Full Service Trucking

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18 Oct. '22

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I was cruising down I 94 at seventy miles an hour in the passing lane when traffic inexplicably slowed down. I had a semi on my right- the lettering on the door reading Big O Express, Oswald Trucking- another behind me and a bus in front. My wife Kate sat next to me dressed for comfort on a road trip. She wore a half shirt she’d made from a tight old tee shirt that covered her nipples- most of the time- but allowed the bottom curve of her breasts to peek out once in a while along with a loose pair of running shorts. And sandals. Three articles of clothing. I loved her in a tight pair of Daisy Dukes but the running shorts were far more comfortable and when she went commando as she now was she flashed pussy and ass if she moved just right. I could also reach inside those loose shorts and find skin easily. It was hard to see a downside to that.

After a slowdown that lasted about a minute the bus ahead of me began to pick up speed. Pretty soon I was back up to sixty five again and as we pulled even with the semi tractor on the right I had a sudden inspiration. I moved forward next to the truck driver’s window, reached over and pulled Kate’s shirt up and hooked it over her shoulder. Both tits spilled out and the trucker blew his horn in acknowledgement. Kate’s face went red and she recovered quickly and yanked the shirt back in place.

She slugged my shoulder hard but in spite of her punch and obvious embarrassment she was grinning. I sped up and pulled ahead of the semi, merging into his lane when I’d put some distance between us.

“Why the hell did you do that?” Kate demanded, still grinning widely. She now had both arms crossed protectively over her boobs but I could tell she wasn’t mad, just surprised.

“I don’t know, sweetie. It was just a spur of the moment thing. You aren’t averse to flashing your tits at a concert or on the beach and I just figured you could give  a lonely trucker a thrill if he got a look at those gorgeous tits. I think he liked them- he honked a thank you.”

“Okay, but could you give me a little warning next time, you asshole?”

Now I grinned and said sure, but what I was grinning at was her mention of ‘next time’, because as soon as she said it I was planning the next time. I slowed down a bit and as traffic had cleared some I merged back into the passing lane again and slowed down more. The trucker began slowly passing us on the right and I told Kate to get ready. 

She shook her head in disbelief and rolled her eyes, still grinning, but popped open her seat belt buckle anyway. As the semi driver’s window came even with Kate’s window she didn’t wait for me to expose her but pulled her shirt up to her neck. She jiggled her tits and squeezed them with one hand while holding her shirt up with the other. I held the position for nearly a minute but I saw traffic approaching from behind so I braked and got in behind the semi.  A cluster of traffic had caught up to us and it took a few minutes for it to clear. On the back door of the trailer was the name again,“Big O Express,”, and the slogan “Best Service Guaranteed”.  I pointed it out to Kate and she nodded.

Laughing, she mused “I wonder if that’s true.”

“I can’t see the driver, Kate. What’s he look look like?”

“He’s an older guy, maybe forty-ish, bald, big fucking arms.”

“He looks like a body builder?”

“No, I don’t think so but I can only see what’s above the door, his face and shoulders. His biceps are monster big but his face looks a little plump. He’s probably got a beer belly. Those big arms are probably from steering the truck, right?”

“Oh, I doubt it honey. The trucks nearly all have power steering these days. I was just curious about who you were showing your tits to.” And I laughed. “Not that I had time to give it any thought before I jerked your shirt up.”

Still giggling and laughing, “I can’t believe you did that. It was kinda hot though, wasn’t it? Can we get in trouble doing this?”

“I don’t think so. I mean, if you get some anal retentive jerk, maybe, but this guy didn’t react that way. He was doing everything he could to stay next to us so he could perve on you.”

I noticed that there was a big gap in the traffic behind us so it looked like a good time to flash our good buddy again. I had another inspiration. 

“Take off your shorts, Kate. And pull your shirt off.”

“Riiiight” She said sarcastically. “And you’re calling him a pervert?”

I pulled out in the left lane and slowly accelerated. Kate was coming to decision time. As we leveled with the tractor’s rear bogeys Kate said “Fuck it!” in a hushed voice and whipped the skimpy tee shirt over her head and off. She draped it over the console and sat trembling with excitement. She shot a nervous look at me. I shrugged.

“Up to you, you sexy thing. I’m gaining on him though so now’s the time to get naked if you’re gonna do it.”

Just as I pulled even with the driver’s window Kate raised her ass off the seat and slid her shorts down to her ankles. I took a chance and ducked down to see if I could look at the driver. He was just like she’d described him and wearing a huge smile. He gave me an enthusiastic thumbs up and I quickly straightened up and looked back at the road ahead. Kate bent down and worked her shorts off her feet, then spread her legs wide and rubbed her pussy seductively. My beautiful wife was grinning from ear to ear. She was loving this. I held that spot for as long as I could but traffic was catching us and I had to move out of the left lane.

The cars behind were too close to slow down and fall behind the truck again so I put the pedal down and pulled in front of him. That took a couple of minutes because the car in the left lane ahead of us was taking his time passing. So Kate was exposed for all that time.

“Are you done exposing me or will there be an encore performance?” She asked, giggling. 

I just grinned at her in response but after a minute I said “You got off on that didn’t you?”

“Yeah I did. Part of it was the surprise, the spontaneity. Part of it was that it was you exposing me. Are you pimping me to a random trucker?”

“Would you mind if I was?”

She blushed red and thought over her reply.

“No, I guess not. You’ve always wanted to watch me fuck some guy. It might just as well be him. He’s kind of hot in a way. Powerful. God, those fucking biceps of his! Yeah. I think I’d do that guy.” I could hardly believe what I was hearing and my dick began to swell thinking about my wife fucking some brawny trucker.

We drove for several miles that way and he could have passed a couple of times but he slowed down to stay behind us. Eventually we came to a snarl of slower cars, so I said goodbye to our trucker buddy, and moved into the left lane where the common speed was nearly eighty. In about thirty minutes there was a rest area ahead sign. I needed to piss and I asked Kate if she needed the toilet.

“Sure. I need a new bottle of water too.” She got dressed, which wasn’t complicated since she had been wearing so little to begin with, and pulled her wallet out of her purse.

So when we got to the rest area ramp I pulled in and parked. It wasn’t busy, just one other semi and a couple of cars were parked there. As we got out I told her I’d buy her water if she wanted so she wouldn’t need her wallet or purse. She slid the wallet back in her purse and tossed it on the floor. 

