04 Talk about Sex

Info VCrodin
09 Nov. '22

A few days passed without any noteworthy events. 

I often thought about Anne and her devotion and passion the last days. 
I cant forget her begging to stay with me under all circumstances.

I knew that Anne stalked me when I strolled around in the park. 
It seemed, she gained pleasure when I followed my newly discovered
fetish of treading on something and crushing it underfoot.

Not that she showed in open, she just lured. I only got a glimpse of
her dark blue dress sometimes between the bushes or I heard the crack
of a twig she stepped on.

I decided to talk with her again. This time I planned a more lengthy conversation.
For this purpose I ordered Anne to set up a coffee table for two on the

It was about four in the afternoon as she walkes out and serves the plates,
cake and coffee. I had taken place a few minutes before and awaited her.

After placing everything on the table she askes quietly:

"Is this all I can do, Carina?"

"No", I reply. "I want you to stay and answer me some questions, please. 
Take a cup of coffee and a piece of cake. Feel comfortably and let us talk.
Please, take a seat."

Anne places herself to my right side, takes cake and coffee and then she
just stares at me.

"What do you want me to tell you?"

"You are lurking at me when i walk in the garden and satisfy my urge to crush 
something underfoot" I say straight in her face.

Anne hides her face with both hands. "Oh my god, you cought me. Please, do not 
send me away", she begged. "I feel such a shame but I love it so much to watch 
you doing this."

"OK, Anne, I want to know why you are here, why you want to stay with me and 
what is the reason you will serve me and fulfil my demands?"

I restrained in my chair. "I listen to you", I said.
Anne silently nods. Then she starts to explain.

"It is you, that fascinates me. It is your powerful mind and your beautiful body, 
your hands, your feet, your face. 

Yes, I love your breasts, your buttocks, all your wonderful curves. I love  to
smell the scent of your feet, to taste the juices of your pussy, to inhale the 
odor of your sweat.

I love how you move and do things. I like the way you carelessly crush your victims
underfoot and how you commanded that guy and urged him to satisfy you.

I simply admire how you made him doing what you wanted."

"You saw me playing with the guy?" I sat upright.

"Yes, I watched it. And I really wanted to be there to serve you too. I was really 
envious of him. I want to be close to you to feed your beauty with all it needs,
with pleasure, lust, satisfaction, joy, thrill, sex and devotion!"

There was something in her voice that convinced me that she meant it really honestly
with what she said.

"I love the way you think and express yourself", Anne continued. "You have the 
gift of saying what you want without embarrassing the people. I love your direct
demanding style."

"You really want to serve me? Me? What would you do for me? What can you do
for me what noone else can do?"

"Oh, Mistress Carina, I can do everything for you!" It was the first time that 
she called me Mistress and I really enyojed it. 

"I will serve you as a slave that fulfills all your dreams, will please your 
body and mind until I am gone." 

"I will drive your phantasies and will surprise you with plenty
of pleasure, when you give me the opportunity to do so."

"And even more?" I insist. "Would you suffer in pain just to please me? Would
you drink my juices to give me joy? Can you be my footrest for the rest of your live?"

"Of course, Mistress, I would suffer as long as you want if I only can please 
you. I am at your feet and hand as soon as you demand it. My face will be your 
throne of joy and lust whenever you need release, and I am the one who pleases and
caresses you when you are tired and exhausted."

I remembered, myself, sitting tightly on her face. Yes, like a queen I felt as she
worked hard under my body between my buttock to please me. 
A smile emerged on my face.

"This sounds like music in my ears" I reply a little softer. 
"But do you really think you are capable to do what you say?"

"Not only that you have to work really hard, if you want to stay and 
serve my lust and demand you also have to keep absolute silence about all the 
things that will happen in this house or park" 

"I allow you to please yourself whenever you want - but you have to serve my
lust when I order you to do so - no matter if you are in the mood or not. It is
your duty to do as I want - immediately, without delay or hesitation! 
You understand?" 

Anne nods. Silently she starts to smile. 

"I ask you now again: Will you be my slave, Anne, are you willing to use your 
body and your mind to please me? Will you do it free of will?"

Annes stares at me. Then she swallows. "Yes, of course, Mistress Carina. 
I will do as you demand and I swear to do all I can to serve you, I confess, 
that from now on I am dedicated solely to satisfy your wishes and needs. 

I want to be the flower that vanishes beneath your adorable feet while you 
enjoy lustful satisfaction when crushing it under your powerful weight."

I saw the picture in my mind, slowly grinding a beautiful rose into a wet spot 
on the ground, enjoying every move. I got horny.

