Our Second Intimate Step! Pt. 2

Laying there next to my Girlfriend having just exploded all my cum deep in her mouth. I teased her with round two.

In her ear is whisper "I'm going to make you scream my name baby".

When I moved my body beside hers I felt her arch her back in expectance of me to deliver on my promise. I used my hand to unclasp her bra from under her. I could feel myself getting excited again as this is going to be my first time getting to see her breasts. I could tell she was excited for what was coming. She was helping me to get the rest of her clothes off and I could hear her breath starting to quicken with her eyes closed. I can only imagine the thoughts and expectations she had.

When I pulled her bra off, I found myself staring at her perfect and sexy breasts. I remember during one of our sexting sessions she told me she was on the large end of the B cup. Her breasts fit perfectly in my hand as I cupped her breast. Her skin was so soft and warm. As a ran my finger over her nipple I could feel it hard in arousal. I could feel her heart beating and her chest rising up and down as her breaths quickened under my touch. 

I softly slid my finger down from her breasts to her stomach and then to the top of her panties. Flashbacks to our first encounter when she pulled her panties down and I was able to see her pussy for the first time. Rubbing my cock against her clit was such an amazing experience. I paused at her panties wondering how long she wore her cum filled panties. How long did she keep her panties on allowing my cum to rub all around her pussy.

Bending my face down, I slid my tongue softly to her nipple. I felt her body tense slightly and let out a small pleasurable moan. At the same time I slide my hand in the front of her panties. This is the first time I am able to touch her pussy, and I read up on what to do before tonight so I could be sure to deliver on my promise.

As my hand slid down her panties, I got to her smooth shaved pussy. I could feel her pussy lips already incredibly wet and lubricated by her pussy juices. As I slide my middle and ring finger between her pussy lips I could feel her clit at the top of her pussy hole. As soon as my fingers rubbed against it I felt her wrap one of her arms around me squeezing me as she let out a shuttering moan as I saw her other hand reach out and grab the blankets of the bed squeezing and tensing.

I began to swirl my fingers around in a circle around her clit while using my tongue to lick and suck her nipple. I could feel her breaths quicken and her moans happening more often. I could see her sexy stomach rising and falling with each breath. I could feel my hand and fingers getting more wet with each stroke on her clit.

Now that she is good and ready, it is time for me to return the favor and deliver on my promise. I slowly pull my fingers away from her aroused clit and I slowly stop kissing her breast. For a moment she stayed how she was enjoying the sexual buildup in her body. I pushed myself up and off the bed and walked to the foot of the bed between her legs. By the time she was opening her eyes I was grabbing her legs and pulling her to the edge of the bed so her legs were hanging off the edge.

When she opened her eyes, I could feel her staring at me, but I was staring at her almost fully naked body, and I wanted to make it squirm. I wanted to make her body tense and contract. I wanted her to moan, and scream. I wanted her to be left breathless and wanting me. So when I reached for her panties to pull them off, she was anxious to surrender them to me. She helped me pull them off. I feel like she knew what my goal was and was ready to feel what I wanted her to feel.

When I pulled her panties off her, I stared for a moment. Looking at her amazing shaved pussy and I wanted it. I went down to my knees and started kissing around her mid thigh. Her skin was so soft, and I could tell where I started kissing and licking, she was very sensitive. I don't know if her inner thighs were that sensitive normally, or because this is the closest anyone has every been to her pussy, or because she was excited for what was to come, but my teasing was working.

After slowly inching closer and closer to her pussy with my mouth, she moved herself to put one leg over each shoulder straddling my face. I wrapped my arms under her legs by her ass and around her hips to her stomach. I moved my left hand up to her breast and my right hand slid back to the top of her clit and it was time.

I felt one hand move to the top of my head and her other hand move to her other breast squeezing and playing with her nipple. Her breathing quickened with anticipation and pleasure as I finally slid my tongue ever so gently on the outside of her pussy lips.

"Oh... Fuucckk I want it..." I heard her say between breaths. I could feel her fingers pulling my hair trying to get more. But I wanted to be slow. I wanted her to build up, and I wanted her to have an amazing orgasm.

With my right hand I slide my fingers between her pussy lips and I spread them wide to show me her full pussy. I could see her pussy glistening and dripping wet, excited and inviting me to lick her. I could tell her clit was excited as I could see faint twitching and contracting of her pussy.

Finally it is time to deliver on my promise. Sliding my face down, I move my tongue to her clit and start to swirl around her clit. At first I thought I was not doing it right, despite reading up on how to do it for max pleasure because my girlfriend felt like she wasn't moving. Her rapid breaths had stopped. Her gentle hip movements and body tensing had stopped, the only thing I could feel was her rapid heart beats from my hand on her chest.

Just when I was going to pull my tongue from her clit, I felt her hand squeeze on my head. I felt her legs squeeze around my head, and I felt her stomach muscles contracting which brought her hips and pussy deeper into my face and mouth and I heard a deep shuttering breath and moan that seemed to have last for seconds. It seemed like there was a lot of tension that had built up for a while and had just been released by the swirling of my tongue on her clit.

That's when I know my build up and slow teasing was worth it, because after that release, it seemed like she could not catch her breath from there on, which told me I was doing everything right.

Her clit and pussy juices were so sweet. It was only a few moments before I found a rhythm and the spots that she reacted to the most. Certain movements of my tongue on her clit got a squeeze of my head or a moan and contraction of her body.

