The Double Date That Didn't End Ch 9: The Season of Sharing




Shane and Tracy moaned though the paper-thin walls of the cabin, their urgent thrusts building to a fever pitch in the other room:

“I’m so close!” Tracy wailed.

“Me too!” my husband roared.

“Sheesh, listen to those two go at it!” Connor laughed. I reached down and grasped the iron bar of his cock, grinning inwardly at our reversal of fortune since last night, when Shane had been the one in my bed, and Connor with Tracy. Cooing happily, I wrapped my legs around his waist and pushed the tip of his penis back inside my body where it belonged.

“Jesus, you’re tight…” Connor whispered.

“Jesus, you’re big,” I replied.

We tried to keep our own thrusting as quiet as possible, to better hear the other couple. We heard every moan, every kiss, every desperate gasp of breath, and then–

Then we heard them say, “I love you.”

Connor and I both froze, paralyzed by the power of that word as if it had just tumbled from the mouth of Lord Voldemort himself.

The funny thing is, it wasn’t even the first time I’d heard Tracy and my husband say it to each other. After three years of close friendship, I’d heard those two say they “loved” each other on countless occasions. As friends. Like brother and sister.

But NOT when they were in bed together. Shane wasn’t supposed to say that word when–oh god–not when he was inside of her!

The way Connor was inside of me.

The day I married Shane, it had felt like a huge, uncertain piece of my future had finally clicked into place. For better or for worse, I thought my love life had been figured out: I would grow old with my husband, and that would be that. No more one night stands, no more boyfriends, no more surprises.

But now? I felt untethered. My love life had just cut away the mooring ropes, and set sail without a map.

I looked down at Connor’s handsome face and saw the confusion his eyes, as well. Did I love Connor? Could I allow myself to love Connor? With the final barriers of physical intimacy now broken down between us, a flood of emotion poured out of me.

I started crying. Can you believe it? I started crying, right there in Connor’s arms. With his penis still filling my body.

“Ria–” he whispered with concern. I shut him up with a long, slow kiss.

“Make love to me, Connor.”

Without another word, he did. Tasting and touching, eons of eye-contact. Our first round of sex that night had been about the needs of our bodies. But round two was about something else entirely. It was about us: our shared adventures over the years, our unbreakable friendship, and all the feelings we’d never spoken out loud.


Technically, it’s just a word–but it’s “just a word” in the same sense that the Sistine Chapel is just a room, the Mona Lisa just a painting, David just a statue.

Connor’s powerful muscles flexed as his body thrust up into mine. He rolled us both over, spreading my limbs out in all directions as he ground his pelvis against my clit. Waves of pleasure overwhelmed my senses once again, and high-pitched screams of ecstasy erupted from my lips:

“Aah! Aahhhh! Yes!!!”

In that moment, I felt bliss; perfect, orgasmic euphoria, pinned beneath the body of a man I loved.

Then a pine tree fell through the bedroom wall.




Tracy had just squeezed her enormous tits around my cock when we both heard what sounded like an explosion coming from the other room.

Tracy and I both reflexively leapt to our feet and ran to help. We flung open the door to the other bedroom–

And found Connor and Ria lying on the floor together, each of them frozen in shock–his erection still halfway inside of her. Less than a foot away from them, a massive fallen pine tree had smashed through the wall and crushed the bed to splinters.

“Holy shit…” Connor blinked in surprise.

“Are either of you hurt?” Tracy shouted.

“We’re okay,” Ria answered, her voice distant. “Connor rolled us both out of the way just in time.”

It was surreal. None of us could decide whether to gawk at each other’s naked bodies, or at the huge piece of nature that had interrupted our special night.

“Thank god you guys are alright,” I sighed. “That noise scared the shit out of me.”

Ria hugged Connor close, then climbed off of him and ran across the room to embrace me. She was shaking like a leaf, and her nude skin was coated with pine needles.

“That was like the scariest thing that’s ever happened!” she sobbed. “I could see it starting to fall towards us, through the window–and I was screaming–but Connor was on top and I couldn’t move!”

“I thought she was screaming, like, sex screams,” Connor blushed. “I realized at the last possible second.”

I shook my head in disbelief. “It’s a miracle you two weren’t crushed.”

Tracy ran over and gave her boyfriend a naked, full-body embrace, as well. “Miracle is right! By all rights it should have been me in that bed tonight. If we hadn’t all swapped partners–I mean, if Ria hadn’t been here to see this thing falling…”

She didn’t have to finish her sentence. A shiver went down my spine, and not just because snow had started blowing inside through the devastated wall. Ria and Connor had narrowly avoided death by evergreen.

“I’ll never look at Christmas trees the same way again,” Connor muttered.

One by one, we all started laughing. Crazed, exhausted, merry laughter. Tears in our eyes. The four of us, naked in that snowy ruin of a bedroom.

Soon as we’d had a second to catch our breath, we quickly dressed and did our best to cope with the situation. The women called the local sheriff’s office, who just advised us to seal off the room as best we could and wait until morning.

Connor and I headed outside with flashlights to check on the damage, which was luckily not as bad as I’d been expecting. The tree trunk had broken on impact, leaving just the very top inside the bedroom, the rest lying harmlessly on the ground. Just to be safe, we did a quick check of the other trees surrounding the property, but none of them looked even remotely threatening.

“Short of a random falling asteroid, the cabin should be pretty safe,” I said.

As we headed back inside, Connor awkwardly mumbled, “So, Shane, are we both cool with what happened? I mean–uh–obviously you and Ria kind of planned it out, but…”

I sighed, remembering the look in Tracy’s eyes when she’d confessed that she loved me earlier that night. Ria and I had planned on fucking them, but we hadn’t planned everything.

“Actually, the four of us should probably have a talk.”

Connor frowned. “Yeah. A talk.”

