At the beginning

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14 Nov. '22

When I was 18 or 19 I met a girl in a night club who I'm sure cemented in me all those desires that I now have. It lasted less than two months but I learnt a lot about myself in those cold winter months, a very enjoyable period in my life. What we got up to in that short period of time, and all the experiences I'd had prior to this shaped the rest of my life I think

She was a very pretty girl with a great body who was always with her friend, Karen, and I mean always. Karen was not a looker, far from it, hot body, hotter than Julie I later found out but her face let her down, greasy hair and lots of spots as I recall. It was never just the two of us, Julie and me. Karen was always there, she just sat there, said very little, hard to talk to actually. Julie was most definitely in charge and bossed Karen around, belittling her constantly. At that point in my life though all I wanted to do was get my hands on Julie's body, not easy I thought as her mate was always there. Always

On our fourth date I was pissed off with the three of us and planned to dump Julie if I got nowhere with my advances. So, at the end of the night we were walking back to Julie's house, through a small park when I thought fuck it, here goes nothing. As we passed a small park brick building I stopped Julie, grabbed her and pulled her down the side, just off the foot path and partially obscured by bushes. "Oih, what you doing" she asked, so I kissed her. She threw her arms around my neck. We ended up kissing passionately. Karen just stood and watched

My cock hard was as you can imagine and I was pushing my body into Julie's, she pushed back. I had one hand on her ass, rubbing, groping. It felt good. I knew Karen was watching but right now I didn't care, I was young and horny so as you do I thought I'd try for more. My right had went to her breasts, no objections so I carried on. 

Julie just kept on kissing me, passionately. Coat undone I went for her blouse buttons, one, two three, four undone. My hand was in and I pulled a bra cup down. Heaven, a nipple, hard and between my fingers. My head went down to her exposed breast,  I had a nipple in my mouth. I knew Karen was watching but I didn't care, I was horny and wanted some fun. My now Free hand tried to slip up Julie's skirt but  nope, she wasn't having that, not tonight at least. It was an icy cold night so that was it,

I walked them home then made my own way home. Still horny I had to settle for a wank in my bedroom, enjoyable but not what I was hoping for.

I rang Julie through the week, before the days of mobiles and was told to go to her house Friday night, after 7 as her dad goes out at 6:30. Yes I thought, Dad's out, I'm gonna get laid. Bang on 7 I knocked on the front door and who should open the door, Karen. I was stood there with a hard cock in the expectation of some pussy and as soon as I saw Karen I went limp. I was angry, frustrated but went in regardless. It had been snowing during the day and it was freezing now, I was cold so I thought the least I could do is warm up

I was escorted into the back room and was pleasantly surprised. A coal fire was burning, the room was hot and Julie jumped up and gave me a very passionate kiss. She unzipped my coat and passed it to Karen, "hang that up" Still bossy then 

She led me by the hand into the cold kitchen, no central heating fitted in this house back then. Kettle on then back to kissing, my hands went everywhere, no objections tonight, not yet perhaps. Julie was wearing a blouse and no bra, mmmmm, a short skirt with knickers. My hand found its way to the front of her knickers and I gently rubbed, still no objections. Maybe tonight was going to be a good night, I hoped so....

Click, the kettle had boiled so she pulled away and made a pot of tea. I looked over my shoulder and could see Karen sat on one sofa watching, a blank expression on her face. "Is she staying" I asked, "she is, just ignore her, she won't bother us and Dad will be happy she's here" with that she took the teapot and three mugs back into the back room and sat on one sofa, facing Karen on the other sofa. For the next hour we sat cuddling, talking, laughing and drunk our tea. Karen just sat there, blank faced saying nothing. Then Julie jumped up and took the cups back into the kitchen.

Back in seconds she lay in front of the fire and beckoned me over. Karen threw over a cushion as I lay down next to Julie. It was very warm in front of that fire. "You'll get to hot, better take your jumper off" she was right so I did then I moved in for a kiss, oh yes, this is what I wanted.

The kissing was passionate and my cock was so hard it ached. I figured I had nothing to lose so I went for the breasts. No objections so I unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it from her waistband. Bingo, breasts out and resting on my left elbow I proceeded to fondle those perfect breasts with my right hand while we kissed passionately. I knew we were being watched but I didn't care, I had my back to Karen so I wasn't sure what she could see.

