02 A New Experience

Info VCrodin
22 Oct. '22

While thinking of John and Anne, I begin reading some of my notes on my notebook. 
Remembering my first intimate encounter with Anne. 

It started on this memorable warm spring morning...

I woke up in my bed as every morning. Because I prefer sleeping naked, the early sun
touched my breasts. Temperatures were wonderful fresh, about 23 degree C - 
no heatwave today. The nightly rain cleared the air and a fresh breeze came
over from the high, open window.

I missed my husband. Not that he was my real great love, no. We had a kind of gentlemen
agreement partnership. He was very often on travel and I was alone. But I never was 
unfaithful. Now, I miss his soft and gentle kind of making love with me. 
All the toys couldn't replace a soft hand and a warm breath and kiss.
Yes, I admit that I have a strong sexual desire which was deserted the last year after his

I stared at the high ceiling. Ornaments on the border, small figures of angels looking
down to me. Seemingly smiling.

I felt it. This day was different. The need for some release was urgent.
I started fingering
my nipples, touching softly my calves. 
Pulling the linen between my legs tighter, they gently touched my
Pulled a pillow between my legs, pressed it against me.
This aroused me further. Pulled it tighter and tighter the urge of climaxing
rose more and more. Grabbed for the pillow, stuffed it under my butt and got my vulva 
laying wide open.

Now I spread my legs and fingered directly my clit what made me getting really wet.
I started to moan. First silently. Then louder. 

I have to mention, that normally in the morning Anne comes in when I am downstairs for 
breakfast to tidy up the room. But this time Anne must have been close to my door
and heard my moaning.

She opened the door and saw me lying on the bed, fingering my outer labia.

At first we both stared at each other. No one spoke. My thoughts went round and round.
My heart raced, my blood rushed in my ears.
Oh my god - she caught me in the act. 
What would she think of me? We never talked about these things, she never saw me doing this.

Annes eyes widened and the she started to smile. 
Quickly she closed the door behind her silently and came to my bed. I stopped fingering me.
I stared at her. She returned my gaze. 

Anne started dropping her clothing, 
then she entered my bed from the footend and kneed down between my legs.
She lowered her head to my pubic and started licking my vulva. Slow. I couldn't believe
what happened. What a lucky turn.

First I laid passively but then I couldn't resist, grabbed her hair and pressed her head hard into my vulva. 

Anne moaned and she turned her arms around my waist and turned us both around.

Now Anne was lying on her back and I was in a kneeing position over her face. 
Her head lying raised on the pillow between my legs. The only thing I could see
were here eyes, framed from her curly hair between my thighs

Anne smiled and showed me her tongue. Her eyes wide open she looked at me
she grabbed my buttocks and pulled my pussy over
her mouth, sticking her tongue deep in me. 

First I tried to resist and keep my body up,
but then it was too much. I couldn't hold and had to release
my weight to her head and mouth. 
I never saw Anne so demanding, so directly showing what she wants. Expressing
a kind of hunger.

Anne now shivered - it seems she liked
to have her face covered with me. I started shivering too. Anne began eating
me - yes cannot describe it in other ways. Her tongue got faster and deeper, her 
mouth was wide open and sucking and I
got wetter and wetter. 

Juices were flowing. Annes face was glancing from sweat
and my salvia. I started riding more intensely, now grabbing her head with both hands 
and increasing the pressure to her face. 

Finally Annes head was pressed deeply into the pillow and even the mattress gave
room as I loaded her with my 
full weight and released a little. Up and down. 

Again and again. 

I rode
her face in lust, her mouth wide open, her tongue deep in me. I ground her head
deep into the pillow and the mattress. Deeper and deeper. Wondered what my weight could do
when it was fully released. Rolled back and forth, to the right and left, 
swiveling on her face,
feeling her chin between my buttocks and her nose on my pubic hair. Twisting her
face into oblivion down there.

Her curly black Hair caressed my tights, her heavy breathing touches my pubic, 
her hands grabbing and caressing my butt made me crazy. Her squirming and efforts beneath me drove me mad.

And then I exploded. Wave over wave of pleasure shivered my body. Electrifying pulses
ran along my nerves. Humping her face, pressing and 
releasing, up and down, 
grinding her head further and deeper into the cushion, smothering her face in ecstasy. 

Three times I came - over and over again. Could not hold, nor give relief to 
Annes wriggling body below.

Then there was that rare feeling of full release. I squirted my fluids right into her open mouth and over her face. A

nd then I climaxed once more.

Finally I fell aside but clinched her head between my thighs. I closed my eyes and tried
to calm my breath. Anne also tried to regain her breath. Then I released her head.