“I’m gonna stretch my legs a little before I pee. You go on ahead.” Kate nodded and I watched her walk inside, her beautiful ass swaying seductively. She knew I was watching her. Once she’d gone in the glare of the sun on the window prevented me from seeing inside. I moved around a bit, stretched, emptied our trash can and  then headed inside. After emptying my bladder I idly studied the map on the wall. As I stood there I heard a semi gearing down and walked to the big front window to watch. Fuck if it wasn’t our trucker buddy pulling in!

My first thought was Kate! I looked at our car and didn’t see her. She wasn’t inside the car because I’d locked it and she didn’t have her keys. Then I saw my wife off to the right, a hundred feet or so from the building. She was jogging toward our car and looking straight at the semi that had just pulled in. As she got to the car she looked over at the restrooms and spread out her arms in a silent plea but with the glare I doubted she knew I was standing there.

I went outside and clicked the remote door locks. She gave me a thumbs up and a wave and gratefully climbed in. I made it to our car and got in just a bit before the trucker got to the car. He had climbed out of his cab and made a beeline for us. And when he got there he went directly to Kate’s window, not mine. He made a cranking motion with his finger and Kate hesitated but then without looking at me lowered her window six or eight inches. I would have told her no but she didn’t give me the chance.

He looked like the stereotypical trucker, big, brawny, barrel chested and with a big beer gut hanging over his belt. He wore a white wife beater shirt and I saw Kate had been right- his arms were enormous, with big bulging biceps, broad shoulders and massive forearms. His head and face were clean shaven. He had an anchor tattooed on the back of one hand.

“He looked in and smiled. You don’t have to be afraid of me, sweetie- I’m housebroken.” He began. He leaned his massive forearms on the door below the window, putting his mouth up to the gap. “You’re beautiful. Thanks for the show up the road. You made my day, sweetheart. I’m Pat, Pat Oswald.” He held out his hand but didn’t put it through the window gap, as if she hadn’t lowered it enough. She had- he was just trying to get her to lower it all the way. 

“Kate…” I began, but before I could object she lowered the window all the way down and took his hand. They shook but he didn’t let go. I watched him ‘smoothly’ stroke her wrist with his index finger and she giggled at the corniness, squirming in her seat. I rolled my eyes but no one was looking at me. Pat Oswald was undressing Kate with his eyes and she was near speechless at her proximity to the guy she’d just shown her naked body.

“Would it be okay if I got a closer look at you now that we’re somewhere safe? You’re the prettiest thing I’ve seen in a year, darlin’. I’d love to get a better look at you.”

Now Kate turned and looked at me. She took hold of her shirt as if she wanted to pull it up but wouldn’t without my permission. She sat like that, pleading with her eyes like a kid begging for ice cream. I shouldn’t have done it, I never should have said okay, but after all, I’d started this whole thing so I finally relented and nodded my head- reluctantly, but I did give my assent.

She turned back to him and pulled the half shirt up to her neck, breathing hard. Her hands trembled with the erotic excitement of it. It was one thing to flash her naked breasts from atop my shoulders at a concert or safely in a car going down the highway but Pat was up close enough to drool on her. And I wasn’t absolutely certain he wasn’t going to do just that. His gaze was fixed on Kate’s gorgeous tits and he licked his lips. After maybe thirty seconds he made to reach in and touch a naked breast so Kate pulled the shirt back down, practically panting. Her hands shook in her lap.

Kate’s breasts are teardrop shaped, full and firm, with areolae the size of half dollars and nice fat nipples. She’s pale skinned, about average height, her shapely legs ending at what I considered the world’s most gorgeous ass, round and firm and tasty. She wears her brown hair long and that day it hung down her back in a braid. Pat wanted another look.

“Honey, that was just a peek. Why don’t you do like you did up the road and just take it right off for me?”

My heart sank into my stomach as she immediately took a deep breath and did exactly that, whipping the shirt up and over her head. And she didn’t stop there but took her shorts by the waistband and shoved them down her legs. She didn’t peel them completely off but her legs parted as far as the elastic waistband around her calves allowed, showing him her pussy up nice and close as well as her succulent tits. Her fingers quivered and shook as her left hand moved to her crotch and she began rubbing her labia. In maybe thirty seconds her hand moved to her clit and she began rubbing it in a circle, arching back in her seat as she did.

Pat reached in the window and palmed her tit, then gently pulled and twisted her nipple. After another thirty seconds he said “Let me help you with that, sugar.” He said, running his hand down her belly to her crotch. Her legs snapped shut but her trembling hands betrayed how turned on she was. The trucker didn’t back off, instead pushing his huge hand between her thighs, and slowly they began to spread open again, until he was able to cover her pussy with his hand. Kate stopped him for a few seconds then bent down and pushed her shorts to her ankles, working one foot out of her shorts. Immediately she spread her thighs all the way open as she put her left foot up on the dash.

Her found her little button clit and gently massaged it. I heard her moan softly. He heard her too and took it as a sign to go further. He pushed a finger into her slit and teased the folds of her exposed cunt, finally pushing a meaty finger into her opening. Now Kate moaned loudly. She raised her ass to make it easier for him, and put a hand on top of his, guiding him. She let him play with her like that for a few minutes when he surprised us both by sticking his head in the window and kissing her. She left no doubt about what she wanted now as she  returned his kiss passionately. I watched as their tongues wrestled. Kate sucked his tongue like a penis and I saw that her cunt was dripping wet. I could see her juices on the big man’s fingers.

I was about ready to call a halt when he spoke up. He broke the kiss and looking directly in Kate’s eyes he popped the question.

“You ever seen the inside of a big rig , sweetie?”

“No…” I began but once again Kate pre-empted me.

“No, but I sure would like to!” She said, breathless.

Now, this was absurd. All three of us knew his offer wasn’t about taking my wife on a tour of his Peterbilt. He wanted her naked, legs spread inside his sleeper. I knew it, Pat knew it and Kate knew it. Pat just figured nothing ventured, nothing gained and he’d luckily caught my young wife in a very aroused mood. If she hadn’t been especially horny none of today’s play would have ever happened. Okay, I was aroused beyond belief that she wanted this guy to fuck her. I was nearly dizzy with the wild wanton abandon of it. But I was also scared to let her out of my sight, especially in the cab of a stranger’s semi. And damnit, I wanted to watch it happen. Pat’s invitation left me out in the cold.

Kate looked at me and said “Please, can I? I want to go see it. You don’t mind, do you?”

I raised Kate’s window. I did mind. We had just talked a half hour ago about me watching her have sex with another guy. No part of that talk had been about her jumping into a semi tractor’s sleeper compartment, out of sight. I told Pat to stand up and back away, I needed to talk to my wife. I should have started the car and driven away. But you can play it over and over again a hundred times in your head and she still comes out fucked.

