2 Virgins and 2 Hot Wives

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08 Nov. '22

Me and Laura went for a trip to London as we were going to a show from our favourite comedian  , so we planned to go for an overnighter, travel down in the day, stay in a hotel, catch the show, and head back the next day . So the trip came around very quickly so we headed down to London on the train, checked into our hotel, chilled in our room for a bit as we booked a double room. Me and Laura have shared a bed quite often in our adventures of being a Hot Wife. So we both got ready and slipped on our outfits, nothing too flash, but nice enough to show off our figures and catch a few eyes.

So off we went to the show, which was amazing as always, he is so funny and puts on a good show with his musical talents (can you guess who it is?) , and it wasn’t late so we decided to goto a bar not far from our hotel and grab a few cocktails, so we sat at the bar and me and Laura were chatting about the show and a couple of creeps came up to us and gave us the cheesiest chat up lines, you know the ones I’m talking about, but me and Laura politely refused any offer of drinks they threw at us and they got the hint and walked away, this happened a couple of times. We carried on talking and I looked around the room and saw two young guys stood next to us having a drink, they couldn’t have been more than 19, not bad looking either, I nudged Laura and said ‘what do you think of these two next to us’, she glanced over my shoulder and gave them the once over, ‘hmm, not bad actually’.

I leaned over to her and said quietly, ‘fancy some of that then, bit of young cock tonight’ and she replied ‘yes why not, been a while I’ve had some young stud, bet these two can go for hours’. We carried on drinking and I caught the eye of the guy next to me and we both smiled and said hello, he nudged his mate and they both looked at us and they got a bit shy. I said to him ‘Did you go and see the show or you two just out for a few drinks tonight’. He smiled and said ‘Both actually’ and that’s how we kicked off the conversation, they were well mannered too, not like the usual cocky arseholes that try and drool over us. We chatted for a while and we found out that they were called Steve and Joe, both 19 and I’m sure they were both virgins.

We eventually got a table and we bought a few rounds of drinks and after a while both me and Laura were getting a little drunk, but not enough to not know what we were doing, and the boys too were a little drunk. The boys went to the toilet and I said to Laura ‘We’ll show these two a good time, in the mood now for some cock, what about you’ and she smiled and nodded, they boys came back and we said that we were heading back to our hotel now, they started to look disappointed as they were two young ones talking to some hot wives, so me and Laura stood up and I said ‘you two coming’ , both of them couldn’t believe what they were hearing, so they stood up and I took the arm of Steve and Laura took Joes arm and we walked out of the bar, a couple of the arseholes that offered us drinks before couldn’t believe we left with these two young ones. Their faces were quite a picture.

The Hotel was only round the corner and we walked through the lobby and over to the lifts, we were on the fifth floor, we waited for a lift, which didn’t take long and we went in, as soon as the door closed Laura began to kiss Joe, she rubbed his crotch and she put his hand on her tit, so I did the same with Steve, he was rock hard already. I rubbed his cock through his trousers and he began to feel my tits, just then the door of the elevator was about to open and we stopped, it was our floor, so we exited the lift and went to our room, once inside, Joe and Laura began to kiss and grope each other, hands everywhere, Laura was definitely in the mood for her hot stud. I kissed Steve and told him to pull the zip on the front of my dress, which he did and my dress fell to the floor, exposing my ample tits and only wearing my panties. I unbuttoned his shirt , threw it on the chair behind and began to unzip his belt and trousers, which he kicked off, he had on some black CK briefs. I could see the bulge of his cock.

I told Steve to suck on my tits which he did and put his hands on my ass, grabbing a handful, I looked over at Laura, she was already on her knees blowing Joe, his hands on her head as she swallowed his manhood, from the look on his face, he was in heaven. I said to them both ‘you’re virgins aren’t you’ and they both said yes, ‘well you won’t be after tonight’ I replied. They looked at each other and smiled. I knelt down and pulled down Steve’s briefs and out popped his erect cock, he was all neat and trimmed down there. I wrapped my hands around his cock and began to lick his head. I took his hand and put it on my head. I like my guy pushing my head down a bit when I'm blowing them. I wrapped my lips round his cock and slowly swallowed his cock, he began to groan as I sucked him.

