An Interesting Halloween Party

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15 Nov. '22

It’s this time of the year again. You hate that summer is over and temperatures are dropping. You were never a fan of this in-between state. Too cold to put on a summer dress and enjoying the sun, but not yet cold enough to spend a cosy day in your apartment and watching the snow cover the roofs and streets of the city. The only great thing about this time of the year is Halloween. 

You liked it since you were a little kid. Every year you would dress up with a new costume and spend hours of hours in preparation choosing the right theme and putting together the costume. You never stopped doing this but now you were no longer looking for sweets but going to parties all over town. But this year was different. You lost a bet to one of your closest friends and now she picks your Halloween costume. 
In previous years she dressed up less originally than you, but compensated this with a more provoking way of dressing. This is what makes you a bit uneasy and as you don’t know what to expect. Usually, you are quite tame in the way you dress at these parties and the thought that she will make you look like a slut crossed your mind several times and cost you some quality sleep. In hindsight you regret ever taking the bet, but it is too late to back out now.

As always she was late and you start wandering through your apartment nervously, until you hear the bell ring. You open the door and let your friend in. The grin on her face makes you even more suspicious and you run out of patience. Over the last couple of weeks you asked her several times regarding any hints but she kept her mouth shut and didn’t tell a thing, which is quite impressive as usually she is unable to keep any secret even for a day.

After a little bit of teasing and cracking some jokes she stops the torture and hands you the bag with your costume. You open it and take out something that looks like fox ears and a tail. You can’t believe it: «You know how much time I invest in my costume and you want me to dress up as a fox?» You were not able to hide your disappointment. 

The grin appears once again on the face of your friend: «No, you silly. You will be dressed as a Kitsune. Which is a creature from the Japanese folklore. Kitsune are shape shifters and change between there human and fox form. They are known for their intelligence and beauty. The more tails they have, the wiser and older they are.» you have a closer look at the costume and see, that it is actually not a traditional tail, but a three-tailed fox costume. 

You are curious and take out the rest of the costume. When you grab the skirt, the look on your face must have been a give a way. Your friend burst out in laughter and continues her explanation: «There are different lore’s about Kitsunes, but the most prominent one is that they are mischievous creatures who used their beauty for their own advantage. And I thought this would be a good opportunity for you to embrace your true beautiful self and share it with the world. I even added a little extra, have a closer look at the start of the tail.»

You take the tail in your hand and inspect it for a second time, this time more thoroughly. At first you don’t see what she meant but then: «Is this... is this really a butt plug?»
You friend burst out in laughter for a second time and says: «Yes, it is.»
In a refusing tone you say: «I won’t do it. That is too much. I have never done something like this. I can’t!»
She comes closer to you and in a very friendly and supportive tone encourages you: «You can and you will. Else, I will have to tell everyone why you didn’t come to the party, or why you showed up with another costume than intended. And I am doing this for you. I want you to come out of your comfort zone, to live a little. We don’t know a single person at this party, this is the perfect moment to make some new experiences.»

You hesitate. This is way out of your comfort zone and you might should start with something less eccentric. But to be completely honest the thought of having this thing inside you, is also a bit of exciting. You touch it again, and while doing so, you feel a little arousal building up in your body. You are pulled in both directions, but finally you give in and agree to wear the costume. You friend comes in for a big hug and says: «I am so proud of you. This will be a blast.»  

With a mischievous smile she whispers: «Do you need any help inserting it?» You know the tendencies of your friend but decide against it. You want to do it yourself and at your own speed. You go to your room and get some lube from your hidden drawer. Once again you inspect the plug. It is made out of steel and appears smaller than you expected it to be. The steel is a little bit cold and a shiver goes through your mark when you think about pushing this thing into your butt. 

You try to relax and take a couple of deep breaths. Then, you start applying some lube on your fingers and on your wholes. You decide to start with your fingers first. But as soon as you try to push your fingers into your butt, you feel yourself tense up and your body resist whatever object you try to insert. It takes you a while until you have the little toy in place. In the end you are extremely grateful that your friend chose a small one to start with. Once you enter the main room you see your friend walking up and down impatiently. 

