Our First Intimate Step

My girlfriend and I are both virgins, but recently she told me she was ready to go to a new level beyond our steamy make-out sessions (which are really awesome by the way)! Our latest make-out session, I was rubbing against her and I was soo hard! She could totally feel my hard cock in my shorts rubbing on her, and every time I kissed down to her neck, she was moaning and breathing into my ear which just turned me on even more!

It was after that night she told me that she couldn't stop thinking about us and how making out and rubbing together felt so good! I was thinking the same thing! All I have been thinking about was laying down, grabbing her sexy ass, rubbing my cock against her and hearing her moan and breath rapidly. I was actually going to jerk off to it when I got home, but she already asked if we could get together and she even hinted at going another step further!

We met up, and let me tell you, this was the best night of my life so far!

With the hint of going further I decided I would try to make a move also! Ever since we started dating and making out, I have been wanting to grab her sexy bare ass while making out, but everything has been with cloths on, so I was hoping the hint of more would be to remove some clothing and maybe I could see her in her panties! That would be so hot!

We get together and within seconds of seeing each other we knew. We felt this spark of lust in our bodies. We started making out at my apartment door and quickly rushed to my bedroom. Following her to bedroom allowed me to stare at her perfect ass! There was this new vigor to our making out, like we both knew this was what we have been wanting, but with our limited experience we weren't sure how to get there.

Everything felt so different, our chemistry was aligned! I laid her on the bed on her back and crawled on top of her. I could tell she was a little nervous but we both wanted it and felt it inside. From laying on the bed a little of her hair fell to her face. I used my finger to gently brush that hair from her face to behind her ear. I used my fingers to wrap under her ear and traced the side of her face until I got to her chin. She knew looking into my eyes that I was hungry with lust for her. I could already feel my cock tingling and getting hard. Staring into my eyes while holding her chin, she parted her lips ready for me and I wasted no time.

My lips touching hers had such electricity and the kiss got even deeper when I heard her moan and lean into me. Her mouth parted and I could feel her body quivering as my tongue gently went over her lips and slowly met with her tongue. We did not want this moment to end. I moved my hand to the back of her neck and ran my finger upward through her hair to the back of her head to hold her while our tongues danced with each other. As my fingers ran through her hair giving a playful pull, I felt a shiver of excitement go through her body and then I felt her hips and back arch up against my body. When she did that, I know she felt my hard cock against her because she ran her fingers through my hair so fast and moaned deeply into our kiss.

At this point I started exploring! I slid my hand down to the front of her chest right between her perfect breasts and rested my hand there to feel her heart beat. Her pulse was racing and it made me even more excited. I slid my hand down the front of her shirt slowly and a little timid wondering if she will let me do what I wanted. I slid my hand down toward her waist. Since she was wearing a crop top, her shirt was already pulled up, and when my hand got to her nice tone stomach, her skin was so hot with passion. I felt her stomach muscles tense under my hand as I kept going down to her pants. That is where my hand stopped, right at the button of her pants waiting for permission to unbutton them. I pulled away from the kiss and opened my eyes and I watched as her eyes slowly opened, her lips slightly parted; she looked like she was dreamily waking up with lust in her eyes with the way they sparkled. 

I could see her eyes move down my face and body and look to my hand and where I had stopped making sure to respect her boundaries and desires. She looked back up to my eyes, swallowed and nodded yes that she wanted this. She pulled my head back down and had a dreamy breath whisper into my ear and told me "I wore the thong panties I wanted you to see me in". I think that was probably the moment I lost control. I wanted her so bad, my cock got so hard. 

My hands started frantically working to unbutton her pants to be able to see the special panties she was wearing just for me. I moved up onto my knees finally unbuttoning them and pulling her up off the bed standing up to get her pants off. I couldn't resist, I was so excited I reached for her chin and pull our lips and bodies together. Feeling her breath quicken more I feel her hands going to my buttons and unbuttoning my pants. I felt her pause, and I started to worry if she changed her mind so I pulled away and opened my eyes and I see her looking at me for permission also and my response was quick. I pulled my hands down to help her get my pants off. In my haste to get into my underwear, I pulled my pants down so quick that my underwear also came down.

I started to panic to pull my underwear back up but I felt my girlfriend push into my to kiss me and when she did I felt her hand wrap around my hard cock and I melted. This was the first time anyone had touched my cock before and I was loving every second of it.

She pulls away from the kiss and says, "Sorry, this is my first time touching a cock. I don't really know what I am doing but I did read some articles and I have something I want to try, if it is alright with you?"