After a few minutes, I saw that Laura and Joe were now on the bed and were kissing each other with hands everywhere. Laura was wanking Joe off and he was playing with her tits and then her pussy, with some fingers being inserted too. I could see she was very moist as was mine too. I stopped sucking Steve and lay on the bed next to Laura and we kissed, Steve came over and began to lick my wet pussy, which was nice, his first taste of pussy, which he was thoroughly enjoying, Laura reached over and squeezed my tits, Joe was enjoying what he was seeing. Steve was actually licking my pussy very nicely and I pulled him up towards me and grabbed his cock and guided it to my pussy and before he pushed in he said ‘We don’t have any condoms’ and I replied ‘you don’t need any, you can cum in our pussies’ and then he pushed forward up to his balls and he groaned as he went in, feeling my hot lips surround his rod. ‘Congratulations , you’ve just popped your cherry’ I whispered in his ear.

Steve began to fuck my pussy but was going too fast, so I grabbed his hips and said to him ‘slow down and enjoy my wet hole, don’t hammer it, feel as my lips grip you’ and I got him into a rhythm of a slow fuck, I wrapped my legs round him too and we kissed passionately , I told him to suck my nipples as he fucked me, I was teaching this stud to enjoy a woman's pussy and make sure she enjoys it too. I looked at Laura and she was on all fours getting fucked from behind, Joe grabbing her tits, she leaned over and kissed both me and Steve.

Steve was giving my pussy a nice long slow fuck as I thought he would have cum very quickly, but it didn’t take long before I felt his cock grow and he began to groan and he began to cum in my pussy, I held him as he came very hard in my pussy and I felt his squirts of nut juice, his body jerking as he came, once he stopped I kissed him with lots of tongue and said ‘did you like cumming in there’ and he replied ‘god yes, it was amazing’ and he kissed me again and then my tits. I then said to him ‘grab your phone and take a snap of my pussy oozing with your cum’ ,He pulled out and grabbed his phone and took a few snaps of my wet, cum soaked pussy’ , once he’d took enough he went to the toilet and I leaned over to Laura and Joe as he was now on top of her and I kissed Laura and played with her tits and said to Joe ‘come on Joe, fill her up, Steve’s already cum in my pussy’ and within minutes of saying that he began to groan and his body began to jerk and he pumped Laura’s pussy full of his cum, Laura groaned as she could feel his squirts of nut juice.

Joe and Laura kissed for a while as he was still inside her and then Steve came out of the toilet, his cock now limp, Joe pulled out of Laura and he also grabbed his phone and took pictures of her wet cum filled pussy and then went to the toilet, both me and Laura kissed again , I got my phone and took snaps of Laura’s wet pussy, cum leaking out now and then I lay down and snapped a few of my used cum filled pussy, I asked Steve to lie on the bed between me and Laura, which he did and we both began to touch his body, he now had two hot wife's groping his cock, he was loving it, we both kissed him and it didn’t take long for him to get hard, Steve came in and saw what was happening and I got up and went into the toilet and both Steve and Joe began to feel up Laura, cum was oozing out of her pussy and they both sucked on a tit each. Once I finished in the bathroom, Laura went to clean up her pussy as both these guys had given us a big load for their first time cumming in a hot snatch. I fixed us a drink each, just some water or orange juice and handed them out. I said to the guys ‘hope you’re not in a rush as we’re not finished with you yet’, they looked at each other and smiled and said they could stay for as long as we wanted ‘Good’ I said 