As she hears the door she turns around in an instant and says: “Finally! ... Oh, you look stunning. I knew you would rock that costume” You feel flattered by her words. Just moments ago when you saw yourself in the mirror you were quite satisfied as well. Even if you would never admit it. The top is very tight and has a big cleavage and one could see your big wonderful breasts beneath it. And the skirt was really short. It barely covered your ass. Never before you showed so much of your body. But you have to admit that it makes you pretty excited. The thought of strangers admiring your curves, whispering about your ass and glance at your tits. Speaking with someone while having the butt plug in your ass, without anyone knowing about it. Just for this one time being someone completely different, playing a role that is not yours. Wondering where the path will take you.

Nevertheless, before you feel ready to go outside you need something to loosen up a bit. So, you take a couple of shots with your friend. Therefore, you are already a bit drunk before you arrive at the party. During the taxi ride, you observe how the driver glances at your cleavage in the mirror whenever he thinks you are not looking. But now its time to make your big entry. The party is already pretty crowded and your friend introduces to a couple of people. Most of them wear costumes based on Japanese Folklores or modern anime and everyone seems to recognize you as a Kitsune. 

With every step you make, you feel the plug in your ass, how it presses against nerve endings you never thought about. How it gets you more and more excited and how this gets you hornier by the minute. One thing you didn’t account for is that a ton of people would come up to you and pull and stroke at your tails, saying something on the lines: they look so real, they feel so soft, or anything similar. Most of the times you are not able to respond, as you are biting your lip, trying to suppress any suspicious noises coming out of your mouth. In these cases you nodded politely and tried to change the topic of the conversation to something else, as soon as you regained some control over your body. 

It is a thrilling feeling. Even if the other guests don’t realise it they are touching you publicly at your most intimate places. You could feel how the butt plug pressed against the back of your pussy, how random people pulled it out of your ass and pushed it back in. The thought of being touched and penetrated by so many different people makes you feel like a slut and somewhere deep down you love this feeling. This made you even more aroused. You could feel how your panties get soaked and after a guest pulled at your tail very strongly you go to the kitchen for a drink and to calm down. 

By now you are already pretty tipsy, so you walk out of the house and get some fresh air on the balcony. This is an ideal position to spy on some other guests that are below you in the garden and see what they are up to. A couple of them playing beer pong, some others do some drinking games and then there is a group of around four to five people in a seemingly heated discussing. The discussion is led by someone in a devil costume. Whereby the word costume is exaggerated. On his head throne two big horns but besides that the only thing he wears are his underwear. The rest of his body is covered with red paint and some frightening looking scars. 

You try not to stare but your gaze is always taken back to this group and particularly the devil. When you look very closely you think you can even see the outline of his prick beneath his underwear. It looks impressive and you would love to see it up close to make sure that it is not the alcohol or your imagination tricking you into something. Once again you try to break free and focus on something else, but soon you fall back to admiring his body. 

His strong arms that could lift you up against the wall without breaking a sweat. His chest moving up and down as he breaths, his upper body that is covered with fake scars. But the thing that you will never be able to forget. His eyes. They seemed so inviting and at the same time frightening. Like you will loose yourself in the infinity of his inner mystery. You could glimpse right into his soul, but the place is so full of secrets and unsolved riddles that you will be locked in this place forever. His look seems to observe everything around him at once, whereas he seems always to be the centre of attention. The magnet who pulls everything towards him. The silence in the middle of the storm.

Suddenly, he senses that he is being starred at and looks around to find the intruder. You are two slow to pull away and for a brief moment your eyes lock and the world around you seems to fade. You pull yourself together and turn around. You hear the laughter of the group around the devil, but when you dare to look back he is already gone. It seems like he vanished into thin air. One last time you let your gaze wander the garden, searching for him. Until you feel the presence of someone behind you, breathing down your neck. 
“Are you looking for someone?” 

You would recognize this voice everywhere in the world. Even if you just met him, it sounds already familiar. It is the devil himself. You have no idea how he got up here so quickly, but he doesn’t give you the time to process the thought. 

“Who are you? What do you embody?” With this words, he let his fingers wander your body. At first he touches your neck and then slowly slides his finger along your collarbone, then across the outlines of your top and finally down your spine to your tails. You feel the goosebumps emerging and when he pulls your tails firmly you let out a little moan. Completely surprised by his action you were not able to hold back this moan. You instantly regret it. Not wanting him to show his affect on you. 

