Our Second Intimate Step: Pt. 1

After our last sexual encounter, my girlfriend and I both knew we wanted more. Even though we are still virgins, I am fairly certain there is plenty more we can build up with until we are ready. I don't know about her, but for me, these couple of days since falling asleep together, most of my thoughts have been occupied by her and what we did, not to mention when I was jerking off all I could think about was cumming my huge load against her pussy. I keep thinking about how she pulled her cum filled panties up and rubbed my cum on her clit and pussy. I can't stop fantasizing about her and I already started thinking of what I wanted to do next!

That next night when we planned our hangout, I could tell we were both nervous. Our texts were very flirtatious but also very hesitant. We both really wanted more but we also seemed to nervous to actually bring up what we wanted, afraid that maybe the other person won't want to do it and that we might ruin what we have. After a few heavily flirtatious texts talking about some of the things we did and what we liked about them I got brave and asked what she wanted to do that night and her response told me everything I wanted to know!

"Oh baby... I have a few things in mind! ;D"

That really got me horny and I knew I was in for another best night of my life!

When she got to my apartment, it was the same feeling as the last time. Our eyes met, and we knew, we knew that our intimacy was going to another step that night!

This time my girlfriend did not hesitate when we got into my room, she immediately lifted her shirt off and unbuttoned her pants and was pulling them down by the time I closed the door and turned around. I froze not realizing what she had already done, and I could feel my face flush red as I looked up and down my beautiful sexy girlfriend standing in front of me in her matching bra and panties. I immediately felt my cock tingling and growing in my shorts. 

I could tell she liked the way I was looking at her. I was looking at her with a lustful hunger of the things I wanted to do with her and to her. I could tell she liked it by the way she tilted her head down and used her eyes to look up at me. She slowly slid her hands down the front of her breasts to the front of her pussy and down to her side like she was naked and revealing her sexy body to me for the first time.

Staring at her like this, my cock was raging hard begging for me to get at her and she knew what she was doing to me. She walked up to me and put one of her hands on my chest and leaned my against the door as she pushed her body against me. She got up on her tip toes close to my ear and said "I am going to make you cum so hard you will do whatever I ask" and by the time my brain could register what she had said I felt my shorts and underwear sliding down to my feet and cock was out and ready.

She grabbed my cock and started stroking and rubbing it against her panties and clit and started moving her hips similar to our last time: in and out. At this point my body is acting on instinct. My lustful urges have taken over. My hand moves to the back of her neck and I pull her mouth against mine with a lustful force of need. As soon as I did that my girlfriend let out a breathy, sultry moan. My mind could barely keep up with all the things my body was telling me to do. 

My tongue quickly found its way into her mouth and I could feel her enjoyment as she pressed her body against mine, my cock now between her legs hard and pressed against her warm pussy. I started feeling her pussy juices leaking through her panties onto my cock. As soon as I started focusing on thrusting my hips and moving my cock back and forth between her legs I felt something different with our making out.

Normally our tongues wrestle back and forth with some playful lip biting, but this time was different. This is when I realized that she was fantasizing about us just as much as me. I could feel her tongue more controlled and intentional than our usual lustful steamy make-out sessions! I felt her tongue slide under mine, then around the side to the top and then push my tongue out of her mouth so she could run her tongue on the outside of my lips. I had never felt that before and the tingling it gave me, I was not ready for. 

After that she pulled away just enough to look me in the eyes. I had one hand on the side of her head with my fingers locked in her hair with my other hand firmly gripping her sexy ass. She reached up and grabbed my hand that was in her hair and pulled it out and held it against her cheek. She then kissed my hand and slowly slid my finger in her mouth. I could feel the same tongue movement on my finger that she did with my tongue. I have no idea how or why, but that made me even more horny for her.

From there she pulled me from the door and pushed me back onto the bed. I laid down with my cock as hard as can be and I felt her lean over to kiss me, but this time it wasn't to make-out, this kiss was only a gentle few second kiss. I then felt her kiss my neck. I was fully ready to get a hickey, at this point my lust had fully taken over and I just wanted her. 

I turned my head to the side letting her kiss and lick my neck and then I felt her kiss down to my chest and then my stomach. By the time I realized one of my wildest fantasizes was about to come true, I looked up and I saw my sexy girlfriend with my cock in her hand and her eyes staring at my cock and then she looks up at me waiting for me to confirm this is what I wanted.

My head could barely keep up. I swallowed and nodded yes and barely spoke in a whisper and said "y.. yess.. pleaase.." almost in a begging tone. I saw her smile a playful, lustful smile as she parted her lips and slowly brought her tongue out.

My heart was racing. Was this really going to happen? Would I really going to get a blowjob?