Her nipples were hard as I rolled and tugged at them, then I kissed my way down until I could run my tounge over then, one then the other, my tounge licking its way from one to the other, my lips closing on each in turn, pulling nibbling, heaven. Julie had one hand on the back of my head, rubbing my hair, we were both enjoying this, Karen, I didn't care.

Then Julie moved down a bit so I was back to kissing her as she unbuttoned my shirt. Then, with a bit of effort she took off my shirt and her turn to bite my nipples. That was the first time a girl had done that to me, and wow, it was so good. Then Yes, I felt a hand rubbing my hard cock on the outside of my jeans, it was my lucky night. At this point I was laying on my back and I looked over at Karen.

She was just sat there, legs curled around her, watching with that same blank look. I smiled at her, nothing. I realised I was  actually enjoying being watched. I think Julie was enjoying it too, look at me with my boyfriend and you haven't got one sort of thing I now think

Then the belt was undone, top button undone, zip down and she pulled my jeans down and off, socks too. My hard cock was easy to see straining against my underwear. Then Julie's had grabbed my cock over my pants and gave it a quick few strokes. Next she knelt up, took off her blouse, oh those tits, they looked gorgeous, firm, not large, perfect. Then she unzipped her skirt and kneeling she took her skirt and knickers off. 

I felt my cock twitch at the sight before me. Firm breast and wispy blonde pubes, first blonde pubes I'd seen, all the other girls I'd seen had dark pubes. I wanted her so badly. I looked at Karen again, still nothing, she just sat watching us. Julie sat back on her legs and pulled off my pants, my cock slapped against my stomach, hard, swollen and purple "mmm, look at this Karen" said Julie as she took a hold of my cock and pointed it at the ceiling. Then she slowly started wanking me. 

So there we were, naked in front of a coal fire, hot on this cold winter night. I was on my back with my girlfriend slowly wanking me as we both looked at her friend. I was loving every minute of this, it was better that anything I could of hoped for. Julie was enjoying teasing her friend, of that I'm sure, a power game without a doubt, did I care, not one bit. 

The wanking seemed to go on forever, I was laying back enjoying the experience, never been watched before. Things could only get better and then they did. Julie shuffed backwards a bit then leant forward and started to suck me. She sucked me in such a way as to put on a show for Karen, licking the head, then down to my balls, then into her mouth, slowly, taking half my length in then back up, then down, fantastic. Thankfully I wasn't ready to cum yet, I'd had two wanks at home that day, the last one in the bath as I got ready to go to Julies. All the time Julie was slowly sucking me she had her eyes on Karen, and Karen just watched

"Do you like watching me suck his cock, do you wish it was you sucking his cock, do you want to suck it" Julie asked Karen, no reply, then Julie was back to slowly sucking me. I wasn't really sure what just happened but I was lost in the sensation, Julie had obviously sucked cocks before, it was the best BJ I'd had at that point in my life. 

"Look how hard it is, and big, do you want to try it Karen, it's great, you should get a boyfriend and try it, you'll love it"

There was obviously some form of power play going on between them but right then I didn't care, I was getting my cock sucked while being watched. The being watched was quite a thrill. Julie just carried on sucking me, oh it was great and every few minutes  she would taunt Karen again " look Karen, see how good it is, you want to suck him, guys love having their cock sucked, you ought get one" then back to sucking me.

All I could reach was Julie's knees so I just rubbed them. My fingers wanted more but I think Julie was more interested in putting on a show for her friend

After what seemed forever the sucking stopped and Julie moved and laid on her back at Karen's feet, spread her legs and started fingerings herself. Wet, I could see she was very wet, the golden pubes glistening in the fire light. "Do you play with yourself like this, I bet you do, your a dirty bitch aren't you, no boyfriend to do it to you" Julie said as she looked Karen in the eyes. Then she looked at me and licked her lips, my que I thought so I rolled over and moved in between those thighs. 

I gave her a passionate kiss then moved down and took each nipple into my mouth in turn and sucked, nibbled. Julie moaned, more for show perhaps. So I carried on down. My tounge found the wispy pubes, the smell of a horny woman, then the taste. Nothing quite like it is there. Just a bit further and I was there, just the flesh, hot, wet and tasty.

My tounge went to work as best as I knew how at that point in my life. Her hips were moving, her hands on my head, she was groaning, gasping. I felt I was doing it right but now I suspect it was all part of the show, but right then I didn't care, a face full of wet pussy and a responsive girl clearly enjoying my attentions was all I was interested in, could life have been any better

Then she was pulling my head up, I wanted to stay down there making her groan but I knew what she wanted, my cock in her. I licked and kissed my way up to her face. "Look at his face Karen, it's all wet from my pussy, if you had a boyfriend you could make him look the same" with that she proceeded to lick my face clean making groaning noises as she did so. 