But then you feel his strong arms around you. His bodyweight pressing against you. Pushing you against the railing of the balcony. You are not able to move, even if you want to. His voice echoes in your ears as he whispers: “Are you really this kinky? Do you really wear a butt plug at this party? I guess there is only one way of finding out.” Without waiting for permission his finger glide under your skirt. You feel them on your legs and than at your ass. Searching for the end of your tails. You feel his finger intruding your most private parts and pulling your butt plug in and out. 

The feeling is too much. He does it with such an intensity that you start moaning again. Then you hear his voice once more. The devil whispers in you ears: “I didn’t expect you to be such a slut. But I really like what I see. I love how you get turned on by this and I will definitely enjoy the night we will spend together.” The tone of his voice makes it abundantly clear that you have no say in this. Meanwhile you feel his fingers pushing your butt plug in and out at an increasing speed and intensity. 

When his fingers find his way to your panties, they are already completely soaked. Your pussy is dripping in anticipation of what’s coming. You can’t help yourself. You don’t know if it is his voice, his smell, his commands and power of will, or if you are just too aroused by now and simply in need of a good fuck, but you don’t put up any resistance when he pulls down your panties. In contrary you want him to go further. The thought of being used, right here on the balcony, by a complete stranger, double penetrated by your little toy and his enormous dick, embracing your inner slut and completely giving in, it is so exciting. 
When he pulls down his underwear, lifting up your skirt and enters you from behind, you are almost coming right on the spot. You were right before. His dick is enormous and you feel your pussy getting stretched. Without warning you feel the tip of his member pressing against your dripping wet pussy and pushing right into it. You are thankful, that all the foreplay during the party, all these people touching you, already made you so wet. Now he could glide right into you. 

By no means he is soft or slow. He pushes the entire length of his big dick into you right with the first thrust. No time to adjust to his seize. No time to mentally prepare. You were just used, and being penetrated. But it feels so good. His strong hands holding your boobs. Squeezing your nipples beneath your top and holding you firmly while thrusting into you. And as he pushes into you, and put his body against yours, you can feel the butt plug go deeper into you. You feel his dick inside your pussy and pressing against all walls, as the plug stimulates you at the same time. Pressing against the back wall of your pussy and making you feel like you are entered from two different directions. 

 Still on the balcony, you could see the people below you continuing to party, while you are penetrated over and over. If someone would look up just for a second, he would see the devils hands on your boobs, he would see the look on your face, and your moans while you are entered from behind. 
As he continues fucking you, you feel his kisses on your neck and his voice in your ear: “I love to fuck bitches like you. Whores who get off by being used and fucked publicly. Sluts who do not hesitate offering all of their holes to pleasure me”

You want to reply, to deny these obscure allegations. To defend your reputation but he increases the pace further and his dick feels too good. For the first time not only feeling someone penetrate your pussy, but your ass at the same time. You are not able to resist and soon you feel an orgasm building up. You try to push it down, not proving him right. But your body betrays you and the devils voice echoes in your ears again:

“I know you want it. Don’t hold back. I can feel your body tense up. I can feel your pussy tightening around my cock. I know you want to come. Let go of all the expectations and social norms. Be yourself. Be your true self. Embrace the slut you are and don’t hold back and show me how hard I make you cum.”

His teasing is too much. You are taken over the tipping point. A shiver went through your entire body and you experienced the most intense orgasm of your life, right there on the balcony, fully on display for everyone to watch, with the devils dick still inside you. You can feel how he pushes deeper into you during your orgasm and while you are still experiencing your own orgasm your tightening pussy is pushing him over the edge as well. His grip on your boobs gets stronger and then you feel his dick pulsing inside you. He gets even harder than before and then in a volcanic eruption releases his cum inside you. His semen spreads way deep into you and you can feel a warmth emerge from there that spreads through your entire body. 

The feeling is indescribable. Your body is shaking and your legs don’t support your weight any longer. The only thing holding you up is him pressing you against the railing of the balcony and his dick inside you. You hear his intense breathing and soon realise that your breathing is even more out of control. For a moment both of you rest like this.  

Until his voices rings all around you: “This was fantastic. Your body is a delight and the tightness of your pussy a wonderful gift. I love that you get wetter, the more force I use. It is an admiring trait. However, I am not finished with you.”

