My Older Gentleman

Me and Carl decided to hit the town one night, just the two of us, out for a bite to eat and hit the drinking establishments for a cocktail or two. So I got glammed up, nothing too fancy, just a plunge crop top and blazer, showing off my ample cleavage,and a nice skirt ,nice shoes and some nice perfume. This certainly gets attention from the guys when I’m out in it. Carl loves seeing guys staring at my tits and figure, gets him hard and horny. Carl looked quite dapper in his outfit, a nice shirt and trousers, brown leather shoes, very nice aftershave, Diesel , I love the smell of that.

So off we went into town and had a bite to eat at a restaurant washed down with a glass of wine, Carl could see that a few guys were staring at my tits , they could only look quickly as they were with their partners, so we finished off our food and wine and paid the bill and left the restaurant, we had more drinks around town and finally settled in a pub, which we knew had some performers on tonight and it had some quiet areas too. So we went in and I found a corner upstairs and Carl went a got some drinks for us, there were quite a few people up here, not crowded but a good gathering, I noticed a very good looking older guy sat at the bar alone and he kept looking at me, he was about 6 foot, quite well built, looked like he took care of himself and probably in his 50s I reckoned. I pretended I hadn’t noticed, but he was definitely giving me a look over.

Carl came back and we chatted and sipped our drinks, a cocktail for me and a JD and coke for Carl, I mentioned to Carl about the guy giving me the eye at the bar and Carl casually looked at him ,pretending to look round the room and he said ‘Do you like the look of him, as I know you , you’re already probably thinking of fucking him, if he’s caught your interest’ and I replied ‘Babes, you know me, I’ve had same age cock, young cock, but not older cock yet, might be fun, what do you think’. ‘You know me hun, love seeing you fucked and used like the slutty whore you are’ he replied. I leant over and kissed him, this is why I adore my hubby, he lets me do what I want and we have fun in the process. Our drink glasses were now empty so I decided to goto the bar and get us some more, but a stop in the ladies first.

Now I’d relieved myself and washed my hands, I stood at the bar next to the guy eyeing me up and he smiled as I stood next to him and he then said ‘Can I buy you and your partner a round of drinks’ I looked at him and smiled and said ‘why thank you, I won’t say no’ . He caught the bartender's eye and ordered us our drinks and himself one and I said ‘why don’t you come over and sit with us, you look lonely over here’ , ‘Why thank you, I’d love to.' So our drinks arrived and I took ours and we went back to our table and sat next to me. I was sandwiched in between them, he introduced himself, his name was Patrick and we introduced ourselves too. So we got chatting, I found out that he was 51 years old, a widower and retired. His wife died about 5 years ago from Cancer, He had a son , who lived in Australia , so he didn’t see him very much, but went over as much as he could etc. 

He was a really nice guy, and when Patrick went to the toilet, Carl leaned over and said ‘you fucking him then’ and I smiled and kissed him, so he knew that was a yes. Patrick came back and we got another round of drinks in, I was a little drunk now and so was Patrick, so as we chatted I rested my hand on his leg and he liked that and I stroked his leg as we talked, he took a chance and placed his hand on my leg, near my pussy and I smiled at him, from this he knew that he might be in luck of some pussy tonight. His hand stroking my smooth skin and his hand went a little further up my leg he said to us both ‘do you fancy coming back to mine for some more drinks’ and we both said yes. So I arranged for an Uber to pick us up and one was able to pick us up in 10 minutes, so enough to swallow our last bit of drink.

The Uber arrived and I got in the back with Patrick and Carl in the front with the driver and off we went to Patrick's house, it wasn’t far and we soon pulled up to his house which was very nice, it wasn’t a new build house, but older with character, it was  setback from the road with a tree covered driveway. We paid the Uber and went into the house, I could see Patrick had done well for himself. We went into the lounge and I took off my jacket and placed it on a chair, giving Patrick a better view of my cleavage and I sat down on the sofa, Carl sat in a chair to the side and Patrick was fixing us some drinks and then came over and handed them out to us and sat next to me. We chatted for a while and I could see Patrick had a bulge in his trousers, from the look of it he was a decent size. Carl asked where the bathroom was and Patrick told him, once Patrick had left the room , I leaned over and kissed Patrick and rubbed his crotch. He was a decent size, he kissed back and began to feel my tits and ass. He then said ‘oh what about Carl’ I said we have an open relationship and he was fine with it. So he carried on kissing me.

