And I Oblige

Info PopThisCherry
05 Nov. '22

And when your pants are a wall,
allow me to unzip them with my most talented lips.
Let’s let your marbled skin greet the air,
chilled though it may be. Oh, it drips.
It leaks like a faucet,
begging for an extended tongue.
And I oblige.

The shine of the silver stiletto
reflects our image: a jungle of limbs and breathlessness.
Do not deny me what I most want,
which is all your manhood. Seven inches.
Seven is my lucky number;
it begs for a feminine touch.
And I oblige.

The velvet of my private mouth
is gaping for you: such a most welcome of all invasions.
You slip inside me, as if for a fit,
and I want it always, holding it in pink mazes.
Our bodies move on the rug;
Eyes embrace without wander.
And I oblige.