He takes you by the hand and drags you back into the house, to the closest room. The room is only furnished with a table and a couple of chairs, as well as some lamps that provide some very dim light. He locks the door behind you and turns around, facing you for the first time. Immediately your are lost in his eyes. His green eyes that linger over your body. He doesn’t loose a beat and is all over you once again. 
His lips meet yours. They are soft and warm and press firmly against you. When you open your mouth his tongue invades you and explores the inside of your mouth. His kisses are intense and relentless, wanting more. Clearly he is not finished. You feel his hands groping your boobs before he puts them around your neck and orders:

“A bitch that wears butt plug so openly, obviously wants to get fucked in the ass.” 
You grasp at his words. You didn´t think of this before and the butt plug is your first experience in this regard. But he doesn’t give you more time to think and continues:  
“So I will grant you this favour. As we don’t have any lube, I want you to go on your knees and suck my dick until he is completely wet and I am able to enter you. You can spit on it, gag on it, whatever you want to do. Just make it wet.”

With this words you feel his grip around your neck tighten as if he wants to make sure you understand before he pushes you on the ground. Down on your knees you start licking his shaft, you can still taste the smell of his cum and you start licking it furiously. Soon you start taking it in your mouth. First, only the tip but then more and more. His dick is huge and you fear you can not take more than half his seize. But then you feel how he pushes forwards. He forces his dick into you. Your head is backed against the wall, but he continues further. You gag on the sheer size of his member and you can feel how saliva is dripping from your mouth. 

You hear his voice again: “Yes, take it as deep as you can. I love how you struggle with its seize. But don’t fight it. The view of your saliva dropping from mouth on your tits is gorgeous and I love the way you look with my dick in your mouth. I could cum for second time already” You look up to see the expression of his face and stare right into the camera of his phone and hear the click sound, signalling that he took a picture. 
You should be upset, angry even. But somehow, the thought of being a slut. Being his personal cum whore and him having a picture of you, face fucked, ruined make up and the rest of his cum and your saliva all over your face makes you even more aroused and when he says: “I think this should be enough for now” you are a bit sad his dick is being pulled out and you no longer feel him inside your mouth. 

But he gives you no time to complain. He helps you back on your feet and then takes you to the table in the middle of the room. Even through the dim light you can see the excitement in his face. The joy he has in fucking you. Penetrating you and all your holes. But you want this as desperately as him, maybe even more. Nevertheless, some part of you resists. Your upbringing and norms of society make a last stand and you barely audible, you whisper: “Maybe we should not do this. Not in here, and getting to know each other first”

He shakes his head and commands: “Bend over!” and when you don´t obey immediately he pushes you down on the table, lifts your skirt and a moment later you feel a pain going through your body, when his hand slaps your ass forcefully. “We could have done this the easy way. But now I need to punish you for your disobedience! Remember it is you who brought this upon you.” 

Over and over you feel his hand slapping you. Your ass is completely red and with every slap you feel pain going through ever fibre of your body. Pain that soon turns into pleasure. You accept your punishment and every time his hand smacks your ass, you let out a moan. A moan of pleasure. You stopped counting the slaps long before he finished your punishment. 

When he stops the punishment there is silence. Only for a brief moment, but it builds up even more tension. The entire room feels energized. It is like right before the storm, you can feel it in the air, before it begins. And both of you knew the real thing would begin shortly. Due to your punishment you are extremely wet, being handled like this makes you feel very excited and he knows it. 

“Now that you have been rightfully punished it is time for your reward.” He takes out your butt plug and his fingers circle around your asshole, before they move to your pussy. “It turns me on, how fucking wet you are. You are such a slut. I love it” with this words his finger enter your pussy and then move back to your ass. He lubricates your asshole with your own pussy juice and the semen he poured into you. After you are lubricated enough, you feel his first finger press against your hole. You try to relax and take deep breaths. And then you feel him entering you. First, only the first knuckle. In and out, in and out. Stretching your anus, and lubricating it further. Then the second knuckle. You can feel that this goes deeper than the butt plug. 

But he continues, until finally, his entire finger is inside you. You feel extremely stretched and you fail to imagine how his big, wonderful dick should have enough space in your ass. But then you hear his voice. 
“Just relax, take some deep breaths and enjoy it. I know you want it and I know you will like it.” No more preparation time, no more lubricating. You know the moment is here. There is no going back. You feel the tip of his dick pressing against your anus. Still wet from your saliva, from moments ago, when he was in your mouth and pussy. The memory helps you relax. And you can feel him entering your hole. But it was just the tip and it stretches you wide. 