I was using my tongue to swirl around her clit and then I switched to an up and down motion and one moment as my tongue was slowly going down over her clit, I felt her body tense and her hips raise up, and I felt my tongue slide further down and to the opening of her pussy. I felt her squeeze her legs back to her, which pushed my face harder into her pussy so I spent a little time on the outside of her pussy hole. Sliding my tongue up and down, then back up to her clit and then back down. When I went back down, she tensed and contracted again in pleasure and I could feel her pussy contracting on my tongue. Her pussy squeezed the tip of my tongue and I knew I was doing what felt best for her if I could make her pussy contract and quiver.

I moved back up to her clit, and start swirling and even sucking her clit when I started to notice her body and movements. I was so focused on licking and sucking her clit that I didn't notice how far she had gone.

Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open. I could see her tongue moving around her lips and outside of her mouth. I could see her eye lids fluttering and her eyes were rolled back into her head. Her breaths were quick and her stomach and chest were rising and falling in rapid succession. It was as if she was in the middle of running. I could see her body glistening faintly and her cheeks and body were flushed red. I noticed the heat in her body and the faint shimmer of sweat forming on her body.

My hand was still on her breast and her heart beat was so fast. I could see her hand moving from playing with her breast to up to her throat, to putting her fingers in her mouth back to grabbing the sheets of the bed. I could see her stomach muscles contracting as she is moving and thrusting her hips. I could see her chest, ribs, and stomach expanding and contracting with each quickened breath. I could feel her thighs on each side of my head, squeezing and contracting. With her knees over my shoulders, I could feel her feet crossed behind my back, tensing and flexing in pleasure.

Then I started to hear her between the breaths and moans and whimpers of pleasure... "oh.... baby... baby... Oh.. love.... OMG... Never... amazing... always... I want this.... I want this.. always want this.. fuuuuck.."

These reactions made me only want more. I brought my left hand down from her breast to the top of her pussy. I moved my right hand back around her hip underneath her. As she was moving her hips up and using her legs to squeeze on my head, I slid my hand under her hip onto her ass to support her from underneath. I got a little more leverage and started to stand up slightly. As I lifted her hips, I felt her legs tense and lock around my head.

I heard her in ecstasy "oh.. shit... baby.. shit... I'm... I'm gonna.. cum... shit..."

I she was getting loader and moaning more. I started going faster. Swirling my tongue all around her clit. I could feel her pussy contractions and more of her pussy juices were coming out onto my tongue and lips.

Her breathing picked up faster and faster, and all she could scream was "BABY!!... ahhhh... cumming!!" as I felt her legs tense around my head. Her hand squeezing my head onto her pussy. Her stomach contacting pushing her hips and pussy into my face more. Her sounds stopping as she is tensed up, then I start to feel her body quivering. Her legs start to shake and he body is tense and quivering for several seconds and the look of pure bliss and ecstasy on her face made me smile while licking her clit.

While she was tense and quivering for the few seconds I could feel the contractions and pulses of her pussy. I could feel each pulse, and I could feel more pussy juices starting to pulse out of her pussy. Each pulse more juice came out. It made me think of each pulse of cum I shot into her mouth and like I said it was my turn to return the favor.

After those sections of silence and quivering, I felt her body shaking still but start to release as she found her voice again. "AAAHHHH... shiiittt..... OH.... Baby...". Her moans and breaths came back quickly but deeper. I felt her legs relaxing around my head and her hand coming off the top of my head. I slowly lowered her hips back to the bed and pulled my hand out from under her.

Her breaths were slowing but they were deep. Her body was still subtly quivering. She unlocked her legs around my head and I slowly pulled my face away from her pussy. I didn't realize how much of her juices she pushed out until I pulled away and saw her super wet pussy. I saw her pussy juices flowing and dripping down the front of her pussy. I watched as her juices flowed down to her ass. I could faintly see the stream of her juices make it to her asshole. I spent a few more seconds admiring my work, happy I was able to fulfill my promise, but also, I looked at a very small quivering asshole and felt my cock contract with a little tingle. 

"Baby...." I heard in a low breathy voice. That snapped me out of my thought and I looked up and saw her breathing deeply, still flushed with pleasure. "Come up here.." she said.

I pulled out from between her legs. She scooted up on the bed and I got in beside her. I put my arm over her to spoon her, still feeling her deep breaths of ecstasy in my arms as we started to cuddle naked.

"You.. delivered baby... I love you.. that... I have never felt anything like that before.. that was indescribable".

I leaned down and gently kissed her face and pressed my body against hers spooning her. I wrapped my arm under hers and up to her breast. I formed my body around her, and pressed my cock right up against her ass. I could feel my cock right between her ass cheeks, which caused my heart to race a little bit, but we will see where things go in the future.

As we were winding down for sleep, she was very sweet and loving. Telling me how happy she was we met, how wonderful I was to her, and how lucky she was to find somebody she felt so physically and emotional safe with.

"Most of my girlfriends have never had an orgasm with their partner" she said.

"What a travesty" I told her. "That is not something you will have to worry about my love. As long as you will let me, I will always take care of you.... especially sexual ;)".

"Mmm..." she purred "I like that. I cannot wait to make all of my girlfriends jealous with this story, but you are mine!"

"Always..." I whispered into her ear as a laid back.

"Mmmm.. yes..." she purred again.

Shortly after that, exhausted from our second intimate session, we quickly fell asleep.

It seems like we will only keep growing closer, getting more comfortable, and explore each other further. I am already thinking and planning for the next time.