“Kate, you know what he wants. Neither of you is fooling anybody. You don’t know this fucking guy. We talked about me watching you have sex. There’s no part of you getting into that truck that has me watching.”

She lowered the window. “Can my husband come too?”

“Aw, darlin’ there ain’t room enough for that.”

I didn’t believe him. That was a really big sleeper.

Kate piped up “I want a hall pass.”

I raised the window.

“What!” We don’t have any fucking hall passes. What the hell, Kate? Do you really want to fuck this guy?”

“Yes. Just this one time, Ben. I promise I’ll never ask again.” She was drunk with lust and didn’t care if I got to watch or not.

“I can’t fucking believe you, Katie. You flash a trucker a couple of times and you think you owe him a piece of ass? What is it about him that you can’t fucking do without?”

“He’s huge and brawny and fucking sexy as hell. It’s as close to a wild random fuck as I’ll ever get. I get it- you’re shocked. I’m shocked too, but I want to do this.”

I sat thinking, way off balance. But it was all my own fault. I had started this train wreck and now I was having to pay for it. As I sat torturing myself Kate pulled her shorts up around her waist, then grabbed her shirt and slid it over hear head and into place. She put her hand on the door handle when I shouted “Stop!”

I lowered Kate’s window a few inches again.

“There’s got to be a better way. Pat!” I said. 

He leaned back down and looked defiantly at me. Kate lowered the window  all the way again. I started to raise it but she stopped me and the total absurdity of the situation struck me. It was surreal. I gave up on trying to use the window glass as a barrier.

Kate, how about if you just blow him through the window? That way you don’t have to get in the truck or even get out of the car.”

Kate considered it but I could tell it wasn’t what she wanted. Pat interrupted her musing.

“I’m not pulling my dick out right here in front of this building, no way. Anybody that drives in will be able to see me. Fuck, I’ll get arrested.”

We all sat silent and disappointed for our own different reasons. I had thought I was making a compromise and they both scowled at me as if I was trying to pour ice water on a budding romance- which I certainly was. Finally Pat said okay.

“Y’all drive around alongside my rig and I’ll have the tractor to shield me so  that nobody that pulls in can see.” He broke off and without further discussion took off toward his truck. 

“Are you  sure about this Kate? Do you really want to do this?”

“What I want is to go up inside that truck, but I guess this is better than nothing.” She was disappointed but leaning toward sullen now.

Silently I drove around to the truck parking area. I did it quickly because I had to drive the wrong way around a median to get from the car area to the truck parking area. I parked next to his tractor door where the rig would block the view of cars or trucks pulling in. Pat took a quick look around and unzipped his pants. He fished around inside and pulled out a semi hard cock that might have been seven or eight inches long. Hell, I couldn’t tell. He was a huge guy so anything but a monster dick wasn’t going to appear to be really large on him. 

Kate lowered her window and Pat squeezed up tight to the door. There was a clear pearl of precum glistening at the slit. When she took it in her hands it was then clear just how fat Pat’s cock was. She couldn’t get her fingers around it by at least in inch or so. With both hands she came up just short of covering the length of his shaft. She didn’t waste any time but licked that pearl of precum right up, then started licking and stroking him right away. She isn’t usually a noisy cocksucker but she was slurping and sucking him audibly. I figured that was for my benefit, to rub it in since it was me who’d suggested a blowjob in lieu of the fuck she so desperately wanted.

It was intensely erotic and exciting watching and listening to my beautiful wife pleasuring this total stranger in public. Christ, I wanted to watch him fuck her! But I was still afraid of letting her crawl up inside that cab out of sight.

“You’re too big to deep throat, Pat. I can’t get you past my back teeth. Your cock’s too wide.”

“That’s okay. You’re doin’ fine sweetheart. It feels wonderful.”

When she came up for air I got a look at his now rigid cock. It wasn’t much longer fully erect but it was a fatty for sure. Fucker looked like a pink zucchini. Kate pushed her left hand down inside her shorts and played with her pussy while she serviced him. She was moaning and making yummy sounds while she sucked. This went on for what seemed like several minutes but must have been only three or four.

I heard Pat ask if he could come in her mouth and for a moment she didn’t respond, busily slurping on Pat’s cock.

Suddenly Kate broke away, looked at me and simply said “Please can I do it? It’s just sex.”

I was back on my heels watching her suck on a strangers dick in a parking lot,  in full public view even though I was the only one watching. My own cock was hard as granite and I thought I might come in my pants without even touching my dick. I had to admit it was exciting, thrilling even, since it was so lewdly  pornographic. Her request didn’t register at first. I misunderstood, thinking she wanted permission to swallow his cum for some reason.

I thought what the hell, why not, and slowly nodded my head. “Sure- go ahead.” I said quietly.

Kate had the door open in a flash and was out and slamming it shut before I could react. She took Pat by the hand and pulled him to the door of his cab, his dick bouncing in the breeze. I sat paralyzed as he popped open the door and helped her climb up. His hand went to her ass and disappeared inside the leg of her shorts. Then the door slammed shut- the second one in sixty seconds, and I heard the lock click locking me out of what she was about to do. There wasn’t shit I could do about it now except ride it out and wait. I wasn’t happy but I was definitely aroused. It had been hot watching and listening to her noisily devour Pat’s fat cock. How much hotter it would be to watch him sliding that slab of meat in and out of her cunt?

Well, it wasn’t the end of the word. It was after all just sex. Neither of us had ever ventured outside our marriage for sex but I liked watching her flirt and dance with other guys. She never let them go too far groping her or feeling her up, but she did give some of them a little sugar when I was watching. It was more a way of teasing me than them. I know she shut them down when I wasn’t looking because not only had I seen her do it when she didn’t know I was watching, but her friends teased her about it too. Kate didn’t care what they said- she was married and took it seriously.

I guess that was a lot of what surprised me about her reaction to Pat. It came completely out of the blue.  My wife had put any number of fit and good looking men in their places and now she’d fallen for James Gandolfini in a Peterbilt vest. What are you gonna do? So I sat and waited. 

And I waited and I waited some more. I’d had the presence of mind to look at the time when she’d climbed into Pat’s cab and it had been forty five minutes ago. The sleeper was a big one and it seemed to lurch some from whatever was going on in there, but the movements weren’t alarming. just a gentle side to side movement now and then, almost imperceptible. I may have even imagined it. I was certainly imagining the scene inside that sleeper! I could see him stretching her sweet pussy with that enormous cock while he sucked her tits into his mouth. I had figured this would take all of fifteen minutes, a half hour tops. What the hell was taking them so long?