When we got back inside, we found Ria stretched out on the couch in front of the downstairs fireplace–wearing my sweatpants and Connor’s flannel shirt (an oddly appropriate combination, under the circumstances). She was oddly quiet.

“I’ll get a fire up and running,” Connor offered, sensing the awkwardness in the room.

Tracy emerged from the kitchen a moment later, carrying a bottle of dessert wine and four glasses. “Am I the only one here in desperate need of some alcohol?” she laughed.

My heart beat a little bit faster when I saw her. She looked adorable, dressed in button-up pink fleece pajamas. I couldn’t help but picture an obscenely big-breasted teddy bear.

With the fire going and the wine flowing, everyone cozied up together on the sofa. Ria was back on my lap, and Tracy was back on Connor’s. Same as it ever was. If one of our other friends from back home had wandered inside and seen us all there, they’d never have suspected that anything was amiss.

But the tremendous weight of all that had happened still hung precariously in the space above our heads. When our wine glasses were finally empty, my wife looked up at me and whispered, “We heard you two. And I don’t just mean the sex. We heard afterwards, when you said that you loved each other.”

“Oh, honey…” I hugged Ria, but she seemed to have difficulty accepting the embrace.

“It’s okay, really. I was mad for a second, but then–” her gaze drifted to Connor. “Then I looked into Connor’s eyes and realized that I felt exactly the same way about him.”

Connor looked down at the floor and swallowed hard. “Me too,” he said quietly.

It felt like the bottom had dropped out of my stomach. I closed my eyes, reminding myself to keep breathing while my insides tossed around like a lifeboat in a storm.

Tracy poured us all more wine. “Wish this stuff was a little stronger,” she sighed.

Ria wiped fresh tears from her eyes. “It’s my fault. I was the one who pushed for us all to have sex. I was the one who crossed the line. And now that we’ve all actually gone and done it, I don’t know what happens next.”

She looked up at me, anxiously biting her lip. So beautiful. I somehow found my voice and answered, “Listen, what happened tonight wasn’t any one person’s fault. We’re all guilty, right?”

The others nodded.

I continued, “We’re all guilty, because we all wanted it to happen. No, scratch that–we all NEEDED it to happen. And that need has always been there, below the surface, every time the four of us have been together. We’ve spent three years clinging to a lie, because it’s been the safest path.”

The log in the fireplace cracked and spat out a swirl of sparks. Ria fidgeted uncomfortably. “What do you mean, a lie?” she asked.

I kissed her on the forehead. “Sweetie, the truth is, we aren’t ‘the double date that didn’t end.’ We never were. We aren’t two couples who do everything together.”

“What are you talking about?” Connor asked.

I looked over at him and Tracy, sitting beside us on the sofa. “Guys, would you mind scooting a little bit closer?”

They did.

I kissed my wife on the mouth. “Do you love me?” I asked.

She nodded. “Always.”

“Now kiss Connor,” I said.

Connor threw me a confused look, but I gestured that it was okay. Tentatively, Ria leaned away from me and locked lips with the other man. I took a deep breath, willing away the knot in my stomach.

“Do you also love Connor?” I asked.

Ria nodded again, tearing up.

“Now kiss Tracy.”

With much less reluctance, Ria took her best friend’s head in her hands and planted a sweet, lingering smooch on the girl’s lips.

“And do you love her, too?” I asked.

“Yes, of course.”

“THAT’s who we are, honey. We aren’t two separate couples, we’re Shane, Ria, Connor, and Tracy. Four people who love each other. Period. And that love means a different thing for each of us. You love Connor? That’s okay, because I love Connor, too. I just don’t want to have sex with him.”

“Same to you, dude,” Connor grinned. Everyone laughed.

I continued, “I know it’s not normal or average or who knows what. Maybe it’s not what we all planned on when we were teenagers listening to love songs on the radio. But it’s us.”

“But what does that mean?” Connor asked. “Are we all really okay with swapping partners? Like, just whenever? It’s not gonna make anyone jealous?”

I sighed, “I have no idea. Honestly, we probably will get jealous. I know I got jealous earlier tonight, watching you in that bathtub with Ria.”

Connor turned red.

“BUT,” I added, “not in the same way I’d be jealous if I ever saw Ria with some other guy. Not even close. And you know what? I was every bit as jealous last night, when I saw you fucking Tracy on the pool table. I think jealousy is just something we’ll have to learn to live with, no matter what we decide to do.”

Ria nodded, “Last year, a couple days before our wedding night, I told Shane that I would be ‘okay’ with it if he fooled around with Tracy. But ONLY with Tracy. No other woman. For some reason, it doesn’t feel like cheating when it’s with the two of you.”

“There you go, I guess that’s a ‘yes’ to your question about swapping whenever we want,” I said, looking at Connor.

“How about we don’t call it ‘swapping?'” Tracy interjected. “I don’t like that word.”

“Then what?” Ria asked.

Tracy’s eyes brightened. “Sharing,” she suggested.

“Ooh, I like that!” Ria giggled. “We don’t ‘swap’ and we don’t ‘swing.’ We ‘share’ ourselves with each other! Really gets into the Christmas spirit, doesn’t it?”

We all smiled at the thought. I hugged Ria again, and this time she hugged me back wholeheartedly.

“Sharing it is, then,” I said. “As of tonight, we all share with each other.”

“Merry Christmas, to us,” Ria whispered, and kissed me on the lips.

Tracy got up to fetch some more booze, and as soon as she’d vacated Connor’s lap, my wife scooted over to take her place.

“Merry Christmas, to me,” she giggled again, and sensually kissed my buddy on the lips.

Tracy returned a moment later with a bottle of honey bourbon, and smiled the sight of Ria and Connor making out. With Connor’s lap now occupied, she headed for mine.

