rigid rod.

“Fuck yeah,” I groaned.

Then she leaned forward—staring up at me with those wide green eyes—and wrapped the slippery warm pillows of her breasts around my desperate cock.

My hips went on auto-pilot, thrusting up into the snug channel of her cleavage. With each push, my cockhead speared into view beneath Tracy’s smiling lips, then disappeared entirely when I withdrew. Her chest shook and bounced delightfully.

Tracy pressed her palms against the outsides of her breasts and squeezed them together, trapping me between. I shuddered from the incredible sensation. Her tits were pressed so tightly around my cock, I could actually feel her heart beating inside her chest.

“That f-feels amazing,” I panted, my teeth chattering with desire.

Pleased with herself, Tracy cupped her breasts from beneath and slowly slid them up and down around my shaft. She squeezed and kneaded her own bouncing tits as she went, tugging at the nipples with her fingertips. All I could hear was the wet, soapy slapping of her heavy bosom crashing down onto my pelvis again and again.

I was going totally insane with pleasure. It was all too much. I’d been dreaming about fucking this woman’s tits for three goddamn years.

My idle hands grew restless with Tracy doing all the work like that. Impatiently, I grabbed hold of her head and urged it down—until her open lips were in position to receive my cock at the peak of each thrust. Her tongue swirled around the sensitive tip.

“Tracy! I’m gonna—”

“Don’t hold back,” she moaned. “Not one drop. I want you to come ALL over me.”

“Oh god—oh god!”

Her tits became a bouncing blur around my cock. Her mouth was a hot wet vacuum around the tip. My balls contracted, and I felt every muscle in my body suddenly seize up—


I cried out, finally exploding in climax. Tracy caught the first blast in her mouth, but quickly leaned back to let spurt after spurt of my white-hot cum rain down across her adorable face and that endless expanse of cleavage.

I finally subsided, slumping exhausted against the wall.

“Ooh yeah,” Tracy cooed, swirling her fingers through the mess on her chest. “So naughty.”

In the bathtub, I spotted Ria and Connor snuggling up naked against each other, luxuriating in the aftermath.

“Did we all enjoy that?” Ria asked.

Everyone nodded, still in a daze of disbelief.

“That was amazing,” Connor sighed.

“So amazing,” I groaned.

Tracy gave my mercifully deflating cock a final squeeze between her sticky breasts.

“My pleasure,” she giggled.

Ria stroked a finger across Connor’s muscular chest. “Do you realize how overdue this night is?”

He just grunted in agreement and kissed my wife with his tongue.

Tracy stood back up, rubbing the circulation back into her knees. While Ria and Connor were busy kissing each other, she leaned in and whispered to me:

“Does it make you jealous, watching him with her? Or does it turn you on?”

“Both,” I sighed.

Tracy nodded in agreement, washing my mess off her tits and face. She turned to me, serious:

“We’re finally all gonna fuck tonight, aren’t we? You and me? Ria and Connor? This whole day has just been one long seduction, leading up to the main event. Am I right?”

I didn’t say anything, but I’m pretty sure she saw the answer she was looking for in my lustful, post-orgasmic eyes.