"Don't cum in me, I want to let that dirty bitch see you cum" all I could do was smile, and with that I felt a hand on my cock as she guided me into her waiting wet pussy. Oh the sensation as a wet hot pussy closes around your cock, a fantastic feeling "slowly, fuck me slowly, I want her to see what getting fucked is like" I looked across at Karen as I slowly fucked Julie. She was just the same, expressionless, watching. I pushed my self up onto outstretched arms as I thought the view for Karen would be better, I was getting into this showing off thing it seems

We fucked like that for a while then Julie made me lie on my back then mounted me, making a big show of slowly lowering herself onto my hard cock, all for show. Karen must have got a great view of my cock going in and out of her friends pussy, I know I could see. Several years later hairless was the norm but back then the wispy blond pubes looked almost hairless to me. A beautiful sight. Julie moaned wiggled and writhed in a great show of being fucked, a show I was more than happy to be in

She must have sensed I was getting close to cumming looking at my face "remember, no cummings in me, I want that bitch to watch you cum" she groaned " Ok, where do you want me to cum" I asked, happy to oblige "on Karen" she replied, that took me by surprise, I was expecting on my belly or on my tits but not on Karen

With that she climbed off me and knelt by Karen's legs. " stand up" she commanded me and so I did, she made me stand as close to Karen as I could then grabbed my cock and took it straight into her mouth. I tell you, what a night, better than my wildest dreams for sure

Karen just sat and watched Julie sucking my cock, we can only have been a foot or so from her face, Karen had the best view in the room. Julie sucked me with a lot more speed than earlier and I could feel my orgasm building, so must have Julie as she stopped sucking me and began wanking me. Karen just sat and watched, still expressionless. 

"You do it" she said to me and let go of my cock. There's a point when your about to cum you just don't want to stop so I quickly grabbed my cock and began wanking myself "I'm Cumming" I grunted as the sensation in my balls built. "In the bitches face, cum in her face" Julie instructed. I was in no position to do anything else, I was that close. Karen just sat there, then she looked up at my face with a sort of smile on her face "open your mouth bitch, taste his cum" 

Uuhh, uuhh, I came, one spurt than another, hitting her on her nose and lips "put it in her mouth" and she put one hand on the back of Karen's head and forced it onto my cock. Her mouth closed around the head of my cock but not before more of my cum hit her face. I continued to wank, the last few shots of cum going straight down her throat I imagine.

My wank slowed and then stopped. Julie kept pushing Karens head onto my cock so Karen was effectively giving me a bj, thankfully back in those days I never went limp as quickly as I do these days so Karen had an almost hard cock in her mouth. This must have gone on for a minute or so before Julie took her hand off Karen's head. Now it was my turn to just stare as Karen carried on with giving me a bj

"That's enough, he's my boyfriend not yours. You'll have to get your own if you want to suck a cock"  so Karen sat back, my cock slipping out of her mouth and still hard enough to be pointing straight at her. Julie burst out laughing "look at you, you dirty bitch, you've got my boyfriends cum all over your face" with that Karen used her fingers and scrapped it up straight into her mouth

"Did you enjoy that you dirty whore, did his cum taste good, do you want more" Karen said nothing, just looked up at me "Well your not having anymore of his cum, that's just for me now" and she used an arm to move me away. I stepped back and slumped naked onto the sofa

We all just stayed like that for a few minutes, it was most certainly the best night of my life so far at that point. Julie was the first to move, grabbing what few clothes she had. Put the kettle on and make a brew she told Karen as she went off to the bathroom. Karen followed and I was left there, naked, still semi hard. "Get dressed weirdo" said Julie as she came back into the room fully dressed, with a cardigan and tights on now. Ready for when Dad got home I imagine, a show of respectability..I stood up, grabbed my clothes and went to find the bathroom. 

When I got back the tea was brewed and poured. It had felt like we'd been sucking and fucking for hours but it wasn't 9pm yet. Half an hour later I was sent packing " Go before Dad gets home" I didn't mind, I'd had the best night of my life, so very happy

It was certainly a strange relationship between the girls and I wasn't with Julie long enough to find out anything else. The following weekend we went out clubbing and all I got was a quick grope, wrong time of the month apparently. The weekend after was the last time I saw Julie but that's the next part of this story. It's too long for one writing I think