I pulled down his flies and pulled out his cock and said to him ‘mmm, that’s a good size’ and before he said anything I wrapped my lips round it and began to suck him deep and slow and he groaned and my lips enveloped his rod. I positioned myself between his legs and stopped sucking his cock and pulled down his trousers, he was neatly trimmed and his balls were shaved, which I like, as nothing more off putting that sucking hairy balls, I like mine smooth, so I began to work his nutsack, licking them and sucking on them like a sweetie, Patrick was moaning heavily, I proceeded up his shaft with my tongue, his tip very wet with precum, which I licked off like licking a lolly, he watched me as I did this and I looked at him while I savoured every drop of that sweet nectar. Just then Carl came in and said ‘See you didn’t waste time in sucking him off, right babes’ . I smiled at him , still licking up that tasty precum, then my head swallowed most of Patrick’s cock.

Patrick said to Carl, ‘boy she can suck’ and heard Carl say ‘you have not seen the half of it yet’ and I just carried on sucking. I felt Carl begin to unzip my dress, pull it down my legs and throw onto the chair with my jacket and then off came my knickers, my fuck holes exposed now. I stopped sucking and Carl took off my top, so I was stark bollock naked for them to see. The boys then got undressed, all of us now in our birthday suits. I was right about Patrick, he did look after himself, he was quite slim and in good shape for his age. I was kneeling on the floor and they both stuck their cocks in my face and I greedily sucked on them both, first Carl’s then Patricks, giving their shafts, balls and tips a good licking, making sure I had one cock in my hand and one in my mouth. Both Carl and Patrick groaned as I pleasured them with my slutty mouth. Patrick said he’d not had anyone since his wife had passed , which I thought was a shame as he was a good looking guy, but understood as he was grieving for his wife. So I was going to make sure he really enjoyed me. 

I spent ages sucking on these two hot rods, both the guys were moaning as I savoured and licked them, I moaned with pleasure and made lots of slurping noises, Carl pulled his cock from my hand and asked me to lie back on the sofa and I spread my legs, exposing my fuck holes to the guys, Patrick went straight to my pussy and began to eat me out, his first taste of a womans pussy in 5yrs and he was enjoying it, Carl shoved his cock back in my mouth, I was quite horny now, pussy being fingered and licked and my hubby’s cock fucking my mouth, a sluts dream I thought.  Patrick stopped eating my pussy and moved his way up to my tits, my nipples like bullets now and he flicked his tongue on them and sucked on them hard, the tip of his cock pressing against my wet fuckhole, after sucking on my tits for a while, he went back down to eat me out again, he was enjoying my smooth pussy lips, I then felt him insert a finger up my ass and I groaned as it went up to the knuckle, he began to fuck my ass with his finger, it didn’t take long before another was inserted into my bumhole, I was now in slut heaven, cock in mouth, pussy being eaten and my ass being fingered, I was moaning heavily now, they guys knew I was enjoying myself.

Patricks face was covered in my pussy juice and he stopped eating me out and he slapped his cock on my clit which made me hornier, I stopped sucking Carl’s cock and smiled at him, he began to tease my fuckhole with the tip of his cock, rubbing it up and down my wet slit, pushing it in a little then back out, I was moaning heavily at this point as he was being a tease, which I was enjoying, then back to slapping my clit with his cock and repeated it over again, he then began to tease my bumhole with his cock, rubbing it around the entrance and then back up and down my wet slit, and then repeating it again. Once he finished he rubbed my slit with his tip and then pushed in , he groaned loudly as he slowly felt my warm pussy lips wrap around his firm fuck rod, my hole taking every inch he had to offer until he was balls deep in me, his face was a picture as he entered me, he’d closed his eyes and smiling as he groaned, I could tell he loved the feeling he was getting.

He pushed my legs up and then grabbed my tits in each hand and began to fuck me, slow, his balls slapping my bumhole with earth thrust, he was very full, seeing as he’d not come in a snatch for 5 years, I was looking forward to receiving a load from him. Carl sat next to us, letting Patrick enjoy my whorehole , I had his cock in my hand keeping him hard, he played with my tits while Patrick was banging away. After a while, Patrick pulled out and sat next to me and asked me get on top of him which I did, I straddled him and guided his cock back up my pussy and I began to grind my hips , working his cock, Carl got behind me and I pulled my ass cheeks apart and Carl slid his cock up my ass. Patrick then said ‘Christ, you’ve gone really tight now with Carl up your ass, Never had a threesome before’ , I smiled and kissed him, then whispered in his ear ‘more to come yet’ and kissed him again. He then proceeded to suck on my tits as I grinded my hips to work both of the cock’s in me now.

