Sensuous Sarah

Info silverhawk
15 Oct. '22

A lot of women come into the little store on my farm to buy my wine.  It’s good wine, and I know that because I do everything myself and I’m somewhat of a perfectionist where my wine is concerned.  Women seem to like wine more than men, so I get to see a lot of women over the course of a year.  I see tall women, short women, skinny women, women dressed up, and women dressed comfortably.  She came in one Wednesday afternoon when I wasn’t particularly busy.

She had a beautiful face framed by shoulder length brown hair. Her smile was captivating and her eyes seemed to be smiling as well.  All in all, she had the face of a woman I knew I’d enjoy knowing more about, though I doubted that would ever happen

Her face would have been enough to pique my interest, but a lot of women have pretty faces.  It was the rest of her that captured my attention.  She wasn’t tall, and she wasn’t built like a fashion model. I’m horrible at guessing women’s sizes because they have so much trick underwear available.  I couldn’t guess how big her breasts were, but her underwear wasn’t making them look artificially large.  The gentle sway of her breasts when she walked told me they were all her, and that set my thoughts on a course I should have been ashamed of…but I wasn’t.  I’ve been a big fan of big breasts since I figured out what women are all about.

Another thing about her fanned the flames of my interest as well.  She had hips.  Call me what you want, but a woman should have round hips.  The little hard, skinny butts all women seem to want don’t interest me at all because they make them look like boys.  A soft, round, woman looks feminine, just like a real woman should look.

She was very feminine, and my thoughts strayed for a minute or two while she looked around.  I was imagining what she looked like under her jeans and top, and my imagination was running rampant when she walked toward the counter.

I didn’t know her, so reluctantly, I put those thoughts back in that place in my mind where they’d stay until I had time to really savor them, and then smiled at her.

“May I help you, Ma’am?”

She smiled back at me.

“Well, I don’t know.  Do you have anything I’d like?”

I didn’t know if she’d like what I was thinking about just then, but asking would probably have lost me a customer.  I decided to let the thought that flashed into my head just pass right back out.

“We have a nice selection of reds and whites.  I’m partial to the Merlot, but it’s a little dry for some people.  Is this for a special occasion?”

“No, no occasion, and I don’t really like reds except with a meal.  I’m looking for a nice white wine.”

“Do you prefer a sweet wine, a medium sweet, or dry?”

“Oh, I think the medium.  I just want a nice wine to relax with in the evening.”

I walked her to the racks of wine beside the counter.

“We have several to choose from.”

I picked up a bottle of Chardonnay from the rack.

“I make this a little sweeter than some, but most of my customers like it.”

She smiled at me again.

“I’d really like to try them all, but that would be pretty expensive.  I’ll trust you and take the Chardonnay.”

I rang up the sale, and she paid me with her debit card.  As I was putting the bottle in a paper sack, I said she could taste all my wine if she came back on Saturday.

“We have sort of a party on Saturday nights during the summer and fall.  I have a jazz band come in for music, and have tubs of iced wine available for sale.  In the shop here, you can taste them all, and then buy what you like the best.  Bring a blanket and you can sit on the grass, listen to some great jazz, drink wine, and relax all to pieces.  Most people bring something to eat too.  Like I said, it’s really a big party.”

She smiled that devastating smile and said she’d think about it, then picked up the bottle and left.

Saturday morning, I was busy like always.  The grass in front of the bandstand had to be mowed and then the clippings vacuumed up.  Trashcans had to be set out, and the tops of the picnic tables washed down.  The birds in the trees above them don’t have much respect for my wine parties.

The three college kids I hire to serve wine were busy half-pulling corks, packing the bottles in tubs and then filling the tubs with ice.  By six, when we opened up, the wine would be chilled and the half-pulled corks would make it easy for the customers to open their wine.

At four, I went to the house, took a shower, and then microwaved a pizza.  By five thirty, I’d checked everything and figured we were as ready as we ever would be.  I went into the store and started pouring samples and putting the little cups in the squares with the name of each wine.

