Kitchen Fun

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05 Nov. '22

After a half glass of Merlot and a couple of slow jams, Marlie found herself on top of Asher’s countertop as wet as Lake Horan. It wasn’t in her nature to do a late-night hookup on a Tinder date, but Asher made her put all of her morals and values on the back burner. 


She wrapped her legs around his hips pulling him in closer to her coochie. If he didn’t know how wet she was, he would know how warm. She felt his hardness poke her pussy causing her to gasp. Marlie hadn’t had much dick in her life, but she knew a different one when she thought it. Asher placed his hand on the small space of her back and raised up her shirt to pull it off. In response, Marlie raised her arms above his head and broke their passionate kiss. He peeled off her shirt like a banana peel and tossed it to the side. 


“Mmm fuck those look delicious,” Asher said hungrily in reference to Marlie’s boobs. The female bit her lips and gazed upon Asher as he softly grabbed her right breast and started to massage it gently to stimulate her body a little more. Marlie threw her head up to the ceiling and curled her toes tightly. 


“Oh, Asher….Mmmm baby,” she moaned out softly. 


Asher wrapped his warm lips around Marlie’s hardened nipple and bit it softly. Chills traveled up and down Marlie’s spine as Asher continued to suck. She spread her legs wider and managed to slide back on the countertop a fraction. It was as if Asher’s lips were glued to Marlie’s tit because he followed her movements. He could only engage in foreplay temporarily. 


The whole night Marlie had been dropping hints that she wanted Asher deep inside of her. She intentionally brushed against his crotch multiple times with her hand to see how big it was. Marlie had the ass of the juiciest peach on Earth. The ripped booty shorts she wore on the town showed that off and Asher badly craved a bite. Marlie decided to go commando and even though Asher didn’t bring up not seeing panty lines, she knew he noticed. She even licked his neck when he first went in for a hug and blew her breath on his ear. There was no doubt they weren’t going to indulge in their lustful desires before the sun rose. 


Asher’s free hand found its way to the button on Marlie’s shorts and he undid it and pulled down the zipper. He felt her pussy’s warmth the moment he touched her button. He unlatched her nipple and pulled his shirt over his head. Marlie put her hands on her shorts to pull them down, but Asher placed his hands on hers to stop her. 


“You don’t have to do anything tonight,” Asher said while looking at Marlie’s curves. “But lay back and let me do all the work. I want you to let Daddy take care of you and give you the best dick you ever had. You’ve been teasing at it all night and now you’re going to get what you’ve been wanting.” 


Marlie let her hands fall on the counter while Asher pushed her to lay back. Marlie could feel him lifting her legs in the air while pulling off her shorts at the same time. She bit her lip and tightened up her walls while Asher looked at her as if she were prey and he was the hunter. She wondered what he would do to her first now that she was completely naked and at his will. She imagined how his tongue might feel going in circles on her sensitive clit. Or maybe he would notice how wet her pussy was and slam his juicy dick into her walls and pound away. Or he could flip Marlie over on her stomach and eat her out from behind. 


So many desires, but it was up to Asher to decide. 


He removed his shirt and Marlie laid her eyes on Asher’s six-pack that needed her tongue gliding across it. His pecs were thick to her liking and his arms were as muscular as they wanted to be. 


“I think that your name should be Adonis,” Marlie said to Asher seductively. 


Asher flashed his sexy smirk and climbed on the counter in between Marlie’s legs. She wasn’t sure at what point he removed his jeans and boxers, but Marlie was glad that he did. She anticipated seeing Asher’s dick and she was far from disappointed. His rod was as warm as Marlie's moist caverns and he couldn't take it anymore. 


Asher placed his shaft on Marlie's clit, placed his hands on her hips, and moved his hands to drag his shaft along Marlie's lower lips. She looked him in the eyes and opened her legs as wide as she could. Marlie began to moan loudly as if Asher was inside of her. 


"Damn baby…" she managed to get out as sweat beads started to form on her forehead. Each time Asher's tip found its way to the top of Marlie's clit, she arched her back off of the counter. 


Asher felt his dick get splattered in Marlie's juices. If the outside of her coochie felt wonderful, the inside had to be euphoric. 


"You want this dick don't you, baby girl?" Asher whispered huskily while looking deep into Marlie's eyes. 


She couldn't give him a verbal answer. Her juices and overall body heat should've been an indicator that Marlie was screaming, 


"Fuck yes, Daddy! I want you so bad!"


However, Marlie nodded her head up and down frantically to indicate a yes. 