I picked up my phone and texted. I heard a ding coming from the floor. Kate’s purse lay there where she’d tossed it before we went into the restrooms. Fuck. I couldn’t even call her.

Finally, at right about an hour, I heard a door open just before the truck starter cranked over. A couple of seconds later Kate came running around the front of the tractor. I had a flash of initial relief but then saw she was just wearing a huge Harley tee shirt that came to her thighs, and I presumed nothing else. She wasn’t carrying her clothes. She came up to the passenger window and leaned down, looking in.

“I’m gonna ride with Pat to the next truck stop. He says there’s a motel there where you and I can check in for the night. Don’t say no- I’m not asking you, I’m telling you. It’ll be okay. He says it’s just another fifteen miles. I’ve never ridden in a big rig before and I want to. See you up the road.”

And she turned and hurried away before I could stop her. So much for ‘It’s just sex!’

“Kate!” I shouted. But if she heard me she ignored me.

I remembered her phone. I rummaged in her purse, grabbed it and jumped out of the car, running around it just as Pat slowly began to pull away. I waved the phone at him and pointed to it. The fucker grinned and waved back. The son-of-a-bitch knew exactly what I’d meant and he took off leaving me on my own. On purpose. He was torturing me.

Turnabout being fair play, all I could do was follow. I’d teased him, now he was taunting me. The fat prick was playing keep away with my wife.

After about ten miles Pat’s rig moved to the left lane to pass a slow moving flatbed hauling an oversized crane boom. I looked for an opening to stay behind Pat but another truck entered the space I wanted and I couldn’t stay on Pat’s tail. I nearly panicked- I couldn’t lose them! He had Kate in his cab and she didn’t have her phone. But I finally got a lucky break and the crane hauler got off at an exit. I floored it and hugged that crane hauler’s ass so Pat couldn’t cut me off by getting into the right lane. I wanted to get alongside so I could motion to Kate that I had her phone. The instant I had enough clearance I shot up next to the Pete’s passenger window.

There was indeed a passenger looking out the window but it wasn’t Kate. Looking down at me was another burly man, shirtless, with a full and long beard. Fuck me runnin’! No wonder Kate had been so long in the sleeper. There were two of them fucking her in there. The guy grinned at me and gave me a thumbs up, then made a circle like an OK sigh and inserted his other index finger in the opening, making the fucking sign. Then he disappeared, likely going to the sleeper to continue fucking my wife. Yeah, these were a classy couple of guys. I hung Pat out in the left lane for a minute but I soon realized that was not to my advantage. If we got to the truck stop exit and he was stuck in the wrong lane there was no telling where he’d take her.

I had to back off and let him over.

And soon enough it paid off. His right blinker went on and I followed him down the off ramp and a quarter mile down the road he pulled into a truck stop. He crawled around to the back of the lot and found a slot to pull into. There was an empty slot next to him and I pulled into that. I can’t describe my relief. I was about to get my wife back. I was even prepared to let Pat and his co-driver slide  without any confrontation and just drive away with Kate. 

The door swung open and the bearded guy got out and clambered down to the ground. He held up his arms and Kate climbed down a couple of steps and into his arms. She was wearing her own clothes again. As he set her down his hands palmed her ass cheeks and he pushed her back against the tractor, kissing her fiercely. She  pushed away gigging and laughing and I saw one huge hand come up to maul her breast.

He spun them both around and pushed on her shoulders with one hand while unzipping his pants with the other. He pulled out another fat cock- what, were these guys twins?- and it was clear he was asking her to suck it. I shut off the car and got out, thoughts of forbearance forgotten. Kate squatted and sucked his hefty meat into her mouth. I had decided earlier I could take Pat down if I had to. At least, I meant to try if it came to that. I wasn’t scared of him. But two guys, each at least six four with huge arms? I was sure they were strong as a yoke of oxen and probably twice as smart…but I stopped that line of thinking quickly. They’d had my wife on demand for nearly two hours for anything they wanted to do to her. Exactly who here was the dumb one?

Kate continued blowing the burly trucker in broad daylight but it didn’t last long. Instead of finishing him off she pulled away and looked at me. She could tell I was beside myself with worry and more than a little angry at being unceremoniously dumped.

Kate stood and nipped it in the bud. 

“Ben! Get back in the car. I’ll be there in two seconds.”

“Fuck that, Kate. I’ve had enough of these games. Come on!”

The bearded guy opened his mouth to challenge me and she shouted “Stop it Gene! Both of you. You too Ben.” Just then Pat rounded the tractor and headed straight for me. “And you too, Pat! There isn’t going to be any arguing or fighting. If there is there won’t be any more pussy for any of you.” What the hell did she mean there wouldn’t be any more pussy ‘for any of us’? It was over as far as I was concerned. She glared at all of us. I stared back, dumbstruck. Where did she plan on going with this?

But she placated me by stomping over to our car and getting in. I didn’t need any further invitation and started the car, spraying gravel as I drove away.

“Kate, goddamnit, are you all right?”

“Of course I’m all right. They weren’t about to hurt me, they just wanted to fuck me. In a happy coincidence that’s exactly what I wanted too.” 

“Can’t resist twisting the knife, can you?” I said, looking at her.

“Pull into that motel.” She ordered, ignoring my protest and pointing.

“Fuck that! We’re not staying anywhere near those guys. I’m not stopping until I put some miles between us and them. You didn’t tell them where we’re going did you?” (We were headed for her mom’s house in Minnesota.)

“No. It wasn’t relevant and didn’t come up. They don’t care where we’re going. Look, I’m tired and I want to shower. I’m sweaty and I smell like cum. Let’s get a room and clean up and then get some dinner. I’m also starving.”

I reluctantly drove under the canopy of the motel’s entrance. The car wasn’t even stopped and she was opening the door and hopped out. 

“Wait here.” She commanded haughtily. Where the fuck was I gonna go, did she think? Her attitude was really pissing me off. I love her, and I was beyond relieved and delighted to have her back but she was imperious all of a sudden, as if she were not to be disobeyed. I had never made strong demands of her. I’m pretty laid back in general. But I wasn’t going to fight with her in public. That could wait til we were in our room.

She quickly registered and jumped back in the car, handing me a keycard.

“The clerk says on the end, ground floor. Drive down that way.” And she waved  vaguely toward the far end of the motel.