“So Ria…” Tracy teased, settling her soft buttocks down onto my lap. “Since we all agreed to share, you’ve gotta tell me: how was it, finally fucking my boyfriend?”

Ria blushed. “Amazing.”

“Come on, give us details!” Tracy giggled.

Ria stroked a loving finger across Connor’s chin, then quickly kissed him again. “At one point, Connor actually lifted me into the air and fucked me standing up. I’ve never done anything like that before, it was like something out of a porno movie!”

“Ooh sounds like fun,” Tracy said.

“What about you, Trace?” Connor asked. “How was it being with Shane, after all these years of build-up?”

“Sooo good,” she purred, wiggling her hips on my lap. “Shane tied me up, and blindfolded me, and teased me so bad I wanted to scream.”

“I teased YOU?” I laughed. “What about that see-through nightie you wore to bed? You looked so sexy I couldn’t even remember my own name.”

“Aww, thanks.” Tracy pressed her soft, pouty lips to mine. Instinctively, I cupped her breast in my hand and trailed kisses down her neck.

Tracy turned to Connor while I nibbled at her throat:

“How about you, stud? How was your first time with Ria?”

“Yeah, what was it like having sex with my wife?” I asked.

Connor turned red, refusing to look at me. “It was good,” he mumbled.

“Just ‘good?’ That’s it?” I teased.

He laughed. “Okay, fine! It was awesome! Seriously, I don’t even know where to start. Ria was on fire the whole time. First, she wrapped her wet panties around my cock, then she rode me cowgirl, then she crawled away from me and, like, waggled her insanely fine ass in the air until I fucked her from behind.”

He emphasized his story by squeezing my wife’s butt.

Tracy gasped, “Did you fuck her in the ass?”

“Uh, no,” Connor said, blushing again.

Ria quirked an eyebrow at him. “Did you want to?” she asked.

Tracy burst out laughing. “Are you kidding?! Anal sex is like one of Connor’s all-time biggest ‘Ria fantasies.'”

Connor gulped. “Well, yeah–I mean, if that’s alright.”

“I haven’t had anal sex in years,” Ria said. “It’s not really Shane’s thing, so we never do it.”

Connor looked at me like I was crazy.

“But,” Ria whispered into Connor’s ear, “Maybe that can be my Christmas present to you.”

I smiled at Tracy, “And what would you like for Christmas, little girl? Got any ‘Shane fantasies?'”

“Ooh, I’ve got a bunch, but there is one in particular…”

“What is it?” I asked.

“You’re such a talented painter, I’ve always dreamed about having you paint me. Naked.”

“You mean like a nude portrait?”

“No, I mean, like–you know how they paint those bikini models in Sports Illustrated? The body paint? I think it would be so hot to take off all my clothes and have you do that.”

I hugged her tightly. “Tracy, in real life that takes like ten hours and makes you smell like toxic waste.”

“Oh,” she deflated. “I guess it wouldn’t be quite as sexy as I imagined, then.”

“Hey, don’t worry. I’ll figure something out. I think painting you would be just about the sexiest thing ever.”

Ria looked over at me and called out, “Okay Shane, now it’s your turn to tell us how much you enjoyed your night with Tracy. Was it everything you hoped for? Tell us the truth.”

I shook my head, “I choose dare.”

“You can’t choose ‘dare!'” Ria laughed. “We aren’t playing Truth or Dare.”

“Dare,” I insisted.

She looked to Tracy and Connor for support, but they both just shrugged.

“Fine!” she exclaimed. “In that case, I dare you to… pull down Tracy’s pajamas and plant a big wet kiss right on her butt!”

Tracy squealed like a happy child as I hopped to my feet–bent her over the edge of the couch–and peeled her cozy pink pajama bottoms down to her knees. A festive red g-string stared back at me from between those smooth, sumptuous buttocks.

I attacked her ass with a thousand hungry kisses.

“Wow,” Tracy laughed. “When you do a dare, you really do a dare!”

She bent to pull her pants back up, but Ria tsk-tsked:

“I never said anything about Tracy putting her pajamas back ON.”

Tracy rolled her eyes, but didn’t argue. She dropped her nearly naked ass back onto my lap.

I grinned at my wife, “Okay, Ria: truth or dare?”


I gestured down between Tracy’s bare thighs, where my fingers were stroking in slow circles. “See what I’m doing to Tracy? I dare you to do this to her for a full sixty seconds–but with your tongue.”

“Ooh, I like these dares!” Tracy grinned.

Ria climbed off of Connor and knelt in front of us, gently spreading Tracy’s legs apart. She licked her lips in anticipation…

“Awesome,” Connor said.

Then my wife leaned in and licked the sensitive flesh of Tracy’s inner thigh.

Tracy wiggled back and forth on my lap, her breath coming faster and faster as the minute ticked by. Her eyes scrunched shut, and she pouted with frustrated arousal.

“Ria, I’m getting so wet from you doing that,” she whined.

Smiling, Ria circled her tongue directly across the darkening wet crotch of Tracy’s red thong. The girl dug her nails into my thighs, now gasping for breath–

“Time’s up!” Connor called out.

Tracy shot him an angry snarl.

“Hey, don’t blame me, blame the clock on the wall!”

Beaming with naughty pride, Ria sat back down on Connor’s lap. She looked over at the friend she’d just been licking.

“Okay, Tracy: truth or dare?”

“I’m gonna go crazy if I get another dare like that, so truth.”

Ria tapped her chin, thinking. “Be honest: in all the years we’ve been friends, have you ever wanted to fool around with me, before the other night?”

“Maybe,” Tracy grinned.

“You can’t say ‘maybe!'” I said, giving the girl on my lap a playful spanking.