I said, "Yes please. I also have not done anything like this before, but I do know that you are the one I want this with".

We go back to kissing and finally my dream is coming true. I am leaning back against my wall making out her and I move my hands down her back and grasp firmly on her sexy ass. I felt her move my hard cock between her legs and I realized, her sexy thong is the only thing between my cock and her pussy. That thought got my cock even harder and I started to thrust my hips forward and backward rubbing against her clit outside of her panties.

She brings her arms up around my neck kissing me and kissing my neck and I can feel her breath quickening with each thrust and she looks up to my eyes flushed red and breathing hard and told me what she had been dreaming of wanting to do since the night before. 

Through her heavy breaths she said in a whispered tone "I really want to feel your cock in my panties rubbing against my clit and pussy. I am not ready for sex yet, but I really want you in my panties right now. I feel so good and wet... please..."

Swallowing deeply both anxious and excited I nodded yes.

I looked down and saw her pull down her panties just enough for me to put my cock in and against her pussy. As soon as my cock rubbed against her clit and pussy, I could feel all of her hot pussy juices cover my cock and it felt sooo good, we both leaned in and braced against the wall feeling this amazing sensation together was indescribable!

I felt her sliding her body back and forth so I grabbed her hip with my right hand and her ass with my left, and I started to slowly thrust my cock back and forth on her clit. I could hear her starting to breath heavier and I could see her shoulders and chest rising and falling faster and faster as she was getting in tune with the motions. Through her moans and breaths I started hearing some gasps and whispers "oh.. my... god... this.. feels.. amazing... I think... I'm... I think.. I'm gonna..."

I could feel my cock tingling, the excitement, the thrusting, the deep breathing, and the first time all of this was coming to this moment. I didn't have time to think about the fact that I was going to cum soon, I was so focused on her body and her pleasure that the buildup in my cock just came up and between my breaths I told her I was about to come and that is when I realized what she was saying.

I could hear he saying "OMG!! I'm CUMMING!!" and I felt her arms squeeze around my neck as her body tensed up shaking and quivering and as I felt my orgasm come on I tried to pull out, but I felt her squeeze her legs together quivering and I felt her press me tighter against the wall so I couldn't pull out from between her legs and in my ear she whisper moans,

"This....*panting* This is... *panting* is what I want" and her deep moans of pleasure in my ear causes me to finally loose control and I came like never before.

I could feel her legs trembling and her pussy quivering as I let out a roar of please and feel my cock start pulsing between her legs and I let loose of all the cum I had. I could feel it pumping against her pussy inside her panties. Everything feels so hot, the combination of her leaking pussy juices and my hot cum in her panties we both stood there panting and moaning in ecstasy for many moments.

"I can feel your hot cum against my pussy and some of it is running down my legs. that was so amazing." she said as she looked up at me. 

I looked at her in the eyes trying to get my brain to work for something to say and in her breathy whisper she says "I love you"... After saying that she started blushing red realizing what she said she looks away.

I find her chin and lift it to look into my eyes, and I can see she is flushed red nervous for my response, her eyes twinkling just a little bit with water, I lean down and kiss her mouth, long and soft. Not the steamy make-out kiss, a soft, gentle loving kiss. When I pull away and see her eyes open I tell her... "I love you too." in a low whisper as I lean in and kiss her a little more.

When we let go, I slowly pull my cock away from her pussy and out of her panties. I look down and see the large amount of cum that is all over her pussy and inside her panties and I look to her and say "sorry" kind of embarrassed about the huge mess I left on her. She looks down, the back up at me and I see a small smirk cross her lips as she pulls her panties up and rubs her cum filled panties on her clit and pussy and looks at me and licks her lips seductively saying "your hot cum feels good on my pussy. there is no other place I want it than right here" as she rubs her pussy over her panties.

This was the hottest thing ever and I immediately pulled her in to make out with her more.

As we pulled away again we decided to move to the bed for some cuddling and I could still see my cum that squeezed out and ran down the inside of her legs and I knew I could not wait to do this again.

Our wonderful evening ended as it always should, her head on my chest with my fingers running through her hair cuddling together. As we were drifting off to sleep, I heard her purr "I can't wait for more of this... I love you".

"I love you too" I said as I run my fingers through her hair as we drift off to sleep.

Not only has this been the best experience of my life so far, but I can feel so much love from her, I really feel so much more connected to her like we are developing such an amazing bond.