She got there about six, and I couldn’t stop looking at her.  Her shorts were just short enough to be interesting without being too revealing, and her big breasts were making her stretchy top move like I’d not seen one move for a long, long time.  Pink running shoes with pompoms on her socks completed the picture of a very desirable woman.

“Remember me?”

“Sure.  You’re the Chardonnay on Wednesday.’

“Well, actually I’m Sarah.”

I offered my hand to Sarah.  Her hand was small and soft, but her handshake was surprisingly firm.

“Sorry about that.  I’m Tom.  Pleased to meet you…again.”

“Don’t worry about it.  The Chardonnay was great, but I came to taste all the wine.  Which should I do first?”

“Well, the little cups are all in squares with their names.  Just go down the counter."

Sarah started down the counter, sipping wine like most of my customers do.  Occasionally I get a wine snob, and they hold everything up with their gargling, breathing in and then looking for a place to spit.  I make wine to drink, not taste and spit out, so I don’t have any spit cups. Most of my customers are like me.  They taste, and if they like it, they buy a bottle or two and drink it.

I lost track of Sarah after half an hour.  It wasn’t because I wasn’t looking for her, because I was.  I got a mob of college kids about then, and got really busy explaining the differences in the wines and what they could expect.  By the time I’d answered all their questions, Sarah had left the store.

A little before nine, the tasters had all picked their bottle for the night, so I walked outside.

It was like most nights.  The four piece jazz combo was playing on the small stage I built, and a few couples were dancing on the grass in front.  Most of the people were sitting in lawn chairs or laying on blankets and just relaxing.  The moon was full that night, so everything was bathed in a soft warm light.  The night was almost perfect too, warm, but not too warm.

I couldn’t find Sarah anywhere, but there were a lot of people so I didn’t think too much about it.  I knew the fantasy I’d entertained on Wednesday was only that anyway – a fantasy to be enjoyed but not ever made into reality.  I walked back inside, poured myself a glass of Merlot, and walked back out to enjoy the evening.

At five ‘til ten, the band announced their next number would be their last.  After they played it, they wished everyone a safe trip home, and extended the invitation for them to come back the next Saturday.  As the band packed up their instruments, the people picked up their things and slowly filed out to the parking area.

I always make a round of the party area after each Saturday night.  Sometimes people leave things they’d like to have back, and I take them back to the store.  I also check for anything burning.  Some people bring little charcoal grills with them.  I don’t mind that, but when they dump the fire out on the ground, sometimes it keeps burning.  I put out one that night.

It was out beside a big oak tree I found Sarah.  She was stretched out on her blanket on her back and looking up at the moon.  I coughed as I walked up because I didn’t want to startle her.

“Hi, Sarah.  I figured you’d be gone by now.  Have a good time?”

“I guess so.  The wine was good and the music was good.  I just wish I’d had somebody here with me.  It’s so romantic out here and it was kind of lonely seeing all the couples together.”

I smiled.

“I figured you’d have all kinds of guys talking to you.”

She sighed.

“Tom, I’m not a young, skinny girl, and that’s what most men seem to want.”

I sat down beside Sarah and facing her.

“Well, actually, I don’t like skinny girls all that much, and I don’t like young ones at all.  They’d be OK, I guess, if I was twenty, but I’m not.  I’m a lot more attracted to women with curves.  Those curves make them sensuous; that’s what I see when I look at you.”

“So, you like what they call big, beautiful women?”

“Well, no, not really, at least what I understand to be a big, beautiful, woman.  The one’s I’ve seen who call themselves that are big, but they aren’t beautiful, and they aren’t sensuous at all.  They’re just obese, and most of them don’t take very good care of themselves.”

Sarah raised up on one elbow, and her big breasts rolled seductively under her top.

“So if you don’t like skinny girls and you don’t like big girls, what do you like?”

I’d really never thought about that before, at least I hadn’t thought about classifying women by body type.  There was so much more to a woman than her body.

