The Labor's of Love, Part One

Chapter One
Certain Dark Things


“Have you decided on your vows?” The Holy Man asked, trying his best to remain comforting in what is always a stressful, chaotic time


“Not quite,” Tabitha began, “mostly traditional, but we’re planning on some of our own too.”


Tabitha turned to her soon to be and smiled. He, being Oliver, returned the favor, the sudden warmth in his face showcasing the love which had grown steadily and into a strong bond over several years. He took her hand and jostled it a bit, as if to say, “I trust you.”


The Holy Man enjoyed this sign of affection, inside he smiled as well and looked across the room to his longtime companion, who was busy looking through different songs the couple had proposed. She was an artist who had never played a single note. Someone who could capture the correct emotion for any service she had been called upon, and while scanning the recommendations she thought of the correct speed to play the beat she was on.


“Well, as long as you get them to me before the rehearsal, I’m fine with however long it takes. I’m sure it’s deeply personal what you want to say, so take your time.”


That conversation took place more than a week ago, and while Oliver had promised Tabitha and others he had made progress on his vows, in truth very few words had been written. It wasn’t a lack of love or creativity that was hindering his progress, there has always been plenty of that in his life. Love for Tabitha, and the ability to write almost anything he wanted. Where Oliver sat now, tapping away at his notepad, trying to will words into existence, is not where he had wished to have been growing up. It can be said with some level of certainty that everyone wants to leave their hometown, and while Oliver was technically outside the confines of the suburb he grew up in, the building he currently sat in shared the same lake shore and breathed the same frosty air every winter.


Even his pseudo journey out west and down Mexico way was only a mirage, or so it seemed now. A memory of a time that wasn’t that long ago, but one that has grown so faint he cannot touch. Back when the ability to achieve his dreams were within reach, but whether it was not being good enough, or a lack of drive, he fell short, landed in Lodi and finally caught the next Greyhound back. Oliver was part of just the second generation in his family that moved away from farming. When the Dust Bowl came, his Great-Great Grandparents tried to see it through. There’s pride that one has in farming, the hard work and simplicity of the life has always touched Oliver. On the few occasions he visited his extended family out-of-state his heart would feel a pull for a, ‘what if?’ What if he had settled out west on his trip, or worked as a farm hand? Would things be different? The whole point for him heading out to see the Atlantic was to follow in the footsteps of his heroes, the Kerouacs, the Steinbacks or Ginsbergs of the world. But, much like the tales they spun decades ago, Oliver went looking for a one night stand, and his plans fell through. His attempt to write what has long been termed, ‘the great American novel’ was dashed. The venture out west had cost him not just several thousands in dollars, but in order to do so he dropped out of college. One of the few people he ever listened to growing up gave him the advice that if writing was all he cared about, that it didn't require a degree. Oliver took that advice, but only after he sunk a few semesters at a Community College. Sure, the tuition was cheaper, but he was still using student loans. When he finally came home it was only after money had dried up and student loan collectors were hot on his trail. 


A few words came to him, and Oliver began writing, “I promise to worship and honor, as long as I live.”


The problem with writing the vows was that Tabitha and Oliver were trying to be discreet. For, you see, they were in a Female Led Relationship, a FLR if you will. And, Oliver was her cuckold. While their closest of friends knew about the dynamic they shared, their families did not. From time-to-time a family member would comment on how popular they must be, as there always seemed to be new or returning cars in their driveway. Tabitha always likened that to friends coming over for a game night or watching a movie. She’d give Oliver a wry smile while saying this and he’d be forced to return it, for the truth was they all belonged to whoever his beloved was with at that particular time. The same would be true for the eventual Honeymoon. That was one of the few things Oliver had been left in charge of. It was a mighty task, finding a vacation worthy of his Goddess and her bull, but by now Oliver had cards with every major hotel chain across America and had connections to resorts overseas. He kept a spreadsheet of the points he had accrued for each one, that way he knew which hotels would give his one and only the best service. Oliver had narrowed the choices down to a select few and was planning on booking the flights by the end of the week. 


There had been talks of a second ceremony just with friends who were “in the know.” With Tabitha and dressed all in black at the altar, while Oliver crawled on his hands and knees wearing nothing but his chastity cage down the aisle, with a leash and collar in his mouth. Rather than sliding another ring around his finger, Tabitha would snap a lock around the collar, and Oliver would hand her the leash, one she would make sure to never let go of. However, the idea of Oliver submitting to Tabitha in front of family, friends and God, however subtle it may be, was far more enticing. Just the thought of looking at all the joyous faces in the crowd, but secretly thinking, “oh, if you only knew…” was enough. Many of the things Oliver had considered writing were acts he already committed to. Such as worshipping Tabitha, serving her every need, and all the usual sayings a devoted slave will promise. 


