Wife Swap

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07 Nov. '22

Well since we started shagging our neighbours, Laura and Josh, we have become very good friends since then, we don’t just shag each other's brains out, we hang out, go out for dinner together like best friends do, as that is what we’ve become. Carl and Josh enjoy going out together on a pub crawl on occasion and me and Laura hit the town and sometimes get some young studs to service our holes on occasion. Laura was really enjoying the hot slut wife's life now since I opened her eyes to it.

It was coming up to the weekend and we had no plans as yet, Laura came over for our usual girly chat and I mentioned to her we we’re at a loose end and not sure what to do and she said they were the same, just then her face lit up and she said, ‘what about swapping hubbies this Friday night, It’s been a few weeks since we last had fun together’. I thought why the hell not, I enjoy our occasional sleepovers, so I agreed and we both giggled and talked about what we were going to do to each other's partners.

Both of us were going to drain the nut sacks and come home very full and well used. So we finished our chat and we went about our usual business for the week and Friday came in a flash, us girls had already told our men what was happening and they were quite happy about it, as if they’d ever say no thanks to a different pussy to cum in. So we’d arranged for both of us to just go over and stay the night. I packed my usual girly stuff and pj’s in a small bag and headed over to Laura’s house, I knocked on the door and went in, Laura was in the hallway and was just on her way out. We gave each other a kiss and out she went.

Josh came over and gave me a hug and a big kiss, he was horny already as he had a huge bulge in his pants. I put my bag down and both me and Josh went into the kitchen and a nice glass of red wine was waiting for me, I took a sip and we chatted for a little bit. We both went upstairs, my bag in hand and went into the bedroom and I said I was jumping in the shower, which Josh didn’t mind as he would probably join me. So I undressed, Josh sat on the edge of the bed eyeing my body, although he’d cum in all my holes and body over the past 12 months we’d been playing, but he still liked looking at me.

I jumped in the shower and began to wash myself all over, within a few minutes, a pair of hands cupped both of my tits, my nipples like bullets, I could feel a very stiff cock poking me in the rear, Josh began to kiss my neck and I reached back and grabbed his thick stiff cock, I turned around and we kissed hard and passionately, lots of tongues and hands everywhere, I still had hold of his manhood and was slowly wanking it, my other hand cupping his swollen balls, they were very full, Josh sucked on each of my tits and he began to rub my very wet pussy, I was clean shaven down there too, which I know he likes.

I knelt down and sucked on his cock, I slowly took all him in my mouth down to his balls, I had great control of my gag reflex and could take a lot of meat in my mouth, my tongue came out around the base of his shaft and began to lick some of his nutsack, Josh loved this as Laura was not quite there yet, I had been teaching her this trick, but It takes a while to master. I pulled away and licked and kissed his tip, licking down his shaft and sucking on his balls, then repeated the cock swallowing manoeuvre. I could feel his cock getting larger and he was near to cumming, so I stopped , got off my knees and kissed him , pressing my tits into his chest, we kissed for ages.

Josh turned me around and I knew what was coming, I knelt over slightly, spread my legs apart a little and Josh slid his thick man rod deep into my pussy balls deep, I gasped as he went in as he was quite thick and a good 7” with huge balls. He began to slowly pound my fuckhole , he grabbed both of my tits and began to pound me harder, I was in heaven, my eyes rolled back and It didn’t take long before I came hard, as I did, I gripped Josh hard with my orgasm and he followed suite , he grabbed my hips and pushed deeper into me as he squirted that hot lovely man juice into my fuckhole. Once we both stopped cumming, he held me, his cock still impaled in me, I squatted down and sucked his cock, cum still oozing from his tip and tasting my juices, cum began to drip out of my pussy and down the plughole, I fingered my pussy and coated my finger in his nut juice and licked it up. I then pushed out his juice to make room for the next load later.

We washed each other bodies and exited the shower and got dry, I put on a long t-shirt and no panties, Josh liked that, being able to see my pussy and Josh put on some PJ’s, we went downstairs and grabbed our wine and went into the lounge, Josh looked through Netflix and Amazon and we choose a action movie to watch and we snuggled on the sofa, recovering from our shower session. Josh’s arm was around me and had his hand around one of my tits, giving it the occasional squeeze, my hand was down his pj bottoms, I had my hand round the base of his cock and cupping his balls. It didn’t take long for his cock to get hard again, we carried on watching the film and after a while, I pulled his pj’s down and lay down and began to suck on his manhood, his hand moved from tit down to my pussy and began to stroke my lips. That’s how we were for the next 30 mins, Josh getting a long and slow blowjob and my pussy getting fingers and probed, Josh also fingered my asshole too, so I reckon that’s where the next load was going, which was fine by me.

I sat up and pulled off my top and I pulled Josh’s pj bottoms off, Josh got off the sofa and pulled my legs open to expose my wet glistening manhole and began to eat me out, his tongue probing my deep hole, one hand grabbed a handful of tit, his fingers tweaking my bullet nipples and the other fingering my ass, this went on for ages, sometimes 2 fingers went up my ass. Josh sat up, his rod rock hard from eating my snatch, his face was wet with juices and he slid his cock deep into me again, his balls slapping my wet bum hole and he proceeded to pound me. We looked at each other and I began to play with my tits and I licked my lips at him , telling him I was loving it, then I reached down to my pussy with one hand and rubbed my clit slowly, still looking at him. I slid a finger down each side of his cock and feeling his fat cock between my fingers, his cock coated in my pussy juices.