That when I felt it. I felt my girlfriends warm and wet tongue press against the middle underside of my cock that is sticking up and slowly she slide her tongue up the most sensitive part of my cock. I could not help it. I let out a deep breathy moan of pleasure and as I laid my head back to enjoy this amazing experience I could see my girlfriend smile lustfully and close her eyes knowing she was going to do exactly what she said she would.

I felt her tongue slide up and down all over my cock. I felt her body shift as she repositioned and when I looked up and opened my eyes to see if I needed to move for her to be comfortable I watched her open her mouth and slide my hard cock into her mouth. I cannot describe how amazing this felt.

Her mouth was sooo warm and wet. By reaction, my hand shot out and grabbed her hand that was on the bed next to my hip and I squeezed her hand in pleasure as I let out another pleasurable moan on enjoyment. I could tell she was loving my reactions because I could feel her tongue sliding up and down my cock in her mouth and it felt more amazing than anything I have ever felt.

I felt her sliding her head up and down, feeling my cock sliding against her tongue in her mouth as it went deeper and shallower in her mouth. I was barely able to contain my pleasure and moans as I felt her speeding up. This made me want it even more. I let go of her hand and I put my hands on her head holding her hair back, I felt my hips starting to thrust upward into her mouth and on one particular thrust that was able to get my cock halfway into her mouth, she pushed my hips back to the bed which almost pulled my cock out of her mouth and then I felt her pause and then start working her mouth back down my cock.

The whole time I could feel her tongue moving all around my cock in her mouth and I started to watch as she slowly kept going with her mouth. Halfway, then she paused swirling her tongue around my cock and then she kept going. Slowly adding more and more of my cock into her mouth. I started to feel the tip of my cock getting to a tight spot and realized that at three quarters the way down my cock, my head was reaching her throat. I felt a little movement at the tip of my cock and realized she was shifting her throat to open up a little more so she could put my cock all the way in her mouth, and she did. She sat there with my full cock in her mouth and throat before slowly pulling up and pulling my cock out of her mouth and she looked at me as I was sitting there with pure joy and lust in my eyes.

She said "Baby.. Can I keep going until you cum please?"

I said in a breathy pant "Omg, please yes, but I don't want to make too big of a messy, let me get a towel"

She said "You won't need one" and then proceeded to put my cock back in her mouth.

Something about this interaction through her into lust as well. I could see her slide her left hand into the front of her panties while her right hand wrapped around the base of my cock moving it into her mouth again. This time she was moving her head up and down much faster that before.

I could feel her tongue sliding up and down my cock and I could feel her warm saliva coating my cock in her mouth.

Watching her suck my cock brought the tingling sensation into my cock. I could feel my muscles start to tense, and more moans start to come out of me. The more I told her "yes" and "more" and "I'm going to cum" the faster she would go. By this point I could hear her moaning. Every few moments I could feel her move her mouth down my cock putting me into her throat and I could feel her moaning vibrations as she continued to rub her clit.

By the third time she did this, the combination of the amazing sensation of the blowjob and the fact that she is getting herself off while sucking my cock for the first time, I just couldn't take it. I felt the buildup coming, but I didn't want this to end. I was trying to hold it back so I could stay in this moment, but I couldn't hold it any longer.

I start to barely tell her through my breathing and moaning "I'm... going... to cum..."

And as soon as I finish saying that I try to pull her head up, but she grabs my hand and puts it on the bed and pushes my cock three quarters into her mouth back to her throat and I hear her breath out and moan so hard that I cannot hold my cum back any longer. I feel my cock tense up as my cock starts to release I feel my cock pulse and start to pump my hot cum into the back of her mouth and throat and I let out a deep moan of pleasure and release from holding back my cum.

I start pumping more and more, and I am feeling her already hot an wet mouth get more hot as I am pumping more cum in her mouth. I start to feel more suction and contractions on my cock as I realize it is her mouth and throat working to swallow all of the cum I have pumped into her mouth. As I stop cumming and my cock starts to soften in her mouth, she swallows a few more times and then pulls my cock out of her mouth.

She looks up to me smiling and says "So, now that I made you cum, what have you been thinking about doing to me?"

I was still trying to get my brain to work as I felt her slide her body up onto the bed next to me. I feel her fingers run through my hair as I am still coming out of this ecstasy high from cumming hard into my girlfriend's mouth. 

I roll my body into hers, and move my mouth to her ear to whisper to her between my deep heavy breaths and say "In round two... I am going.. to make you scream my name in pleasure baby".

When I pulled away from her ear to look into her eyes, I can see her lips parting a little and her eyes closing every so slightly; almost dreamily as she imagined what it is I was going to do to her that would cause her to scream my name in ecstasy.