I hauled our stuff inside and Kate got in the shower even before I was done. As soon as I walked into the room I saw that there were two beds. Why did we have a double? I was already fuming that she’d left me behind twice today, in just one afternoon. Now it looked like she was planning a new assignation. When she came out she looked refreshed, but I prepared to lay into her anyway.

“Okay,” I started. “First off, how come we have a double room? We only need one bed.”

“It was what was available.’

“What was available? Kate, there’s four cars in the parking lot. This place is dead in the water.”

“Maybe they’re doing renovations or something. I don’t know. I said I wanted ground floor so you wouldn’t have to haul our stuff up to the second floor. And I wanted a room far away from the office and all the traffic and noise.”

“Okay, if you say so, but that sounds like bullshit to me.” I didn’t believe her but it was only one of my issues with her. “Secondly, what the actual fuck…”

But she cut me off instantly. “I don’t want to hear it. It’s my body, my choice. And you said it was what you wanted. You said you wanted me to fuck another man, so I did. Did you think you were gonna get to pick the guy too? I know- we swore vows and I violated them. But I did ask first. And so did you violate vows and I didn’t get all angry or indignant over it. Did you ask me if I wanted to expose my tits to some stranger in a semi? Fuck no you didn’t. I went along with what you wanted. You didn’t think it through though, did you?

‘You may not want to have a discussion about agency but that is what this is about. I went along with the sexual thrill you wanted and when it came time for me to get my kink on you were suddenly under the misapprehension that you make all my decisions for me. You don’t. I didn’t and don’t need your permission. Don’t get all butt hurt about it. I love you, more than you have any idea, Ben. I told you if you let me do this one thing I’d never ask again and I meant it. This is my fling. If it turns out not to be enough I’ll have to deal with that myself. But today is mine, my day. I did what I wanted and I’ll keep my word.

She didn’t say “was my fling”. She’d said “is my fling”. Shit. I was afraid I might be in for a rough night.

“Kate, yeah, that makes sense but it’s not the same thing, not the same degree. Yeah, I exposed your tits but in retaliation you spent the afternoon fucking two different guys. How do you equate the two acts? When I exposed you, you even turned it up a notch by getting naked and masturbating for him. Yeah, I asked you to get naked for him, but…I never asked you to fuck him.”

“Maybe not but you did ask me to suck his cock. Anyway, I just told you how I equate them. Look, I admit that what I did was more radical than what you did.  It was a lot wilder. But the principle is the same. You used my body for a sexual thrill and I allowed you to do it and even humored you by bumping it up a notch. Then, when I wanted to play you dragged your feet.”

A thought suddenly occurred to me. “Did you even use condoms?” She ignored the question. I was sure she hadn’t. She had been so cranked up for the trucker’s cock she probably would have stopped him if he’d tried to put one on.

“Ben, I’m sorry if I alarmed you and scared you. My phone was in the car with you but I didn’t realize it until we were on the road. It must have been hard on you not to know what was happening. But it was just sex, that’s all. Let’s not fight. Are you maybe just mad because you couldn’t watch? Do you still want to watch me having sex?”

“Before this afternoon I would have said yes, it’d be hot to watch you get fucked. Now, I’m pissed off that I got dumped and shut out for two hours not able to…well, not only not watch but not be there to protect you. Getting into that stranger’s truck was rash and downright dangerous.”

“I didn’t need protecting, but okay, you didn’t know that. I concede that’s a legitimate concern. I’m genuinely sorry for that. But, no harm no foul.”

“Kate, we usually talk about things. You just steamrollered me. That hurt, like you didn’t give a damn how I felt.”

She raised her eyebrows at that and gave me a wry smile. Right away I realized she was right- I’d done a similar thing to her earlier. But there was still a huge difference in degree.

“We could go back and forth like this all night, Ben, and I’m hungry and tired. Please take me to dinner.”

I wasn’t by any means finished talking about it but I dutifully went into the bathroom anyway and showered. I was tense and overheated so I stood under the spray for a good ten or fifteen minutes, then walked out to get dressed. When I walked out into the room Pat and his buddy Gene were in the room, sitting on the end of the bed nearest the door with Kate sandwiched in between them. The three of them were making out. 

Kate’s towel was hung over a chair and she was wearing her sexy, slinky green dress. It was a silk sheath held up by two thin straps and the bottom half was up around her waist. Her hair was down out of the braid and Bearded Guy was mauling her tits. As I watched Pat pulled her over onto his lap, her back against his chest. He held her dress up while he stroked her thighs and fondled her breasts, jamming a hand between her thighs to rub her pussy. She looked dazed, mesmerized by the wanton sexuality of the afternoon and the groping the two men were giving her.

“Kate, what the hell? How did they get in here?”

“Pipe down, hubby.” Pat said. “We were invited.” 

Kate shook her head and barked “Stop that shit right now, Pat. You’ll treat my husband with respect or you can get the fuck out. None of that ‘hubby’ shit. You may not know it but you’re lucky he’s shown so much restraint so far.” Both men looked dubious but didn’t want to alienate tonight’s main entré so they kept their mouths shut.

Kate got up and tugged at her dress, trying to get it back down. She ushered the two truckers to the door and pushed them back outside, closing the door softly.

“It wasn’t like that, Ben. Pat’s stretching the truth. He texted me and asked if they could come over for a second. They want us to join them for dinner, they pick up the check, no hard feelings. I told them they’d have to wait outside the door, but when they got here he talked me into letting them wait inside.  So, my bad, I did sort of let them come in.”

“Right. Sort of.” I said, disgusted. “And then, once they were in you had to do the polite thing and let them make out with you and feel you up. Like you said, you’re bad. I don’t want to eat dinner with these two, Kate. I want you all to myself now. Make a choice.” I was afraid she already had though.

“Ben, don’t make a scene. It was just sex and I promised it’d never happen again.”

“How did he text you, Kate? I had your phone all afternoon. Are you gonna tell me you gave him your phone number? Why would you do that?”

Her face clouded and she looked away, rummaging in her purse. “I don’t know. It seemed harmless enough at the time. Maybe I shouldn’t have done that. Probably I shouldn’t have done that. But there’s no point crying over spilt milk. Can’t we all just go eat? Or do you want to stay here while I go with them?” 

I was shocked by her attitude. She couldn’t come up with a good excuse for giving that asshole her phone number so she went on the offensive and threatened to ditch me again and go to dinner with her two pet pythons, blowing off my question entirely. I didn’t know my wife any more at all. I had half a mind to just let her go. But in the end I couldn’t do it. Given the willful mood she was in she might not come back. I imagined her going back to the truck with the two of them.