“It’s hard to explain, but I know what I like when I see it.  It’s more than her size or shape.  It’s how she looks overall, and how she talks and acts.”

I decided to risk a little compliment.  The worst I could do is drive Sarah away.  I didn’t allow myself to think about the best that could happen.

“I – I like you, if that answers your question.”

Sarah frowned.

“But I’m one of those big girls, aren’t I?”

“No, not really.  You’re bigger than some, but you have a female shape, and it looks like you take care of yourself.  I like curves, You’re a very pretty woman too, so I guess the beautiful part would be right.  You also talk like you’re pretty intelligent.  If I can’t talk to a woman, she doesn’t interest me very much.”

I grinned.

“There’s only so many hours in the day you can…well, you know.  If I can’t talk with a woman, she’d get pretty boring pretty fast.

“I always thought I was a big girl.”

“I guess I’d call you a curvy, beautiful woman with some smarts.”

Sarah smiled, and put her hand on my arm.

“Thanks for being so nice.  I wish more men thought that way.  It’s hard to compete if you’re not thin.”

“I wasn’t being nice.  It’s the way I really think.  If I knew you better, I’d probably ask you out.”

“You already did.  You asked me to come here tonight.”

“Well, this isn’t really a date.  On a date, I’d take you somewhere romantic for dinner and some wine, and then maybe somewhere to dance.  After that, well, if it was a second date and we hit it off, I might try to take things a bit further.”

Sarah grinned.

“This place is romantic, and I drank some wine.  What would come next?”

“Well, I don’t know…whatever seemed right at the time.  Maybe I’d kiss you.”

Sarah scooted up next to me.

“Show me.”

Sarah was all soft, sensuous woman in my arms, and when our lips met, I knew I’d have to kiss her again…and again…and again.  Her lips were full and soft against mine, and when she parted them, it was hard to not gasp a little.  Her kiss was electricity that tingled all the way down my spine and then back up to torment my mind with more intimate things..  

I eased back, and saw her smiling.

“That was nice.  Is that all you’d do.”

“That would depend on you, Sarah, on how far you wanted me to go.  I’ve never pushed a woman for anything in my life.”

Sarah stroked my arm, and then ran a finger down my chest.

“I liked you on Wednesday.  You looked at me, but it wasn’t like other men look at me.  I could tell you were thinking about me, because you were smiling.  I was thinking about you too.  That’s why I came back tonight.

“I think I’m a good person, and I like how I look, but sometimes women need to be told and shown that they’re attractive.  If you really believe what you told me, you could show me.  If you don’t want to, I’ll understand.”

“Right here?”

“Nobody will see us, will they?”

“No, everybody’s gone.”

“Kiss me again.”

This time, Sarah put her arms around my neck and held me close.  The combination of her fantastic lips and her soft breasts pressing into my chest took away any reservations I had.  I stroked the small of her back, and she purred into my mouth.

To be honest, I felt a little like a teen-ager again, trying my best to seduce my date, except Sarah really didn’t need seducing.  I guess it was being outside on a blanket that made me feel that way.  I got the same thrill when I slipped my hand under her top and stroked her bare back.  Sarah just purred a little “mmm” again, and let her tongue slip out and over my top lip.

Her bra had four hooks, but the one-hand technique came back to me.  As I pulled the last hook from its mating eye, the band slipped down her sides.  I slipped my hand between us and felt Sarah’s bare breast.

She caught her breath when I stroked the softness, and caught it again when I found her nipple.  After that nipple rose to my touch, I pushed Sarah gently away.

“Sarah, are you sure about this.  I want you, but it has to be because you want me too.”

She didn’t really answer me.  She just pulled the knit top over her head and slipped the bra over her arms, and then started unbuttoning my shirt.  

Her bare breasts were all I’d dreamed about and more.  I lifted them, one in each palm, and felt them move as I gently squeezed them.  My fingertips on her nipples made them a little stiffer, and I loved the feeling of all the tight little ridges and bumps on her taut nipple beds.  I had to let them go when Sarah pulled my shirt open.  She pulled it off my arms and then pressed them into my bare chest as she kissed me again.