“Okay, fine! Yes! I just never–I don’t know–never took those feelings seriously, I guess. Like, I’d see Ria in a really pretty dress or something, and then suddenly I’d be daydreaming about making out with her, and rolling around naked with her and–I don’t know, it was always kind of confusing.”

“Doesn’t sound very confusing to me,” Connor said. “Sounds like you’ve always had a pretty clear cut case of the hots for your best friend.”

Tracy looked flustered. “Well, I don’t see why that’s so surprising to you. I seem to remember telling you a whole bunch of times how sexy it would be for us to have a threesome with Ria.”

“Yeah, but I thought all that was just to turn me on in bed!” Connor laughed.

“Well, maybe I liked those stories too, okay?”

He held up his hands defensively. “I’m not complaining, Trace.”

She frowned at him. “Truth or dare, Connor.”

“Dare,” he said.

“I dare you to strip buck naked, and then show Ria some of those crazy handstand push-ups you can do.”

“No problem!” he shrugged, getting to his feet.

My wife watched with rapt attention as he unbuttoned his shirt and unzipped his pants. Connor’s thick, erect cock strained against the material of his boxers.

“Ria, would you do the honors?” he asked.

She reached out her slender fingers–shaking with a slight tremor of arousal–and stroked him. Then she grabbed the elastic of Connor’s waistband and tugged it down the length of his legs, leaving his throbbing penis pointing right at her lips.

Ria couldn’t help herself. She leaned forward and touched her tongue to the very tip–holding eye contact with Connor the entire time.

“The push-ups!” Tracy shouted.

With a groan, Connor reluctantly stepped away from my wife and flipped himself up into a handstand position.

“Okay, here goes–”

Triceps straining, he bent his arms and then straightened them out again, every muscle on his naked body going rigid from the effort. He did it maybe two dozen times, without stopping. Ria’s eyes bugged out of her head.

“Wish I could do that,” I whispered to Tracy.

“Don’t be silly,” she whispered back. “We don’t need two Connors. Ria and I both want to fuck you every bit as badly as we want to fuck him.”

Connor finally got back on his feet, his face beet red from the head rush.

“Shane, you’re up!” he called out.

“Dare,” I said.

“Okay, you might wanna take notes, because this one’s complicated. There’s two parts to it.”

I politely showed him my middle finger.

“First, you’ve gotta take off all your clothes, even your underwear.”


“Then you gotta put on Tracy’s pink pajama top and wear it until it’s your turn again.”

“Hey, wait a minute!” Tracy protested. “How come I lose clothes every time Shane takes a dare?”

Connor shrugged, “Because you’re hot. Duh.”

I just laughed, pouring myself another shot of liquid courage before stripping naked.

Soon as my cock sprang into view, Ria reached out to give it a tug. “Rawr!” she cheered.

“I guess you’ll be needing my shirt now,” Tracy mock-pouted. She hopped up and stuck out her chest–rocking back and forth like an impatient little girl.

I know it’s a cliché to get all hot and bothered when a grown woman pulls the “ditzy little girl” shtick, but man, Tracy had it down to a science. Those wide green eyes stared innocently into mine as I reached forwards and opened her shirt one button at a time. Huge swells of creamy cleavage came into view, highlighted by the glow of the fire. Another button later, I revealed her bra: snowy white satin cups, far too small to properly support those spectacular melons.

I undid the rest of the buttons as fast as I could.

Tracy’s shirt finally fell open and she shrugged it off her shoulders, standing before me in just her sexy red thong and that tiny white bra. I was hard as a fucking rock.

“Don’t worry, Shane,” Ria called out, “You’ll be fucking her soon, I promise.”

“It’s like you can read my mind!” I joked.

As per Connor’s dare, I slipped on Tracy’s pajama shirt over my shoulders. Then I sat my naked ass back down onto the couch, Tracy dropped her almost-naked ass down onto me, and my throbbing shaft pressed up against her thong. I felt Tracy tense up–gently squeezing me between those full, round buttocks.

Obviously, Connor had been planning on making fun of how ridiculous I looked wearing Tracy’s pink shirt, but the atmosphere in the room had turned so erotic that no one even thought to laugh.

I looked over at my wife, panting with arousal. “Ria, truth or dare?”




“Dare,” I panted. “And before you say anything, let’s just get this out of the way to save time.”

I wiggled out of my sweatpants and shirt, then slid off my underwear and handed it to Connor for safe keeping.

I hadn’t bothered wearing a bra.

Standing naked in front of the others, I put my hands on my hips and waited for Shane to think up an appropriate dare.

He stroked his chin, then said, “Okay, I got it. Lay down on the coffee table and close your eyes.”

I obeyed, but when I heard my husband pick up the bottle of honey bourbon, curiosity got the better off me and I opened one eye just enough to spy on what he was up to:

Shane filled up a shot glass with the stuff, then ever-so-slowly poured it onto my naked body, just a few drops at a time. I squirmed from the sensation of cold liquid dripping onto my most intimate areas: both of my nipples, my navel, across my throat, down my thighs, and even into my moistening pubic hair.

Shane whispered, “Now, no peeking–you’ve gotta guess which one of us is drinking from which part of your body.”

I heard a rustling as the three of them surrounded me, kneeling on all sides of the table, and then–

Then I gasped in surprise as someone’s tongue flicked across my nipple. At first, I couldn’t identify the culprit, but a few seconds later that tongue returned–moving slower than before–followed quickly by a pair of marshmallow-soft lips.

“T-Tracy!” I moaned.

“Good job sweetie,” I heard her whisper.

Then she was gone, replaced by a different mouth, at my throat this time. The light stubble on his chin tickled me the way it had a thousand times before–

“Shane,” I grinned.

A third tongue trailed down my chest and stomach, lapping up the bourbon that had pooled in my navel. I felt his nose pressing down into my wet tuft of pubic hair as he went, inhaling the scent–

“And that’s Connor!” I cried out happily.

