The Pan Pacific Hotel Adventure. Part 2

Info JonathanSeagull
11 Dec. '16

        "Pour us a drink please," I asked.  She made us each a glass of wine and we relaxed side by side on the bed.  After a while I suggested that we go out to a show.  Before we went to the movie house nearby, I inserted a vibrator into her rectum.  It was small with a control strand that dangled near her waist.  Built like a plug, the vibrator would stay in until someone removed it.  It would not fall out as she walked.  I turned on the vibrator and we walked the block to the movie house.  She walked slow because of the insert but she could also feel the warm buzz of the vibrator in her nether hole as we made our way.

        We were the only ones in the movie house. During the movie, I would adjust the speed of the vibrations in her ass or turn off the unit completely.  She leaned over and said that she had to go to the bathroom.  When she came back, I had her stretch her legs as I was there I stroked her pussy and checked to see if it was still warm and moist.  It was.

        After the show we went for a walk on the water's edge and then returned to our hotel.  On our return to the room we again engaged in oral sex. The vibrator buzzed in her asshole as she sucked on my cock.  As I was about to come I removed my cock from her mouth and shot my orgasm across her face.  Before she could wipe it off I had her stand up and place her hands on the clothes rod in the entrance closet.

        With soft velcro straps I secured each wrist to the sides of the closet.  Then I spread her legs and tied them apart.  I gagged her with a small ball gag that allowed her to easily breathe.  Then I blindfolded her.  After I was comfortable that she was secure, I had a long shower.

        When I came out of the shower, the cum had dried on her face and all her senses were alert.  I took her sweater off one arm at a time.  Then I relieved her of her skirt.  Finally, I removed her bra.  She had only her shoes and stocking on as I caressed her body.  I oiled her skin with perfumed body oil. I started at the top of her head and massaged her scalp, her face, eyes, ears and sensuous mouth, neck and shoulders.  I caressed her suspended arms and slightly tickled her armpits.  As I caressed her breasts, her nipples stood in excitement. I attached light weighted nipple clips to each nipple.  She moaned softly as the small weights pulled each nipple further down.

        I caressed her stomach, her waist and her belly button.  I stroked the fur of her pussy and the small of her back.  She sqirmed as I removed the vibrator from her asshole and inserted my finger.  I reached under her and placed my thumb in her cunt.  I chuckled since she felt like a bowling ball, secured in my grip.  I moved on to oil her legs, calves, ankles, feet even her toes.

        When I was finished I left her to hang in the closet while I drew her a bath.  She was then directed to have as long a lingering bath as she would like.  I placed flowers and candles in the bathroom and started playing classical music.  Chocolates were nearby and she enjoyed the warm water.

        As she rose from her bath, I could see how she was refeshed.  I towelled her dry with soft towels.  I then directed her to make up her face, body, and hair.  Her eyes were to be over accentuated in vivid colours.  Gold, hazel and a touch of green.  Her lips were to be a strong shocking red.  Her blush with a natural glow.  Her fingers and toes were to be painted to match the fire of her lips.  The aura of her breast were to be roughed to coincide with her cheeks.  The nipples of her breasts were to be the same fire colour as her lips.  I even instructed her to colour the folds of the skin outside her vagina to match that of her breasts.

        I gave her scissors to trim the hair of her mound and a razor to shape the excess.  After she was done she was instructed to knock on the door and wait for my instructions.  I presented her with a comb and scented baby oil.  She was to slick back her hair to the contour of her head.  Not a hair was to be out of place.  She was then to relieve herself and put on a gold chain belt.  There was also a matching gold necklace and anklet.  She would then dawn a sheer robe and come out to me.

        By this tiem I have disrobed and got into bed.  Naked under the covers I was wearing her favorite calogne.  The light in the vestibule backlight her as she entered the bedroom.  I directed her to kneel on the bed and model her make up for me.

        Slowly she turned, just a profile then a frontal view.  She coyly bit her lower lip as her hands took her breasts and cupped them forward for me to inspect the makeup that she applied on her nipples.  Then she bent backwards and exposed her vagina.  She separated her pubic lips and displayed the make up on her cunt.  Then using her middle finger she entered and explored herself.  I watched as she moaned with the stimulation that she was giving herself.

        After her orgasm, I instructed her to lay at my side.  I stroked her soft skin and pressed the warm flesh of her breasts.  I told her I would like to voyage around the world and now is the time.  She crawled under the blanket and took my cock into her mouth.  Her head bobbed up and down under the sheet as she sucked.  Varring the pressure, sometimes biting, sometimes lightly blowing she drew me to an orgasm.  With cum in her mouth she moved up the bed and gave me sensuous kiss on the mouth returning the semen to me via her french kiss.

        We held each other for a while and then she began to stroke my chest.  Renewing my erect cock with her hands.  She then took my prick and massaged it between her breasts.  She got ready for our second voyage.  She straddled my waist and then placed my cock into her vagina.  Showly like the piston of a train leaving the station she pulsed on my member.

        She moaned with pleasure as each stroke went inside her.  Methodically pumping, we came together.  With me still inside, she laid down to rest.  When my organ relaxed and slide out of she her got up and moved out of the bed.  We had a chocolate and a short rest.

        I told her to get ready.

        As per her instructions, she moved over to the table.  She took out a bottle of unscented oil and massaged her breasts.  She covered her pubic mound and then she liberally applied the oil to her anus.  She placed a towel over the back of the chair.  She then took two strips of velcro strapping and bent over the back of a chair.  Reaching low to the floor she strapped on of her wrists to the leg of the chair.

        "I am ready" she says.

        I got out of bed and scured her unbound wrist to the other front leg of the chair.  There she was, pivoted over the chair.  Her feel on the floor, her head and shoulders bent low.  Oil dripped smoothly from her rear and trickled down her leg.  I came up behind her.  I inserted my finger into her rectum slowly.  The tight rectal muscles gripped my finger.  I massaged her hole.  Then I withdrew my finger and filled the hole with my penis.

        She made a soft noise as I slowly proceed inside her end.  Then ever so slowly, I withdrew and started a rhythmic pumping action.  Soon she was breathing hard.  Her moaning grew louder and louder.  So as not to alarm the other guests of the hotel, I chose to gag her.

        I returned to pumping her ass for the better part of half an hour.  Then spent, I left her bound whil I went to clen up.  I gathered up the rope, sex toys and packed them up with her wig, make up skirt and sweater.  From another bag, I took out a conservative dress and makeup kit.  I freed her, then I left two one hundred dollar bills on the counter and a note that said "I love you."

        I walked out of the room.

        In the morning, she awoke to a knock on the door.  It was room service with coffee, croissant and a bouguet of flowers. Compliments of me.