I really needed to get out of my jeans at that point.  Sarah was driving me crazy with the need to feel all of her body against mine, and my cock was trying to straighten out through my zipper.  I broke the kiss, stood up, and took off the rest of my clothes, then knelt beside her and pushed her gently back on the blanket.

Her shorts fit snug enough I had to work them over her seductive hips, but it was erotic watching her move those hips to help me.  I tossed them on top of my jeans and shirt, and then cupped the soft lips between her thighs.  When I massaged those lips a little, Sarah moaned.  I slipped my ringers under the waistband, and when I pulled her panties down, Sarah raised her hips.  It took only a moment to roll them down her silky thighs and toss them on top of her shorts..

I stretched out on the blanket beside Sarah, and nuzzled her left nipple.  It was still taut, and her tummy sort of jerked when I opened my lips and sucked it in.  A soft rasp of my tongue over the tip made her moan again.  She didn’t say anything when I lightly pinched that stiff nipple between my lips.  Her hips rocked a little and I heard her inhale quickly.

I loved her breasts.  They were large, soft globes that moved gently when I squeezed them or kissed them or stroked the rippled and bumpy surface of her nipple beds.  If Sarah hadn’t been so arousing, I could have kept caressing those beautiful mounds for hours.

I knew I couldn’t possible hold out that long though.  Some women are arousing but Sarah was driving me crazy with need for her.  Every touch caused a little movement in her hips, and sometimes a soft, erotic little moan.  I felt her hands on my back, then stroking down my side, then feeling for my shaft.  She didn’t have trouble finding it.  I was rock hard already.

The ancient male that resides in all men’s brains was telling me to spread her soft thighs, find her entrance, sink my cock inside her and pump away until I came.  It’s a difficult impulse to resist when the woman seems so willing and is so arousing, but I’d lived long enough to know that wasn’t the best way.

I let Sarah’s left breast roll out of my palm, and stroked down over her soft tummy.  Slowly, my fingers stroked down and to the side, until I was cupping her left hip.  After squeezing it gently, I ran a fingertip over her thigh and then down until I felt the incredible softness of her shaved lips.  I eased her thighs apart a little and cupped those soft lips with my fingers.  

Sarah was so warm there, and when I pressed in with my middle finger, it slipped between her lips a little.  She was moist, not yet wet, but moist enough. I slipped my hand back up over her tummy to my face and inhaled.  Her scent was raw, sexual woman.  Supposedly men can’t pick up pheromones in a woman’s scent, but I swear, my cock gave a twitch.

I didn’t know Sarah well enough to know if she enjoyed what I was going to do, but after that scent, I couldn’t stop.  I let her nipple slip from my mouth and kissed my way down her tummy until my nose bumped her thigh.  Her thighs opened wide at my touch, and when my tongue slipped over her outer lips, Sarah gasped.

“Oh, God.  Yes.”

The minutes I spent savoring her scent and taste were exquisite.  Her reaction to my tongue told me Sarah was more than most women I’d known.  She gasped when I slipped my tongue between her soft outer lips and found the ripples of the inner ones.  Her hips danced when my probing tongue found her entrance and slipped in as far as I could get it.  She grabbed my head and pressed it tight between her thighs when I found the little button at the top of her lips and softly licked hood hiding it.

If we’d had more time and I’d known her better, I would have taken her to the peak and gently pushed her over with my lips, tongue, and finger.  I love giving a woman the most pleasure I can, and I particularly enjoy her first orgasm if I’ve caused it that way.  

As it was, I contented myself with just making sure she was well on the way before I moved back up and kissed both her nipples again. I’d started back to kneel between her thighs, when Sarah rolled over and raised up on her hands and knees.  