He withdrew, and for a moment there was nobody licking my bourbon-soaked body…

Then, suddenly, there was everyone, all at once. The two men licked their way down the muscles of my legs, teasing with their teeth. Tracy treated herself to the grand prize, lapping up the booze that had soaked into my public hair and trailed down across the excited lips of my pussy.

“Aah!” I moaned, relishing the thrill of three different mouths pleasuring my body. I couldn’t take it anymore–I opened my eyes and looked down to watch the action unfold:


That first glance–the image of Shane, Connor, and Tracy all licking my lower body at once–was seared into my memory for all time.

Shane had gotten rid of the pink pajama top Connor had dared him to wear, but the other man was too distracted lapping booze off my body to even care about our silly game of Truth or Dare.

Working as a team, Shane and Connor took my achingly perky nipples into their mouths and sucked.

“Yes!” I moaned again, unconsciously spreading my legs to give Tracy better access. Her slender fingers pierced my cunt, her soft lips buzzed powerfully at my clit–

“Yes! Yes! Yes!”

I spasmed, arching my back off the table and climaxing like I’d been blasted with a defibrillator.

“Whoa, that was fast!” Shane teased.

“Oh shut up,” I laughed. “Like you could have lasted any longer with all that going on.”

On wobbly legs, I returned to the couch, settling down comfortably onto Connor’s naked lap. Those huge, muscular arms crisscrossed around my chest, and that rock-hard cock burned against my lower back.

Beside us, Tracy plopped her tush back down onto my husband’s erect penis, slowly wiggling her hips back and forth to keep him stimulated.

“Tracy: truth or dare?” I called out.

She just laughed, “Right, like any of us are gonna choose ‘truth’ again after THAT.”

“Fine then, I want you to grab my husband’s dick and rub it back and forth across the crotch of your underwear for the next five minutes. And take it SLOW.”

An almost pained look of arousal flashed across my husband’s face.

Wordlessly, my friend repositioned her ass higher up onto Shane’s hips, until his drooling erection was pointing straight up between her outspread thighs. The moment she pressed his knob against her moistened thong, they both groaned.

Back and forth she went, swiping the whole length of his cock across her barely-covered mound. Little by little, the motion scooted her thong to the side, until Shane’s raging hardness was rubbing directly against the lips of Tracy’s cunt.

Their breathing grew heavy and impatient. Tracy’s voice came out tiny as a mouse, pleading with me:

“Can–can I ask Shane to take his turn before the five minutes are up?”

“Sure sweetie,” I smiled.

“Okay Shane, truth or dare?”


Tracy groaned, “I dare you to take off my bra and play with my nipples!”

“Until when?” I asked.

“Until… Until forever!” she shrieked.

Shane was only too happy to comply. He popped open the clasp behind her back, slid the white satin straps off her shoulders, and tossed the garment across the room. Tracy’s tits were in his hands before that bra hit the floor.

“Mmm!” she grunted her approval as he tweaked and twisted her thick nipples.

Lost in a cloud of desire, Tracy looked at me and moaned, “Mmm, Shane really knows just how to touch a woman’s body, doesn’t he? Not too firm, not too gentle…”

I nodded, “It’s like I always said: Shane’s my own personal ‘sex artist.'”

“OUR sex artist, you mean,” Tracy corrected, possessively squeezing my husband’s cock. “We’re all sharing now, remember?”

She twisted around and kissed Shane hungrily on the lips.

But while Tracy was busy kissing him, my husband was looking straight at me. The piercing blue-green eyes that I had first fallen in love with three years ago twinkled in the firelight.

He pulled his lips from Tracy and said, “In that case, maybe we can share a little bit more. Ria: truth or dare?”

“What do you think?”

“I think you should come over here and join us.”

Compelled by the hunger in my husband’s eyes, I scooted off of Connor’s lap and crawled on all fours across the length of the couch. Shane grabbed me by the hair and pulled me in for a fierce kiss on the lips.

“Oh yeah,” he groaned.

Below, Tracy started picking up speed as she rubbed his cock back and forth across her beautiful, hairless cunt. My insistence that she “take it slow” had clearly been forgotten in the heat of the moment. She yanked my face away from Shane’s to give him another, much more passionate kiss, and I took the opportunity to drop my tongue to her neck. On impulse, I even joined my husband in squeezing away at the girl’s boobs.

“Oh!” I chirped, feeling the sudden presence of Connor’s thumb curling inside my pussy from behind. “Ohhh…”

I pulled Tracy’s mouth to my own, and her breathing became ragged. Her kisses, sloppy.

Shane took out all his arousal out on Tracy’s enormous tits, squeezing the pillows of flesh and tugging away at the rosy nubs between his fingers. Still gripping his penis, Tracy started thumping the turgid tip against the outside of her cunt with a series of soft, wet slaps.

I dove face-first at my husband’s lap, inhaling his shaft all the way to the back of my throat.

“Oh yeah, sharing is good,” Shane said excitedly. “Sharing is very, very good.”

Connor, meanwhile, took the opportunity to maneuver around onto his back, so that his mouth was positioned directly beneath my cunt. Then, gripping my buttocks in his hands, Connor pulled my sopping crotch down onto his handsome face.

“Mmff!” I moaned through Shane’s penis.

Tracy was so horny, it looked like she was almost getting angry about it. With a snarl on her face, she shoved my head aside just long enough to yank her skimpy red underwear down off her ankles, leaving all four of us blissfully naked on the couch together.

When my mouth returned to my husband’s cock, I felt Tracy’s exquisitely hot gash rubbing against my cheek, smearing honey. The scent of her sex was so overwhelming, I lost control and started licking both of them at once–Shane’s cock and Tracy’s cunt–moaning all the while.