Laura came back into the room and I said to her they guys are here for a while yet and she smiled and said ‘lovely’ and I handed her a drink, we chatted for a while and we could see the boys rods were getting stiff again and I said to Laura quietly  ‘Think they’re ready for round two, he’s going in my ass this time’ and Laura agreed. We went over to our boys and I told Steve to get on the small sofa  and I straddled him and we kissed and felt each other up, I rubbed my pussy up and down his cock, lubing it up with his cum and my juices, Steve Sucking on my tits that were in his face,  Laura went over to Joe on the bed and he got on top of her and again lots of kissing and touching. I reached down and guided Steve’s cock up my pussy and slid down his pole and we both groaned as I impaled myself on his rod. I kissed him and began to grind my hips which he really enjoyed. I looked over at Laura and she was spooning with Joe, he was deep in her pussy, one of his hands squeezing a tit, she was enjoying herself.

I moved between grinding my hips and sliding up and down his pole, his hands on either my hips or tits, we did a lot of kissing with lots of tongue. I hugged him tightly as I fucked him, treating him to a good fuck. I lubed up a couple of my fingers with spit while he was not looking and rubbed the spit on my asshole and did it again to make sure I was ready for insertion. I pulled up and his cock slid out of my pussy and I leaned back a little and positioned his cock on my wet bumhole, he wasn’t sure what I was doing until I slid my ass down his pole. Steve was now up my ass and I whispered to him ‘Do you like being in this hole, you’re up my ass now’ ‘Really, it’s gorgeous and very tight’ and I began to ride him, both of his hands on my hips, he put his head back and closed his eyes and was grunting with every stroke, he was REALLY enjoying that tight ass.

I looked over at Laura , she was lubing her ass up, Joe’s cock wet from her pussy and I watched as he slid up her tight pucker, up to his balls and began to fuck her ass, both of them moaning. After a little while I again pulled up off Steve’s cock and moved next to him and told him to get behind me and get back in, I didn’t need to say it twice and in a flash he was impaling me with his hard cock. I could feel his balls slapping on my ass cheeks as he began to fuck me. He grabbed both of my hips and I looked back at him and licked my lips, when he saw that he began to fuck me harder and I groaned loudly and began to play with one of my tits. He was really enjoying fucking this hot wifes ass and it didn’t take long for me to have an orgasm , I got wave after wave of orgasm and I gripped his cock firmly.

Once I stopped cumming, I looked back at him and said ‘come on , give it to me’ and he began to pound my ass hard, which I love and within minutes he began to groan and I reached back and grabbed his balls and gave them a gentle squeeze. I could see his whole body tense up as he unloaded his balls into my ass and I got that warm cum feeling deep in me. I pushed him out of me once he’d stopped and turned around and kissed him and said ‘did you like cumming my ass’ and he replied ‘christ yes, I loved it, it was so tight and quite horny, I’m definitely going to keep doing that with my girlfriend when I get one, if she lets me’ , ‘well treat your lady right and she will, just don’t be too pushy’ I replied, he smiled and we kissed again and then said ‘well not only are you no longer virgins, but you’re no longer anal virgins too’, he grinned from ear to ear. He went into the bathroom to freshen up , Joe was still banging Laura’s ass and they were both loving it, both still in the spoon position, it was a nice site seeing Joe’s cock slide in and out of her ass. I lay on the bed with my face an inch from her pussy and ass and licked her pussy and Joe’s shaft, both of them groaned loudly as I did.

I moved down a little so I could lick Joe’s cock and balls as he fucked Laura’s shithole and it didn’t take long for him to squirt his load up there, I could see his cock vein pulsing as he shot load after load in there, I love seeing that on a guys cock, from the look of it Laura had had a few orgasms from Joe’s anal fucking, ‘Enjoy that you two’ I said to them and Joe grinned and nodded, he was quite out of breath and Laura gasped ‘fuck yea, this horny git fucked me hard and made me cum twice, it was great’ and she turned her head and they kissed. Laura loves her ass being fucked, Josh her husband fucks her ass at least once a week, there’s not a week goes by where every hole of hers has not had cum in it from him, or my hubby either, both of us were lucky girls to have loving husbands who lets us be hot wives and swap.