Josh loved me and Laura being slutty, we let our men use us anyway they want and we keep each other happy, I brought my pussy hand to my mouth and licked the juices from my fingers and again licked my lips at Josh, he smiled and called me a filthy whore, which I love being called names in sex, turns me on even more. I lubed up two fingers with spit and rubbed it into my asshole, I smiled at Josh and he pulled out and I pulled apart my ass cheeks and Josh slid his manhood up my ass slowly, I love the feeling of a cock going slow up my ass , this makes me horny, feeling every inch being swallowed, in he went balls deep again, Josh groaned as he slid in, both of our hubbies love fucking us girls in the ass. Josh began to slow fuck my ass, savouring every movement up this whores tight hole.

He grabbed both my tits with each hand and began a steady rhythm of fucking and squeezing my nipples, I reached down and began to play with my clit and finger my pussy, I offered my finger for Josh to suck which he did. After a while he stopped and sucked on each my tits and kissed me, once he’d had enough of my tits and lips he carried on fucking me. I began to rub my clit fast and hard, I wanted to orgasm and it didn’t take long before I came very hard, I gripped Josh’s cock hard and he pushed it into me as far as it would go as I came, both hands on my tits squeezing my nipples to ensure I came hard. I came so hard I passed out, I started to come round a minute or two later with Josh still slowly fucking my asshole , I smiled at him and said I needed that, I started to talk dirty to him as I wanted his seed up my ass, I calling him a dirty bastard and telling him to fuck my hole, things like that as it seemed to do the trick and within minutes he groaned and I felt his cock swell and explode in my ass, hot cum shooting deep in my pucker, that hot warm feeling from his cum inside me.

As Josh pulled out, he grabbed something from down the side of the sofa and I felt something being pushed up my ass, It was jewelled metal butt plug, ‘This will keep all my cum in there tonight’ he said and I smiled and again called him a dirty fucker, it felt quite nice up there and his cock was still hard and I sat up and garbbed his cock with one hand and cupped his balls with the other and we kissed for a few minutes again with lots of tongue. His balls were a little smaller now as I’d had two loads from him and I was going to get more, I’d make sure of that. He was now limp, we went to the bathroom to freshen up and we came back into the lounge. I put on my top and Josh put on his bottoms and we sipped more wine, we found something on TV to watch and again snuggled up.

It was now getting late and we decided to hit the sack, so off we went, the plug still firmly up my ass, I went upstairs and Josh was behind me, admiring the plug staring at him from between my cheeks. We got into bed and both of us pretty much fell asleep straight away. I woke up and looked at the clock , it was 3am and I was horny for some cum down my throat , I looked at Josh and he was on his back, luckily their bed is a king size, so plenty of room, so I slowly pulled the covers off him and knelt over his face slowly for a 69, trying not to disturb him just yet, I managed it which was quite a feat as I was sure he’d wake up, but he was in a deep sleep. My face was now in his crotch and his lovely cock staring at me, begging to be sucked and swallowed, so I began to work on that limp cock to make it into a stiff one, it didn’t take long to be a very stiff rod. I very slowly sucked on his man meat, there were a couple of groans and grunts from Josh, but he was still asleep.

After about 10 minutes Josh woke up with my pussy staring at him and the plug winking at him too, ‘you dirty whore’ he said and proceeded to eat me out again, I just grunted at him as my mouth was full at this point. Josh smacked my ass cheeks as he ate me and this made me even more horny, I began to suck hard and deep on his cock and after a few minutes pushed me off and put his cock in my face and began to wank it off, and hot spurts of cum splattered my face and I opened my mouth trying to get some in there too, which I did, thick streams went all over my face, in my mouth and all over my tits, a big load considering it was his 3rd of the day. He shoved his cock in my mouth , which I loving sucked clean, I was a sticky mess. Josh then moved his head to my pussy and said ‘Your turn now’ and began to lick and suck my clit, as he did that I massaged some of the cum into my tits and rubbed my nipples, all the cum on my face I used my fingers and scooped the cum to my mouth.

Josh was eating me out and I came very hard, he licked all my juices up as I did. I managed to get a fair amount of cum to swallow, so I was happy. I had another very intense orgasm and passed out for a few moments, when I came too, Josh had cleaned me up and was stroking my tits. I looked at him and smiled and we kissed, we pulled the covers back over us and we spooned and went back to sleep, he’d given me 3 loads and I was nice and full of cum. I woke up reasonably early and Josh was downstairs. I could smell him making breakfast, pancakes and freshly ground coffee, a good way to start the day. I got up, put on my clothes from yesterday and went downstairs. Josh smiled at me and pointed to the coffee pot. A few minutes later , Laura and Carl appeared and they'd come over for our usual get together after sharing wifes , Carl came over and kissed me and smiled and then Laura came over and kissed me too.

As Josh was making breakfast, Laura told me all about what Carl had done to her, she too had all her holes fucked and pumped full of cum. I giggled and told her I still had a butt plug in from my ass fucking, she smiled and said ‘oh you’re a dirty one’ and reached down to my ass and felt the plug though my skirt. We ate breakfast and slurped our coffee and we chatted for a little longer, deciding on what to do for the day. We had our usual house things to do and food shopping, the boring stuff, which Josh and Laura had the same things to do. So me and Carl sat up and we hugged Josh and Laura with kissing too. I whispered to Laura that I would return her plug later and she smiled and kissed me.

Once we got home , Carl asked me if I’d had a good night and I said yes and bent over and pulled my skirt up and my panties down for him to see the plug winking at him between my cheeks. He came over and smacked my ass and began to pull out the plug, ‘now this is why I love you, a hot slutty wife’. I went upstairs and got changed and I washed Laura’s plug and I would hand it back to her later. We then went about our chores.