“Ahh!” Tracy screamed, getting closer by the second.

“Oh god, oh god…” Shane panted, prying one of his hands away from Tracy’s chest to grab a fistful of my hair.

Connor slurped one of my cunt lips into his mouth, and I suddenly felt dizzy. I wanted more. In a trance, I muttered, “I want–I want to watch you guys fuck.”

That was all Tracy needed to hear. She wrestled my husband down to the carpet and straddled his hips, lining him up with her entrance.

“You guys, too,” Shane whispered, looking up at me and Connor on the couch.

We took up position beside them–Connor on the carpet beside my husband, me hovering above his lap, shoulder-to-shoulder with Tracy. The men’s granite-hard cocks brushed against our juicing cunts, desperate to go in. It was torture.

Tracy looked me in the eye and whispered, “At the same time.”

I nodded, grasping her boyfriend’s hot erection. Despite everything that had happened, it still didn’t seem quite real…

And then, suddenly, it was.

“Aah!” Tracy gasped, lowering herself until the head of Shane’s penis disappeared inside her body. Holy shit, they were actually having sex! I immediately followed suit, luxuriating in the ecstasy as my slippery cunt lips stretched around the first blissful inch of Connor’s dick.

“Oh my god!” Shane moaned, watching us in utter disbelief. His fingers squeezed ferociously around his own lover’s sweet buttocks.

Tracy was gushing with desire. Her honey dribbled in rivulets down my husband’s shaft, soaking his pubic hair. With her whole body shaking uncontrollably, she finally relaxed and let herself drop, impaling herself with every inch of Shane’s beautiful, glistening cock.

Soon as he saw them go for it, Connor grabbed hold of my hips and pulled me down to him with a single, smooth motion. I felt every detail of his rigid cock as he entered me, my sensitive pussy gliding along every ridge and vein.

“Yessss…” Connor sighed. I closed my eyes, and for a moment I was content just to sit there and enjoy the fact that, once again, he was actually inside me.

Then I opened my eyes, withdrew as far as I could, and let myself enjoy the ride down his cock all over again. I reached down and squeezed the powerful muscles of Connor’s arms, groping everywhere on his body that I could reach.

To my right, Tracy let out a surprised shriek, and I twisted my head to see Shane strumming her clit with his thumb. He’d done that to me countless times before, and I knew exactly how amazing he could make it feel.

Lucky girl.

Tracy’s bosom heaved with exertion as she rode my husband like a woman possessed–big tits swinging wildly with every bounce.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!!!” she squealed.

My voluptuous friend fed Shane her breasts, the abundance of soft flesh enveloping his entire face. I found myself wondering whether Shane was even able to breathe.

Still riding Connor, I reached out and lovingly took Shane’s hand in mine, holding tight.

“I love you, Shane!” I moaned. He gripped my hand with white knuckles, about to explode inside my friend.

My own lover’s hips slammed up against me, rattling my teeth. Powerful hands encircled my throat, squeezing–dominating me utterly.

“I love you too, Connor!” I gasped.

Tracy lifted her boobs off of my husband and turned embrace me while the men fucked us. Our lips and tongues crashed together, and feminine fingers twisted my nipples.

“I love you too, Tracy!” I moaned.

“I love all of you!” she screamed in reply. “Ahh! Ahhhhh!!!!”

Her body shook in my arms, rocked to the core by a thrashing good come. Light-headed and limp as a noodle, she dropped to the floor, moaning. My husband’s cock slipped out of her, and I realized that, by some miracle, he still hadn’t climaxed.

While Tracy recovered, Shane rolled onto his side and watched wide-eyed as Connor pummeled my pussy just a few feet away.

“God that is so sexy,” he grinned. I reached over and stroked his cock–still wet with my friend’s juices.

A few seconds later, Tracy reached over from the other side of Shane’s lap, and her fingers entwined with mine around his penis. Tracy looked wistfully up at me. “Ria, could I use my mouth on you again? That was really fun.”

“That okay with you, big boy?” I asked Connor.

“Long as I get to watch.”

I climbed off his lap, crawled over Shane’s prostrate body, and straddled Tracy’s sweet, wholesome face.

As she licked me, her fingers disappeared up her own snatch, still dripping with desire.

That girl didn’t waste any time. Having already gotten me off with her mouth once that night, it seemed she was now trying to break her old speed record by buzzing her tongue against my pussy and–and–

“Whoa!” I jumped, shocked as my best friend snuck a slick wet finger up my ass.

Her breath tickled my public hair, and I realized that the girl was laughing down there, apparently quite pleased with my response to her naughty little surprise.

Whatever, it felt awesome.

Shane and Connor watched in stunned silence while I rode Tracy’s face like a bucking bronco. Wordlessly, Shane got up and walked over to me, his penis pointing right at my mouth. I gave it a long, sensual lick from the base to the very tip–then I looked over at Connor and asked, “Are you just gonna lay there by yourself, or are you gonna come over here and play with the rest of us like a good boy?”

He was on his feet in an instant, standing right beside my husband, their erections staring me in the face.

Merry Christmas to me.

I reached out with both hands and grabbed hold of the two cocks in front of me, stroking them simultaneously. Shane and Connor groaned; two full grown men, turned to putty in my hands.

With Tracy still attending to my own personal needs down below, I leaned forward and swallowed Connor’s big cock all the way to the root. Then, for an encore, I pulled my mouth off of him and swallowed Shane.

The log split in the fireplace, suddenly doubling the size of the flames. I traded my mouth from one man to the other, and back again–taking them both right up to the precipice, but never quite letting them come. Then, still teasing both of their cocks with my fingers, I twisted my head lower and sucked at their balls–playfully stretching the skin with a tug of my teeth.

I was in heaven, surrounded on all sides by beautiful people who loved and desired me. Their combined amorous moans echoed off the walls. I wanted it to last forever.

