Marianne and Susan


Marianne and Susan

This was being the most boring meeting in the last few months. But it was important, compulsory, interdepartmental...

Yesterday, about this time, I was playing table football with Marianne and her friends. That idiotic phrase from the movie Forrest Gump came to mind. *Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.*

The phone vibrated in my pocket. It was the third message in twenty minutes. But I was prevented from answering, the rules were clear. In fact, I shouldn't even have the phone in my pocket.

*I have to get out of here now,* I thought.

I touched Susan next to me, and I got up.

"I'm so sorry, but I really need to leave for five minutes," I said to the president of the meeting.

He looked at me surprised, but he said, "Certainly, there is no way to avoid physiological needs. Is that it? "

I went out quickly, straight to the bathroom. I went into a cubicle and took the phone out of my pocket.

It was Marianne, as I thought. Or should I say, as I wished?

"Hi, it's me Marianne."

"You surely remember."

"Can't you take messages?"

After all I had not been in another dimension yesterday. I immediately replied: "I'm on a meeting. Phones are forbidden. I'm gonna have to go. I'll text you later. Okay?"

"Sorry. I'll wait for your message. Eagerly."

I turned the phone off, flushed the toilet, got out of the cubicle. Outside, I washed my hands and face. I went back to the meeting room. The meeting resumed, and it was exactly my turn to speak.

My speech was so convincing that I got an increase - never seen before - of twenty percent in the annual appropriation for the math department.

Susan gave me a pinch... and a smile.

The math department was basically composed of me, as head, Susan, as assistant, and Mrs. Thompson, the secretary. The original facilities consisted of; 1) a large office with two desks, an ancient enormous cabinet, and a pair of metal archivers with drawers; 2) a meeting room with a large table in the middle, the larger walls completely covered by full bookcases, and one of the top walls partially occupied with a huge blackboard; and 3) a parlor between the hallway and the office, with a table and several metal archivers. The office and the meeting room had both large windows opening to an antique cloister, and the set was located in the oldest building of the university complex.

The department also had an office in the premises of the Computer Science department, a small office in the premises of the Statistics department, and a desk in the large room of printers and plotters, but all this located in the new buildings.

Susan and I went to celebrate with a strong drink: coffee.

We were returning to the office when she asked me abruptly: "What's her name?"

"What do you mean?" I answered avoiding the question.

"Oh, man! Please! You, who never pay attention to the phone, this morning peeped it eight times.

And then you go out in the middle of a meeting and turn back full of energy, with a bulge on the front of your pants."

*Eight times? Really? Damn it! Mathematical women count everything*, I thought ironically.

I kept quiet until we both got into the office. Only then I asked: "How long since we have had a department meeting?"
Susan made a big smile and replied, "two weeks."

"Today at five?" I asked.

"Great," she said widening the smile.

"Please make a list of suggestions where to apply the extension of the department money."

Susan pinched me again and laughed.

The bell of the old university clock hit five times. Five minutes later Mrs. Thompson's head showed up at the semi-open office door.

"Do the professors need anything else today?"

My assistant looked at me with an exaggerated interrogation look, and replied: "No, thank you very much, Mrs. Thompson. Have a good evening."

Susan got up from her desk, went to check the meeting room and locked the door. Then she went to Mrs. Thompson's little room, she took the warning sign for the meetings, hung it outside the hallway door and closed the door from the inside.

The warning says:

Department Meeting
Please do not interrupt
(and then in smaller letters)
Except in case of flood or fire
or invasion of the building by aliens

Susan entered the office again and locked also the door to the cubicle.

I had meanwhile raised. She came to me and, leaning her magnificent body onto mine, said: "The conditions are now created for us to... gather."

Susan was 32 at the time.

She was (and still is) a hot one. Tall, reddish brown hair, very white skin, sexy lips, grayish green eyes, a charming smile and a voluptuous body.

She was wearing a sophisticated set of skirt and dark blue jacket, over an embroidered white shirt that barely hid the magnificent breasts.

We kissed. Susan stripped her jacket, took my hands and put them on her breasts.

Her hands went then right at the top of my pants. She skilfully threw my belt and unbuttoned my pants, loosening my penis that was already short of space.