After a short pause, Anne, turned around and began rubbing and 
massaging my feet, covering them with kisses and licking them.
I found this very pleasing and enjoyed it. Then I saw that Anne covered
her pussy  my foot and I tried to rub it on her clit.

Now she wanted to get her part of the party. Anne stood up from the
bed She took my legs and pulled me to the rim, so that I could put my feet on the ground. 
Then she laid herself
to the floor beneath the bed and my feet and pulled them on her lap 
and between her
legs. I began her "treatment". Starting with my toes in her pussy, rubbing her
clit with toes, pressing my naked heel against her vulva and treading softly but with
some force on her pussy with the ball of my foot. She started moaning. 

My feet were already wet from her 
juices and it seemed she couldn't stand the coming orgasm. Then she took one foot
and lowered it to her face, licking the sole and toes while with her other hand 
she guided my right foot to press her clit stronger,
deeper into her. 

She raised her knees til her feet stood plain on the floor and opened her tights
then she grabbed a lying pillow and moved it under her ass to raise her vulva 
up even more. She tried pushing her hips higher, lifting her ass from the pillow 
then grabbing
my right foot and putting it on her wet pussy. I raised my ass from the bed only 
resting on my elbows when
I assisted her need for pressure and ground the ball of my foot with 
nearly my full weight deep into her
quivering vulva while the other one resting on her belly.

Then she came. She squirmed under my feet and her body nearly 
bounced up on the floor. I had to
raise even more from the bed to press her down with my, but she lifted my
weight! I felt her pleasure beneath my soles and I got wet again, enjoying her
lust and convulsive movements on the floor beneath me - again I felt my orgasm. 

Three times in a row she came. One orgasm after the other. Her body twitched in ecstacy
under my feet.

Then she laid quiet on the floor, while
I rested my feet on her breast and crotch while lying on the bed.
We both needed some time to recover for the day. Anne raised from the floor 
and put on her clothes. Then she left without a word.

I got up from bed and went to the bathroom, just a silent smile on
the lips, feeling deeply relaxed and released. I have never in my lifetime felt such 
a pleasure, not even with my husband. 
He only got me one time to squirt into our bed and I was 
a little bit ashamed when doing so. Since then it never happened again.
He was really a loving man with passion, but he always wanted
to dominate me. Now things have changed. 

Half an hour later I sat on the terrace with nothing more on than my
silk morning coat and got my breakfast from John.  The sun was warm and pleasing.
I smiled at him and he left with a smiling. Speaking no word. He must have noticed my
satisfied and relaxed mood. 
I don't know if Anne has told to him what happened in my bedroom. 

A few minutes later Anne came out and sat down at the table.
The first minute we looked at each other. Finally Anne started to talk.

She told me from her sexual fetish to get suffered. She is very submissive. 
Her first boyfriend didn't understand this desire and left her. Then she had a few
partners which were ether too brutal or not interested. She also tried it with 
female partners. But finding same sex domination seemed impossible.
She loves to be smothered, that makes her horny. 

She dreamed the whole time since we met to use my
feet for pleasure, to feel my weight on her, on her vulva, on her clit, on
her face, on her belly but she never had the courage to tell me or to ask. She always
had the faint hope that one day it will happen. And today it happened.

She even admitted that she abused some of my shoes for
pleasure, pressing them on her pussy, licking the soles, dreaming from being tread by me. 
Her greatest wish was to be strongly dominated by me. Feeling my power, my weight
smothering her beneath.

Then she said: "If you can't
stand such a perverse person in you household, I could understand. I never had such a 
feeling and pleasure like today in the morning and I would have done everything for this
to happen.  Would you accept me quitting and leaving immediately?."

Now I understood her interest in a job in my household. She was indeed always very 
pleased to take care of my clothes and shoes. It seemed always as it was fun
to make my bed or rub my back in the bath or massage my feet after a long day on the market.

I looked at her. So pretty. Her breast rose and sank with her breath. A loving smile 
on her face, a begging look in her eyes. 

I started smiling and said: "I have never felt sucha pleasure. 
It was simply a masterpiece of bodywork which you performed. I love the way
you are. I accept your fetish, it complements mine. You give me the feeling of real power and strength when I ride on your face and squeeze your head beneath me into the mattress. I really enjoyed that. 
I rarely got this kind of ecstasy. It seems you 
turned on a new page on my 
life. I do never accept you quitting.

You are a very nice and sensual person. I need you like you are. I need your obsequiousness.
You are my counterpart. You have shown me that today. I would really enjoy to dominate you.
Pedicure and footcare is from now on your duty." I smiled.
"And don't forget to clean up the mess in my bed."

Since then, we have a special relation. Anne normally doesn't make any annotations
concerning our pleasure-pact. But from time to time we work on it. And till now
I do not know if John knows.