My body, unfortunately, had other plans. Tracy’s diligent oral efforts had melted my insides like butter, and the finger she’d plugged into my anus zapped me every few seconds like an exposed wire.

“Huhhhh… Yeah…” I crooned, trying to fight back the onslaught of bliss for a few more precious seconds. I was damned sure not gonna come before the two guys I was sucking off.

Shane’s eyes scrunched shut and I knew he was close, so I quickly switched my attention to Connor, opening my mouth and lewdly slapping his cockhead against my outstretched tongue.

That did the trick.

“Oh god, Ria! Oh god!”

My hands pumped frantically at both erections. I parted my lips, aimed the two guys right at my mouth–

Ahhh!!!” Shane and Connor each let out a monstrous roar and detonated, splashing endless ropes of white all over my face and chest. It was too much to bear. I threw back my head and let my own orgasm overwhelm me, shaking and screaming as spurt after spurt of boiling hot cum decorated my body.




I’d like to say that the four of us kept on fucking for hours more, in an endless all-night sexathon–but after the whirlwind craziness of our adulterous Christmas Eve, we were all falling-down exhausted. We took a group shower to clean up–the women sandwiched between the men–and then agreed it was time for some good old-fashioned sleep.

Unfortunately, we still had one bedroom out of commission (thanks to a gigantic, fallen Christmas tree), meaning we had to get creative with the available space.

“How about a naked slumber party?” Tracy suggested.

Connor and I brought the other mattress downstairs, set it on the floor beside the couch cushions, and we all laid down as a group–each of us snuggling up with our respective “wrong” partner for the night. I finally drifted off to sleep with Tracy’s spectacular nude body in my arms, her breath tickling the hairs on my chest.

I awoke on Christmas Day with my erection wedged firmly in the crack of her supple ass. She and Connor were still out cold, but I spotted Ria standing over by the bay windows, looking out at the winter landscape.

“If only I had a canvas and some oil paints,” I sighed, walking up and draping my arms around my beautiful wife. “You’re a vision, standing here like this. Your lithe, naked body, wrapped in this cozy fleece blanket. Your silhouette, framed by the snowy mountain vista…”

Ria relaxed back into my embrace, idly tracing her fingers across my arms. “How do you feel about all this?” she whispered, gesturing back at our sleeping friends.

“Scared. Thrilled. Horny.” I kissed her cheek. “But not in that order.”

“I feel like a different person. Not in a bad way, just–It feels like I’ve been wearing a ‘shell’ or something for my entire life. Does that make any sense? Like a little hermit crab. And now it’s gone. I’ve never felt so vulnerable before.”

I gestured to the fairy tale view of the mountains:

“Honey, I honestly don’t know what’s in store for the four of us, when we all this goes away. When we go home to our regular lives again. I don’t know how this double date is gonna end. But I DO know that I’ll always be there for you, and I’ll always love you. I’ll be your little hermit crab shell, whenever you need one. For always. For better or for worse.”

We kissed, and Ria wrapped her blanket around me to keep us both warm. I felt the twin imprints of her nipples pressing into my bare chest.

Teardrops blossomed in the corners of her eyes. “For better or for worse, huh?”

“Preferably ‘better,’ but yeah. I promise.”

With a coy smile, Ria kissed me again and whispered, “I had a funny idea, before we all went to sleep last night. Actually, maybe it’s not so funny. Maybe it’s kind of wonderful.”

“What was it?”

“I was just thinking, the lease is almost up on Connor’s studio apartment, and Tracy pretty much wants to murder her evil roommate Debbie, and…” she trailed off.

“And what?”

“You and I have been talking about moving into a bigger space for a while now.”

“Wait, are you suggesting–?”

Ever so slightly, she nodded. “What if they, you know, moved in with us? Just to see what it’s like?”

I stared at her like a mute idiot.

“I know, I know. It’s too weird. Stupid idea,” she apologized.

I felt butterflies in my stomach. The four of us, living under one roof together?Maybe it wasn’t so crazy, after all. Hell, we all spent practically every minute together anyway. Why not make the most of it, especially if it meant we’d be enjoying more weeks like this one?

“I think it’s great,” I said at last.


“Yeah! I just don’t know how to bring it up. Do you think they’ll go for it?”

“We’re not asleep!” Connor called out from across the room. “We’re just resting. We can hear everything you’re saying.”

Ria and I turned bright red. “It’s, uh, it’s just a thought,” she said.

Tracy laughed, “Maybe, but it’s an AWESOME thought! I’m in, but I’ve got one condition: we all have to fuck each other, like, constantly. Like, just non-stop orgies every night.”

I laughed, too, “Sounds good to me.”

“Who’d say no to that?” Connor agreed. “It’s like living in a porno movie with my best friends!”

Ria bit her lip naughtily. “We should all celebrate. Tracy, would you mind coming over here for a second? I want to show you the view.”

Tracy threw the blankets aside–revealing her glorious nudity–and strolled confidently towards us, her succulent bosom swaying side to side with every step. As she approached, Ria unwrapped the fleece blanket from around our shoulders and spread it out across the floor.

She crooked a horny, come-hither finger in Tracy’s direction. “Lie down with me,” Ria whispered.

The two naked women laid out together on the blanket, cuddling and kissing in the soft morning light.

“I’ve always been so jealous of your skinny little waist,” Tracy whispered with a smile.

“Mmm, I’ve always been jealous of your eyes–they’re so pretty,” Ria answered.

“I’ve always been jealous of your hair.”

“I’ve always been jealous…” Ria gave the other girl’s boobs a squeeze, “of THESE.”

Tracy blushed, “Don’t be, yours are pretty damn sexy.” To prove her point, she rolled on top of my wife and tenderly suckled at her erect nipples.