Joe’s cock went limp and came out of her ass and Steve came back in the room and Joe got up and went into the bathroom, me and Laura cuddled and kissed on the bed with Steve touching us. “Grab us a bottle of water , please Steve'' I said to him and he did, he opened the fridge and passed me a bottle, all of us took a sip or two. Me and Laura now had 2 loads from these 19 year old studs in each hole, but one was left to fill, they certainly had youth and stamina. Steve came back in the room and we all kissed and cuddled on the bed and chatted for a little. It didn’t take long as they were both hard again, so I got up , went over to our bags and grabbed mine and Laura’s phone, I pulled Joe up and knelt in front of him and Laura did the same with Steve, we looked at the boys and winked and began to suck their cocks, we thought for the last treat of the night we’d swap the boys and they can have our mouths.

We both worked their cocks, sucking hard and taking it all in, Laura was able to take Steve’s cock all the way down her throat, both of the boys groaned as we sucked their rods. I grabbed Joe’s ass cheeks and began to make him to do a fucking motion and he knew what I wanted to he grabbed my head with both hands and mouth fucked me, Steve seeing what Joe was up to did the same, it was a nice site , I handed Joe my phone and I passed Laura’s to her and she did the same. I pulled away from his cock and said ‘I want both of you to film you coming in our mouths so we can show our husbands what we got up to’, so they started to record us blowing their cocks and I could feel Joe was not far from coming and I opened my mouth and wanked his cock, my tongue just under his head and then thick streams of white cum shot into my mouth, quite a big load too, Joe groaned as he shot in my mouth, once he finished I opened my mouth wide for the camera to see a big load in there covering my tongue, I then swallowed every drop and opened my mouth to show it had gone. I sucked Joe’s cock clean to ensure I had all the cum and then he stopped recording. I got up and hugged Joe and we watched Steve unload into Laura’s slutty mouth, Steve shot some good streams of man juice in there. She did the same , showed the camera the load in her mouth, swallowed and showed her mouth again to the camera, then sucked Steve’s cock.

The guys handed us our phones and they said ‘so your husbands don’t mind you fucking other guys then’ and Laura said ‘oh they love us doing it, me and Carrie fuck each other too and each other’s husbands, we swing’, ‘Sounds great ‘ said Steve, ‘Oh it is, best thing in a relationship is an open one, if you both love each other, it makes you closer, especially for us anyway’ I said. We sat down on the bed and we’d been fucking for over 2 hours now, these hot studs had fucked all our holes and given us some tasty man juice. The guys started getting dressed and said they had to leave. Once dressed I put on a t-shirt and they both hugged and kissed me and Laura and thanked us for a wonderful evening. I said it was a pleasure and I said to Steve, ‘ Give me your number as we come to London often, either just me and Laura or with hubbies, so I’d invite you over again for more fun, how does that sound’ , ‘Crikey, yea defo’ Steve replied and entered his number into my phone, they again kissed us both and left.

Once I shut the door Laura said to me ‘those two were really nice, loved shagging them and virgins too, my first cherry popper’ , I smiled and said ‘yea they were and that was my 2nd’, Laura laughed and called me a slutty whore and we both giggled. So we went into the bathroom and got ready for bed, I took off my shirt and climbed in naked with Laura who was also naked and we cuddled and feel asleep, what a good day, took in a great show, fucked a couple of virgins, had our holes filled and a video and pictures for our hubbies to see. We woke up the next day and I texted Steve and asked for the pictures of our pussies and within a few minutes I got all their pictures, some good ones too, cum oozing from our holes, all wet too. So we checked out and went home and told our partners what we got up to and looked at the videos and pictures.