The moon painted her lush body with pale light. Her beautiful breasts hung down as if begging for the touch of my hands. I could see the glisten of her wetness as her lips opened slightly when she spread her thighs a little wider.   It took only a moment to move behind her and stroke her soft cheeks as my cock probed for her entrance.

I resisted the urge to grab Sarah’s hips and sink my cock in to the hilt on the first stroke.  Instead, I pushed in and out while moving up and down until I slipped into the portal.  She moaned when I pushed in until I felt resistance.

Sarah was tight at the little ring just inside her lips, and I pushed in enough that my cock head slipped past that point.  Then, because it felt great to me, I stroked in and out slowly, just short, slow strokes that let me feel that tightness squeezing my cock head over and over and over.  Sarah was enjoying it too, I think.  She made little low moans when I pushed in, and caught her breath when I pulled out.  After a minute or so, I felt her hips rock into my stokes.

Sarah felt so great, but it was an exquisite torture for me.  I gave up and let the next stroke push my cock in until my belly was pressed tight against her soft, round hips.  She was wet warmth and a glove tight fit, and I knew I was going to have to be careful.  I’m old enough to have some self-control, but it was going to be difficult with Sarah.

My strokes were slow and deep.  With each stroke, I’d pull out until I felt the resistance of that snug little ring, and then I’d push back inside her until my belly bottomed out again.

I’m not one of those guys who beds every woman he can just so he can brag about the number, but I’m no virgin either.  Sarah was taking me places that I’d been before.  I’d just never been there quite as quickly or felt the way I was feeling.  

Her body was pushing into my thrusts, and when I reached around her and lifted her left breast, her hips rocked up.  That pushed my cock inside her a little deeper and into a tight, sticky wetness that I’d not felt in a long time.  I rolled her taut nipple on the next stroke in, and her hips did a dance that almost made me lose it.  It was like her body was milking me, urging us both to that ultimate explosion of mutual pleasure and passion.

With the other hand, I felt over her hip, down her tummy, and between her thighs until I found the little nub at the top of her lips.  I rubbed gently beside it and then rolled the little hood back.  I felt the little tip peek out, and after wetting my fingertip between her lips, lightly brushed that stiff little tip.  Sarah moaned and her hips rocked back hard.

Things happened pretty fast after that, faster than I’d anticipated.  One minute, Sarah seemed to be enjoying what I was doing, and the next, I was holding on so I could stay inside her.  I was also rapidly losing control.

She got even wilder when I started moving my fingertip over and around that little button, and the rocking of her hips sped up.  I sped my strokes to match them, and tried to hold back.

Sarah reached the peak and fell over the edge a few seconds later.  I heard her gasp, then cry out, and then her body started to shake.  No man could have held out after that.  The first spurt raced up my shaft and splattered inside Sarah’s writhing passage just as she cried out again.  I felt the second surge as well as the tightening of her passage as the wave swept over her and she let her breasts ease down on the blanket.  The waves were still racking her body when I felt the third fly.  I kept stroking after that to feel the little contractions around my shaft and to keep them going.

When I grew too limp to stay in inside Sarah’s satin passage, I eased out and to her side.  She rolled to her side and snuggled up beside me.  The feeling of her breasts against my chest was fantastic, almost as fantastic as the feeling of her soft thigh when she draped it over my legs.  She sighed.

“Mmm.  I needed that to happen.”

“It was great on this end too.  You’re fantastic, Sarah.”

“Am I fantastic enough to spend the night?”

I caressed the soft breast resting on my chest.

“Tonight and any other night you feel like it.”

“I think I feel like a bed right now, and then some more of what we just did.”

She giggled.

“Think you’re up to it?”

I rolled her nipple between my fingers and Sarah caught her breath.  I chuckled.

“I will be if you are, and it feels like you might be.”

“Mmm.  I am.”

That night was one of the best of my life, and the next morning was even better.  Sarah drove away a little before noon, but promised she’d be back on Saturday.  I’ve always heard it’s not good to wish your life away, but when a woman like Sarah is what I’m waiting on, I hope the week goes by fast.