Asher flashed a cocky grin and chuckled to himself. He pushed himself to his knees and grabbed one of Marlie's legs and placed it on his shoulder. He grabbed her other leg and bent it at the knee and placed her pedicured foot on his chest.


Marlie looked at him with enough lust to satisfy an army of nymphs. Her body started to tremble at the anticipation of finally letting Asher take a dive inside of her. 


Asher grabbed his dick and lowered himself to her entrance. Her entrance was so wet that her juices had leaked out on the counter. His thick tip slid in with ease and soon followed the rest of his rod. 


"Fuckkkk!!!" They both said in unison. Although Marlie was as wet as Niagara Falls, she was still as tight as a fist. Asher loved the feeling. Marlie clasped her walls around Asher and threw her head up to the ceiling. 


Normally Asher took things slow, but Marlie's gushiness made that impossible. He placed her other leg on his shoulder and leaned forward. He went just a little deeper inside, causing Marlie to moan out again. This time she was a little louder. Asher grabbed her thighs and thrust in and out of her like a madman. 


The feelings that were running through Marlie's body were something she had never felt before. She placed her arms on either side of Asher's back and curled her toes with each thrust. Asher buried himself deep inside Marlie with each stroke he took. He thought of the way her ass sat and looked in her shorts and bit his lip. 


"Da….da…. damn, Asher!" 


Marlie managed to get out. She dug her nails into Asher's back and put her left foot on his lips. Asher parted his lips and placed Marlie's toes in his mouth while he steadily pumped her coochie. 


"That dick feels sooooo good! Don't you dare stop!"


Asher chuckled and responded, 


"I didn't plan to, baby!"


Marlie felt Asher's balls slap her ass and wondered what would happen if he flipped her on her stomach. Perhaps Asher read her mind because the next thing she knew, she was on all fours. Asher gave one of the full cheeks a hard smack that echoed through the kitchen. In response, Marlie lurched forward. Asher grabbed Marlie by her thick wavy hair and started pounding once again. 


This time, Marlie could feel the male's rod in her stomach. Asher pushed her shoulders down so her ass was arched in the air. He still managed to have a firm grip on her hair. 


"Fuckk…. Oh my… Fuckkkkk!!"


Marlie's legs were shaking and her toes were curling even tighter than before. Her hand was about to rub on her clit, but Asher was rubbing away at it. She grabbed one of her boobs and squeezed it like she was mad at it. Her free hand was on the verge of collapsing due to the pleasure that her body was taking in. 


Then she felt it. 


She buried her face in the counter and started throwing her hips back on Asher. Her cheeks clapped and bounced off of Asher's pelvis at a pace she never knew existed. Marlie's legs shook even more while she felt her juices pour out of her like a water fountain. 




She thought Asher would stop his pounding, but hearing her squirt didn't make Asher go even more. 


"Wet up this dick some more, baby."


Asher spread Marlie's cheeks apart and kept thrusting. Marlie finally collapsed on her stomach and Asher fell on her back. His torso was covered in sweat. He spread Marlie's legs as far as they would go on the counter and continued his pounding. Her cheeks continued to clap and bounce off of him. 


"Daddy…. daddy…. I can't…. take….. fuckkkk!!"


Asher slapped Marlie's cheeks once more before he pulled out. He pulled Marlie by the hair and turned her around and shoved his wet dick in her mouth and fucked her face. 


"That's it, baby girl," Asher said with dominance. "Make me cum."


That wouldn't be too hard. 


Marlie wrapped her lips tightly around Asher's length and sucked as fast and as hard as she could. She smelled and tasted her pussy on the male's length and could feel herself squirt a little bit. Asher's dick twitched in her mouth and she knew he was making her swallow every last bit of his man's milk. 




Asher squeezed Marlie's hair as he held her head in place and shot out his load. Seemed like Marlie was milking his dick the way she sucked down his nut. It traveled down her throat and to her stomach and gave Marlie a tingling sensation. Slowly she retracted her lips from his dick and saw a string of spit follow her. She licked that up and wrapped her lips around Asher and gave him one more suck and laid back on the counter trying to catch her breath. 


Marlie hadn't had sex that was so intense in a while and she was satisfied that it was with Asher. 


"Damn Asher," she said with her chest heaving up and down violently. 


She heard Asher chuckle in response and chuckled herself. 


"Are you satisfied, baby girl?"


"Satisfied is an understatement, Asher." 


"Well, my job is done…. for now. I think I need to feel more of those bounces later."


"I'm ready whenever you are, Daddy."