A loud gasp escapes your mouth. Your hand press against the table. It feels way too big. It will never fit. You are getting ripped apart. You feel the pain spreading from your ass. You scream: “It is too big. It does not fit. I can´t take it. I am too tight for you. Your dick is too big.” 

You feel his dick getting pulled out of your ass, but then he covers your mouth with his hand and shuts you down. Then he whispers: “Trust me” and due to his hand your complaints are no longer audible and he forces himself back into you. Just like that your anal virginity is taken. Forcefully and rough by the devil himself. You were overcome by temptation and something was taken from you that you will never get back. He enters you again and again. And with every thrust your hole gets widened and slowly you feel the pain converting into pleasure. 

The sensation of his dick pressing against all your nerve endings at once. Pushing against the back of your pussy and stimulating you from a point you never experienced. How his big dick penetrates you deeper with every thrust. You welcome the pain that comes with it. The hard table pressing against your body whenever he forces himself into you. You start moaning again, but not from the pain but the pleasure you are experiencing. And he frees your mouth from his hands, so your screams of pleasure can be heard through the entire house. He leans forward and whispers in your ear:
“You are such a slut. My slut! From now one I will use you like this all the time and I know you will like it. Am I right?”

Between his next thrusts and in addition to your moans you answer with a short: “Yes.”
“Regarding what am I right?”
“I love being fucked liked that!”
“In which hole, does my little bitch want to be fucked?”
“I want you to fuck me in my ass!”
“And how does a slut like you want being fucked?”
“I want to be fucked hard and rough.”
You hear his laughter and then he commands: “This is what I like to hear. Now say it all in one go.”
You obey and meaning it from the bottom of your heart you almost scream: “I am your whore and I want you to fuck me hard in my ass!”

He gives you a confirming slap on your ass, and then thrusts even harder into you. Meanwhile slapping your ass vividly, echoed by your moans and screams of approval: “yes. Yes. Please fuck me. Use me. Faster. Harder!” and he does. Ever time he penetrates you, you are pushed forcefully against the table and he tears on your hair, using it as a grip, pulling your head back and entering you over and over again.

At one time you hear someone knocking on the door and asking what is going on. But your are completely taken by the action, you don’t care that others hear you. You just want to be fucked like this forever. Then he loosens his grip around your hair and puts his hands on your hips and says: “I want you to push against me, when I fuck you. I want to release my cum so deep into your ass, that it will still drip out in a week.” 
He enters you deeper than you ever thought possible. You can barely withstand his forceful thrusts, but nevertheless you push against him. Wanting his cum so badly. Wanting him to erupt inside you one more time. Feeling his cock pulsing. 

And then you feel it. His dick deep inside you. He leans over you and puts his weight on you. His hands at your boobs and tweaking your nipples between his fingers. You feel his entire body shivering, him trying to delay the inevitable. Then he can’t take it any longer and whispers in your ear: “I am going to cum. This was absolute fantastic. I love you my little cum whore.” 

And with these words, you feel his cock explode inside your ass. The warm semen being pushed inside your body and from there a wonderful pleasure going through every fibre of your body. You can’t believe it. you don’t want it to be over. But slowly you feel his enormous dick being pulled out of your ass leaving behind a void. You clench your asshole, not accepting it is no longer filled with his cock, and thereby you feel the first drops of his cum dripping out of your ass. He relishes at the sight and snaps another picture of you bending face down over the table, after being ass fucked like a whore and his cum slowly dripping out of you. 
After another slap on your ass and a mischievous: “You will hear from me, my little whore.” The devil disappears. You need a moment. Regaining your breath and control over your body. After that everything is a big blur. 

The next morning you wake up in your bed. Everything is soar. Your mouth, your pussy, and especially your ass from being fucked that thoroughly. You can’t believe you did this. Letting someone handle you this way. You were pretty drunk, but still you have not done anything like this before and you promise yourself not being used like this again. No one should have that kind of power over you and use you in that way for his self interest. 

But as you lie there in your bed, you hear your mobile phone vibrating. When you unlock it, you see several messages. Pictures of you. With a dick in your mouth. His dick. Pictures of his cum dripping out of your ass. Pictures of your ruined make up right after he face fucked you. And not able to control yourself, you begin touching yourself. Your hands wander to your once again wet pussy and you can feel his cum dripping out of your holes once more. In your head the memories of last night replay all over again and you scroll down to his last message: 

“Do it again my little slut. Embrace the whore you are!”