The sleepy stranger

Oh this is a cute one

I thought as I stole another glance at the guy sitting next to me on the bus.

He was tall, but not too much, just about a foot more than me. Nice face far as I could tell from a glance, but I didn't want to stare. Perfectly trimmed beard, all the right angles.

He had on an red and black plaid shirt with rolled up sleeves which seemed to hide a slim, fit, abdomen, and big arms.

And he's strong! I thought as we took a turn and those hard upper arms and shoulders pressed into mine slightly.

I imagined him picking me up with ease


I blushed as I shook off the image.

the bus took another turn and suddenly, before I knew it, his head was on my shoulder.

Oh shit he'd fallen asleep

On me!

I panicked, should I say something? wake him? Push him off?

No, I decided,

Guy must be tired, and man, I actually kinda like this!

I leaned into him and got a bit more comfortable. His hair smelled like a morning beach; yeah I know; so cliched right? but that WAS what he smelled like.

What does he do? I wondered. He must've worked on something overnight to be this fit and yet so tired.

He must be taking really good care of his family.

Aww man he's really out of it

My heart went out to this complete stranger.

I really wanted to get a better look, but ironically I was too close, and I didn't want to wake him up by fidgeting.

A stroke of genius hit me- I gently worked my phone out, stretched out slowly, and took a selfie.

We look like a couple! I realized as I looked at the photo.

He was really cute; unruly, playful hair getting blown about in the wind into my face, small nose, perfect jawline, mouth slightly open in sleep...

What a beautiful creation of nature

The bus droned on through the city, and there was a cute guy sleeping on my shoulder! 

I sighed in contentment. This was great, and if I miss my stop, so be it.


So this absolute hunk just randomly happened to fall asleep on my shoulder?

The thought made a giggle escape me, my shoulders moved, and he mumbled.

And then his hand shifted

His hand shifted onto my thigh

I froze

He kept on sleeping.

Aww, he's dreaming!

Something stirred in me, A warm feeling drifted up from the pit of my stomach, teased my heart, and then stuck in my throat.

I gently laid my hand on his, A soft groan escaped him,

and then I saw it,

I was looking at his hand when my attention wandered,

and I saw his bulge

It... was moving


It rose for a second and then fell, subtly but very apparently

Am I doing this?

Was I really getting a man aroused just from touching his hand?

A sleeping man no less?



My own bits responded, I felt heat between my thighs, and wetness beginning to seep. 

I began massaging his hand, gentle circles on the rough skin.

Then it happened.

It grew,

Stayed up,

He grunted, writhed,

And then...

A slight ripping sound,

And he was suddenly throwing a full on tent.

It took me a moment to realize what had just happened.





It just ripped his underwear.

I gave him a boner so hard that it ripped through his briefs 

I was hopelessly drenched between the thighs by now, and I could feel little beads of wetness squirt out occasionally.

Oh I wanna touch myself sooo bad

I stared incredulously at the significant protrusion in his pants now

Where was he keeping that thing?

I gasped as I suddenly realized that anybody walking past was bound to immediately notice this guy's raging wardrobe malfunction, and quickly put my handbag on his lap.

But now I couldn't see it either, and that made me even hornier.

Fuck it

I reached behind my bag and touched his manhood.

Oh god he is so big

I gave it a squeeze with two fingers



There was no give,

it was like an iron rod wrapped in skin.

No wonder it ripped

And the way it was pulsing to his now quick heartbeat...

I imagined him inside me, filling me up, that hard, hard, strong thing pulsating deep in me...

I bit my lip as I felt a fresh deluge drench my panties, along with an almost painful desire to have this man, to eat him up and ride him.

I gave another careless squeeze,

Then I looked up,

Right into his open eyes,

Hungry, hungry, dark eyes.

He exhaled.

It wasn't a soft or romantic sigh,

It was a breath full of pure need and desire,

A forceful snort from the rippling beast he was barely holding in.

I could tell he wanted to run me through with that thing, 

Then and there, on that seat.

The hot air washed over my lips, and I lost control