Marianne and Me

Marianne and Me

The morning was cold, but the sun finally peeked behind the thick clouds. Half an hour ago, when I got to the park, there wasn't a stub of sun and the air was cold and humid. But a fifteen-minute race with the dog and ten more minutes playing catch the disc had warmed me inside my comfortable training suit.

I was now sitting in my favorite seat, a few feet back from the main path of the park. A solitary figure dressed in a dark yellow training suit and a dark grey hooded jacket was decidedly advancing towards me.

Paradoxically, my heart hit hard, like that of a teenager, opposing my outer serenity. Marianne waved and came to me. She kissed me on the face and sat next to me.

"Hi, Michael."

"Hello Marianne."

The dog got up and got his nose on Marianne's legs.

"I think he likes me," she said.

Marianne petted it, but decisively removed it from her legs. I put the leash on the dog, stood up and said: "Let's go. It's too cold to sit here."

It turns out that I have a small apartment near the park, which I lend to academic fellows who are on unofficial visit.

On the way to the apartment I stopped at a bakery and bought two fresh rolls and two croissants. Marianne looked at me full of curiosity, but she didn't say anything.

Two floors without elevator later, we were inside the apartment. The air was warm because before I went to the park I had passed here and turned on the heating.

Marianne said, "how comfortable," immediately stripped the jacket and hung it on the hanger at the entrance. As I lowered the thermostat, located behind the door, she approached and asked: "Rules?"

I laughed and replied: "Try not to break anything."

She pointed to the 'tent' that my erect penis made inside the training pants.

"It will be difficult, but we can try."

I had to laugh loud.

I went quickly to the kitchen to leave the package with the bread, went out to the balcony with the dog and gave it water.

Went back in and said: "And we have to talk."

Marianne hung on my neck, kissed me long, and then asked with a falsely innocent look: "Now?"

For whatever reason I couldn't explain at the time, I was sexually very aroused.

"Well, I think it'll have to wait for later."

She laughed while I lifted her and took her to the bedroom.

I sat her at the end of the bed and sat by her side.

"Shoes out," I said.

We both wore comfortable lined shoes with elastic shoelaces, so we didn't even have to get down to take them off. We laughed.

I stood up and pulled Marianne. We stood up facing each other.

"You take mine and I take yours," and I pulled her shirt up to undress it.

She did the same to me. We caressed each other's chest.

Her breasts, very firm, were bigger than they looked under her shirts. Almost at the same time we took each other's nipples, and moaned low.

I pulled Marianne to me and we kissed. Her hand came through my pants and held my phallus firmly. My hand went into her pants and tightly squeezed between her legs. We both groaned low.

None of us were wearing underwear.

"I see you're wet, young lady," I said.

She laughed.

I took her hand off my rod and ordered her, "Stay!"

I took the condom box out of my pants' pocket, stripped it and threw my back onto the bed.

Marianne looked lustfully at me while I put the condom. Finally said, "I'm taking the pill."

"The blue or the red?"

She took a couple of seconds to figure it out.

"The red one, of course."

"Well, reality can easily become a nightmare."

Marianne looked at me with her eyes wide open.

"What are you waiting to come and take it?"

She jumped immediately into bed and came to straddle over my hip.

She pushed my penis into my belly and carefully put her slit on it. Then, on her knees, she began to climb up to my chest. It was my turn of opening my eyes exceedingly.

*What is she doing?* - I thought.

Then, when she felt the tip of my penis at the entrance of her vaginal orifice, with a single skilful movement of her hip shoved inside my entire glans.

OOOHHH, we both screamed simultaneously.

Then, Marianne stretched her legs a little, and putting her knees as far back as possible, she stood on them, standing vertically on my phallus.

In a slow but continuous movement she penetrated herself, until her buttocks hit my testicles.

We both gasped.

Marianne said: "It's all inside... sir."

She threw her head back and started spinning her hip slowly.

As soon as I got my breath I asked: "How can you be sure?"

Marianne stopped the spinning movement, and she looked at me interrogatively.

"I don't know, sir. How can I be sure?"

*What a smart girl!* - I thought.

"You have to pull yourself up a bit and then push hard down to see if... it can go more inside."

She did it once, and groaned with pleasure.

"You're right, sir. I think it's now... more inside."

She took my hands and put them on her breasts.

"You want to guide me, Michael?"

Marianne made herself stick and draw my penis rhythmically, groaning and repeating, "Oh, yeah! Oh, it's so good!"

I realized she was very close to climax.

I took her pace and started pushing back when she came down.

At one point I took her nipples between my thumb and my indicator and squeezed spinning. She groaned "OH, MICHAEL!", her body shuddered, the penetration movements became more disordered. And, in amazement, she had an orgasm, the first orgasm resulting from a male penetration.

Marianne kept moving her hip forward and back for a while, until she threw herself aside, exhausted.