The guys were loving me grinding and Carl grabbed my hips, I knew he was horny, when he’s in my ass he doesn’t last long and after about 10 minutes of banging my ass, Carl groaned and I felt his cock twitching with each spurt as he pumped my bumhole full of cum, Carl groaning hard, I felt the warm cum feeling in my ass from his load. Once he stopped cumming he pulled out and wiped the rest on my asshole and sat next to us, he was out of breath a little. Patrick said ‘crikey, you’re a lucky fella to be married to this hot woman’ , Carl smiled and said ‘treat her how you like, you can do anything to her, she loves it’. I blew Carl a kiss as I rode Patrick’s cock. I picked up the pace now and Patrick grabbed each ass cheek in his hands and began to pull me up and down on his cock, impaling me hard. It didn’t take long and he began to groan and say ‘yea, yea yea’ and he tensed and I felt the hot spurts of cum shoot deep in my pussy, I held him as he came, his body jerking, Jesus he was shooting a lot, but then again 1st load in 5 years in a pussy, it’s bound to be.

Once he stopped, he said ‘fucking hell, that was hard’ I smiled at him and said ‘well you did say it’s been 5 years since you had any, bound to be hard’ , We kissed, his cock was going limp so I pulled off him and a load of cum oozed out all over his cock and balls. I knelt next to him and began to lick all his salty goodness from his cock and balls, it wasn’t going to waste as I love drinking cum as you know, Patrick moaned as I did this and said to Carl ‘she’s a bloody keeper this one mate’ Carl laughed and said ‘oh yea, she is, one of the reasons I married her’ and I looked at him and said with cum on my face ‘Not the only reason babes’ and he laughed and replied ‘of course not, hun’. I then carried on with my cum cleanup, Patricks cock and balls were now clean of the cum. I lay back in the corner of the sofa, my legs spread, more cum was coming out of my pussy, which I used my fingers to scoop up and lick them clean. Both the guys smiled at my slutty show, Patrick was rubbing my leg and thigh as I did.

I asked where the bathroom was as I wanted to clean up a little, Patrick then went to fix us some more drinks, so off I went to clean up as I had 2 loads in me and didn’t want to be too much of a sticky mess, as I wanted more cock yet. I came back downstairs and into the lounge and the guys were talking , I sat between them and Carl said ‘Patrick asked if we’d like to stay the night, he has a spare double room for us’, I thought about it and thought about how much cock and cum I could get in the night, pay a visit to Patrick in the night and so on. So I said ‘yes, sounds fun’. Patrick smiled and handed me a drink, I was a bit drunk and obviously very horny from the filling I’d just had. I sipped on my drink and stroked each of their cocks and they touched me all over. Patrick asked how long we’d been fucking other people and I said for quite some time , I explained that I love cock and pussy and just love being filled with cock juice. He smiled and said ‘wow, I should introduce you to some of my friends, they’d bloody love you’ , ‘Well if they’re like you , then yes I’d be up for it’ I said and smiled and winked at Patrick.

That response had an effect on Patricks cock as he got hard quickly, he slurped his drink and pulled my head down to suck his cock. I like guys being dominant, he was ready for round two and I could guess he was going to go for my ass this time. I greedily sucked his cock and he gave my ass a little spank, which I squealed at , Carl began to finger fuck my holes. After a while , Patrick pulled my head off his cock and positioned me over the sofa, kneeling on the sofa where they could both get to my mouth and holes. He went straight in my pussy and we both groaned as I was impaled. Carl moved round the back of the sofa, he grabbed my head and proceeded to mouth fuck me. Patrick grabbed my hips and with each thrust, it made me go further down on Carl. That’s how it went for what seemed quite a while, the guys taking turns with my mouth and pussy being fucked. It was now Patricks turn for my pussy, but this time he did what I knew he was going to do, he lubed up his fingers with spit and rubbed my back slit , I pulled my ass cheeks apart and he saw a nice gaped back passage from my earlier poking and went straight in, he groaned heavily as he slid in inch by inch, he was a good size, my mouth full of hubby’s cock and I groaned as Patrick slid up my ass.