“All right. I don’t want to fight with you either. But you haven’t been honest with me this afternoon. Can you agree that we need to hash that out- later, maybe, if not now?”

“Okay. I promise. Now, can we go get some food in me?”

We walked across the street to the restaurant in a group. The place had a bar and was kind of dimly lit. It had seen better days but the staff was pleasant and it turned out they served great steaks. They seated us in a big semicircular booth and Pat and Gene slid in with Kate in between them but she protested. They didn’t argue with her, they simply held her in place and wouldn’t let her move. Finally she gave up, looked at me and shrugged like ‘what are you gonna do?’ 

She looked a little weary now. She was tired, hungry and dealing with three touchy male egos. Those three egos were all looking to clash over possession of Kate. But her weariness slowly melted away, since all through the dinner the two men pawed and fondled her. At one point Pat slipped a strap off Kate’s shoulder and her boob popped out. He was at it  immediately, sucking her nipple into his mouth. Kate giggled and pushed at his head but I noticed that it made the waitress uncomfortable and mentioned it to Kate. She nodded, came to her senses and pushed both of them away. She made them let her out then and she sat next to me, holding my hand and apologizing for letting them maul her like that. If either of them felt at all contrite they didn’t let on. And I hadn’t noticed she’d fought them off all that hard.

The tavern had a small stage with a drum set on it so in an attempt to change the subject I asked the waitress if they often had live music.

“Friday and Saturday nights, yeah. But you can dance to the jukebox any night. Usually we move tables on weekends to allow for more dancers but there’s room for a few the way it is.”

I looked at Kate and she took my hand and led me out to an open spot in the tables right in front of the stage. It wasn’t a large space but two or three couples could have danced there. We danced to a slow song she picked and as soon as it finished Pat was right there to cut in. He’d picked another slow tune on the jukebox. I wasn’t going to relinquish her but Kate was running the show tonight and pulled away from me, melting into his arms. I was sorry I’d ever mentioned dancing. I went back to my seat alone.

Of course he ran his hands all over her supple body while they danced, pressed tightly together. He groped her breasts freely and she let him. He palmed and squeezed her ass cheeks and she let him. She ground her crotch on his thigh, her dress riding up high enough to see her panties and ass cheeks. They passionately sucked each other’s faces and exchanged deep and sloppy kisses. Kate wasn’t drunk but she wasn’t in her right mind either.

Gene stepped up behind her and encircled her with his arms, now grinding his crotch on my wife’s ass, humping her. But when the song ended neither of them played a new one. They hadn’t cared about dancing with her. It was all about showing me they could have my wife whenever they wanted her.

All three came back to the table and they managed to get Kate in between them again. They were trying hard to provoke me. I was beyond provoked and contemplated a fantasy of murder.

After the dishes had been cleared away I’d gotten up to go to the can and when I came out the two truckers were both plastered up against her in the booth. Up close you couldn’t see under the table but from where I was across the room I could see they were running their hands up under her dress, groping her thighs and playing with her pussy. She was pushing on them to let her out but was laughing indulgently at the same time like it was all a big joke. I strode over to the table, without actual violence in mind but angry anyway, when halfway there she saw me coming and really began to put up a fight.

By the time I got there she was on her feet, red in the face, grabbed me by the arm and shepherded me to the exit. She didn’t even say goodbye to her two Lotharios. As we walked out the waitress was at the door holding it open, waiting for us.

“Don’t come back. You can get breakfast at the truck stop across the road.”

Kate flushed red again and looked away, embarrassed. We walked back to our room silently, Pat and Gene following thirty or forty feet behind. I was weary of arguing and while she’d been indulgent with Pat and Gene in the restaurant all three of us had to be getting on her last nerve. Tonight was her version of ‘I have the pussy so I make the rules’. The only rule I saw her try to enforce was no fighting or arguing, which was psychotic since she was doing everything she could to provoke violence. She unlocked the door and went in without even a glance at her two lovers. Once in the room, Kate peeled off her dress and crawled into the bed nearest the door, naked except for her bikini panties. 

But instead of falling instantly asleep, she fussed and fidgeted. We’ve all been there, beyond tired and craving sleep but not being able to find it. Today had been a wild ride. I lay down beside her on top of the covers and my own eyelids has just begun to droop when Kate’s phone dinged. She shot a sheepish glance at me, then grabbed the phone and looked at it. She looked back at me tentatively, biting her lip. She had a guilty look on her face.

I knew what was up. What else could it be?

“Do you still want to watch, Ben?”

“Watch what?” I sighed resignedly.

“Pat and Gene want to fuck me again. Technically, it’s still my play day. After midnight, it’s over.”

“Oh, is that the new rule? Is it twenty four hours or does it go strictly by the calendar?”

She laughed nervously. “Twenty four hours- I just decreed it.” I couldn’t help myself. I was wrung out, so I found myself laughing a weary laugh. I gave up.

“Yeah, Kate, I do want to watch you get fucked. Tell ‘em yeah, c’mon over. Ask them to bring a couple of friends.”

She rolled her eyes. “I’d like that but it’s kind of short notice, don’t you think? Maybe another time.”

Our eyes met at that last remark. Her face was inscrutable. I know we were thinking the same thing though. As much as she’d promised it was all over, she was hooked now. She wasn’t going to like being restrained any more. Strange cock had been far too exciting for her. She tapped into her phone and in five minutes there was an answering tap on our door. I was up and opening the door before she could get out from under the covers.

“Pat. Gene. You guys want to come in and fuck my wife?”

“Oh hell yes!” From Gene, and Pat nodded enthusiastically.

“Best get your asses in here then. The slut ain’t gonna fuck herself.” 

Kate looked up at me, shocked. My eyes bored into her and I asked “Was any of that inaccurate?”

“No…I guess not. But if somebody doesn’t get over here and fuck her quick  the slut might just  have to fuck herself.”

Gene yanked off the covers and was on her in seconds. He began by sucking her nipples and manhandling her tits, then pulled her up. He leaned back and said “Get me good and hard, Kate. Suck me like only you know how to do. Fuck I’m gonna miss that sweet mouth.”

Giving no indication she’d heard any of that, his thick cock was in her mouth ahead of the prompt. Again, she was noisy about it, slurping and lip smacking. I marveled at the change in her. Although I knew she loved sucking cock she’d never been so gluttonous or loud about it before. I was already primed to watch her get wild and wanton but her hunger for it kicked it up from a purr to a roar. Pat crawled on the bed behind her and slid his hand under her ass, playing with her pussy. She was already wet- he pulled his hand back out slick with her juices. She got up in response on all fours to give him better access to her goodie. Pat quickly knelt behind her and plowed into her pussy. He began pounding her, pelvis slapping ass. If there’s a more pornographic sound I don’t know what it is.