After a few minutes I got up and went to the bathroom. I wanted to urinate, but my penis was still erect. I got under the shower and I took the temperature of the water to warm, almost cold, and I was able to urinate while the water ran over me.

A minute later Marianne's head appeared at door and she asked, "Can I come in?"

She saw that I was in the shower cubicle and went to relieve herself in the toilet. I waited for her to end and I left the shower. She smiled and asked, pointing to the shower: "Can I use it?"

"Please do," I replied.

Before leaving the bathroom I asked aloud: "Tea or coffee?"

"Cofee, please", she replied already inside the shower.

*Ha! A coffee lover, like me. And an extraordinary lover.*

And I said low: "What have I done to deserve this?"

(Unlike most people, I say this when something very pleasant happens to me.)

I wore my pants and went to make coffee, humming an old song by Michel Sardou, "... L'amour, c'est plus marrant, c'est moins deséspérant en chantant..."

While the coffee maker warmed up I went to set the small table: two cups, two dishes and two dessert cutlery, the butter container, a bottle of marmalade, a large dish with the rolls and croissants, ...

Marianne's head looked at the kitchnette's opening exactly when the coffee was ready. She smiled and said: "Hum! Food! And the smell of fresh made coffee... I think I'm falling in love with you."

"Oh! I thought you were already in love with me," I said smirking.

"You wish!" she replied with her nose up.

We both laughed.

She also was wearing her pants, but she had her chest naked.

We sat down. Soon Marianne had devoured the little bread and the croissant, with two cups of coffee. It took me longer to do it, ruminating on what I was going to tell her.

I had done my homework on Marianne.

Her last name had been familiar when I read it on the ID. Some questions to known people had informed me that she was the only daughter of a very rich businessman's first marriage. It was therefore not by chance that the girl had chosen the vocational area of economics and management.

Also, the intensity of my desire for her, and the intensity of her desire for me (or, perhaps I should say, for my phallus), and the great difference of ages between us would certainly lead to a premature and sad end of our relationship.

The only chance we had was to maintain sporadic contacts and drive her explosive energy in another direction.

I looked at Marianne and started talking.

"A student of economy needs to know that there are no free lunches. And also that sooner or later she will have to relate to the universe, not always pleasant, of business."

Marianne heard me silent and attentive, and I continued.

"In fact, I have a business to propose to you. You're free to accept it or not.

I want to help you improve your grades. Give you an incentive, so to speak. This is the deal:

1- In order to happen a love meeting between us you need to show me a math test in which you got 80% or more; or, a test of another discipline with 90% or more.

2- Love meetings, for now, will be in this apartment on Saturdays, at the same time as today - except if the apartment is momentarily borrowed to a visiting colleague; in that case, the meeting is postponed for the next week.

3- You become my private student in math.

4- If you don't have any tests to show me, you'll go to my home (not this apartment) and you'll get an hour math class, up to two if you need, Saturdays at 10:00 a.m.

5- Math classes will really be math classes. Any attempt to turn them into something else will end our agreement.

6- If you get by the end of the school period **at least** a level 4 in mathematics and two levels 5 in two other disciplines, or a level five in mathematics and two levels 4 in two other disciplines, with no other level less than 3, we may have a weekend together.

7. You will not mention to **anyone**, not even your closest friend, not even under torture, the existence of our relationship, nor the location of this apartment.

(Note aside: I know who your father is and the power that has someone with the money he owns.)

If you take this deal, today's date was a loan you'll have to pay. If you do not accept, it will be forgotten in the portfolio of my investments without return."

I stopped and looked Marianne in the eyes.

"Did you understand everything? You want me to repeat some part?"

She shook her head saying no.

"Do you accept? Or not?"

I could see the fight in her brain between rational and emotional.

I got up and started taking the dirty dishes to the sink, the butter and the jam to the fridge.

I looked at her, and I saw that she had tears in her eyes. She said in a low voice: "After all, you were right earlier. I'm already in love with you. I'm willing to do anything not to lose you."

"You don't have to answer right now. You have a week to ponder," I told her.

Marianne got up, lifted her head, looked me in the eyes and said, "I don't need a week to decide. I accept the deal."

She came to me and hugged me very hard.

"Can I have an extension of the loan?"

I needed a few seconds to understand her request. I told her in the ear: "Increasing your debt may delay our next meeting."

"Don't underestimate me," she replied also in my ear.

My penis, which had never ceased to be semi-erect, was completely ready. I raised Marianne and sat her on the table. I took my condom box out of the left pocket of my pants before I undressed them, took a condom and put it.

Then I threw Marianne back on the table, pulled her legs up, pulled her pants off, put the tip of my phallus in her entrance and slowly penetrated her until I was all inside her again.

She gasped, opened her legs and put them around my waist, crossed her ankles in the back, raised her torso, put her arms around my neck, and whispered: "Will you teach me to make you come?"