I stopped sucking hubby’s cock and looked back at Patrick, his eyes closed as he slid his manhood up my back passage, ‘Does that feel good’ i said to him and he just smiled, once he was fully in up to his balls, I gripped him and he let out a gasp and said ’I’ve never had anal before, my wife didn’t let me, always wanted it though, it feels wonderful and so horny’. I smiled and said ‘good, enjoy my ass then’ and with that he began to slowly fuck my hole, his hands on each of my hips. I could feel his still full balls slapping my pussy now, which was very wet and making his balls wet too. Carl grabbed my head and said ‘come on whore, fuck and suck our cocks’ and shoved his cock in my mouth and proceeded to fuck it fast. I sucked on Carl’s cock and made sure it was tight around his cock and I played with his balls and it didn’t take long and Carl groaned and shot thick streams of nut juice down my throat, I gave his balls a gentle squeeze as he came as I sometimes get a bit extra, my mouth was very full of my loving hubby’s nut juice, he pulled out of my mouth and I made sure I didn’t spill a drop and swallowed this large mouthful. I looked at him and said ‘mmm, babes that was a big load’ and he smiled and kissed me.

After witnessing Carl pump my mouth full of cum and me swallowing the lot, this made Patrick even hornier whilst still impaling me harder up my shithole, I looked back at him and said ‘come on, your turn now you dirty fucker’ and I licked my lips at him and he immediately began to fuck me faster in the ass, ‘oh fuck yea’ I said to him, he still had his hands on my hips and was fucking me slow and very hard, within minutes of doing this I had an orgasm and began to scream ‘yes,yes’ I gripped Patrick hard as I came and then grabbed a handful of hair and proceeded to fuck me quicker and faster and it didn’t take long before I heard ‘going to cum in your ass you dirty bitch’ and I screamed ‘yes, give it me, give it me’ and his body began to jerk and I felt his cock twitch and he began to squirt big loads deep in my ass. He grabbed both hips again and smashed my fuckhole, squirting a load with each thrust. I was fuck drunk at this point, I was cumming for ages as well as my ass being hammered and creamed, my eyes rolled into the back of my head. Eventually Patrick stopped squirting his cream in me and I had stopped cumming. I must have passed out for a minute or two as Patrick had pulled out of me and was sitting next to me, he was hot, sweaty and out of breath.

Once I came round fully, I leaned over and kissed him with lots of tongue and said ‘did you like fucking my ass’ , he smiled and said ‘Jesus yes’ I kissed him again and said ‘good, you were fabulous, I enjoyed every inch of you’. He smiled, it was now very late and we were all tired and decided to hit the sack. I'd had 4 loads now from the guys, but I still wanted more, but I needed a rest. Patrick showed us to our room, we were still stark bollock naked, but we didn’t care. The room was very nice, it even had an on-suite bathroom and shower, Patrick said, there were toiletries in the bathroom and under the sink were new toothbrushes and told us to help ourselves. We both thanked him, I kissed him goodnight and he left. We got ready for bed, got in and fell asleep.

I woke up around 3am and thought it was time to visit Patrick and I got up, went and found his room and quietly went into his room, he was fast asleep, I pulled back the duvet and got in, he was naked, like me, and I lay next to him, I got his hand and placed it on my tit, he gave it a squeeze and opened his eyes and said ‘hey you’ and he leaned over me and we began to kiss passionately, his hands explored my body, rubbing my pussy and touching my bumhole, both of us moaning with pleasure. My hands around his now erect hard cock and slowly wanking him off. He got on top of me and slid his manhood up my eager fuckhole and began to fuck me slowly, taking his time and savouring my pussy, his balls slapping my ass cheeks. He was kissing me all over, around my neck and sucking my tits, he was being very loving and tender, which I also enjoy as much as being hammered. I kissed him back and kissed his neck, which he was enjoying, my arms wrapped around him along with my legs.

Both of us groaning with pleasure at this tender fuck, it’s nice when guys do this too, proves they’re not just after smashing a hole, but enjoy the passion too. I whispered in his ear ‘fuck my ass again’ and he said ‘mmm of course’. He pulled out and I rolled onto my front ,pushed up my hips and I pulled my ass cheeks apart, he leant down and began to tongue my back passage, I love being rimmed, the feel of a hot tongue probing my pucker is a wonderful feeling, he made sure he lubed me up well, He then pushed the tip of his cock in and as it went in easy enough , he pushed it in all the way and I gasped as he filled me up. He groaned as he slid up my passage. He was now lying on top of me and I said ‘you’ve got a nice cock, how’d you like to meet my girlfriend and fuck her too, she’ll love playing with your cock and you being older too’ , ‘oh fucking hell, you’re a dirty whore, yea I’d love to meet her’ he said and began to fuck my hole, he kissed the back of my neck and cheeks, his hand moved to the front and I lifted my torso up a little so he could grab hold of my tit and play with my nipple.