She turned around and, taking my rod, drove me to her desk. Without turning, she unbuttoned her skirt, pulled it to her waist and pushed her superb rear to my pelvis. She then supported both hands on her desk and broke the silence beginning to read: "Suggestions to apply the department budget superavit for next year.

First. To establish a mini scholarship to support the research work of our two best teacher assistants."

Meanwhile, I had put a condom in my completely erect phallus and lowered her panties.

I knew she was hyper excited. Without further delay, I penetrated her in a single movement. She audibly expired, then inspired again and said: "I'll take that... as a gesture of agreement."

And she continued reading.

"Second. To publish the paper about our latest research on Routledge's and Elsevier's, to draw the attention of peers at more prestigious universities."

Susan had begun to move her hip, savoring the full extent of my penis, as she liked. She got a pace and said in a hoarse voice: "I'll leave here the rest of the suggestions for you to read them later."

For about two or three minutes she moved silently taking my penis. Meanwhile I had unbuttoned her shirt and filled my hands with her big and firm breasts.

Then, keeping the pace, she began to push herself back more and harder. I reluctantly took my hands off her marvellous tits and put them in her butt cheeks to avoid the slap-like noise.

Suddenly she stopped, her body trembled tightly, she released a single AH, pushed back twice more and had a quiet and prolonged orgasm.

When she started to relax, Susan straightened up and pulled her hip forward a little until my penis got out of her vagina. Pulling her panties up, she turned all the way to me and grabbed my penis.

"Wow!" she exclaimed.

Looking into my eyes, she put her free hand on my neck and turned along with me one hundred and eighty degrees, until I had my back to her desk.

Slowly she descended along my body, squatting until she got my rod up to her face.

She took my condom off and began to carefully lick the base of my penis and my testicles, which were wet as a result of her orgasm.

Then she put my glans into her mouth and sucked hard, always looking into my eyes.

My high degree of arousal, and the vision of her sexy mouth sucking on my penis made it that less than a minute later I told her in very low voice: "May I...?"

She nodded and I exploded silently in her mouth. Without even blinking, she swallowed all my sperm. Finally, after three more strong final sucks, I pulled her up and kissed her in the mouth intensely.

(I really like kissing a woman in the mouth after she has swallowed my sperm; I call this 'my little perversion'.)

Susan and I finally moved away, and we dressed fast. She commented: "It was a quick meeting, huh?"

I looked at the clock on the wall that showed twenty five past five, and laughed softly.

"And yet we came to a conclusion," I replied.

Susan laughed loud.

I told her, "I have to go. Will you close everything before you leave?"

She came to me, pulled my hand into the front of her skirt, and whispered in my ear: "There are things I will not be able to close immediately."

She giggled and continued: "You know, her name isn't important.
What is important is she being able to keep you in that mood."

It was my turn to laugh loud.

*This woman is overwhelming, and she has an extraordinary sense of humor*, I thought.

"I'm sorry, but now I really have to leave," I said in a serious tone.

I left the building to the outside. The night had already fallen and the artificial lights were all lit. I went quickly to my car, walked in and took my phone. I wrote a quick message for Marianne.

"I'm free now."

Not expecting immediate response I triggered the car engine. But to my surprise, the answer came soon.


"Can we meet again?"

I turned off the engine and answered:

Marianne typed:

"You and me."

"You want me to take my friend too?"

I replied:


"Can it be tomorrow?" wrote Marianne.

"Only Saturday. In the morning." I texted back


"Saturday doesn't suit you?"

"No! I mean, yeah, Saturday's fine."

"Saturday, then. Tonight I'll send you a longer message explaining where and how. Okay?"

"Yes, please."

Three hours later, already in bed, I sent the following message to Marianne:

"9:30, Royal Isle Park, you enter the main gate and follow the wide path until you see me. The dog will be with me. Dress a very simple outfit or a workout suit. Take the math book with you. Kiss."

Almost immediately came Marianne's answer:

"I got it."

"Do you want to talk a little?"

"I'm going to sleep now," I replied.

"Oooh! It's still so early."

"You know what they say: Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Good night, Marianne." and I turned the phone off.