Nothing Else Remains

The bindings had begun to roughen Slave’s skin, not so much from how tight Mistress had made them, no, she was always very careful when securing her plaything. Rather, this had turned into one of her extended teasing sessions, and there was a hefty amount of wiggling, struggling and even thrashing as the minutes turned to hours, while Mistress showed no signs of tiring. Laying flat against the carpeted floor, Slave was underneath a wooden chair placed above his crotch. It was on the legs of the chair his wrists were bound, while Mistress kept his ankles secured to the base of a couch behind them. Although she had plenty of tools you’d expect a Domme to have, Mistress enjoyed keeping her sub tied down like this from time to time. Just to remind him that no matter where they are, she has power over him. Mistress allowed Slave to keep his panties on, for the moment at least. Though, that was more for her liking than his comfort. She had hand picked all the sissy clothes in his wardrobe, so the soft purple ones that presently held back his chastity cage were a welcoming sight. Despite the fact that she could see him, Mistress prevented Slave from viewing her divine nature. A simple blindfold was all that kept his eyes from seeing her radiance, the type that he was warned not to stare into, lest he go blind. In this case, blind with devotion, though, he was well on his way to that already.


Much like the very domestic setting, Mistress opted to remain in very plain clothes for the teasing session. She wore a pair of blue jeans that were faded and thinning at the bottom with an orange shirt advertising a local restaurant she liked. Having put her shoulder length auburn hair into a ponytail, Mistress was comfortable. 


Mistress was resting her feet by the heels on his chest. Previously, the feeling of them, even though they were still in a pair of shoes, had made him start to hyperventilate. Mistress let out a “shhh,” and used her hidden feet to calm his breathing. The thing is, Slave had been trained so well as her foot slave, that he knew which pair this was just by how the bottoms felt. It was her Converse. This was her favorite pair to go walking in. He knew the texture by heart, how could he not? Mistress had him lick the bottoms nearly every time she returned from a hike through the park. Slave prayed he’d be given the same honor today. 


“Do you know why I relegated you to being my slave?” Mistress asked, taking the tip of her right shoe and tapping Slave’s jaw. When Slave couldn’t give an adequate answer, Mistress let him know the truth, “It’s because when we started dating I could tell you didn’t want to get into my pants. You wanted to get into my shoes. Which is fine, really, I like having my feet worshiped. But, you’re just so submissive on everything else. Making you my slave was what was best for both of us.”


Occasionally, Slave thought about those early days of his servitude. Mistress was right, of course, she always is. He was weak for her from the beginning and couldn’t imagine being anywhere other than beneath her. She gave him chance after chance to show some form of masculinity, but their relationship slowly morphed into what it is today. The final straw was when Mistress had made Slave her cuckold, and had sex with his best friend, Eric, in front of him. 


It was an embarrassing day for sure. Slave was made aware of what was going to happen in advance and told he could stop it if he objected, but he never did. When Eric came over, Slave was handcuffed to the foot of the bed while the act commenced. His once girlfriend made noises of pleasure that Slave didn’t know were possible. Slave thought she might play-it-up a bit to try and humiliate him, but it was clear by now that she was not acting, and whatever his friend was doing was something Slave had never been able to accomplish, and would never be able to do either. It ended some time later, and they cuddled for the longest time, before Mistress went to take a shower. Eric left to join her, and they spent so much time in there Slave thought they might have drowned. Eventually though, both emerged and Slave was uncuffed and knelt before his friend with Mistress running her hands over her new bull. With his head down, Slave recited the line he had been fed before this had all began, “thank you for fucking and pleasing my girlfriend, Sir.” 


Eric scoffed at the comment, looking down at his friend, knowing he would tell everyone and their mother about what had just happened, “I don’t think she’s your girlfriend anymore.”


“No,” Mistress replied, kissing Eric softly on the cheek, “he’s my bitch.”


What followed was the first time Slave sucked another man’s cock, and he had tasted his own cum in the past, it was the first time he had tasted anothers. And, like a good bitch for Mistress, Slave swallowed every drop.