We stayed locked in this position for ages, Patrick was loving my ass, ‘I take it Anal is a thing you’re going to do more then’ I said to him and he said ‘fuck yea, wish I’d done it sooner, but I didn’t want to cheat on my wife, she did swallow me though, so a fair trade as I love that’, ‘mmm yea, I like that too, I’ve always liked all my holes being used, you’re only here once’ I said. ‘Indeed’ he said and began to fuck me a bit harder and without much warning I had a huge orgasm, so much I screamed into the pillow, Patrick was worried he was hurting me and asked if everything was ok and allI I could do was nod, I could barely speak. I went limp once I stopped cumming and passed out for a few minutes. When I came too, Patrick was still fucking my ass and said to me ‘that was a hard one’ I just nodded and moaned at the good ass fucking I was getting, I turned my head best I could and we kissed, lots of tongue.

Patrick was giving me a very tender loving fuck, not surprised I came very hard, he then changed the pace, he began to pull out slowly and then ram his cock balls deep into me, I gasped with every ramming, he was a big boy, he did this for a while and kept asking if everything was ok, which it was and again without warning I came hard again, screamed into the pillow and eventually passed out again, this time for longer, when I came round , Patrick was still banging my ass and I said ‘oh my god, you’re good at this, not cum like that for ages’, ‘Glad you’re enjoying yourself, I know I am’ and it didn’t take long before Patrick groaned and his body jerked and began to pump my well fucked ass with man cream, I could feel his cock twitch and then a warm feeling deep in my ass, the hot cum feeling I love. He was calling me lots of names like dirty whore, fucking slut as he came, I loved it. He eventually stopped and lay on top of me and kissed my cheeks and I turned to kiss him.

He lay on top of me until his cock went limp enough and popped out of my shitter. It was thoroughly gaped now from his manhood and we lay next to each other, we were both out of breath, hot and sweaty. I leaned over and kissed him, ‘you a dirty bastard, wait until I tell my whore girlfriend about you, she’ll want some of this, I fuck her too’ . He smiled and said he couldn’t wait to meet her. I got up and went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet and all his cum oozed out of me, it was a big load, he came in and wiped the bit of cum from his cock and washed it too. I wiped myself clean and got back in his bed , he came in and said ‘Won’t Carl mind you being here all night’ , I smiled and said ‘no, he’s fine with it’, he got in bed and we lay together, he placed his hand on my tit and we fell asleep.

The next morning both me and Patrick were down stairs in the kitchen, Patrick was putting a breakfast together for us and Carl came down and said morning to us and gave me a kiss, ‘Enjoy yourself last night babe’ he said , I said ‘oh yea, Patrick gave me another ass fucking, it was gorgeous’. Carl smiled. Patrick put together a nice fried breakfast and coffee and we sat at the table and chatted as we ate breakfast. Patrick was only in his pj’s, we both had our clothes on from last night. I could see Patrick was hard again and I said ‘for a guy in his 50’s you sure have stamina, see you’re already ready for some more, so what you going to do with it today then.he smiled, walked over to me, whipped out his cock and shoved it in my mouth and of course I never refuse a hard cock. I went balls deep on his cock as I have a good gag reflex and Patrick said to Carl ‘She’s insatiable, this one’ as I blew his rod. Carl said ‘God yea, she can’t get enough some days’ , within a few minutes Patrick blew a thick squirt of nut juice into my mouth, then a few more came, Patrick was groaning as he unloaded in my mouth. Once he stopped I pulled away from his cock and showed the boys the load I had in my mouth and swallowed the lot and then said ‘Well that’s my cream for the coffee’ and winked at Patrick and sucked the last drop out of his cock and put it away.

We finished up our breakfast, I was very full now, I’d now had 6 loads from my two boys, I asked Patrick for his mobile no and entered it into my phone and said we’d be in touch for more fun. I called an uber and Patrick offered to pay but we declined as he had put us up for the night and made us breakfast. The Uber arrived and He kissed me again and shook Carl’s hand and said he couldn’t wait and he’d also arrange for a cpl of his friends to come round one evening and to bring my girlfriend. I said we’d both be up for that and we both left and went home.