First in a collection of 5-minute wanks.



Night after night I talk to horny men on the phone, telling me what they want to do to me. And, in some cases what they want me to do to them. I love getting them off, and hearing them cum over the phone, it’s so horny, makes my pussy twitch, and my juices flow. They even let me hear them wank, ooh, it makes me so hot. And why not, they love getting me off and hearing me cum.

The caller loves it when I put the phone next to my cunt hole and let them hear how wet they’ve made me. I tell them my legs are spread wide and how I wish he were down there trapped in between my sweaty thighs slurping on my slippery wet piss flaps

Listen for yourself I tell him. (Squelch, squelch, squelch) They say how much they want to taste me. They could so easily if they got their hands on my juice-soaked panties, I fill them several times a night, wetting my panties with my hot creamy cum. Sometimes they’re sopping with my fingering, Oohh, and especially when I use my ten-inch vibrator, they go wild when they hear that bussing in and out of me. Come the end of my shift my cunt stinks of pussy juice, same as my fingers, even though I lick them clean every time.

When I climb into bed my bloke says, ‘you’ve been a popular girl tonight, babe, I could smell your dirty cunt before you got undressed.’ Mmmm, I reply,’ get your face in there and give it a good licking clean, I can’t be bothered to wash it.’ ‘You can’t be bothered most nights’

‘Of course not, I know you like it the more it stinks.’ He also likes to smell me on the gusset of my damp panties, too. Especially if I’ve not showered for a couple of days either he loves to lick every part of my body. He especially loves the fact I have never shaved any part of my voluptuous, sexy body.

He loves rimming my arse too, quite often when he goes down on me, he tongue fucks my cunt hole and arse hole. He rubs his face right into my hot wet cunt. He says I’ve got the best-tasting pussy he’s ever had the pleasure to lick out and believe me he’s licked a lot of dirty minges in his time but mine's the dirtiest.

Some nights, if he can’t wait for me to come to bed, he stays up with me while I talk dirty to all my callers. I’ll sit on the edge of the sofa, so my pussy lips hang over the edge, I’ve got big hanging cunt lips, and as my juice starts to bubble up and form just inside my pussy, he’ll lick them out, put his tongue up me and suck the cream right out of me. I’ve often come on his face when I’ve made one of my callers shoot his load over the phone.

God, I wish I could be there to lick it all up. I hate the thought of wasted cum. Even hate wasting my own cum juice, I not only lick it off my fingers, but I also love licking it off his face, and especially his big hard knob. And I really love it when he’s fucked me and spunked up inside me, and you know when you men pull your cock out and it's dripping with cum and cunt juice. Oooh, baby, that’s when I love it the best. I’d lick your cock clean, and it doesn’t always have to be my cunt juice, either it could be your girlfriend’s or wife's.

That just drives me wild, can’t get enough of it. The thought of you fucking your missus or bird, them come to fuck me with your cock covered in their creamy cum. Oooh, baby, let me spend hours just licking it clean. Then, if you’re really a good boy, I’ll let you have a good sniff my dirty cum, piss-stained panties. Ooh, yeah, let me see you run your tongue along the crotch and suck my juice right off them. Ooh, you dirty, filthy, horny, sexy, fucking gorgeously randy bastards. You make my cunt twitch, and my clit throb, but most of all you make me hot for you.


Phone fuck me tonight, make me fill my panties, then why not smell, and taste me for yourselves!!! Ooh, you won’t be disappointed, promise.