I watch Anne, as she is sitting beside me, eyes down. 
I pet her cheek until our eyes meet. I smile brightly at her.

"I hope you can stand much more than a flower", I give her a smiling twinkle of
my eye. "You will have to", I add.

"I welcome you to my house, Anne.I will be your Mistress now and you are my 
slave. We will keep this  as our secret. It is enough when you and I know." 

Anne jumps up from her seat and starts huggin me intensly. "Thank you, many many
thanks, beloved Carina. I will always be yours!

She starts singing Pat Benatars song
We belong to the light, we belong to the thunder
We belong to the sound of the words, we've both fallen under
Whatever we deny or embrace, for worse or for better
We belong, we belong, we belong together\\

"Thats nice, Anne, you just fired my phantasy with your words. 
Lets do some practice and show me your dedication. 

Get down on your knees and satisfy my demand right here, right now, slave. 
Prove your qualification."

She follows my demand immediately and knees down to the ground.

"dispose of myself as you wish, Mistress."

I lift my skirt and spread my legs gracioucly in front of her. My already
wet pussy glitters in the sunlight in plain sight and Anne crawles close to 
me, between my legs, grabs my buttocks with both hands, looks at me 
with a broad smile and licks her lips lustful. 

"I allow you to eat my pussy and drink my juices, Slave." I generously 
command her. "Accomplish your duty!"

Anne opens her mouth as wide as she can and covers my labia with her lips.
Her nose touches my pelvis. Her curly hair caresses my inner upper tighs and
I shiver in expectation of what to come.

Anne starts slowly sucking my pussy. Her tongue does a wonderful job on my
clit. My juices begin running like little rivers down into her wide open 

I like how she does. I make me more comfortable in the chair, laying
back and lifting my legs upon her shoulder. Her head is now fixed between
my thighs and she cant barely move.

I thighten our contact further by grabbing her head with both hands and
 pull it toward the place upon my pussy, where it belongs.

Her tongue is really fast, so good. Although I wish it would be longer and
reach deeper, she manages to make me moan in pleasure.

Her nostrils blow my pelvis and caress it with its warm breath.
Her hands dig deep into the soft flesh of my butt cheeks. I enjoy her wild

Again I shiver in joy. Great to have such a pleasing thing between the legs, 
down there, upon my center of lust.

It starts slowly. I can no longer hold back. A first, little trembling 
grows unstoppable to a rocking earthquake. I climax heavily straight 
into her face.

My body quivers in sexual desire and I press her head against my lap with all
available force. I can hear a muted moaning and feel pleasure for keeping
her in trouble.

My first climax lasts endless. In the moment it diminishes I feel 
Annes pleasing work anew and another wave of lust runs through my body.

Three times shake these waves my body. I am exhausted when the third
one runs out. Anne continues her intense effort like mad but I have to
let my body rest for a short while. I dont want to stop Anne now, it is
too wonderful to feel her work.

My relaxation reaches an delightful level. Some urge to pee grows and I do
not hesitate to let it go. I know it might drown Anne, but I can feel
no pity for her. She wanted it - she should get it.

I can feel my juices forceful squishing into her mouth. She can not get 
away, I keep her mouth tightly over quivering pussy, pressing her head against 
my lust. 

A feeling of letting go makes my mind flicker like a candle in the wind. 
I nearly loose consciousness. I see lights flicker and hear the angels sing.

Her attempts to swallow all failes sensational.

the sheer volume is too much for her to bear. The pressure grows too high and 
the liquids squirt despite her close contact all over her face and my legs.
Even her hair is soaked. 

I get a little upset and knock on her head. "Hey slave, you should drink and 
not spill my precious juices to the ground!" I shout.

I cross my legs behind her head and press my thighs together. It must be 
painful for her, She releases a  wheezing cry.

Annes hands are signalling surrender. She  tenderly caresses my soft round 

I give her a second, shorter glimpse of pain. Then I release, but let my legs
crossed in her neck to demonstrate my superiority.

I find like in this kind of play and think for myself: what a luck that she is 
not only submissive but also willingly to satisfy me without hesitation.
A really cute little pleasing thing she is.

I swing my upper tighs slightly apart and together, just to show her who is in

"Go on," I damand, "Lets see how far you can push me from here." I relax in my
chair again.

On one hand I was really satisfied with her work until now, on the other hand 
I was curious what would be possible, could she push me again over the edge?

Tireless Anne continues to massage my deep inner vulva with her tongue. 

It feels great, a really satisfying pleasure! I imagin her movements 
inside my bodys lust hole and get hot again. 

As my thighs keep her head in place, I use my hands to caress my 
breasts while phantasizing about our common future and what to do whith her.