There were ones he wanted to include, vanilla ones, like “I promise you’ll never be hungry a day in your life.” The reason being, Tabitha had grown up in poverty, there were many nights when she did not come home so her mother would not see her only daughter starve. With her stomach crying out for sustenance that simply wasn’t there. It took several months into their relationship for Tabitha to disclose that to Oliver, it was the reason she felt the need to save every dime she could and keep a fully stocked fridge. One of the reasons their relationship has lasted so long is because they share that same desire to escape the confines of the city, whenever there were problems in their relationship they’d simply talk about how one day they’d hop on a boat and escape.


Oliver glanced at the clock across the hall. He could see it through a long stretch of windows, noticing the time, he packed his notepad and pen into a satchel and started off for his desk. 


As he passed co-workers, many of them smiled or waved hello, Oliver was well-liked and never shied away from listening if someone needed to talk. He responded to those which he saw with the same crusty eyed enthusiasm that an early Tuesday morning brings. As his head was pointed down most of the time, he missed their reactions to his returns, but he liked to think they were positive. Tabitha conceded he couldn’t crawl on the ground all throughout the day, but Oliver should at least have the decency to look where he belongs.


“Just assume that everyone is above you, dear, because they probably are.” Tabitha cooed, caressing his cheek as his face flushed and became very hot


Tabitha ran her nails gently across his cheek once more, then placed her palm firmly against the right side of his face, to feel the heat that she had caused. She leaned in and whispered, “I love what I can do to you.”


Training Oliver to do small forms of submission like that wasn’t a problem at all. The most difficult puzzle to solve was how to introduce BDSM into the relationship. Even to this day, Oliver maintains he had no idea prior to asking Tabitha out that she was into, as she playfully put it, “certain dark things.” But to hear her tell the story, Oliver was just one of those lost souls looking for a home, and he finally found one, beneath her feet. After Oliver had turned down the notion of being restrained during sex, but was very much in love with being the bottom, Tabitha thought introducing chastity to the equation would help clear things up. 


The two were sitting on the couch, cuddling under a blanket watching TV when Tabitha gave his sides a light scratch. He jumped a little and looked down to see Tabitha curling into her prey, acting more like a cat settling in than trying to tickle torture him. He pulled her closer and the night went on. 


After the shows had all ended, Tabitha reached for a tiny cloth pouch she had tucked between the cushions. She looked at Oliver with the prettiest eyes and said, “sweetie, I know you’re not into BDSM,” she started rubbing his leg, “no whips, chains or anything scary like that.” 


“But, would you wear this, please? For me?” Tabtiha’s eyes dropped into a predator’s gaze, her mouth curled as she saw Oliver look on with intrigue at the cage she produced 


“Just to make sure you don’t rub one off without me.” She added with a giggle, getting very close to Oliver’s crotch


After Oliver agreed, they made the most passionate, orgasm-inducing love Oliver had ever dreamed of. It almost seemed like a dream as she straddled him and rocked back and forth, then settled on his mouth for some pleasure of her own. It went on for what seemed like hours. It was all part of her plan. She wanted Oliver to experience the most Earth shattering orgasm ever, all because of her, and never have one again. The lasting memory, one that would eventually grow to be painful, as he could no longer experience that sweet, sweet bliss, would be because of her. 


But, that was the start of it all. How many years has it been? For Oliver it seems like a lifetime. Those first few months seemed like an eternity, with each second drawing out like a blade. One thing that he has since learned not to do is beg or complain. It seems Tabitha has a comeback or lesson for every whimper or plea that Oliver musters in his weakest state.


“Tabby…Tabitha” Oliver began before lowering his head after seeing the surprised look on his girlfriend's face at the sound of her name. Oliver took a deep breath and addressed her appropriately, “Mistress….please unlock me, it’s been too long. I just need out for only a little bit, please.”


Tabitha bent over, just far enough so her face was directly over his, she never blinked “it’s not your cock. It never was, and never will be. You were just watching it for me. And, you’ve been very irresponsible with it.”


Even though it was her intention to keep him locked for good, Tabitha wanted to make sure Oliver never became complacent. Quite often there would be lengthy teasing sessions, always ending in denial. One such time Oliver laid on the bed, bare, save for the cage. Tabitha wore a pair of bra and panties that were light blue, and had lace along the edge. She slipped the panties off and tossed them on his face, she didn’t tie him down, even still, he was frozen in a deep fascination. Tabitha began rubbing her smooth bottom against the steel cage, this broke the spell cast on Oliver and he let out a long, deep groan as his cock began to expand and fill the cage. This was followed by grunts of pain and frustration as Tabitha brushed her equally smooth, soft and divine pussy against the cage, teasing him by saying, “why don’t you want to fuck me? I got all dressed up.”