Now in the present, Mistress untied her shoes slowly, rocking the strings back and forth, keeping very quiet so Slave could hear the scratching noises they made. Eventually, the left shoe was untied, and Mistress pressed the rim of the shoe against Slave’s nose and popped it off, allowing the initial rush of her feet to fill his nostrils. Slave inhaled deeply and tried to lift his head up in order to smell even more, but by this time Mistress had moved her foot away, causing Slave to let out a groan of frustration.


Mistress closed her eyes and gave a soft chuckle, “it must be maddening to be controlled by something as simple as feet.”


Mistress slipped off the chair and straddled her prey, taking his head with both hands and running her fingers through his light brown hair. She leaned in close enough to where Slave could feel her breath, and smell her perfume, this time he didn’t flinch, not wanting to bump heads with his Goddess. She grabbed the loose shoe and drove it onto his face, so that the insole nearly touched his nose. Mistress crossed her arms and rested them on the sole of the shoe, forcing it even harder onto her property. Slave was breathing in a nice, steady pattern, almost hypnotized at this point. 


Finally, Mistress removed the shoe and set it aside as well, “one day, you’ll never be able to smell anything other than my feet. We’ll be in the park and I’ll pluck a flower for you to smell, and it’ll just be my dirty gym socks.”


“Yes, Mistr–” Slave began, but was cut off by Mistress pressing several fingers firmly against his mouth, she wasn’t interested in hearing him speak, not yet at least, only the sounds of utter desperation that she could illicit like no one else


Returning to the chair, Mistress removed her other shoe and tossed it to the side. Now both feet were clad in just her socks, an off-white that showed the faintest imprints of her toes. She had been preparing for this session for about a week now. Wearing the same pair of socks through multiple workout sessions, during every shopping trip and nights out with friends. They were potent at this point.

Peeling them off, Mistress took one and held it just under Slave’s nose. This made him buck and twist as the smell filled him. He started to give off high pitched moans, as if he were going to cum, so Mistress pulled back and let her toy writhe in agony as his body stopped just short of relief. 


“You must be extra frustrated, Slave. How long has it been since your last orgasm?” Mistress asked with disinterest, removing her other sock and tossing them alongside her discarded shoes


Slave began to whimper a reply, but as he did, Mistress placed her now bare feet on his stomach and then began rubbing them up and down his body, flexing her toes as she did. When she reached his nipples, Mistress played with them with her big toes, and when they became hard, she pinched them with her front two, sending Slave into a state of pain. Once he calmed down, Mistress removed her feet and rested them on the floor, allowing Slave to compose himself and finally respond, “nine months, Mistress.”


Mistress nodded, smiling with satisfaction, “when was the last time you weren’t wearing a cage?”


Slave struggled to answer this one. Questions like this were among Mistress’s favorites. It wasn’t enough to have enslaved him, no. Mistress wanted all memories before their relationship to be gone. She wanted it so to him, there was only ever her. In truth, Slave was having a hard time remembering when he wasn’t her Slave. There were no pictures of him not wearing sissy clothes or his cage. It was as if she created him one day in a lab and has been serving her ever since. 


Mistress got to her feet and untied her pet. Slave knew better than to make any movement, even to rub his wrists which, at this point was something he wanted desperately to do. Slave was aware of how naughty his owner could be with her restraints too. Early on in their dynamic, Slave was being given a throughough spanking just before work. He was strapped to an X-frame and had taken at least a hundred smacks to his cheeks. Mistress found her rhythm at around the twenty mark, and hadn’t said much of anything since. The only time she would address him was when one swat was clearly fiercer than another. Mistress would grab his leash and pull his head back and look into his scared, weary eyes that were begging for mercy. Mistress didn’t have to say anything for Slave to know the answer, it was the lovingly cruel smile the told the story. But what makes the session most cruel is that when Slave was finally released, Mistress unbuckled his collar to reveal it had impressed the word: SLUT into his neck. Slave was horrified, but Mistress just ran her fingers over the letters and felt a level of arousal that demanded it be tended to. Slave was forced to his knees and stuck his tongue deep into Mistress, time didn’t seem to exist anymore as she ruffled and grasped his hair, then pressed his head firmly against her. 