Before too long Gene grabbed her by the hair and fucked her mouth, stopping her when he felt like he might come. “I love coming in your mouth, honey but I want to fuck you first, so easy does it.” In reply her head bobbed furiously on his cock, wanting his load in her mouth. She was voting to swallow his cum.

“Let’s switch.” Pat told him after a few minutes. “I gotta pace myself to make this last. I’m about to jizz  in this tight cunt.”

He crawled across the bed and presented his shiny cock slick with my wife’s juices to her mouth. She sucked him in eagerly, gnoshing loudly on his slab of a cock. I noticed that she didn’t get beyond three inches of him in her mouth, just like she’d said in the car while she’d sucked his dick through the window.  Gene meanwhile mounted her from behind. He pushed her knees under her on the bed and drove into her, then picked her up in the air by the hips and plumbed the depths of her cunt with her holding herself up on her hands, clawing at the bed with her toes. She moaned and groaned under the assault. 

As he sped up she kept cadence with a steady chant of ungh ungh ungh every time his cock bottomed out in her. I had never seen the way her pussy lips clung to a cock as it pulled back on the outstroke, or the way they followed that cock inside her as it plowed into her. I was spellbound. It was gloriously depraved watching my wife get used like that. At times it even overrode my anger at her and the two truckers.

Now Gene jerked her legs back by the knees and pushed her prone on the bed, probing for her pussy, driving into her again mercilessly. Kate was pouring sweat and her face glistened just like her labia sparkled and glowed with her cunt juice. Gene came with a howl and drove hard into her, only stopping when he bottomed out, balls deep in her twat. He collapsed on top of her. Pat continued to attack her mouth while Gene and I watched. In a minute or two Pat finally came himself. 

He got up, stumbled around the end of the bed and into the can. Gene pulled on his pants and went outside to smoke. I needed to fuck her now. I crawled onto the bed. Her glistening wet ass lay there invitingly. It was slick with Gene’s cum  and their combined sweat but I didn’t care- no one was there to watch me. I kissed her cheeks and licked at her dripping snatch, then rolled her over onto her back, pulling her legs around so they hung off the end of the bed. 

I kissed her first and her mouth smelled and tasted like cum too but again, I didn’t care, I was hungry for her. I slid easily into her. She wrapped her legs around my ass and pulled on me to get me inside. Her pussy felt like it belonged to a different woman, loose, slick and hot with semen and her own juice. I paced myself, wanting this to last.  

She cradled my head in her hands and she glowed looking up at me. 

“I love you Ben. Thank you.” She held my face toward hers. “You know that don’t you? I need their fat cocks inside me but it’s you I love.”

I grunted a response and fucked into her harder. When her orgasm came she clenched my cock with her cunt and went stiff, quaking and trembling. Her legs wrapped around me python-like, in a bone crushing grip. I didn’t let up fucking into her and she nearly passed out. I was proud that I’d made her come but I think it was the combined fucking the three of us gave her that put her over the top. The situation alone was sexually intoxicating.

I’m not sure how I managed it but by stopping frequently and squeezing the base of my cock when I sensed I was about to come I fucked her for a good ten minutes. Kate had a couple more smaller orgasms and when I came myself I fell on her, kissing her and tasting her sweat. I made to get off her but she pulled me back and clutched me to her. We lay that way for a long time, nuzzling and kissing.

When I came to I heard the TV droning and I could hear Pat and Gene talking quietly. Kate was lying on her side next to me. I was spooning her backside and she smelled of raw sex. I soon got hard again and probed for her cunt. She was sloppy and loose. I swabbed up her excretions with my dick and pushed gently at her asshole. She reached back instinctively and pulled her cheek open further. Bit by bit I slid into her. 

Our movements on the bed attracted attention and I looked over my shoulder to see Gene watching us intently. He saw me pushing my cock into Kate’s gorgeous ass and was stroking his cock. I felt the head of my penis enter her little starfish and stopped to let her adjust but she pushed back onto me on her own, so I probed deeper until I could go no further. My cock wasn’t as fat as either of the two truckers but it’s of average girth and allowed me to power fuck her little ass in a way neither of them ever could. She raised her upper leg and I got up to kneel and straddle her other leg. I pounded her now, not making love, just fucking.

In a few minutes she came again, clawing back at me to pull me in deeper. I pressed against her as hard as I could, wanting to enter her bodily. Her orgasm triggered mine and after shooting my remaining semen into her bowels I fell on my side behind her. 

After I caught my breath I pulled her up and herded her into the bathroom, closing the door. I took her hands in mine.

“Let’s sleep together in the clean bed, okay? I need you next to me tonight.”

“Of course, Ben. I love you.” And she hugged me. “Thank you for letting me do this. Was it good for you- did you like watching?”

“It was the most erotic and exciting thing I’ve ever seen. You’re so beautiful when you’re getting a good fucking. When they were doing you from both ends your eyes glazed over like you were blind and you made all kinds of weird little sounds. I heard you at one point when you pulled off Pat’s cock saying give it to me, give it to me over and over again while Gene was fucking you. Later on you were begging them…fuck me fuck me fuck me. Do you remember any of that?”

“No, I really don’t. It’s just sex talk.” And she smiled contentedly.

We walked back out into the room. 

“Guys, Kate and I want to go to sleep in the clean bed. You can let yourselves out.”

I handed Kate a pair of her panties and she slipped them on and crawled under the covers. She was instantly asleep this time, well and thoroughly fucked. I snuggled in beside her and fell asleep with my arm around her, clutching a breast in my hand. 

I woke around midnight to the sound of squishing, flesh slapping sex in the room. The bathroom door was open a maybe a foot and the only light in the room came from there. Kate was not in our bed. I got up on one elbow and saw Kate and Pat in the other bed fucking. Rather, Kate was bent over the end of the bed on her hands with her feet spread wide on the floor. He was slamming into her doggy style and  holding her hips tightly in his massive paws. She was mewing an unh, unh, unh sound as he drove his girth into her. Her head was thrown back, face to the ceiling but eyes unseeing. In the dim corner Gene sat slumped in a chair watching. In the street light leaking in through the blinds I saw a glittering strand of semen swaying from his cock so I guessed he’d just fucked her again himself.