Oliver began to leak tears as his skin poked through the metal bars, it was the hardest he had ever been, the horniest and most desperate his body had ever been brought to, and there was nothing he could do about it. He let out a few mumbles about wanting to have sex but not being able to.


“Why is that? I bet your cock tastes so good.” Tabitha replied, pulling back and exhaling hot breath onto his balls and shaft “Why is that? Tell me.”


Oliver looked up at the ceiling, it seemed to be swirling at this point, but for a moment, everything became clear and he was able to speak very clearly, “because I’ve been very irresponsible.”


“Good boy.” She replied


Oliver came to a stop at his cubicle, one of several dozen on this floor and one of countless hundred in the endless cycle that is Wy-Tech Industries. One of the few skills that Oliver possesses outside of writing is that he is a fan of numbers, or more specifically, statistics. He can spend hours pouring over baseball, football and basketball stats from decades ago and figuring out how they translate to modern games. It’s this fact about him that he was able to parlay into a job at a new tech company that makes calculators. As the name suggests, they are stationed in Wyoming, however, they have satellite offices in several different parts of the United States and are hoping to move into Canada within the next ten years. What Oliver does is compile reports on what kind of calculators are going to be needed in the upcoming years, and what modifications should be made to current designs. 


After taking his seat, Oliver began searching his email for one from a testing facility, he strained his eyes against the artificial light and saw that it had come through while he was on break. Once it had been opened and downloaded the results. Pouring over them, Oliver recorded into an Excel spreadsheet everything his boss would want to know. By the looks of it, the testing facilities they mainly interact with were moving towards a different type of Math test in the coming years, so they would have to adjust as needed. As he typed away Oliver became so focused he did not notice the tiny, red bubble that appeared at the bottom of his screen. It stayed there for a few moments, but when it became clear that Oliver wasn’t going to notice it, the window the bubble belonged to popped up. It was a chat box, one that had been hidden underneath the tool bar. Oliver knew instantly he was in trouble. He looked around to see if anyone noticed the sudden intrusion, and was grateful when no one did. 


The message that had gone through was an ominous one:


T: Break time was a little long today?


Unlike with Tabitha’s workplace, Oliver has scheduled break times, so she knows exactly when he’ll be away from his desk. Moreover, having covertly installed Teamviewer onto his work laptop, she can keep an eye on him while he works too. Oliver flexed his fingers and tried to think of a response. Finally settling on one, he typed:


O: Yes, Goddess. I had to walk a bit further than usual to use the bathroom. All the stalls were occupied.


T: Haha. That could have ended poorly. 


O: Yes, Goddess, it could have, but I made it.


The conversation continued for a few more passes before the pair signed off. Tabitha liked to drop in like that occasionally, even if she didn’t have an order to give, she just wants Oliver to know she is always watching. Sometimes it wouldn’t even be a message, rather, she’d freeze his mouse for several minutes and he’d have to look busy while sending a secret text to her, asking for her to unfreeze it. 


Settling back in, Oliver convinced himself to focus on his work and powered through the remainder of the report.


Cuckolding was introduced shortly after the reality of chastity sunk in. At first, Oliver thought it was something to just spice things up, but when it became clear that things were going to stay that way, Tabitha began finding men who could please her in ways that Oliver no longer could. The process has grown to be more complex over time. In the beginning, Tabitha would go out several times a week and hookup with multiple men, occasionally seeing them a few times afterward, but it was mostly a swinging type atmosphere. As the years went on, she began looking for a more long-term partner to match with Oliver. One of the reasons they have finally agreed to marry is because there is a stable third person in their life, someone Tabitha can see spending the rest of her life with, and someone Oliver knows will make his wife happy as long as they both shall live.


There is a degree of frustration that boils inside whenever Tabitha recounts a trip out with her partner. She will show Oliver all the photos taken, and comment on how much laughter was shared and fun was had. That was the part that tugged at him the most, seeing his lovely girlfriend smile in ways he had never seen her do before. He was happy she got to experience such positive emotions, and while Tabitha would always be exceptionally mean to him while her bulls were around, deep down Oliver knew she cared about him. On some level at least. It would not be hard for Tabitha to find another partner. She was charming, intelligent, funny, confident and the most beautiful being on Earth. Yet, she never wavered in her wanting of Oliver. To put it quite simply, they simply got one another.


Closing his eyes, Oliver imagined what the days to come would bring, and that got him through the remainder of the day.