Slave was allowed to leave for work, which was another thing Mistress had plans for. It was obvious that Slave disliked his job and would much rather be a maid. Mistress made more than enough money to support the two of them, and Slave was skilled enough in pleasing others that he could always be whored out as well. A fun game she liked to play was to have Slave ask for a raise. When his boss asks why, it was Slave’s job to explain that if he doesn’t make the required payments to his Domme, she’ll post pictures of him dressed as a sissy online with links to negative reviews of the company. Of course, his paycheck goes directly into her account, so she knows that no raises above what everyone else has gotten have occurred. But, she still forwards whatever negative reviews she can find of his place to Slave, just to make him wonder if she’ll finally free him.


Taking the chair, Mistress positioned it on its back with the legs facing away from them. She ordered Slave to his knees. Once on them, Mistress took his wrists and bound them to the legs once more, stretching his arms out as far as they could go. Next, she spread his legs and tied his ankles to the top of the chair. Imobile once more, Mistress pulled down Slave’s panties and revealed a sissy hole that was well-stretched. She took pride in training her sissies to take the biggest cocks in the area. A perfectionist, Mistress is of the 10,000 hours of practice belief. For each sissy, it is 10,000 hours being taken from behind and from in front. Though, if her toys were honest, they would swear Mistress doesn’t always keep track of time. 


“It’s been a long time since your last milking, and, while I don’t think you should ever be allowed to cum, we have to clean the pipes every once in a while.” Mistress said, producing a butt plug, gloves and condom from a box alongside her


Mistress put the rubber gloves on first, there was no need for Slave to feel any more than he needed to. She then slipped the condom onto Slave’s cage, ensuring any mess that did come out could be captured then swallowed by him, “you would not believe how hard it was to find condoms this small,” Mistress began, smiling at the thought, she had destroyed his penis over time, which had become nothing more than a nub at this point and was incapable of becoming hard, “I thought I was going to have to custom order them. But, don’t worry, I found this adorable shop a few miles into town. I told them all about our little problem and they had just the right size. The ladies there were so nice, of course, they didn’t believe me when I told them even these might be too big. So, sometime this week we’re going to show them how small you are.”


Slave gave an embarrased, feeble reply that garnered a reassuring pat on his ass from Mistress. The thing is, she is really the only one in this world that understands and accepts him. The first time his pants were dropped in front of Mistress, she was the first woman to not laugh at the sight. By this time, Slave had learned to keep the area well-shaved, so it looked somewhat presentable. That was only after countless rejections. But, Mistress wasn’t laughing because it meant it was one less thing to worry about. With a cock that small, he could never please her, so locking it away was the only course of action, and she had a habit of forgetting about her chastity pets. 


So, even if Slave decided one day to run away, escape and find himself a new partner, he would inevitably come crawling back. It’s only Mistress that knows what makes him tick, who doesn’t judge him for it, and understands the firm hand needed to keep males in place. 


“You haven’t done anything wrong, Slave. In fact, you’ve been exceptional as of late. This isn’t a punishment, but your reward.” Mistress cooed, stroking the whip and preparing her first strike


That was something Slave learned quickly. Punishments were not always a form of punishment, but sometimes rewards, and other times just needed to remind him who was in charge, and other times still, Mistress just wanted to play. 


As Mistress inserted the butt plug, Slave gave one of his sissy moans and rocked his ass back and forth. Mistress liked how willing he was to take anything she had to offer. Once it was in, Mistress gathered the vibrator she stored in the box as well and began pressing lightly against the plug. Almost instantly, Slave’s toes began to flex, then curl. His head rolled around and finally rested on its side where he began emitting soft moans. Slave knew he would not be cumming right away. Mistress made it very clear to him that he had a “tell,” and despite his pleas to hear what it was, she refused to answer. Time and time again he would be on the verge of having an Earth shattering orgasm. The kind that people can only dream about, and Mistress would stop as the mess was beginning to slide up his tubes. Slave was convinced that more liquid had escaped in the form of tears of frustration than actual cum as a result of these milkings. 