The warm sun on the terrace, her caressing hands on my buttocks, myself 
massaging my breasts, her lips covering my labia and her tongue inside my pussy
makes the afternoon like an endless love story.

Anne managed to drive me into two further ecstatic orgasms before she showed
signs of weakness. I could have enjoyed her the whole evening but all good things
have to come to an end.

After my last quivering orgasm I take a short rest while Annes licking action
gets weaker. I can feel her breathing heavier than ever. As I loosen my legs grip,
Anne looks up straight into my face with a questioning gaze but without
stopping her tonguework.

I smile at her. For a while I just watch her begging for mercy and do, as if I hadn't
noticed her weakness. 

I grab her head and push her with her nose against my pubic bone. Nice to see her
squirming in pain. I can be so cruel.

Her grab on my buttocks looses its tightness. I feel her despair to fail. 

Tears build up in her eyes. Slowly they run down her wonderful face and
merge with my juices. Her action nearly diminishes. 

It fills me with deep pleasure to see her pain, her suffering. It really
thrills me.

I look at her with a gracious smile. 

"I gives me great satisfaction to see you suffer, it pleases me 
exceptionally and fires my lust. Your wish was to satisfy me! Remember 
your words!" I softly whisper to her. "So do it!"

Anne closes her eyes. It seems she gives up all hopes to survive this 
afternoon. Her tears run down my tighs, collect in the slit between my 
buttocks, under her chin.

"Do not close your eyes! I want you to admire me!"
Her eyelids open and I see her wet shimmering submissive gaze. It
drives me crazy again. 
I let her misery last another few minutes. I really enjoy it, especially these
last minutes. I found another dark side of my soul - but it was a very 
pleasing side.

Then I put my hand on her head and say: "You are allowed to rest, slave. 
You did more than I expected."
The moment I said this Anne collapsed between my legs. Her heavy breathing
signaled everything ok.

I touched her face with my foot and she grabbed it immediately and kissed
and licked it like an old friend.

"You are so good to me. I havent deserved your grace and generousity. 
I thank you so much for letting me please you." She stutters.

"We are not yet ready. Your tears and my precious fluids ran down my
body. I want you to suck up every drop."

while saying this I get up and stand over her. "C'm on, move and lick my 
thighs and my butt clean!"
She starts licking like a dog from my ankles upward, covered from my skirt. 
She runs her tonge deep between my buttocks and sucks up every single drop.

"I think you are very good in what you do. But there is definitely room for
improvement", I state a little bit strictly. 

"First, Your ability to swallow must be trained. I cannot
allow that my lustful produced precious fluids get lost on the ground. 
You are my collection basin for them. I want you to suck up all I release
like a sponge."

"Second, your tongework is pretty good, but a longer one would be desireable. 
You have to train your ability to reach out further. Try to stretch it if 

"And third, you should practice to hold your breath. You want me to
sit on your face like a queen on a throne? Exactly this is what I will 
definitely do! Remember our first time. I will never get up while 
orgasming in heaven only because you have to fill your lungs with air. 
You know the priorities!" 

My smile broadens while I remember the last minutes.

"Moreover, when you feel pain, It pleases me and I orgasm more and longer.

What was your goal?" I ask provocative.

Anne lowers her gaze. "Solely your pleasure and satisfaction." She silently replies. 

"I see, you understand." I state. "Go to your room now and recover from your 
efforts. You are totally exhausted and you should sleep for a while. 
You have my permission to please yourself if you have the urge to do so. 

Take my three points for improvement with you and work on it everyday. Not just 
when I need your service. Would be nice when you extend your abilities 
and surprise me positively the next time."

Anne gives me a big hug. I can feel her relief and her joy.

I sit back into the chair and think a while about all the phantastic things
we could do together. Or better, what Anne should do to give me a 
joyful life.

When I get back to my sleeping room, I come by at Annes room. I stop and 
hold my breath. "Nothing to hear", I think for myself. 

"She must be exhausted and sleeps now."

I wait a further minute and listen. Suddenly the silence is broken by a loud 
lustful moan.

I decide not to disturb her. It seems she has the urge to relax
herself after satisfying me. I remember the last time. She used my feet to 
satisfy herself.

"I should install a camera in her room. I would love to spy on her - as she did
with me. We should agree about a short message that signals my demand for her duty."

A mischievous grin grew on my face.

"What fun would it be to watch and wait until she is masturbating and  then, just 
before she climaxes calling her to please me? 
Just knowing that she nearly orgasmd but had to interrupt her joy to make me happy would 
drive me crazy!"

I have to grin more while thinking about such a situation. It feels so good to be
a Mistress!
Now I know - I found a great partner for a pleasing future.