Ria let out a happy sigh. She looked right at me–hunger in her eyes–and asked, “You boys planning on joining us any time soon?”

I immediately knelt beside them on the blanket, kissing and caressing both women’s gorgeous bodies. Just for a thrill, I cupped one of Tracy’s heavy, swaying breasts and fed it to my wife.

Grinning, Tracy reached around and spread apart her smooth, wet cunt lips–an invitation I obviously couldn’t pass up. I moved so that my shaft was pointing towards her glistening opening, then grabbed hold of her hips and slipped myself all the way inside.

Below us, Ria moaned, sucking hungrily at her friend’s nipple. I thrust my pelvis against Tracy’s buttocks–every impact sending her unattended breast slapping against the side of my wife’s face.

“Whoa,” Connor said bluntly, watching from the sidelines. He hurriedly got up and positioned his dick in front of Tracy’s mouth.

“Mmm…” Tracy moaned sexily, sucking the guy between her lips.

I felt slender fingers stroking along the underside of my shaft as Ria reached a hand up between Tracy’s legs–exploring the point where I was disappearing into her best friend’s cunt.

“Oh wow,” she gasped, releasing Tracy’s breast from her lips. “I can actually feel you going into her. That’s so wild.”

For a few minutes, the four of us just continued on like that in silence–with Tracy fucking me and sucking Connor at the same time. Finally, my wife’s eyes glazed over with lust, and she whimpered, “Shane, please fuck me.”

“Anything for you, baby,” I grinned.

We all quickly repositioned around the floor–Tracy trading my cock for Connor’s–and I slid back inside the tight, familiar heaven of my wife’s pussy. Both women dropped to their hands and knees, facing each other as Connor and I fucked them doggie style at a good solid pace.


Their high-pitched voices grunted out an erotic, staccato Christmas carol with every thrust of our hips.

“Kiss her,” Connor commanded, and Tracy didn’t need to be told twice. Her lips met Ria’s, and both women groaned into the sexiest lip lock I’d ever seen, still whimpering from our combined fucking.

I reached forward, greedily groping past my wife to squeeze Tracy’s massive, swinging breasts. She pulled her attention away from Ria and gave me a knowing grin. Playfully, she cried out, “Switch again!”

Everyone was game for that. The women traded places once more, still facing one another as they bounced frantically on our laps, reverse-cowgirl. My greedy hands stayed glued to Tracy’s boobs the entire time.

“Oh my god! Oh my god!” Ria crooned. “You both look so… so sexy!”

“You too, girl!” Tracy cheered. “Ride that cock!”

“Oh yes! Ohh!” my wife shuddered with pleasure. Her head lulled forwards on a suddenly limp neck, dark hair spilling messily across her beautiful face.

Tracy’s cunt pulsed around me, gripping excitedly.

“Switch again!” Ria cried out, and we hurriedly played another game of musical chairs with each other’s bodies. This time Connor and I wound up laying on our sides, fucking the women in the spooning position while we fingered their clits.  My hips pounded against my wife’s perfect butt while I marveled at the way Tracy’s bosom bounced after each and every one of Connor’s powerful thrusts.

We switched partners again and again, a new position every time: bent over the back of the sofa, then wheelbarrow, and even a couple different crazy Kama Sutra moves I’d never had the guts to try. Sixty-nining Tracy was a particular joy, with her sweet nectar coating my tongue as those humongous tits splashed across my stomach.

“Mmm!” Tracy looked over at my wife. “Ria baby, I can taste you on him!”

By the time we switched partners again, and I rotated around to fuck Ria, she was lost in another world. Her lower lip trembled uncontrollably, like someone suffering from hypothermia. Our eyes met, and for a moment it was almost like I was looking at a stranger wearing my wife’s body. I’d never seen her so wild before.

I threw myself at her, pinning that tight body to the floor and spearing my dick up between her writhing legs.

“Yesss!!!” she shrieked. Her fingers grabbed at my hair like talons, and pulled my face in for a supernova kiss.

To our left, a pornographic scene played out as Connor straddled his girlfriend’s chest and wedged his big meaty cock between her tits. Tracy squeezed her cleavage together, pumping the ample flesh around Connor’s spasming erection.

“Come for me baby,” Tracy whispered, talking directly to Connor’s penis in her horny, little girl voice. “Come for me. Come for me. Come for me…”

In a trance, I flipped Ria over onto her stomach and pushed her face down between the other woman’s thighs. Tracy’s urgent whispers turned to urgent moans as Ria’s tongue made contact, lapping away like a ravenous kitten.

Connor glanced back over his shoulder to check out the action, and immediately blew his load all over Tracy’s chest. I guess the sight of Ria eating pussy was too much for the poor guy to bear.

It was too much for Tracy, too, who clawed at the carpet and screamed her lungs raw as my wife finally pushed her over the edge into oblivion.

With Tracy’s orgasmic cacophony still echoing off the walls, I rolled Ria onto her back once more and went for broke, fucking her as hard and as fast as I could. My hips clapped like thunder against her poor pussy. Fingernails clawed at my skin. Eyelids fluttered in an orgasmic seizure. Shrill, ecstatic roars of pleasure split the air again and again.

My abdominals burned, my balls constricted, I threw back my head–


And exploded inside my wife, filling her over and over again.

Ria fought for breath. Her eyes finally refocused, and the blush returned to her cheeks.

“Merry Christmas, sweetie,” I smiled, caressing her radiant skin.

“Merry Christmas,” Ria panted weakly.

Connor flopped onto his back, laughing at the wonderful absurdity of it all. “Merry Christmas, to all of us,” he agreed.

Tracy sat up, her huge, cum-glazed bosom swinging into view. She smiled at me mischievously and added, “Yeah, Merry Christmas to all. And to all, a good come!”