Mistress began rotating the vibrator on the butt plug. Every new motion she had for it, every subtle press or change caused another reaction from Slave. By now she had them all memorized and wanted to see them all before she would even begin his road towards cumming. When Mistress focused the vibration on the bottom of the plug, Slave let out long, seemingly never ending exhales, and his head lifted up to the sky. It was as if he was reaching some other plane of existence. Was it subspace? Mistress often wondered what thoughts were going through his mind when Slave’s eyes were glossed over like this. Was he even capable of thought? Or, was she in such control that she rendered him to a mindless sack of meat.


“But, no, it couldn’t be subspace.” Mistress would think. That would be pleasurable, and these milkings were meant to be anything but that. She wanted him to get to the gates of Paradise, to see through the clouds and hear the songs of all those who came before him, only to come crashing down to Earth and know she was to blame. She would look into his devastated eyes, knowing he felt betrayed, and love what she was able to do to him. Mistress was always kind in that she allowed him to work out his frustration shortly thereafter. She would rest herself on his face and feel every bit of intense arousal that he simply wasn’t allowed to anymore. After it was all finished, she would cuddle with him, and describe what an orgasm feels like. She made it clear, he would only eat pussy for the rest of his life. Any chance of feeling the soft euphoria of one wrap around his tiny member was long gone. 


To help make him understand why this was the case, Mistress actually allowed another slave she owned to receive fellatio. However, it would be at the hands of the pet she is now torturing. The fellow slave was brought forth with his cage barely keeping its pinprick of an erection contained. Mistress ordered Slave to give him a blowjob, to understand just how disgusting small dicks are. 


“How does that feel?” Mistress asked, turning the vibrator counterclockwise, by now Slave had started to regress into his sissy state. He had begun sliding towards Mistress, that way his sissy hole could be propped up nice and high. He had arched his back as much as it could and was beginning to leak from his cage.


“Amazing” Slave mumbled, “thank you, Mistress.”


The milking continued, with Mistress now focusing on the slow build that would bring Slave to his rare release. The first time she was able to get Slave to cum while still being caged was one of the happiest moments during their dynamic. His training was going so well, and it meant he never had to be taken out again. What made it even more special was that it was her cock that did it. She had long since been using his mouth to please other men, but his ass belonged only to her at this point. And when he finally started to spurt, she didn’t even ruin it, allowing Slave to enjoy his first orgasm as a sissy. As she knew the road ahead was going to be very difficult for him from now on.


Here though, Slave began to quiver more and Mistress took notice of all the signs she knew quite well. Slave’s breathing intensified and it became harder to focus on anything. The few thoughts which ran through his mind were happy ones. It felt good to be where he was right now, and submitting to such a beautiful, dominant woman made him proud and happy. Slave dipped his head began squeezing the chair legs with his hands nice and tight. Through all time and space, the past and present, all those who have ever lived could hear him begin to scream as Mistress pressed even harder against his prostate. 


And then, nothing.


Mistress pulled the vibrator back and examined the condom to see if anything had come out. There were two tiny drops of liquid that had slowly fallen into the latex. It took Slave a moment to realize what happened, but when he did, Slave began bucking against his restraints, trying to hump the wooden chair to perhaps eek out a bit more cum. But all that came out was laughter from Mistress at the sight. She removed the condom and walked around to face Slave. She got on her knees as well, placing her elbows on the chair legs, Mistress removed his blindfold and made direct eye contact with him. She offered no words of comfort, only a snap of her fingers to order him to open his mouth. She squeezed the small amount of cum into his mouth and decided not to ice him down, but let him cool off naturally. After all, these weren’t supposed to be pleasurable. 


“Thank you, Mistress.” Slave said weakly


At the moment he might not mean it. But Mistress knew he appreciates everything she does for him, so she let the lack of enthusiasm pass. Gathering herself, Mistress left Slave to ponder his existence and writhe in sexual frustration, for all-time.