Kate and Pat spotted me watching at the same time. Ashamed at her own duplicity Kate looked at me sheepishly, contrition all over her face. But it was too late now. She’d promised to spend the night in my bed. Yet another broken promise. Pat merely smiled with satisfaction. She might love me most but she loved his mammoth cock more tonight. 

But Pat interceded for her.

“It wasn’t her fault, man. We wanted to fuck her so we woke her up. She tried to beg off but we wouldn’t let her.”

I believed him but I wasn’t moved. She let them pull her out of her husband’s bed for a ride on their two giant dicks. She could have said no. Or maybe she couldn’t. Maybe this was just where we were now. Pat didn’t miss a beat pounding into her ass even while speaking.

“She’s a great fuck, Ben. I’ve never come in a tighter pussy. And she fucks back like she needs it, which she does. You have any idea how lucky you are?”

“Do you have any idea how lucky you are?” I answered. He grinned and held up his thumb.

I saw Kate’s phone lying on the credenza next to the TV. Curious about the texting she and Pat had been doing I got out of bed and palmed it without her seeing me- she was after all full of truck driver dick- and my own phone on my way to the bathroom. I opened her SMS messages.

Kate: Pat- are you there?

Pat: sup baby?

Kate: You still want to come over? 

Pat: u want us now?

“Kate: Yes but hurry. He just got in the shower.

Pat: u gonna let us in? will he pitch a fit?

Kate: He will if he’s in the room when you get here. If you’re in already and it’s a done deal he won’t like it but I can persuade him to let you stay. I’ll say you want to buy us dinner. But you might have to really buy dinner.

Pat: K no problem

No real surprise there, but I was hurt that she’d lied and manipulated me. He hadn’t texted her about dinner- she’d messaged him to come over and fuck her.   He’d probably written down his number for her. I’d figured she was up to something when they were in our room after I’d showered. I took photos of the texts. I wanted to see if she’d keep lying about it. Then I walked back into the room and put both phones back on the credenza, plugging them into the chargers. Pat and Kate were still banging hard when I came in, but Pat just smiled and nodded at me. After a minute: “Spell me Gene-o.”

He withdrew from my wife’s cunt, his cock slick with pussy, and Gene stepped into his place, spearing  all the way into her in one thrust. I grabbed a beer- I had no idea where those had come from- and leaned back against the headboard to watch the show. Gene fucked away at her for five minutes and tagged Pat as he walked by with a beer in his fist.

“Want a turn in the rotation, Ben?” Pat asked.

“In a minute. Right now I’ll just watch. Go ahead and fuck her. She loves that more than anything in the world.”

Kate gave me a forlorn look, but I hadn’t dumped her in their bed. She’d gone willingly. At some point my spontaneous but rash act in exposing her to Pat was no longer responsible for her raging libido. She was all about agency until she fucked up. Then it was my fault. I saw a tear roll down her cheek. Fuck her, I thought. Putting my beer on the bedside table I crossed the three feet to her bed and sat beside her. She reached out so I took her hand and she went back to her guttural chant. Unh unh unh. The slapping sounds intensified and Pat suddenly backed away from the bed, grasping his cock tightly to keep from shooting.

“C’mon, Ben. You’re up.”

I got up and Kate pulled at my hand. I jerked free and took my place at her ass. Grabbing her hips I plunged into her and immediately commenced hammering into her. When I was sure I couldn’t hold off coming I too backed away and clenched my cock in my hand. Gene took his place at her red and swollen cunt.

We kept that up for an hour, passing her ass back and forth between the three of us. We only stopped when Kate collapsed on the bed, muttering “No more. Please, no more. I need to rest for a while.”

I picked her up and carried her to my bed, tucking her in. I turned to the truckers and said “Let her sleep now, will you? She’s all in. You’re gong to hurt her if you keep at her. The party’s over guys.”

Pat nodded and motioned to Gene to get dressed. 

“Keep the beer. And tell your wife thanks for all the pussy. She’s a hell of a woman and a terrific fuck. You ever want to do this again I can find a few more guys who’d be happy to bone her. We can give her a real gang bang.”

“Thanks but no thanks, Pat. This was a one and done. I don’t want to put hr through this again.”

“Put her through it? What are you talkin’ about? She fucking loved it and you know it. This little whore was made for fucking. She’s tired but if you were to wake her up right now she’d fuck us all even half asleep or at least suck our cocks. You know she would. This is what she’s always dreamed of. Get her up and showered in the morning and she’ll be wondering where all her cocks went.”

What she’d always dreamed of? Had she told him something I didn’t know about her or was he just fucking with my head? I voted that he was just winding me up, but it didn’t matter. I wasn’t about to call him up for a repeat performance. It was all catching up with me now and as I watched them walk out the door the utter depravity of it all hit me. It was somewhere between erotic and pornographic, incredibly arousing but also exploitative at the same time. She’d been their fuck toy, and mine too. We had all used each other though so I guessed it was a wash. I honestly had no idea how Kate would react to it all once she’d rested and healed. She had to be sore!

I pulled back the covers and examined her vulva. It was red and puffy with a white froth painting her labia but she didn’t look injured, just used. Used and used again and then used some more. Christ, she’d been hotter and more wanton than I’d ever imagined she could be. But it felt as though our marriage was a burned over wasteland.

Her breasts and neck were spotted with hickeys and there were two on her ass as well. Her hips were a bit bruised from the manhandling while being fucked from behind, but on the whole she’d be okay physically. I wasn’t sure about her sense of well being otherwise. I loved her, so whatever happened I’d be there to pick her up if she needed it. 

One scene that stuck out in my memory of that night was during a break. We were lying around resting during the gang fuck and Kate was leaning on the credenza next to the TV nursing a beer. Gene wandered by in his boxer shorts on his way back from the can. Kate reached out, grabbing the leg of his shorts and pulled him to her. She took the elastic band in her fingers and pulled it down just enough to release his semi erect cock, then calmly, almost perfunctorily sucked the head of his dick into her mouth, like stopping at a fountain for a quick drink or grabbing a canapé off a tray.

She knelt and slowly fellated him, savoring the taste and feel of his hardening cock. She licked him like a popsicle, from root to tip, sticking the tip of her tongue into his dick slit and probing for cum. She probably sucked on him for ten minutes, Gene casually standing there watching her, Kate looking him straight in the eyes the entire time, smiling sweetly up at him when she released him for a breath of air. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked his cockhead like a candy, relishing it, worshiping his maleness. When he came his semen must surely have been depleted by then after all the fucking he’d done, but I saw her throat working as she sucked in and swallowed every last little sperm.